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Changing Indiana

Author: Tank
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I don't own anything but my imagination in the creation of this story (and maybe some random characters later on).

The moon was settling into its place in the sky and the stars were splashing out on the hot summer night. Tara was cycling up the road on her new blue bike wearing a tight white tank top which showed her natural curves. Her loose, faded green shorts reached her mid calf and allowed the warm breeze to travel further up her leg. The heat was still present, making Tara aware of the sweat dripping from her forehead. Still, she pushed on ahead, hearing her wheels drive over the small rocks and shells that had found their way onto the road. A dim light at the front of her bike gave her guidance.

Despite being on her own, Tara didn't mind the dark; she felt safe, as did everyone in Shelby. The only thing on her mind was seeing her sweet Willow again. She cursed herself once more for her carelessness earlier that day before clearing her mind of the guilt she was carrying. She thought of Willow, her girl: her eyes, a deep green that looked as if they should have a yellow brick road leading up to them, her lightly freckled nose that always stood out when she had a cheeky grin. Her lips, a sweet red that could have been covered in a strawberry glaze. Her lips... the blonde could feel the weight of her arousal affecting her own eyes, as they closed slowly.

Tara drew a small breath in at the memory of touching those lips with her own. She smiled, feeling the quick effects of the redhead as if she were a drug. Tara lifted her arms off the bike handles, her eyes still closed, and dropped her head backwards, feeling the warm night air flowing over her neck. She knew this road like the back of her hand and didn't care about any danger. Her arms lifted up to each side, as if she were about to accept a large hug from the heavens. After a moment, Tara laughed at herself; she knew she was falling in love, falling in love so easily.

The girl brought herself to and put her hands firmly on the bike handles once again and steadied herself back into reality. She pushed as hard as she could on the peddles, determined to get to her Willow as soon as possible.

Willow dropped her bike on the ground near the edge of the lake and looked around. She felt a little intimidated by the darkness swaying through the trees that surrounded the water. It was so quiet. She looked out across the swimming hole she knew so well. It looked different at night time; the water reflected odd shapes and pictures against the forest surrounding. She squinted as she saw a figure appear, and stiffened at the thought of it being anyone but Tara. She looked around frantically, trying to create a quick means of escape. Within seconds, the panicked redhead had created a master plan of 100% guaranteed safety.

A sense of relief washed over her as she saw blonde hair shine against the moon. Willow breathed out, letting go of the tension she was holding, and called out across the water.

"Hey there, beautiful." Willow smiled seeing Tara's head lift up; she could see the smile glowing on the girl's face.

"Willow," Tara said with a sigh of relief. She had worried the night would stop them from being able to find each other, but the moon was bright, and Willow's hair was enough of a signal of where she was.

"Do you want me to come over that side?" Willow said meekly as she looked on to the dark forest.

"Um, if that's okay, Will, yeah. It's a little dark."

Willow gulped, took a step forward and started stumbling over branches. She slid across loose wood and had to catch herself against a log lying in her path a few times. She finally took a big step over what she thought was a pile of those menacing twigs. But in doing so found herself sliding over wet leaves; her legs went into the air and she flew straight on to her back.

"Ow," she said quietly after a moment of staring up at the sky and wincing in pain.

"Willow! Will, are you, okay? Okay, skip that plan, it's a bad, BAD plan!"

Willow stood up, wiping off the soil. Her dirty fingers swiped at something that moved against her leg. Her eyes bulged and she realized what it was.

"SPIDER! EW! Spider! Oh, my God! Ew!" Willow jumped around, hitting her leg repeatedly and squirming until she was sure it was gone.

"Willow! Baby, I'm sorry, this was a dumb plan. Really, really dumb," Tara drew out in defeat. "You know what? This is my fault, and I'm coming over there."

"No! Tara, it's really dark, and there are bugs, and, oh, my god, there are probably frogs." All of the blood flushed from Willow's face and she swallowed hard. "Why didn't I think about the frogs, the frogs, oh god, oh god, there are frogs!" Willow's voice was getting hysterical and she looked around, afraid that some were about to jump onto her legs.

Tara felt horrible not being able to do anything. She trusted her instinct and dived into the water, and started swimming to her Willow.

"Tara, what are you doing?"

"I'm saving you!" Tara laughed. She glided through the water but there was still distance between them.

"But you're getting all wet and..." Willow protested but Tara wouldn't hear any of it.

"And I'm saving you. I'll always be here to save you, frogs or no frogs," Tara said softly.

Willow forgot about her fear instantly and went all warm and fuzzy inside; it all felt so simple right at that moment. She had found her, the girl... The Girl... With that thought, Willow ran for the water and dived in, splashing her arms everywhere, determined to make it to her Tara.

"What are you doing?" Tara had been caught by surprise but she was laughing. The redhead was the most instantaneous person she knew, and her moods flipped all over the place, but she loved it about her. It was easy to make her smile, and she knew she would give the world just to see it. They met in the middle of the lake, swimming silently around each other.

"You're amazing," Willow whispered.

"You are." They stared at each other intently, still paddling lightly against the water. Shadows fell across their faces with their movements. They could hear nothing but each other's breathing and the water lapping quietly against their arms. Tara lifted her hand from the surface and gently stroked Willow's cheek. She couldn't stop smiling.

"What?" Willow was confused by Tara's sudden facials; the shadows were making it hard to see each other. "Do I have something on my face?" she continued, looking a little embarrassed.

"No, silly," Tara giggled. "You're beautiful, Will. So beautiful. I'm so happy I found you."

Willow was overcome with emotion for the blonde. A part of it scared her; she had never felt like this for anyone, and it was all hitting at once as she looked at this beautiful girl who had swum across a dark lake after an hour bike ride just for her. "I... I... Wow," was all she could get out. She tried again but failed.

"It's okay, I know," Tara whispered. "I understand." She was still smiling. This reassured Willow; she had hoped that her inability to form words wasn't going to look as if she were trying to let Tara down. It was anything but that; she marveled at Tara's ability to understand her.

Willow leaned in close, her body wanting to be as near to her girl as possible. Her breathing increased as she looked into the deep pools of Tara's eyes and closed her own, feeling the piercing yet loving gaze that was set on her.

"Willow..." Tara's eyes glazed over as she looked at Willow's soft features in the low light. Her voice was low and drawn out. A smile crept up her cheek from watching the redhead's eyes close at her touch. "Mmm..." the blonde voiced quietly, feeling the heat rise between them in the water.

Willow's shallow voice responded with the same small moan from the back of her throat as Tara's hand slid down her neck, tracing small circles back and forth. The water was trickling down from where it had bounced on her neck earlier, and it made the redhead shiver at the contrast of the blonde's warm hands.

Tara sighed at the satisfaction she always felt with Willow: a total comfort even in silence, where she felt safe and beautiful. Tara felt Willow lean in and push herself slowly into the patterns lazily being formed further down her neck. She arched her back slowly, her lips had fallen slightly open at the motion of the blonde's fingertips.

"Willow..." she whispered one last time before leaning down and capturing the ruby lips with her own. Willow moaned at the contact, feeling how much she had wanted her from the first touch all over again. She pressed her mouth into Tara's, wanting to feel every part of the girl she hadn't touched in so long. Willow opened her mouth further, silently begging Tara to do the same. Tara responded immediately, wanting as much of Willow as she could possibly grasp.

The water felt hotter than usual, as if it were midday. There was little space between them and Tara could feel Willow's body pushing against her own in rhythm to the lapping water. She breathed out heavily aching everywhere in total adoration for the girl. Willow pulled her in again, painting her tongue over the blonde's lips before moving in further, and she felt the blonde do the same. Their tongues moved over each other at the same pace as they reached for each other. Willow pulled Tara tightly to her, spreading her arms over the girl's back. In return, Tara slid her hands up the redhead's neck, making her shake, and slid her fingers into the copper tresses. They shivered at the feeling of being pressed so close together. Tara could clearly feel the outline of Willow's arousal making her breathing quicken.

They pulled away and looked into each other's eyes, both noticing the deep color that was setting in the green and blue pools. Feeling their chests against each other as they breathed in simultaneously made them smile in embarrassment at the noticeable stiffness pressing through the soaked shirts. Willow didn't take her eyes away, staring intently at the blonde as she traced small circles at the edges of Tara's top, where her skin was exposed. Slowly, she slid her fingers higher, repeating the patterns that were now being traced over the back of her neck again. She leaned forward, kissing Tara's neck, small pecks that barely touched and made the blonde take in a sharp breath at the feather light contact. Willow's fingers trailed higher across the blonde's stomach and grazed lightly over the pale skin, feeling the warmth emanating from her.

"Oh, Tara, you're so beautiful..." she whispered into Tara's neck, barely audible, before once again taking in a spot in the hollow of the girl's neck and sucking delicately, knowing it was one of the most sensitive places on the girl.

Tara groaned and held Willow's head close to her. The words still washed over the blonde like a dream.

"So beautiful..." Tara followed, her eyes half closed, looking up at the moon and thanking it for this precious night.

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