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The Janitor's Closet

Author: Tank
Rating: NC-17
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Warnings: Well anything could be in this baby. Don't read if you may be offended by the possibility of rough play, S 'n' M, Gender fucking, Voyeurism.
Disclaimer: I own my smutty imagination.

Willow stood up using her mistresses thighs to balance herself. Towering over Tara; she made eye contact and without breaking it. Willow reached for her belt but Tara, obviously impatient, flipped the boi's hands away and took to it herself. She pulled on to the leather around Willow's waist, slid out the metal clasp, released the belt from it's holding and quickly flipped the small button out of it's awkward hole before dragging the short zip down with such force that Willow jerked forward in order to stop herself toppling over into Tara's lap. Tara automatically pushed the palm of her hand into Willow's crotch before it slammed into her face and found the boi had grabbed on to her hair with great force, she felt her pussy respond. Her hand was still clutched onto the warm erect cock that Willow had desperately tried to position to not be seen. It was, she concluded, impossible.

Willow steadied herself and took a small step backwards and gave an apologetic look. Tara wasn't interested. She flipped her eyes onto the boi's bulging pack and back again. The jean's came off in a heap on the floor along with the socks and shoes in a matter a short sweet seconds.

Tara leaned back onto the plush bed, showing off her ample cleavage, croseed her legs and dangled one with intentions of great tease. The garter belt straps pulled on her lacy underwear with every swing of her foot. Willow could see mear millimeters of skim exposed with each rhythmic swing and felt delirious with what such simple pleasures were causing her to go insane.

"I want you to touch yourself, show me" Tara sung to Willow with a cheeky smile. The red head looked down at her poised member. It was a realistic 6" perfect diameter strap-on cock with realistic features. She always loved this toy. She rested it in the palm of her hand and got familiar with it. Rubbing it felt amazing, sliding her hands up and down the soft realistic skin that strained against thrusts into her fist. She grinded the base of the dildo into her crotch. She had gotten so wet from the brief spanking session the base easily slipped past her wet swollen lips and pushed against her clit's natural erection covering the thing with her pre-cum. Willow felt a swell of pleasure forced back down the nerves of her clit into the base of her cunt. Her pace rapidly increased and she had forgotten all about Tara.

She aggressively fucked her hand, her eyes obsessively focused on looking at her newly aquired gentalia, one of her pick-and-choose-as -you-please additions depending on the mood and occassion. She matched her rhythm of the soaking wet strokes of the hard silicone against her clit and dragged her hand over the head of her dick.

"Stop. You're getting too excited sugar. Too excited too soon. Here you are about to cum all over me and i'm just soaking up the sheets"

Willow's eyes were the deepest green Tara had ever seen, as they dragged up from the dildo to Tara's cleavage to her equally sexed-up royal blue. The blond reached her arm between Willow's legs and pulled it back from her elbow pushing against the red head's swollen crotch, her arm was soaked. She rubbed Willow's wetness onto the erect cock.

Willow was absolutely entranced, she didn't know how much longer she would be able to stay standing. She watched as Tara rubbed her wet hand all over her before landing her red lips on the tip of her dick. They slid down in one motion until Willow was entirely engulfed by Tara's how slick mouth and, oh god, throat. Willow's head was reeling, she placed her hands on Tara's head pressing in the finger tips each time Tara slid her mouth up and and down. Willow could feel Tara's tongue wrapped around her throbbing cock, Tara's hands gently curl against her g-spot in a beckoning motion and definitely the swell of cum she couldn't help but imagine shooting into Tara's perfectly sexy, wet mouth.

Tara could taste Willow's pussy on her cock, she had made sure she coated it will a good layer of such an amazing tasting woman, boi, being. The blond departed her lips despite such protesting noises that eminated from the boi's constricted chest. She slid further back onto the bed, pushed of her underwear, spread her legs, spread her lips for Willow to embelish her eyes on.

Tara's lips were pink with lust, Willow could see the cum slowly dripping out of her pussy making the most beautiful parts of her shine. She was amazing, perfect, she couldn't wait to taste her. The blond had different ideas. She fingered her clit noticing how hard and pronounced it had become, the sensitivity caused her to moan unexpectedly, she was overwhelmed at how wet she was, and looking at Willow just standing there, absolutely begging with her eyes to touch...she thrust four fingers inside of her cunt feeling the fullness that she was aching for.

Willow had had enough. She could see Tara's clit from across the bed, it was the size of the sun in a beautiful pink paradise and the blond's hands were soaked with one thrust inside her tight pussy. Willow climbed on the bed and with professional skill, grabbed her cock, feeling it again extending from her own beautiful clit and thrusted it into the woman. Tara moaned and grinded against Willow feeling every inch of her filled with a desire she would never be able to find words for. Willow aggressively shoved herself into Tara, her clit slammed against the base of her cock with each quick thrust and within minutes of ever increasing speed and moanings Willow felt herself cum inside Tara over and over and over again, each time an entire body shudder of absolute pleasure. It dripped down her thighs and at the same time Tara's cunt clamped down on Willow's cock releasing a series of sensational orgasms, she squirted all over Willow at the same time.

The red head stayed there for a while, collapsed ontop of this beauty, before pulling herself back to the realities of this kind of business. By the time she had sat up and centered herself, the blond was gone.

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