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Changing Indiana

Author: Tank
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I don't own anything but my imagination in the creation of this story (and maybe some random characters later on).

Roberta drove up to the plot of land that was the home to their future tree house.

"What the..." Roberta looked out onto an empty piece of grass, utterly confused at the whereabouts of their dream home. A small breeze caused Roberta's attention to change to a flimsy note taped to the fence around the sale yard. She walked up to it and held it out to read.

"Girls- My mother was in a particularly good mood today and decided to fund the last few dollars for our beautiful tree house, you know where to find it."

Roberta's face lit up. "FINALLY!" she yelled. Without a second's thought she jumped on her bike and started cycling over to Chrissy's garden. She dragged the bike into the yard and leaned it against the tree. She looked up at the pink and white structure; it looked just beautiful, she thought, and a lot bigger than it had done in that tiny plot. It now had candles sitting all the way around the window sills and Roberta could see that curtains had already been put up. She circled the tree once and could see her friends inside, all except Tara. A few bean bags, pillows and odd bits of furniture strewn about, it looked cozy. She knew it would be a good night.

The brunette took a seat in the swing, and had a moment to herself before climbing the ladder.

5 minutes later

"Jeez! You guys scared the shit out of me." Roberta wobbled in through the doorway, clearly showing the effects of the stash now sitting in her pocket. "Was there a secret meeting you guys didn't tell me about? You losers left me out!" At first Roberta's voice was filled with rage, until she quickly forgot why she was raising her voice. The floor looked so pretty. Wow, the floor had never looked so attractive, so good to just go down there and appreciate it. She slowly slid down the door frame and rested her head against it.

"Roberta! What's wrong with you? We were going to meet up tonight, remember?" Sam caught Roberta just in time before her head landed firmly on the cold wood.

"HA, you're so cool, Sam, your hair is like a forest."

"Oh my God, you're wasted! You stoner!" Sam laughed as she stood up.

"Holy cow." Chrissy stared, wide-eyed, in shock. "Is this what that stuff does to you?"

"I can't believe you! We were gonna have our first time altogether." Sam nudged the slightly twitching body on the floor with her foot.

"Cheater," Teeny snickered.

"Oh man... no worries, check out my butt... I mean, my pockets, back pocket." She cringed, registering what she had just said, but all that the girls did was crack up laughing, so hard that Teeny was crying.

"Tara's coming tonight, right?" Chrissy questioned.

"Yeah, she said she's going to be a bit late or something, her dad's going...somewhere... I dunno... late Tara," Sam finished, slightly distracted. She was eager to discover the depths of Roberta's pocket.

"This better be good..." Teeny rolled her eyes while leaning over to her friend. She pushed Roberta onto her side and saw the obvious bulge in her pocket. She quickly slid her hand down, feeling a little too close for comfort, but grabbed at the bag and swiftly pulled it out. She stepped back immediately and sat a bit further away. Roberta rolled back over again and started singing to herself.

"Oh my... Oh, wow, that's a lot of pot!"

"Woooow," all of the girls said at the same time, looking wide-eyed at the heavily packed bag. They sat down around Teeny and had a moment to take in the experience they were about to take on.

Ten minutes later

"In the white room with black curtains near the station
Black roof country, no gold pavements, tired starlings.
Silver horses ran down moonbeams in your dark eyes.
Dawn light smiles on you leaving, my contentment

I'll wait in this place where the sun never shines;
Wait in this place where the shadows run from themselves..."

The music was floating around in the distance, or possibly just in their heads; it was hard to tell.

"My dad told me one night, after a few drinks, ‘Roberta, one day, when you decide to experiment with illicit substances, you have to listen to Cream, now promise me.' So he just came home today with a new LP... we should go back to my place and get, like, a shitload of food, like biscuits and taffy and pudding and pizza, and bread, and some biscuits, yeah, biscuits, and soup! And I know I'm forgetting something, yeah, biscuits and water."

"A heap load of water..." she trailed off. There was a silence as all the girls tried to take in the shopping list Roberta had rattled out.

"And go listen to some cream..." Sam whispered slowly, following her voice out the window as if she could see it flying away.

"Yeah... Cream... we need to go make some cream," Chrissy whispered a few moments later.

At that cue Sam got out her lighter and started waving it about their heads.

"Sam, what are you doing? I don't get it, are we making a fire? We just bought the tree house! Don't set it on fire!" Chrissy squealed but was unable to move from the comfortable spot she had found on the floor amongst the others. The panic in her head was not passing into the movement part of her brain.

"Nah, I'm like... I'm, um... I'm... yeah! I'm waving it like a peace offering to Cream. You know when you're at a concert, and you wave your lighter, this is to Cream, man."

At that moment Roberta suddenly reached into her back pocket and got a similar looking device out and lit it. They both waved the small fires in synch, listening to 'Tales of Brave Ulysses' in their heads.

"Nah, man, it's deep, like... somewhere in the world at this moment, some dude will be able to say ‘Somewhere in the world, two people are waving lighters man,' it's deep... deep... yeah." Teeny sat looking at the small fires intently, imagining that they were stars that had crept inside the tree house that made the girls feel so protected. They had come to offer some light and protection.

"Haha, the stars! I think, I think... wow!" Teeny giggled out at that last thought before squirming around on the hard floor.

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