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The Janitor's Closet

Author: Tank
Rating: NC-17
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Warnings: Well anything could be in this baby. Don't read if you may be offended by the possibility of rough play, S 'n' M, Gender fucking, Voyeurism.
Disclaimer: I own my smutty imagination.

This place seemed to get darker the further Willow led down the maze of hallways, stair cases, certainly didn't seem this big from the outside. She must have found her way into the underground part. The walls has turned from a plush deep red into cold hard brick, the heat eminated from the walls as her foot steps echoed each step she took that would eventually lead her into the room of her mistress. She slowed herself, curious as to what was actually going on behind each one of these doorways. She stopped at one. A gold engraved sign hung over the door reading "Punishment". The sign alone probed her curiosity. She placed her hand on the handle and slowly slid it out of place and peaked her head around.

Willows eyes went wide. She was confronted with a large dungeon full of instruments, a padded panel with handcuffs on each side and what must have been foot braces at the bottom. A cage which contained a young man naked who looked at Willow in hope, his head quickly fell as she guess he must have been waiting for someone in particular to take him out of his misery. To the left was a large panel covered in whips, chains and crops they dangled, slightly swaying. They must have been freshly used she thought to herself which made her a little excited. There were also a few masks lined up a long the bottom. Willow wasn't so sure about this, she contemplated the thought of using one and quickly dismissed it. She needed to see the pretty face of whoever she was fucking. Moving in a bit further, Willow suddenly stopped at the sight of a woman sitting upright with her ankles tied around the back of the chair she was propped on, her breasts hung large and beautiful, her skin was red and covered in sweat. Suddenly a thrash of a whip ran across her chest and the woman gasped. Willow leaned herself back against the wall at the sight. It was all too much. Could watching this really turn her on so much? Her legs felt weak, her breathing was erratic and she could feel her nipples pull against the binder holding her in, her hand fell to her crotch, she grabbed a hold of the hard pack straining against the tight denim. She was suddenly brought out of her daze when she was caught of guard by a husky female voice.

"Voyuerism is particpation you know" She chuckled as her face emerged from the darkness. She had short blonde hair, a red corset and tight leather short shorts contrasted againsts some tall, what you could only call "fuck me boots". The woman tapped a whip in her hand giving Willow what seemed to be a half glare, half smile.

Willow, overwhelmed by this confrontation quickly and clumsily removed herself from the door way and swung it shut. She leaned back heavily against the wall and attempted to slow her breathing. The fear she was feeling was only contributing to the intense surge of wetness between her legs.

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