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Wild Horses

Author: WillowFever
Rating: PG to R
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Disclaimer: I don't own Willow and Tara, if I did I would set them free...

Willow felt the warmth from Tara's sleeping body wrap around her and shelter her from the cool night air. They had fallen asleep above the covers and Willow knew that her lover's skin would be cool to the touch.

<My lover... Tara is my lover... and so much more...>

The red head squinted one eye open and then another allowing her eyes to adjust to the low lighting. She smiled as she took in the sight of Tara's shapely body draped across her own. The blonde had effectively pinned Willow to the bed and there was no way she could move without waking Tara.

<Why would anyone want to move from this spot...>

Willow reached out and gently brushed her fingertips down Tara's arm. Willow smiled as the blonde let out a soft sigh and snuggled closer.

<She's so beautiful... and amazing...>

Willow let her eyes drift down Tara's body. The blonde had all the right curves in all the right places.

<She's perfect...>

Willow smiled at the tiny birthmark at the top of Tara's left thigh.

<So cute...>

She thought about how she had discovered the tiny birthmark and the soft kisses she had planted all around it before moving a little more to her left. Her mind filled with the sights and sounds from their earlier lovemaking.

<Mmmm... the way she moves... and those little moans and ooohhhsss...>

Willow closed her eyes in an effort to quench those fiery thoughts before they consumed her. She felt the blonde move against her and wondered if Tara was awake.

"Tara... baby... are you awake?"

"Mmmmmmm... cold..."

Willow smiled at the pout in Tara's voice.

"We need to move and then we can get under the covers..."

"Don't want to..."

Tara held Willow tighter as if she could somehow squeeze heat out of the petite red head.

"Baby... we need the covers to get warm..."

Willow slid her foot up Tara's calf. The blonde felt cool... and absolutely scrumptious.

"Tara... c'mon baby... let me get you under the covers..."

That caused a soft giggle to escape the blonde.


Willow felt the blonde move and thought it better to situate them under the covers before trying to answer that question. The two women climbed beneath the quilt and quickly snuggled back together.



Tara rested her head on Willow's shoulder while tossing her leg over the red head.

"I love you..."

"Love you too baby..."

Before long, both girls were fast asleep and very warm. The rain had stopped and the night sky shown through the clouds. Steady breathing and the occasional raindrop falling from a wind blown tree were the only sounds that filled the air around the two women as they fell into a deep, content sleep...

Doug closed his cell phone as he pulled into the drive of the farm. He had tried to call Tara all morning but hadn't gotten an answer and was starting to worry. He hoped that she had just forgotten to turn her phone on.

As the Wrangler pulled up the drive Doug noticed the Chevy Z71 sitting in the same spot that it was yesterday when he left. He also noticed the brand new Liberty sitting in the drive and gave a low whistle.


Doug hopped out of his Wrangler and headed over to get a closer look at the black Liberty. On his way over he noticed that Tara's truck hadn't even been running. He could only grin as one and one came together.

"Ahhhhh hell... ..."

The smile grew bigger as he simply turned and headed toward the barn scratching his head.

"Way to go Mac..."

Doug entered the barn and started his morning ritual of checking the horses and giving them their morning feed. He felt a little embarrassed that he could hardly shake the images from his mind of his best friend and the cute little red head together.

He hoped he would be able to keep the grin off his face long enough to work with Mac later in the day...

<If she even makes it out of bed...>

Tara stretched and felt the covers slip down to expose her breasts to the morning air.

"Ohhhhh... .chilly..."

She grabbed the covers and pulled them up to her chin and noticed that the reason she woke up was that her heater had disappeared. Just then the door swung open and she watched her heat source walk into the room carrying a tray.

"Breakfast for the lady..."

Willow watched as Tara's eye lit up. She moved closer to the bed and waited as the blonde scooted up and was sitting with her back against the headboard before sitting the tray down.


Willow leaned down and placed a kiss on Tara's lips.


"Good... we've got... scrambled eggs... French toast... sliced apples... oatmeal and juice..."

Tara eyed the tray and smiled at Willow.


Willow climbed back into bed next to the blonde and they began to eat and talk about what the day held in store for them. However, it was hard to eat and talk and kiss at the same time... but they managed.

"That was the best breakfast ever..."

Tara sat the tray down on the floor and snuggled closer to Willow.

"I could stay right here forever..."

Willow wrapped her arms around the blonde and kissed the top of her head.

"Me too..."

Willow thought about her trip out west and wondered if Tara would go...

<Should I ask... what if she thinks that's to clingy... maybe it is too clingy... I don't think it's clingy... but what if I don't ask and then she thinks I didn't want her to go... when I really do want her to go because I want to spend all my time with her and get to know everything about her and kiss her... and... now I'm back to being all clingy...>

"Penny for your thoughts..."

Tara never knew what hit her. Willow flipped the blonde on her back and straddled her hips. Her mind was made up.

"Go to Phoenix with me?"

Tara laughed out loud at Willow's playfulness but her laughter subsided quickly.


"I have to fly out for a couple days... to finish up some paperwork with a client... and I can't stand the thought of being away from you for more than two minutes let alone two days..."

Willow tried to read the expressions dancing across Tara's face.

<Yes... no... yes... no... please say yes... say yes... say yes...>

"What about the horses?"

Willow smiled as she settled herself on top of the blonde.

"If Doug can't take care of them we'll hire someone who can... just for two days... I promise..."



Tara felt her heart melt. She reached out and tucked a red strand of hair behind a soft ear.

"How did I get so lucky to find you Willow..."

"I'm the lucky one..."

Willow leaned in and captured Tara's lips in a sweet embrace that soon grew into a deeper kiss tinged with want and need. Willow found herself being pulled back beneath the covers and pressed against warm, soft skin.

As the kiss turned into tiny kisses Tara couldn't stop herself from smiling.

"What are you so happy about?"

Tara ran her hands down Willow's back and underneath the waistband of her sweats. She cupped the red head's bottom with both hands and squeezed.

"Lot's of things..."

"Happy enough to go with me..."

Tara smiled ear to ear.

"If Doug doesn't mind taking care of things... I'll go... I would love to go..."

Willow captured the blonde's lips in a searing kiss and felt warm legs wrap around her as two hands pulled her closer.

Tara pushed the sweats down as far as she could, which was far enough to feel Willow's heated center against her own.

"Willow... I want you..."

Willow felt the liquid heat from Tara's center against her own and closed her eyes in pure bliss as the blonde claimed her lips and continued to squeeze and pull as one last coherent thought scampered across Willow's mind...

<Every morning should start like this...>

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