Author: Tank
Rating: NC-17
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Warnings: Well anything could be in this baby. Don't read if you may be offended by the possibility of rough play, S 'n' M, Gender fucking, Voyeurism.
Disclaimer: I own my smutty imagination.

Note: Hasn't been edited or beta-d. Straight from the pen. A teaser of what might be to come. If you would like to suggest some acitivities that may be following feel free to e-mail me on the kittenboard. This is purely for fun for those that enjoy this kind.

Willow had never been to one of these bars before. She had heard about them, two of her friends went last year and couldn't stop talking about it after some cringe worthy hens night. She didn't feel it was so appropriate then.The red head flicked an irritating strand of hair around her ear. Her hair was cropped in that cute little bob that seemed to go down well with women. There's something about being able to grab at short hair in fistfuls in the right situation she thought smirking to herself.

The walls were red and the place was smokey, perhaps a little cliche she added to her behind-the-scenes commentary she seemed to have going when the nerves sprung up. Black vinyl couches were scattered around the edges of the room in convinient dark corners missing the shaft of dull light by an inch or two. It created a murky orange glow at the edges of bodies. WIllow scanned the room for a bar.

None here. Damn, ok swiftly moving forward...

She dodged herself around a few shoulders of what could have been a very well to do couple. In fact it seemed everyone here tonight had put in quite a bit of extra effort of class.

I suppose it's fitting...I mean how the heck else are you going to pick up with this kind of set up...

She took a quick look down to make sure the outfit was in order.

Black chucks, tidy at least. Fitting black jeans. Ok, perhaps going a little to casual/about to go to a gig look...hmmm. Ok, crotch...bulging, great. Oh no. Maybe it's too obvious. Shit, I look like a doof!,/i>

Willow subtly moved her hand down to her crotch and pulled and shifted the package around till it looked a little more natural. She was already feeling out of her depth. Perhaps she was feeling too ambitious for her first night at the new sex club...eloquently called "The Janitor's Closet." The interior of this place did however resemble nothing of the Janitor abodes she had found herself in over the previous years, which was a suprising amount, even for her.

Moving on...simple black tank top...binder underneath. Perfect. Gender-Queer Perfecto! The red head pulled out her eyeliner and did a quick touch up and then gave herself with an imaginary tap on the back. This was the first time she made it out of the bedroom in her ambiguous disposition.

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