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Changing Indiana

Author: Tank
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I don't own anything but my imagination in the creation of this story (and maybe some random characters later on).

Once the heavy books fell into the slot in the closed library door, Roberta turned around and headed back down the steps. She shuffled through the silent town with her arms huddled against her chest. She was desperate to get back to the gas light edition to see her friends; it was dark and the town was empty. It had been a long walk to the library, mostly because she kept zoning out and walked slowly, with the large dusty books making her arms ache. A low grumble brought the girl out of her trance. It was coming near. Roberta looked around her, trying to figure out where the noise was coming from. Eventually she saw lights speeding down the main road.

A biker. Just what she needed; some arsehole biker gang telling how much of a man the ringleader was, throwing around the word 'baby'. It was rare for them to cruise through Shelbyville, but nonetheless they still made an appearance. Relief washed over her as she realized it was only one person; one she could handle. There was something difference about this guy's figure though. Roberta looked quizzically at him as he approached. Now, only feet away, the girl was feeing a little uneasy. One was okay but what she hadn't considered moments earlier was that all the other times, she had four best friends behind her.

Roberta, knowing it was too late to turn and run out of sight, stood her ground and put on the best 'don't-mess-with-the-bitch' look she could muster, imagining it was Scott behind the helmet. Wait - since when did bikers wear helmets?

The bike pulled over mere inches away from Roberta and its engine switched off. Roberta puffed out her chest, waiting for the mysterious rider to show himself. With one swift movement the helmet was removed and a cascade of brown highlighted hair fell down onto his... her shoulders.

'W-wow...' Roberta's eyes went wide, the word tumbling out of her mouth. She cursed herself as she looked up at the girl smirking at her. Wait a minute, she knew this face.

"Hey, you're the chick with the nice uh... never mind, did you recover okay?" the brunette said casually in her thick Boston accent.

"Um, yeah, I guess," Roberta said meekly. She could barely hear her own voice.

"Gave you just what you needed, right?"

Roberta laughed, knowing this girl's game straight away. She wasn't so sure she liked it anymore, watching the brunette casually graze her eyes up and down her body. Roberta stiffened and began to leave.

"Hey! You okay?" The girl turned on the engine again and followed Roberta at a slow pace.

"I'm fine! I'm just going home," she said, exasperated as much as she was curious. She had no idea who the girl was. Sure she was gorgeous, and mysterious, and had a bike. Had a bike. That thought made Roberta smile; it was kind of sexy, even if it was only a little sexy, just a little, a small minute... kind of sexy... her thoughts trailed off.

"You like the bike, huh?" the girl teased, noticing Roberta's small glances at the machine.

"Well, it's, uh, it's pretty big," she said dumbly, looking down at the pavement in front of her.

"Rides like a dream." The brunette cocked her eyebrow and on that note stopped trailing behind the girl on foot. For some reason Roberta felt her leg movements stop, even though she knew this wasn't a good idea.

"Need a ride?" the girl offered. "It's safe, you can just hop behind me there, I'll go nice and slow, unless you're the fast and rough type..."

Her voice was smooth and Roberta could tell she had done this a million times before. She thought she should be cringing, but inside her stomach was doing flips, the good kind. Without questioning, Roberta found herself climbing over the steady bike and straddled the leather seat. The angle made her slide forward against the girl's leather covered back, her chest pressed up against her.

"Hold on tight, don't want you falling off."

Roberta wrapped her arms tight around the girl's stomach as the brunette put her helmet back on. Roberta could feel how well toned she was, even through the heavy leather. She stiffened, feeling Faith slide back on the seat as she got comfortable, pushing her lower back into Roberta's center. Her breathing was quickening, making her cheeks go red in embarrassment. She knew that the girl had noticed her breath intake speeding. She had never felt so intoxicated by a girl before; this was so new and unlike her.

"So you're Faith, right?"

"That's right, sweet, but you can call me anything you like." Faith turned and gave Roberta a smile before the bike sped off through the Shelbyville town, leaving a low grumble behind them that probably woke up anyone nearby. The bike pulled into Roberta's garage 20 minutes later. She hopped off, feeling like a girl being taken home after her first date.

"So, um, thanks." She shuffled her feet against the concrete, not knowing what else to say.

"No problem. Hey, there's a bar a little away from here. Don't worry about ID, you should come sometime."

"What about my friends?" Roberta glanced up at Faith.

"They're welcome... totally welcome. I'm sure I'll see you around. We'll arrange something then?"

"Yeah, sure, cool, sounds... cool." Roberta mentally slapped herself for about the fifth time that night.

Faith recognized how nervous she was and wasn't going to tease her anymore. It was cute, but she liked this girl too much to make her feel bad.

"Okay... sometime." She paused, giving the girl a small smile before turning around and heading for her door.

"You're seeing your friends tonight, right?"

Roberta faced Faith again, looking a little confused. "Yeah."

Faith threw a small paper bag at her. Roberta was confused at first until she opened it and the strong smell of pot flowed out of it. She closed the bag quickly and looked up at the brunette.

"Have a party on my behalf." Faith turned on the engine and within seconds was driving back down the gas light edition.

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