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The Howl of the Night

Author: JkMack
Rating: NC-17
Copyright: Joss Whedon created the Buffy universe we all know. Thank you Mutant Enemy for not expanding the W/T relationship. I don't own anything here but the story idea and a few people I made up.

Each candle was placed with such artistic planning that I was very proud of myself. If that was the only achievement I made tonight I'd be quite worried.

I stripped my clothes off and pulled down the covers enough to get in and settled. There was the sound of my lover's voice chiming in the bathroom and the playful sounds of our cub.

Being nervous was not an option, this was a natural thing, somewhere in my decaying mind had to remain a thread of natural instinct.

I heard a deep chuckle and the yaps of the pup. She was testing me, seeing how long I could last before I went crazy. Right now, it wasn't taking very long.

"Tara are you almost done?" I shouted nervously.

She laughed again. "I'm coming my darling." The door opened and there my beauty stood, holding our brown fuzz and he was the only thing covering her top half. She was naked before me, tiny droplets of water hitting the carpet floor. The soft wisp of her breathing, the tiny growl, her all together was sending a million volts of sexual electricity to my center.

"I've named our pup, he told me what he would like it to be." Tara said, pretending not to notice my growing arousal.

"Uh-huh." I said in a daze as she set him down and he bounded back into the bathroom returning with a roll of toilet paper. I didn't care. He could chew up my leather coat for as concerned as I was about anything.

"Yaku." She said and he instantly snapped his head towards Tara, wagging his tail.

"It's so beautiful." I said dreamily watching her walk towards the light switch.

"Are we still talking about Yaku?" Tara asked flicking off the lights and making her way slowly towards me.

"You betcha." I answered shaking my head up and down.

With all my might I fought to keep my hands to myself as she climbed into bed. The size of the mattress made it so she had to crawl to get to where I was. The hidden muscles in her legs flexed and moved according to her will all the while enticing promised rewards in my head.

The candles hit her face and cast the most wondrous shadow across her features. I swallowed back my tears, the most beautiful woman in the world was waiting for me to make love to her, was my mate, my best friend and above all my everything.

"Tara I love you." I said.

"I love you more, you know." Tara smiled.

Now was the time and I was all pumped up. I leaned in and took her lips into mine and began to slowly kiss and suck. She sighed and wrapped her arms around my shoulders pulling me more into her. I could already feel the heat rising in her arousal state and knowing that I could emit such a reaction in her made my soul soar.

She leaned back on the bed, her head hitting one of the many pillows lightly. I smiled and watched her get comfortable and I leaned down to return to those luscious lips.

My hand slid up her leg to her hip bone, I grasped it pulling her roughly down farther.

"Oh yes baby." She sighed.

I smiled and moved myself over top of her. Just like before when I fed off her and I carefully placed my body on top of hers. She watched me, her eyes growing wider with each little movement. Remembering how she said she never had real, tender, lovemaking, I was going to do everything I could to make this one and the many more to come the most rewarding experience.

My right thigh shifted in-between hers and slid on her swollen sex. She moaned quietly as I lowered all of me down on her, and was now inches from her face. Watching her intently I drug my hands down her body only to bring them back up again, scratching lightly.

Her body rose up to my touch, and I began to dig deeper, now leaving long red streaking up her tender thighs and stomach.

"Willow, no, no more, please feel me, inside." She choked out.

I looked down at our slick bodies beading with sweat and knew I wanted so much to feel her.

Stopping all movements with my hands I lifted myself off of her and got to my knees between her legs. She spread them a little wider to accommodate me and I made it a point to look into her eyes, not my main objective.

"Are you ready for me to make love to you?" I asked, my voice low, almost a whisper.

"I am." She said instantly.

I scanned my eyes down her body stopping at her wonderful breasts. I hadn't touched them all night, but Tara was beyond foreplay so I decided to leave them alone for now, how difficult as it was.

Finally my eyes met with her golden curls and I nearly lost it when her rosy bud was easily seen, swollen and ready to be adored. My first instinct was to bend down and lick up the moisture that was trickling on the bed, but I kept my composure. Tara was right; I would know what I was doing once I tried it.

Tentatively I moved my hand from her thigh to rest next to her apex. Both of our pulses jumped and her heart raced a mile a minute. I hadn't even touched her sexually yet and we were both ready to explode.

My right palm grazed her soft hairs and I closed my eyes swallowing hard. I could do this; I could make my lover happy.

With all the courage I could find I positioned my palm overtop of her clit. She cried out, her lower body bucking into my hand nearly knocking me off the bed. The slickness of her sex was so apparent that when her hips settled back on the bed there was a slight residue left behind.

I singled out my finger and touched the tip of her nub, applying slight pressure. She slammed her hands into the sheets bundling them up roughly with her nails. I began to rub her gently, making small circular motions in order not to send her over the edge yet. Finding I had new learned skills I carefully moved my other hand down and placed my two fingertips at the base of her opening. I moaned in shock to find how wet I had made her.

Her eyes flew open and she forced herself to remain calm enough to speak. "Do you really wish to tempt a werewolf my sultry vampire?"

The dominance in her voice and the demanding look on her face brought sexual tingles all up and down my cold skin. She was trying to claim charge of me while I pleasured her. Those days where bound to come, but not tonight, at this moment I was in charge; I would be Drappa while I made love to her.

"If tempting you my dear is to tease you until you beg me to fuck you, you bet I'm going to take that challenge." I answered moving my fingers in slightly allowing her to know they hadn't gone anywhere.

"Oh." She cried out and I felt my joy couldn't be escalated. She was so warm, just from having the tips of my fingers in her told me that much.

Slowly inch by inch I forced my fingers inside her. Her body lay rigid with the anticipation that must have been growing since we'd met as I allowed all of me to enter her. I waited, letting not only her adjust but me as well. I was doing it I was touching this goddess in the most intimate way I could ever accomplish.

All else was gone, the moment of pure instinct kicked in and I began to move my fingers slowly in and out, lifting them up to touch the top of her tender walls. Her body responded in kind, rising up to meet my increasing thrusts, her cries becoming more elated.

Before I knew what I was doing, my arm was a blur of speed, bounding in and out of her tight opening. The wet meaty sound played off my ears encouraging me to continue my mission. I bent down and took one long lick up her soaked sex and that was enough to send us both into catastrophic bliss. She jerked back onto the bed, her fingers changing into claws and ripping slits in the padding. I did my best to keep my orgasm to a minimum but that was a lost cause, because looking upon my lover losing total control wasn't helping.

I was flung back onto the bed with the mix of my release and her hips bucking me off. This is when I felt the magic for the first time, rolling and dipping in and out of our bodies.

I lay there my legs laying on top of Tara's experiencing her finishing out the ride. We laid there, panting and in shock both of us at a loss of words.

Finally I regained enough composer to say something and while licking the remaining taste of her off I asked. "Was that okay?"

Without lifting her head she mumbled. "That was the best experience I've ever had."

I laughed and pulled myself up; carefully I crawled out from between the comfort of her legs and flopped down next to her, my head resting on her shoulder. She kissed the top of my head and both of us sighed in contempt.

"What happened to big bad wolf that was suppose to show up tonight?" I asked jokingly.

Tara shifted a bit to look at me. "Have I made love to you tonight yet?"

"No." I said my voice raising a bit.

"Then don't jump to conclusions, my dearest." She answered moving out from under me. A low growl rumbled out of her as she settled on top of me.

"You're a virgin, correct?" She asked boring her eyes into mine. Tara knew very well that I was a virgin, why was she asking me this?

"Yeah." I said, blushing a bit.

"In that case for your first time I will give you a choice." She went on.

"A choice?" I asked a bit too quickly.

She looked at me sternly, the indication for me to shut my mouth. Now it was Tara's turn to have the floor and by all the Gods I wasn't going to stop her.

"Yes, do you wish for it to be standard or do you want to slowly work up to the point of breaking your hymen?" She asked without even the slightest bit of a stutter.

I had never really thought about how I wanted to lose my virginity, perhaps just to get it done and over with would open up more doors in the future. But perhaps easing my way into this was the way to go, pain also sounded really good as well. What was I to do?

"I-I don't know? Could you give me a rundown on both of my options?" I asked trying to keep my curioustly to a minimum.

That half smile was so damn sexy that I nearly said 'do whatever comes to mind.' But I kept that to myself.

"If I were to do this the 'traditional' way would involve a penis or in our case the seven inch cock in the drawer over there." She nodded towards the dresser.

My jaw dropped and even I could imagine how awe stuck my face must have appeared.

"Or," she continued trying to hide her smile. "I could work you in with my fingers for a while until you are ready to take all of me." She touched my face with her hand and caressed it gently.

Both ideas sounded great, but could I have both without being to greedy? Perhaps, starting with the whole finger thing then having her taint my purity with the strap on.

"Both." I said firmly.

"Both?" Tara asked laughing slightly.

"Yeah, I want you to work me in then use the thingy on me." I said trying to sound sure of myself.

"The thingy!" Tara laughed full heartedly.

"What?" I asked blushing.

"Okay." Tara said sitting up and moving to a different position. "But that takes time. You won't be all worked in by tonight."

"Right," I replied becoming increasingly turned on by the fact that Tara was now straddling my thigh.

"So is this okay?" Tara asked moving her hand down my stomach and spreading open my folds.

"Yes." I squeaked nearly jumping out of my skin by the slight pressure.

"Mmm, good." Tara whispered as she savagely plunged two fingers into me. I gasped from the surprise but found that it didn't hurt all that bad. Being as soaked as I was probably helped a great deal.

"You okay?" Tara asked not moving her fingers. I was quick to assure her that I was fine and she allowed me some more time to get use to the sensation.

Without hesitation she began to steadily move in and out of my opening, pushing deeper with each thrust.

She looked down at me her eyes swimming with many different colors and it was if I could feel the magic seeping from her skin to mine. I cried out with delight with each movement of her fingers, the warming sensation of our magic was becoming so unbearable that I too had to dig my nails into the bed covers.

A large snarl broke from her mouth and I jerked my hands away. "Dig them into me." She snapped.

I almost had my orgasm right there but I had to hold out long enough for her to enjoy my first time as well. She moved further up and I inter-wound my legs with hers. We both where ecstatic when the jolt of magic seemed to intensify and I was finally able to bring my hands up to her shoulders and impel them into her delicate skin.

Tara let out a long moan as I dug in deeper and her hand began to quicken, slapping in and out of my raw hole.

"Almost there!" I whined. She never faltered, as her thrust became more urgent, I moved one hand up to her neck and yanked her down to me, I needed to feel everything.

My fangs came out the moment her neck was only inches away. I sunk into her the blood pouring into my mouth and my orgasm exploding throughout my body.

She howled triumphantly into my ear as I continued to suck greedily at her thick life. Finally when I felt I had taken enough I reared back, the sweet crimson still plush on my lips and chin.

I looked at my love, the blood drying on her beautiful neck line, the way she held herself steady enough to look down at me. I felt her pull out of me and she brought her fingers up to her lips. She snaked out her tongue and touched her finger tips.

"You know what would make this even better?" She asked me. Without even waiting for an answer she traced her hand over my gawking mouth, gathering up as much as she could. Then she brought them back to her lips and sucked them clean.

Exestuation came quickly and we both staggered and Tara flopped next to me.

"That wore me out." I said my mind dizzy from drinking from a Goddess' well.

Tara didn't answer and I lifted my head to look at her. Her chest was rising and falling in time the answer for the question of sleep. I smiled and leaned over to kiss her. This was happiness, somehow I had found it.

I was in for it though. There were so many things that were about to go wrong, that even I couldn't have stopped if I wanted to.

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