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The Howl of the Night

Author: JkMack
Rating: NC-17
Copyright: Joss Whedon created the Buffy universe we all know. Thank you Mutant Enemy for not expanding the W/T relationship. I don't own anything here but the story idea and a few people I made up.

The next day came all too quick. With a heavy heart I found my way to the basement where my father was said to be kept.

"Do you want me to come with you?" Tara asked from behind me.

I turned and smiled at her. "I need to do this alone. But will you come if I call for you?" I asked.

She cocked an eyebrow at me devilishly. "Is that all that it takes? Because it didn't seem that way last night."

I rolled my eyes and laughed. "Thanks now I have to go face my dad all horny and stuff." I started towards the door and Tara reached out and grabbed my arm, turning me to face her.

"Good luck." She smiled.

"Thanks." Was all I could say. I turned from her and carefully opened the door, the pitch black engulfing the neighboring walls and me as well. Long before I even hit the solid floor I knew he was only feet away from me.

His breathing was the same wispy air, the smell that wafted from him was that of hunger and annoyance.

The cord of the light bulb touched my forehead and I slowly reached up and clicked it on. There huddled in the black corner was once the man I called my father. Red, tangled hair clung to his head in a mixture of sweat and dirt. Those once graceful, tender hands, the ones that would lift me up to pet our big working horses' nose or brush my hair from my eyes when I had fallen or became frustrated, also the hands that snapped my mother's body like a twig, now worn down to the nub from trying to claw out of his chains. I was only able to see the one hand for the other was tucked safely behind his back. No doubt trying to stop the bleeding of his previous failed attempts.

He stopped cowering and raised his head to look at me. "What brings you here Lassie?"

What could I say? I wasn't sure I was going to kill him, but I wasn't sure if I was going to let him live. Tara informed me that she had a ready team to take care of my problem, but how was I to break free of the conflict inside me?

"I'm just here to see if they had told me correct. A man claming to be my father was locked away in the basement. Confused as I was I told them that my father had died ages ago, when he allied himself with the conniving William the Bloody." I answered stepping closer to him.

"Ah, them as in those scum animals you have running around upstairs." He sneered at me.

"You'll hold your tongue old man!" I snapped. "Those animals have given this coven more support in the last few days than any would have expected."

"That is until they get tired of being told what to do. Just like the family dog turning on the baby and ripping it to shreds, only because it was told ‘no'." He replied putting his other hand behind his back.

"What do you have?" I asked becoming increasingly agitated. There was a quiet sizzling sound and the faint sent of burning flesh.

When I made it close enough to see what he had it was too late. He lunged out in one quick motion and grappled me around the neck, pulling me back to his chest.

"Do you think I'd just die down here? See just like you my daughter I have a destiny as well. But mine is far more rewarding." He reviled his right hand and imbedded in it was a small wooden cross. It was burning his pale skin in but the skin was trying to heal around it. The hand crept towards me and I wiggled in terror.

He pressed the crucifix to my cheek and pushed with as much force as he could find. At first it was as if I was acting in a silent movie. I tried to scream but the pain was so immense that it took my breath away and made impossible for me to do anything. He held it there for what seemed like an eternity the burning setting my mind in a blaze.

The smoke rolled off my once smooth feature and clouded around my father's mechanical laugh. He threw me to the floor and I tried to compose myself but nothing was responding. He whispered something and his chains fell off he then bent down to look at me.

I managed to lift my hand up and touch the side of my face, ash crumbled off and smudged my fingers black. My mind lay in shock as he peered at me.

"I have won today my green Willow. I haven't the strength to kill you now, but I will come back and do so, mark my words." He kissed my forehead then walked to the wall and knocked on it twice. The stones slid away and he stepped though the blackness the stones reforming behind him.

I staggered to my feet all the while holding my chalked face with my hand. I fell at the bottom of the stairs and looked up the long staircase. Tara was up there, I needed Tara she could help me. Not being able to make any other coherent thought I body-crawled up the steps, pausing every so often to try and remember what I was doing.

Finally my head touched the closed door I tried to reach up and grab the knob but my fingers barely touched the smooth surface before slipping away.

"Tara." I whispered my throat raspy with the burnt residue of my body.

The door flung open and my upper body fell forward.

"Willow!" Tara cried and bent down to lift me up, pulling me out onto the carpet. She looked over my face with shock and she sat me up so that I was eye level with her.

"What happened?!" She asked attempting to touch my wound but timidly touched my shoulder instead.

I tried to re-account what had happened in the basement but my mind was rolled in a thick layer of fog, smoldering anything I could come up with.

"Father," I coughed. "Crucifix."

"Oh dear Gods." Tara whispered. She whipped her head around and called out to her team. Poslac was the first to make it to us followed by Kennedy. They both looked at me in horror. Kennedy dropped to her knees beside us and brushed back the tears welling in her eyes.

Tara looked sternly at her then to Poslac. "Round up a few of the others and kill the vampire in the basement."

I shuddered in Tara's arms. "Gone."

"What? What do you mean, Willow?" Tara asked the other two freezing in their tracks.

With much effort I swallowed down what I had left of saliva and went on. "He went through the-the wall, somehow."

"Poslac go find Faith and her new pet Buffy and get them to go and investigate as well." Tara ordered and they where gone without as much as a backward glance at us.

"We have to get you s-somewhere e-else." Tara stuttered as she lifted my shell shocked body off the rug. She carried me all though the house, up the giant staircase to the confines of our room.

Gently I was laid on the bed and I watched with a torn heart Tara fighting back the tears. My face must really look that bad. Insecurity made me reach up and touch it again, this time less ash fell away but a rough texture was apparent.

"Don't touch it." Tara said grabbing my hand. "We-we can fix it. I know we can." Her sobs did nothing to reassure me and I stood and headed towards the bathroom.

"No, Willow, please." Tara pleaded but I was already staring at the hideous remains of my once creamy skin. The only thing that was recognizable was my eye and the shape of my lips. The whole side of my face was black and peeling, the indent of the cross barely visible though all the charcoal. I put my hand on the sink to steady myself as Yaku came yapping in the room.

He stopped and sat on his haunches looking up at me. His tail slowed then stopped and all I could do not to cry was keep his intent gaze. His little nose came to my calf and he sniffed me, I bent down and picked him up. When he was inches from my face he let out an excited yip and flicked his tongue on my nose.

"At least I know you still like me." I said setting out pup on our sink.

"Willow I still love you."

I jumped and turned to see Tara leaning in the doorway. Her tears had dried and she was looking pleased about something. I hid my face with my hand and backed away as she came towards me. She put her hands on my shoulders and turned me back to face her. I still kept my hand pressed firmly on my cheek and Tara looked at me sadly.

Slowly she reached up and placed her hand on top of mine tugging at it gently. "Willow, I love you no matter what. Somewhere in your heart you must know that."

I heaved a heavy sigh and let my hand drop. I felt Tara draw back a bit but she composed herself and stayed put.

"We have to heal it. I can't guarantee it will all go away but we can make it less p-painful." Tara said reaching out to touch me, but I pulled away, disgusted with the fact that she could even stand to look at me.

"Don't do this Willow, please. I love you it doesn't matter what you look like. Our souls are what make us the people we are not our physical appearance."

I didn't care I hated how I looked now. I hated the fact that Tara was sympathizing the situation, that she was readjusting her views to accommodate me. I would kill him there was no doubt about that. I would hunt that creature to the ends of the earth if it was the last thing I did. I didn't care who went with me or who would say I couldn't do it, I was going to have my revenge for taking this from me, taking the loving gaze from my mate's eyes. Who could love a monster? If killing people weren't enough, I gave that up for the simple fact that it made me psychotic but now that I had Tara and I had a life it would be ripped away from me.

Being so wrapped up in my thoughts I didn't even notice Tara's hands around my waist unbuttoning my pants. Shocked I grabbed her wrists senescing her movements. I had my hands placed on the sink staring into my hellish reflection with Tara's head over my shoulder.

"Let me take you." Tara growled in my ear.

I shook my head tears rolling out of my working eye. "You don't want this. It must kill you to see my face destroyed."

Tara jerked her hands out of mine returning them to my button then she drug down the zipper and ripped my pants clean off my waist. There I stood naked from the waist down, my sudden arousal dripping down my thighs and Tara looking at me as if daring me to protest again.

Yaku came trotting over still on top of the sink and barked at me, wagging his bushy tail.

"Down," Tara said and he instantly jumped down and went out the door. I turned my eyes away from the mirror again and flattened my hands on the cool surface waiting for Tara to take control.

She didn't fail me. Her hands found the bottom of my white T-shirt and pulled at it. She started to pull it up over my head but I hissed in pain as the cotton came in contact with my raw deformity. Without even taking a moment to blink she removed her hands then brought them to my collar. She grasped the material and yanked ripping it down my stomach. Throwing the now useless clothing on the floor she made fast work with my white bra throwing that with the rags now discarded on the tile.

My body shuddered with the chill air and being oddly turned on. Tara was on the verge of giving me the right dose of reality and it was an extreme pleasure. She pressed her form against mine and I felt a hard bulge in her pants.

Her lower body rubbed back and forth on mine and she mumbled into my hair. "Are you ready for me to prove how much I love you?"

Before I could answer one of her hands was wrapped in my short locks and her other was shown unzipping her pants and pulling them down enough for me to catch a glimpse of the simulation cock she spoke of last night.

I felt the head touch my opening and Tara looked up at me in the mirror with that oh so sexy half smile. I relaxed and Tara took that as her cue to enter me. She only allowed the first few inches to penetrate and I felt the pressure already building, the feeling that you want your ears to pop but can't quite open your jaw wide enough to do so.

With a little add force she was able push as much as she could deep inside of me. I took deep, hollow breaths and tried to remain calm but the look in Tara's eyes where fierce and purely animalistic. She was going to fuck me until her point was made perfectly clear.

I braced myself waiting for my beauty make me a true woman. Then I felt it rip, my hymen, my womanhood, my cherry whatever the hell you wish to call it. The feeling was strange like I had just let something slip through my fingers, trying to catch it but would never get it back. I heard her mutter something and then she threw her head back in a shocked toss.

"Oh yes!" Tara snarled pulling my head back by my hair so I had to move my eyes down to the mirror and watch her work. With what seemed out of hidden instinct Tara's hips began to steadily pivot back and forth into me.

"You are so tight, mmm and warm, oh Willow baby." She moaned and I echoed her now, moving my body in time with hers. She held my head tight allowing only my hands to guide the rocking motion between us. Her other hand was on my hip bone, roughly forcing me back and forth into her plastic member.

Letting my hair go she gripped my other hip bone and pulled me with much more urgent force, she was getting close and I was soon to follow. Her thrusts soon turned into a violent pounding, completely taking my breath away. I could only take tiny gasps so I wouldn't pass out and I dug my nails hard into the marble of the sink.

"Oh, oh Tara! I'm going to come keep it just like that baby, yes, yes!" I screamed out. I chanced a look up in the mirror and saw my beauty half transformed. Her face with its long muzzle and her giant paws now holding my tiny waist. If I was human I would be broken in half by the strength that was behind her blurred pelvic.

My orgasm broke though its dam and came rushing out in an ocean flood. My muscles clenched around the strap-on and Tara threw back her head and howled still pounding at me. I felt her juices slide down the stiff cock and meet with mine; our magic's coming to life sending us both into another power release. I lost my balance and slipped Tara catching me in time and lowering us both to the floor with her still locked in me.

Tara had returned to normal and I felt her beasts through her shirt on my back my good side smashed on the cool floor. I tried to move but grunted instead, and I heard Tara chuckle.

"Are we stuck together until your erection goes down?" I teased feeling a hundred times better.

"Well as of right now I just can't move so you're gonna have to wait," Tara said nuzzling into my back.

I lifted my head and managed to get one hand out from under us. What made me do it I didn't know but I reached up and touched my face. I let out a shocked wail and tried to get up but Tara still held me down. I touched my increased healed skin, a smaller indent of the cross was felt with my cold fingers, most of the scarring was still felt but at least my whole face wasn't a pile of crumbling ash.

"Maybe you should learn to trust me." Tara said carefully pulling out of me and sitting up. I rolled on my back and my eyes instantly went to Tara's crotch where the cock hung my blood staining it. I couldn't contain the blush that rushed to my cheeks and Tara followed my eyes and looked down.

"Do you want this?" Tara asked nodding towards it. She stood up giving me full view and I got to my knees, inches away from implement.

"Take it in your mouth baby, I can feel it." She whispered as I scooted forward. I gave her a quizzing look.

"How can you feel it?"

"I read a spell once for this kind of thing and I decided to try it. Now don't dawdle, take me in your mouth." Tara replied smiling down at me. I touched the side of my face again utterly pleased with the results.

Staring at the strap-on I had no clue what I suppose to do. If Tara could feel it then I had to make worth her while to use that spell. I licked the tip of the head and Tara let out a sharp hiss. Pleased by this reaction I slipped my mouth over top of the head, excited to find the taste of my juices still on the plastic.

Her head went back and she outstretched her hands and found my head. She wrapped me up in her fingers and pushed me down more. I took as much of her as I could in and sucked slightly.

"Uhh... you sure you've never Oohh, done this before." Tara grunted as I started to bob my head up and down, making sure to use my tongue to get the leftovers off. I smiled still sucking at her and used my hand to grab hold of the shaft sliding up and down. Tara groaned and pushed her hips into my mouth. I could tell she was close as she staggered catching herself by putting her hand on the wall behind us.

"Willow I'm coming oh baby I'm coming!" She shouted pushing my head firmly on the cock. She stopped moving and held her breath, and I could feel her orgasm literally exploding against the bottom of the strap-on.

I pulled her out of my mouth with a pop and leaned back on my feet. "How was that for a first time?"

She gaped at me then un-strapped the harness letting it fall with a soft thump. Holding out her hands she helped me to my feet and turned me around to the mirror. I nearly fainted there was only visible scar on my cheek. A few bumps where the outline of the crucifix was apparent but the rest had been healed.

"You did it, you really did it!" I said amazed.

"Our love did it, not just me." Tara said turning to walk out the door.

"No, Tara please don't go. Can, can you just stay with me? I don't want you to go you're my everything." I asked pleadingly.

"I won't leave you Willow, I love you much more than you give me credit for. Now come on get some um new clothes we have a meeting to hold about the situation with your coven and means of finding your father." Tara said sighing greatly.

"Is everything okay with the coven?" I asked becoming worried.

"There has already been challenges, we must find a leader shortly and start repopulating your numbers." Tara said opening the dresser and tossing me a shirt.

"Then we better get our asses down there." I said rushing around to find some clothes.

"That we better." Tara sighed. "That we better."

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