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Wild Horses

Author: WillowFever
Rating: PG to R
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Tara felt her body coming down from the incredible high that the red head holding her and had just taken her to. She felt soft strong arms wrapped around her... she heard the soothing sounds of Willow's breathing. She thought for a moment that maybe Willow was about to drop off to sleep... and she just couldn't have that.

"Will... are you going to sleep?"

Willow almost laughed out loud. Her body was on fire and the last thing on her mind was going to sleep. But instead she pulled the blonde closer if that was possible and whispered softly to her lover.

"No baby... I'm not going to sleep... just enjoying this moment with you..."

Tara smiled against Willow's neck and the red head felt the blonde move slightly.


Tara leaned up on one arm and looked into the green eyes staring back at her. She wanted to give this woman pleasure... she wanted to make her feel the joy and love that she had just felt... but the slightest hint of uncertainty kept the blonde from making love to Willow.

"I want to do those things to you..."

Willow tried hard to control her breathing. Seeing the look on Tara's face made the red head's heart melt.

<She's so unsure... if she only knew what her smile alone was able to do to me...>

"Tara... touching you has already brought me more joy and pleasure than I ever dreamed possible..."

The blonde smiled and ran a soft finger across Willow's collarbone. She heard the sharp intake of air and felt her confidence grow.

"Anything you want to do... anywhere you want to touch me... don't be afraid... I'm yours..."

Tara leaned in and captured Willow's lips. It was a deep... sensual kiss that left both girls breathless and Tara determined more than ever to please this woman beneath her. She started by lightly kissing the red head's neck and whispering in her ear.

"Willow... I want you... I want to feel you... touch you everywhere..."

The blonde slid her tongue across a very red little earlobe as her hand cupped a small breast. She paused for only a second to look into Willow's eyes, making sure she had the red head's full attention.

"I want to kiss you..."

The blonde let her eyes drift southward.


Willow shivered in anticipation. Tara straddled the red head and as hard as Willow tried to keep her eyes open, the wetness coating her belly proved to be too much. Her hands instantly went to the blonde's hips.


Tara watched as Willow opened her eyes. They were dark with desire.

"Your eyes are so green..."

Willow smiled and squeezed Tara's hips.

"You should see yours... they are so blue... midnight blue..."

Tara let her hands rest on top of Willow's. Feeling the red head touch her almost made her forget what she had started to do. She guided Willow's hands upward. She needed to feel her touch again.

When she felt the red head's warm hands wrap around her breasts she let out a deep moan.

"Willow... I... I want you to touch me again... but..."

Willow didn't wait for any other words to escape those full lips. She slid her right hand down Tara's stomach and slipped her fingers between the two of them. Tara cried out as she felt Willow touch her once again.

"Lean down here..."

The blonde leaned forward and quickly captured Willow's lips. Willow continued to gently rub the hard pearl beneath her fingertips. She knew it would be so easy to just slip inside the blonde... take her hard and fast... but she waited.

She closed her eyes as she felt Tara latch onto her neck. Her hand caused the blonde to rock against her which in turn created the most tantalizing friction against Willow's own heated center.

She felt hot breath against her neck... Tara's legs began to tremble... Willow could feel the blonde pushing down on her hand...

"Willow... Ohhhh... yes..."

Willow felt her own body respond at the sound of Tara's voice. The blonde felt Willow's hand slide down her back and come to rest on her hip... the touch sent her over the edge.

"Ohhhhh... yes... .yes... Willow..."

Willow felt the blonde jerk against her body. It was the most heavenly experience she had ever known. She felt her own tremors rack her body, but it wasn't the release she needed.

"Willow... let me have you..."

The blonde didn't wait for an answer. She kissed her way down Willow's body, tasting the salt of her flesh. She latched onto a hard nipple and sucked with fevered voracity. Willow arched off the bed her fingers full of blonde locks of hair.

"Ohhhh God Tara... that feels so good..."

Tara moaned a response and continued her kisses southward. She could smell Willow's excitement and she breathed deep. Her hunger for Willow overpowered her lack of experience. All she knew was that she needed to have this woman... needed to taste this woman.

Tara felt like she couldn't get to her destination fast enough... as if this glorious moment would disappear before she had a chance to sample what she could only imagine to be the most delectable taste she would ever know.

Finally, after the panties were discarded, Tara took her first look at what she could only describe as a masterpiece. Willow watched as Tara's eyes lingered on her. She felt the heat from her stare and waited patiently until the blonde felt comfortable to continue.

Tara ran her hands up Willows legs. The red head's wetness glistened and beckoned the blonde closer. Slowly, she reached out and allowed her fingers to dip into the warm wet curls she found. Willow continued to watch her, trying her best to hold her desire at bay.

Tara's touch was electric. The sound of Willow's deep breathing filled Tara's ears and urged the blonde on.


The red head watched as Tara leaned down. The blonde placed tiny kisses on the tops of Willow's creamy white thighs, slowly making her way to where she wanted to be. She watched as Willow spread her legs in invitation.

Tara moved closer to Willow's heated center and slowly slipped her tongue out. She heard Willow gasp from her touch.

"Ohhhhhhh God... Tara..."

Tara closed her eyes and lost herself in the taste and feel of Willow.

<So soft... and wet... and delicious...>

Tara was in heaven. She knew this would be pleasurable for Willow... but she had no idea just how pleasurable it would be for herself. She slowly licked her way around every inch of Willow's skin... she couldn't get enough.

Willow could only hold on as Tara devoured her. She couldn't believe this was Tara's first time. Willow had never felt such rapture. She ran her hands through Tara's hair, lost in the sweet feel of Tara's tongue against her center.

She felt Tara's lips wrap around her own and shivered at the tender kiss. Tara kissed and sucked softly on the swollen lips of her lover. She knew there was more to be found but she couldn't help but linger a while longer.

"Yes... Tara..."

The blonde slid her tongue through wet lips and moaned in ecstasy as Willow's hips came off the bed.

"Ohhhhhh... baby... yes... ."

Tara found that sweet spot that she knew she would come back to time and time again. She took the sweet prize into her mouth and sucked with wild abandon. Willow felt herself slipping over the edge.

"Ohhhhh... Tara... .don't stop..."

The blonde had no intention of stopping; in fact she planned to stay in this little piece of heaven as long as she could. She moved her fingers to Willow's opening and waited.

"Yes... Tara... I want to feel you inside me..."

The blonde continued to suck as she slid her finger inside the red head. She could feel Willow's muscles contracting around her and it felt divine.

"Ohhhh Tara..."

The blonde felt Willow squeeze against her as she pulled the blonde further inside her. She couldn't believe it... she was inside Willow... sucking Willow... making Willow come...

The red head knew as soon as Tara entered her she was going over the edge. The feel of Tara's long finger sliding ever so slowly inside her combined with the feel of the blondes mouth latched onto her sent Willow over.

She cried out as Tara continued to slide in and out of her. The blonde was amazed as she felt the red-hot release of Willow spill onto her hand.

Tara stilled her hand and looked up at her lover. Never had she seen anything or anyone more beautiful. She placed one final kiss on those deep red wet curls as she slipped out of Willow's tight hold.

She climbed up Willow's trembling body and wrapped her arms around the red head.

"I love you so much Willow..."

"Love you too..."

The two girls wrapped themselves together and drifted into a sound sleep. The rain continued to dance across the tin roof as the night ushered in sweet dreams and a feeling of contentment that neither Willow nor Tara had ever known.

They found themselves at peace... in love... and filled with joy... both aware of the gift they had found in each other... the home they would never leave.

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