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The Howl of the Night

Author: JkMack
Rating: NC-17
Copyright: Joss Whedon created the Buffy universe we all know. Thank you Mutant Enemy for not expanding the W/T relationship. I don't own anything here but the story idea and a few people I made up.

I had never been to the Great Hall as I had already said before I was not very political. Tara had already gone down to the meeting about twenty minutes prior to when I was expected to show up. She had said that it would be best if she went with the wolves and I with some vampires. But it was no vampire that came to my door.

"Hi, I'm Buffy." The perky blonde said sticking out her hand. I put mine in hers and gave my best smile.

"Willow." I replied. "You're human what are you doing here? Not that it matters to me I guess I've seen you with Faith once and all so I figured there was something in that department."

"You talk funny." Buffy giggled and crossed her arms.

"Thanks I'm sure you'll tell me that again before the night is over." I said stepping out the door with her right behind me.

"So you're Faith's um friend?" I asked not wanting to imply she was just a play thing. I hadn't really seen them together so I had no room to judge quite yet.

"Uh-huh. Faithy is really great. She takes me shopping and protects me from other vampires." Buffy said smiling at me. I had to smile too, Faith shopping, Faith being nice to anyone was something to be amused about.

"You're Tara's mate right?" She asked upon coming to the basement door.

I didn't even hear her. I stood frozen as if touching that door again would turn my whole body to dust. Tentatively I stepped back, I didn't want to go down there again, never ever again was more like it.

Buffy opened the white door and instantly my eyes went to the smudge mark near the bottom, the remains of my face when I had crawled up the stairs. I clutched my chest stepping back and huddling against the wall.

"Well come on." Buffy urged taking one step down. I shook my head back and forth frantically all the while trying to climb though the wall.

"What's wrong? You don't look so good. Oh! That man isn't down there he's gone. Faith and I checked it out... alone you know and all we found was that the escape tunnel he used went to the sewers. Well the sewers of New York are endless and Faithy lost his sent after the first turn." Buffy said as assuring as I figured she could get. I didn't give a shit; there was no way in hell I was going down there alone without being drug, fighting tooth and nail.

"Oh you really don't look so good. Wait here I'll go get someone." She said and she was gone into the darkness.

Whatever, she could go get anyone she damn well pleased I wasn't moving from this spot. Man, do I hate it when I say things like that and the one person that you'd move for comes walking though the door. That person just happened to be Tara.

"Hey, what's wrong?" She asked stepping up to me. Not that I couldn't answer because of my new fear of the basement but how totally sexy Tara looked. She was wearing a look cut, sleeveless black shirt that showed the numerous claw and bite marks from our lovemaking. The ones on her breast and neck most noticeable, that in its entirety shoving my fear down my throat. Along with a pair of cut up jeans with holes in all the right places; thigh, ass, calf it made the whole outfit stunning.

"She's scared to go down in the basement." Buffy chimed in standing in the doorway.

Tara looked at me and smiled then at Buffy. "Sweetie can you go back down with Faith, tell her that we'll be right there and we can start the meeting." Buffy returned the smile and left, and to be honest I think she was skipping down the stairs.

Tara turned and focused her eyes on my face. "Is my cunning, little temptress afraid of the dark now?"

"No." I said trying to hide my smile. When put in that kind of tone it did seem kind of foolish.

"We have to go though the basement to get to the Great Hall. The door isn't very deep into it; you won't even have a chance to look around." Tara said soothingly. "Plus, if you do this for me I'll make it worth your while."

I raised my eyebrows. "What do you mean make it worth my while?"

"Let's just put it this way. You be a good girl and go to the meeting and I'll let you do whatever you want with this body of mine." Tara replied stretching her limbs idly for emphasis. My eyes glazed over getting lost in her cleavage I licked my lips imagining how they would taste in my mouth.

"Here I'll even let you have a sample." She said, moving her hand to the top of her shirt and pulling it down enough for her pink nipple to pop out, stiff and waiting for my tongue.

I groaned and dived in immediately, my mouth finding its destination without any problems. Thank the Gods she wasn't wearing a bra, it made things less complicated.

Tara gasped and arched her breast into my mouth more, allowing her nipple to brush the top of my mouth.

My other hand went to the seam of her pants pushing through the denim on her hidden nub. She cried out and put her hand on top of mine, showing me exactly where everything was. But just as I was getting started, Tara pulled my hand and pushed at my head with her other.

"Hey!" I pouted.

"I said a sample. You'll get your reward soon enough, that is if you do what I ask of you now." Tara said, taking calm, deep breaths. Gods she was hot, I would never get over how marvelous this woman truly was.

"Okay." I said, Tara started walking towards the door and I slowly followed. We both stood at the top and I looked down in terror.

"Can-can I um hold your hand?" I asked in a tiny voice. I hated feeling like this, so weak, so useless. I glanced at Tara and she was looking at me with such tenderness and understanding that it nearly broke my dead heart.

"O-of course y-you can hold my hand." Tara said, trying to hide her tears. I quickly grabbed her hand and squeezed it for reassurance.

The first step was the most difficult, but if I could make it past that, I could do this. With our night vision abilities we both watched the steps come up under our feet, and one by one we took them together.

Our feet touched the ground and my eyes instantly went to the same corner where I was maimed. My hand went to my face and I drug my fingertips across the rough scarring. Tara tugged at my hand, quickly averting my eyes to a door I had never even noticed.

"How is it that you know more about this freaking house than I do?" I asked trying to keep my mind away from the corner. All I had to do was think of my prize or look at my prize was more like it and it helped me stay focused.

"The night you were taken I searched this entire house for you. I found this hall before Marcus informed me of where you had been taken." She said turning the golden handle. The door seemed much larger up close. Many strange markings and shinny imprints decorated the frame.

Tara pressed her palm on the middle of the door and whispered. "Mighty door of the falling sun, open with the command of the Gods."

The door burst open and we stood to the opening of a gold elevator. "There's a damn elevator in this house too!" I said amazed.

"Oh you have no idea." Tara replied stepping in and holding out her hand for me. I took it and hopped in, the doors shutting with a quite whoosh and a cool woman's voice came over the intercom.

"What floor please."

"Great Hall." Tara said and leaned back against the wall, crossing her arms and staring at me.

"What?" I asked as the elevator began to move.

"Come here." She said opening her arms. Without hesitation I walked over and fell into her embrace, hugging her tightly.

"I'm so proud of you." Tara smiled kissing my hair.

"Mmm, Tara-hugs are nice." I said nuzzling up to her.

"How about Tara-kisses, do you favor them as well?" She asked gently pulling my head back and kissing my lips.

I smiled and opened my mouth slightly. "There's no rest for the wicked huh?"

"That didn't take you long to figure that out." Tara replied taking my lips again, this time she passed her tongue over my fangs, licking up the length of them.

My body shuddered and I pulled away from her. "Don't do that." I warned.

"Do what?" Tara asked extending her tongue, sliding it up my neck.

"That." I breathed grabbing her hands and forcing her up against the wall. I pushed my lower body into her and she responded by lifting herself up and wrapping her legs around my waist.

She moaned and began to kiss me frantically, our lips meeting and pulling apart just as quickly. I kept getting tiny tastes of her flesh and it was driving me wild, wild to the point that I was ready to fuck her at this very moment.

I tried to get my hand wedged between our bodies to unzip her pants, but we where so close and being in an elevator didn't help.

"No, no Willow, we haven't enough time." Tara got out. "Mark me again, oh please make me come."

She tossed her head to the side exposing the side of her neck without any of my markings yet. I opened my mouth and allowed my fangs to come out more and just like a snake.

I sunk my teeth in, bringing out sharp cries from my love. She hugged herself closer to me, so her crotch was grinding on my hip bone. I sucked harder at her vein than I ever had in my life, the heat was rising in the small, metal compartment causing Tara her perspiration to increase due to the fact that she was still part human.

Then she was suddenly quiet, so quiet that I ripped my mouth away to look at her. Her face was red and drenched. She put her hand on my head and forced me back to the open wound. I licked at it, tracing the small holes with my bloody mouth. The only thing my love was doing now was taking in harsh gasps and pushing me with such urgency that I could do nothing to prevent it.

It was if someone flicked a switch in both our bodies. The rush of her intoxicating blood, the frantic thrusting of her hips, set our magic free from our locked cages. The invisible force whirled around us, lifting our hair and clothes, making a sort of tiny tornado. Tara came hard and full of love. It seeped though her pants and mended with my coming orgasm. Both of us were calling out the others name and then slumping with total drain out.

We stayed like that locked in each others bodies our juices staining our pants and mingling with each others scents. I rested my head on her shoulder and jumped when the ding of the elevator shrilled in my ear.

The door opened and we were greeted by about one hundred sets of eyes attached to about one hundred people sitting at a long oak table. My mouth dropped and I slowly un-wrapped Tara's legs and stepped away from her. I tried to smooth out my clothes, pulling my shirt out from being cramped under my bra and using my palms to push out the wrinkles.

Tara winked at me and stepped out on the stone floor as if she where walking in the park on a sunny day. She didn't even wipe the drying blood off her bruised neck. I hastily pulled my coat together, buttoning it fast so no one could see the mess on my pants.

Being called the Great Hall was an understatement. The ceiling, was about twenty or thirty feet above our heads. Gold chandeliers hung with their bright gold chains that sparkled with the light. Each chair had gold markings along the arms and back the oak table itself must have taken a thousand trees to craft its beauty in entirety.

My mind came back when all the werewolves stood as Tara walked towards her seat which was at the front of the table where Faith, Janielle and Raoul where perched. The other half the table remained seated watching my blonde Goddess strut. A few would reach out and touch Tara's hand or lick her palm, Tara would smile or nod at them warmly and continue on her way. I wonder what goes on during the daylight hours that I am unaware of. Tara must really be doing something right to get some much adoration so quickly from the pac k.

"Drappa Tarashitia would you please join us," Faith said standing and all of the other vampires following suite. I stayed huddled by the elevator not sure what I was suppose to do. Being drunk off of Tara's sweetness made it difficult for me to see straight and therefore difficult for me to see anyone approach me.

"Willow." Someone whispered in my ear and I nearly hit the roof. I turned and was greeted again by the bright smile of Buffy.

"What?" I said a bit angry.

"There's a seat up by Faithy for you." She whispered again, nodding her head towards the mile long table.

"Oh right, I'll just go up there then." I said trying to smile but failed when I looked at the odd stares I was getting. There were a lot of werewolf faces I didn't know and plenty more vampires that I had never seen before at the house. This wasn't looking too grand to me.

What surprised me even more was the werewolves began to rise one by one as I passed them, when I came upon Kennedy she reached out and hugged me, crushing her body to mine. I pulled away and gave her my best smile then quickly looked up at Tara. She didn't look angry as much as cautious, but pleased all the same.

Finally I made it to the front of the table and Tara stood gesturing to the seat in-between her and Faith. I slid into it trying to avoid everyone's gaze and I felt Tara's hand rest on my thigh, making tiny circles with her thumb.

Faith stood and pushed back her leather coat to reveal her curved blade named Sliver Fire. "Now that everyone is here, let us began the decree of electing a new Master for the east region. Are their any nominees?"

"I'd like to add something my dark beauty before we began holding the elections." A woman's voice rang though the hall. Everyone turned and stared at the opposite end where a pale woman with long black hair and bulging eyes stood tall.

"Yes, Drusilla, what would you like to add. Make it short, you are only here to observe not disrupt." Faith said with an edge of bitterness.

"Tisk, tisk dear child, mommy only wants to say a few words before my kiddies play." Drusilla said running her hands down her body. Her accent reminded me of William's and I found that a bit unnerving. I swallowed hard and looked up at Faith, who you could tell was losing her temper quickly.

Faith did a small wave of her hand and sat down, Drusilla curving up a delightful smile. "I'm the Master and Maker of the British coven. I've already played my little tune to the dark beauty and her mutt puppies but I will sing a different one for the rest of you. Join my coven, increase my numbers and we will not have to.... dispose of your attempt to survive."

There where quiet murmurs from the vampire side and a few had their heads together deep in conversation.

"I was so upset to find out what had happened to poor old William boy." Drusilla continued. "Spike was a good lad, he did wondrous things with you lot, you should consider yourselves lucky."

"The only thing we consider is that you are a tyrant Drusilla, I've heard of your methods of control and that is not something I want to be apart of." Janielle shouted down the table, everyone shutting up to listen and watch.

"Now don't upset me my pet or I will have to do nasty things to you." She warned.

"You have no power here Drusilla. No negotiations, no threats. The only reason you are here is because we allowed you to sit in on this session." Tara spoke up from beside me.

"Oh, sweet puppy play nice." Drusilla answered making a mock bark come out of her throat. I looked over at Tara and watched the blood drain from her face. Everyone was getting more and more tense as each second passed.

"I will have your tiny coven whether you give it up willingly or not." She said snapping her fingers. All of her vampires stood up which made up more than half of the great table. Most of them had slash marks or black eyes.

I leaned over and whispered in Tara's ear. "Have you guys already fought?" I was clearly confused at seeing so many of them with open sores and banged up limbs.

"Those are not my pack's battle markings. Those are from Drusilla herself, she rules by force and sexual abuse. Everyone obeys her out of fear not out of devotion and that is her true weakness." Tara whispered back.

"What's that lovers, do you have something to add?" Drusilla shouted down the table. All heads turned towards us and I held my breath. The growing anger and terror was bubbling in my gut and I had the feeling I was about to do something rash. This same feeling possessed my hand to move around and grip my dagger, there was no way I was letting anything happen to Tara.

"Get out." Tara commanded standing up, the wolves followed, flexing their muscles along with a low rumble of growls.

"Since when does the dog make up the owner's rules?" Drusilla taunted.

"Since they decided to help us in this; our time of need." I said coming out of my chair to stand beside Tara. Faith and the others took up the challenge and stood as well, we were not going to back down from this. I wasn't about to be part of a coven where I was beaten and raped on occasion. To be honest I wasn't going to be apart of anything that wasn't involved with Tara.

"Before we get all physical, physical let me show you what I have in my little bag, Xander!" Drusilla snapped.

A tall man with black parted hair came out of the shadows and in his hands he held a struggling teenage girl. The name sounded so familiar and when I granted a closer look it was none other than Alexander Harris himself, my old friend. He had joined our coven years before when he had no other place. Ultimately in the end he was traded for another member, I never knew which coven it was until now.

"Let me go! Buffy help me!" The tiny brunette screamed.

"Dawn!" Buffy yelled at the other end of the hall. She raced towards the two of them but Faith got up quickly to meat her before she got there.

"Don't, Buffy he'll kill you." Faith soothed wrapping her arms tightly around the blonde.

"But that's my sister, don't let her do this Faith don't let that bitch have her killed." Buffy pleaded.

"Shh I won't baby I won't." Faith answered and kissed her with such passion that I instantly thought of Tara and looked over at her. Both our mouths dropped as we watched the two in the beautiful embrace. First off Buffy was human and secondly no one had ever seen Faith take such care and try and calm anyone.

"Dawnie, sweetheart it's okay we're right here with you." Tara said pulling her eyes away and walking out from behind the table towards the pair.

"Tara?" Dawn asked, her eyes widening.

"Yes it's me. Now is anything broken, are you still able to move?" Tara asked still inching forward. The man's eyes watched her carefully, stepping back every so often.

"Willow when I lunge I want you to grab Dawn." Tara projected.

"Okay." I nodded looking at my past friend with uneasiness.

"Okay what?" Xander asked but it was too late, Tara had thrown herself into his face and I rolled underneath her and snatched Dawn's arm pulling her out of the way just in time.

There was a large uproar and I watched Tara's smooth skin burst to its silky, honey fur. Xander had no chance as her claws flew open and slashed at his toned body. He cried out in shock and tried to flee but more wolves came to her aid, tearing and ripping his skin off.

I walked Dawn over to Buffy and Faith and turned again watching with horror as they clawed and locked their mighty jaws into the man's body. It pained me to see such brutality, especially coming from Tara, the kindest person I knew.

"Stop it." I whispered covering my ears, trying to stop the sound of his pleas to reaching me.

"What did you say?" Faith asked from behind me, stepping closer she put her hands on my shoulders.

"Stop it, stop it, stop it," I repeated over and over shaking my head.

"Willow they challenged us there's nothing wrong with this." Janielle said coming up next to me.

"Stop it! T-that's enough!" I yelled towards the ball of blood and bodies. No one stopped but seemed more eager to tear that man into sheet paper. I broke from Faith's grip and raced towards them.

I began to pull at the animals clawing up my old best friend. One of the larger ones turned and slashed at me, luckily I ducked in time but another paw came out and caught me in my shoulder. Wailing in pain I fell backwards and landed on my back, a giant black wolf turned its attention to me and came snarling, its mouth foaming and eyes ablaze.

Tara's wolf form was suddenly on top of me growling and baring her teeth at the offender. I cringed and hid my eyes with my good hand, but I was shaken when a loud howl broke out over top of me. I looked up and saw Tara dipping her snout back and letting out the call again. My eyes went between her paws and saw the others backing away from the shattered body of Xander.

Pieces of flesh hung from his face and ribs, one of his legs was torn open to the point of seeing his bones. I shook with anger and total fear of the creature that was above me. Moving slightly I tried to roll out from under her but her head snapped towards me and let out a warning growl. This wasn't her fault, she had no idea what this man meant to me and in some way Janielle was right; they did challenge us first.

"Tara please, get off me." I said in a low voice. Her ears drooped a bit and she side stepped off me. I put my other hand out and tried to pull myself up. I felt a nudge at my back and turned to see Tara using her head to push me to my feet. Despite myself I smiled at her and patted her head lightly.

Walking away from her I kneeled down in front of the body, not sure if it was dead or alive. Vampires can only take so much, sure we can heal but if inflicted with enough damage there will be permanent results. Tiny scars you may see on some vampires probably started off as gaping holes.

"Xander can you hear me?" I asked looking into what I figured was his face. When he didn't answer I reached out to touch is chest but hesitated, where was I suppose to touch, the bloody rag that lay before me was not something recognizable.

He coughed and I jerked my hand away, the flap of skin that lay over his other eye shifted a bit and I could see that he was looking at me.

"F-Flame?" He asked trying to sit up.

"Shh old friend, it's me now just relax, I'm going to get you out of this." I said kindly, gently pushing on his shoulder for him to lie down.

With little effort he rested his battered body back down and I felt a hand grasp me and whip me around. I was now staring at the pissed off face of Drusilla.

Tara instantly bounded towards my side and snarled Drusilla back but she only took one or two steps away before the threats came.

"What do I have now spinning in my web? A former lover perhaps and after that display of violence that means a war upon both our houses." Drusilla said swaying back and forth.

"You started this you crazed hag. You come in h-here trying to corrupt our coven then have the nerve to declare a war. Nothing here is yours, now get out but Xander stays." I said squaring my shoulders trying to be more sure of myself.

"Ah, you do not know the rules my pet do you? Trade is required, but this one seems to have no purpose anywhere, he was already traded once for another."

"Get out of here now," rumbled Tara's voice out of the long snout. It was much deeper and a bit haggy but it was Tara's voice alright.

"Maybe you do not know the rules puppy but I've been alive much longer. You will do as I say. You want this one then I require something more suitable." Drusilla replied glancing at me.

"You are out of your mind!" Tara snarled. "You are not taking my love away, you started the confrontation, you took Dawn, you are held accountable. I may not know much about vampire dealings but you are in the wrong and it is you that must give something of value up, not us."

"She is right." Raoul said stepping up from behind Janielle. Everyone turned and looked at him, being such a rare occasion that he spoke he must have something of importance to say.

"I know every clause and rule in the vampire parliament. I use to keep records at every meeting and every event containing vampire relations. Alexander Harris was traded July 17th, 1913 at 3:14 am for the member of the British coven. He was traded for the member Kar who is out of town on coven business so he is not here to confirm this. But if you would like I could go retrieve the document that I myself wrote. Further more in clause 4 section B line 92 clearly states that if a vampire Master challenges a coven without previous notice all vilifications are waved and certain circumstances are obtained by the wronged coven. Is that too complicated for you Mistress Drusilla? Do I need to speak any more plainly for you?" Raoul asked putting his hand on Janielle's shoulder.

Drusilla's face turned grave and she stared dangerously at Raoul then she turned and bared her teeth at me.

I stepped behind Tara's large body to avoid her eyes I was confused on what was going on but I wasn't about to let Drusilla know that.

"Anything else we can get you Drew? Because you've just worn out your welcome, not that you had a welcome, so take a hike." Faith snapped holding Buffy and Dawn in her powerful arms.

"You have out-smarted me this time. I thought this coven to be ignorant, Spikey really did teach you well. But don't be put off I will get you in my grip sooner or later. The wolves will not stay long; trust me they have... other things to do." Drusilla said quickly turning and marching out towards the other end, her coven following behind her like a colony of ants. She knocked twice on the old wall and it opened up like an airport hanger. She turned and opened her mouth.

"Just go!" I yelled holding on to Xander's hand. She looked a bit startled but switched herself with anger. Flipping her skirt she marched into the darkness with her long line of servants on her heels.

I turned back to Xander and smiled at him. "Let's get you up stairs."

He tried to return the smile but most of his cheek muscles had been torn. I tugged at his arm gently to get him to stand but his legs where too destroyed to hold his weight. Tara trotted over behind him and he flinched, letting out a tiny whimper. She crouched down and carefully put her claws under his arms and lifted him up.

I watched with an uneasy eye. Tara was still in wolf form and perhaps the smell of blood would entice her to attack again. But she didn't as she shifted his limp body to lie in the crook of her arms.

Making sure nothing was to happen to Xander I turned from Tara back to the others. "Can you have someone take him up to my room and have his wounds tended until the session is over?"

"Yes. You two, yeah you! Gable and Ryan take his body up to the master bedroom, carefully!" Faith shouted. The two men fumbled around a bit but quickly and carefully managed to get Xander's body into the golden lift.

"Now can we get back to the nominations, please?" Janielle asked looking at Tara. Tara's wolf head nodded up and down and with a painful whine she began to change back into human form. I turned away and looked around me, all the others had returned to their seats. Half of Tara's pack still remained in their battle gear. Somehow I couldn't blame them, what had just happened was enough to keep anybody on the edge.

When there was no more despite cries from behind me I turned back to see Tara breathing heavy and coated with sweat on the floor. She was partially nude but her jeans managed to stay on though all the transforming. I walked over and stuck my hand out, Tara looked at it helplessly.

"It's okay baby I'm still right here." I said wiggling my fingers. She hesitated for a moment longer then slid her fingers into mine. I helped her to her feet and wrapped her in a big hug. Her body shook with silent tears and I turned us away from the waiting eyes so she could get her cry out.

"Willow I am so sorry." Tara whispered.

"No, I'm sorry this should have never happened. Let's get this damn thing over with and get back to our room okay?" I said lifting her face so that I could bend down and kiss it. Her lips quivered with mine and we held the chastise kiss for a few moments before pulling away and walking to our seats.

"Here Blondie take this." Faith said holding out a black coat for Tara.

"Thank you." We both said as Tara slipped herself into it.

"Okay, any nominations?" Janielle yelled out towards our diminished numbers as we sat down. "Yes Zane?"

I totally blocked out everything being said. I didn't care who was picked I was more worried about the disembodied friend up in my room and what my next move would be.

"Why do you feel that she would be a strong candidate?" Janielle continued.

What was I to do? Tara was an incredible killer. She has to always be strong and a leader to her pack and in that case the pack would always come first. The meetings the being used for her brute strength was all in line for the future. Without her help the coven would never survive against any other coven that decides we are easy prey. I couldn't fuck this up for our coven but I couldn't just sit around and watch Tara and her pack become some pawns.

"Willow honey, are you paying attention?" Tara asked leaning over to whisper in my ear.

"Yeah sure," I answered brushing the question off with a shrug. I had to do something to protect my lover. She was everything I wasn't and she is so much stronger than I am that it's crazy. Tara shouldn't have to deal with any of this, none of this drama should be her problem but somehow she was mixed up in this mess just like I was.

"Now we all take a vote. All in favor of Willow Flame Rosenberg becoming Master of the east sector coven please indicate by standing." Raoul said chancing a glance at me.

"What!" I asked shocked, looking at Tara. Her eyes held the fear that I was feeling.

"The votes are unanimous." Raoul said cheerfully writing something down. "Congratulations Willow you are now our new leader, confidante, and Master. We embrace you as our leader and wish you the best of luck."

"Wait, no you guys do not want me as a leader I'd fuck everything up." I said quickly. "I want a revote, everybody sit down." Everyone stopped getting up and sat down immediately.

"There is no use on a revote Red. Everyone spoke up in your favor, apparently your werewolf alliance; healing abilities and you devotion to taking care of the individuals of this household was a large influence in the coven's decision." Faith said.

"But there has to be some mistake. I don't have the knowledge to run this coven." I said frantically to Raoul.

"I will help you." He said calmly

"As will I," Tara said from beside me.

"Count me in Red. I'll do and go anywhere you need me to." Faith said hugging Buffy and patting Dawn on the head.

"Janielle?" I made her name a question. She looked at me a little crossly.

"I had hoped they would not pick you but what is done is done and I feel the coven as a whole knows what its doing. I am here to serve you my Master." Janielle replied with a tiny bow.

"Thank you so much. All of your help will not go unrewarded believe me." I said hugging each of them in turn. I paused and looked out at the waiting faces. I was there Master and they did not go unless I told them it was time to go.

"You may all depart to your beds. We are no longer sleeping in coffins, unless you wish to. I see no reason why we must be stuck in the old ways of the vampires before us. From now on we will work together as a team, not one of us will be left behind. Now as the coming dawn approaches think of this, we must start repopulating our numbers and building up our reputation. You as an individual must come up with what you think our coven needs to improve. Tomorrow friends the real work begins." I finished reaching for Tara's hand we made our way out from behind our chairs and down the long strip to the elevator.

Everyone stood and erupted into a beret of cheers, it was the greatest feeling in the world knowing that together Tara and I could make a difference and a difference is exactly how it was meant to be

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