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The Janitor's Closet

Author: Tank
Rating: NC-17
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Warnings: Well anything could be in this baby. Don't read if you may be offended by the possibility of rough play, S 'n' M, Gender fucking, Voyeurism.
Disclaimer: I own my smutty imagination.

Willow took a deep breath and calmed herself down, grounded herself and reflected her persona for the night. Deciding she wanted to see through the ambiguity properly, she straightened up her shoulders and walked leading from her crotch rather than the usual female breast lead and added in a bit of a hip swagger. She flashed small smiles at anyone who walked past enough to be flirtatious but not too suggestive, it was a careful balance. They all seemed friendly enough. Passsing through the first spacious yet dark room she entered into a slightely brighter lit small sectioned-off area focused around a bar.

A sigh of relief.

Willow immediately loosed up and propped herself up on the vinyl stool and swivelled herself around, she downed a shot of tequila that landed in front of her almost immediately not questioning where it came from. Her body immediately felt a lucid warmth fall down from the neck through her blood to the tip of each crevice of her body. Willow's crotch adjusted against her as she moved around causing some light friction, she couldn't help but smile. This was going to be a good night.

Willow draped her left arm across her thigh hanging inches away from her center with her legs hanging open away from each other, she felt a sense of power to it. She wanted to show off what she had between her legs, wanted some beautiful thing to strut past and make an obvious glance of acknowledgement. Oddly enough, in time with her thought process, a tall blonde made her way from one side of the bar to the other, obviously giving willow a head to toe analysis as she passed by slowly by a fraction. She obviously liked what she saw. The blonde lingered her eyes on willow in what seemed to be a somewhat dark and sexual tease. Her eyes dropped again, slowing...slowing...and coming to a stand still at the level of red's arm. She let out a small gesture of amusement, the smile firmly fixed in place.

Willow, feeling daring was about to approach this beauty and offer perhaps a drink, but before she could slip off the stool the woman turned with a flick of her hair and disappeared down a corridor. This place was like a maze, how was she ever going to find her again. With a sigh, Willow turned back to the bar where two more tequila's were placed in front of her like a platter. Two pieces of fresh lemon, a salt shaker and two rather full and large looking shot glasses. She scanned the room trying to spot the potential individual. No one...odd.Since when was the bar the un-cool place to hang? She stopped the bar tender in his path of re-filling the glasses. He was a cute young thing with neatly cropped black hair and big blue eyes, curved hips, a soft jaw line and...


"Can I help you? Not what you wanted?"

"No, not at...wait, these are from you?" She said in pleasant suprise.

"I don't get off till 2am..." he gave Willow a sly smile. The red head began to blush, she tried to move her mouth in general shapes that make some sort of intelligble sound however what followed was a series of awkward vowels.

"' 'fraid all of my moves have to be suppressed till then, but you know it's only an hour away. Maybe i'll see you then on the other side of the bar"

Willow contiued with the vowel-like sound and stopped herself in frustration as her cheeks began to burn.

Jeez Rosenberg! Get a hold of yourself! Cute, Gender-bendy, Not afraid to flirt, and by golly looks like he has a rather interesting package down there too...and those tits. Well, they certainly aren't hiding from anyone.

Willow's eyes clumsily rested on the bartenders chest, she made a map around the boi's nipples, it made her whole body flush and for a second she felt very out of her depth. She dropped her gaze the the floor and fumbled with her zipper.

"Heheh, it's ok! Don't worry, i'm not going to hunt you down if that's not what you are into. Anyway, they aren't from me, oh I'm Shane by the way."


"Well Willow...They are from Tara."


"Yeah, the cute blond that was just eyeing you up. Forgot her already? Gosh I must be looking good tonight." Shane let out a giggle trying to get Willow to relax.

"Oh! Oh" Willow spun around in her chair as if she expected the gorgeous woman to be standing there.

"I better go umm..return the favour then!"

"You certainly don't waste you time" Shane quipped.

"No no, i mean can you get me two more of these?" Willow pointed at the tequila realising she still hadn't taken her libities...she followed one after the other in a smooth motion from salt to shot to salt to shot to lemon. She was obviously a pro. What the bartender didn't know was that Willow hadonly learnt that from the movies.

Tequila virginity....tick!

She hiccuped and slid off her chair, perhaps faster than she had anticipated, grabbed the two fresh shots and headed down the corridor.

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