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Wild Horses

Author: WillowFever
Rating: PG to R
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Disclaimer: I don't own Willow and Tara, if I did I would set them free...

Willow held Tara tight in her arms. The rain had started to fall harder and the red head briefly contemplated sticking her head out the window to help cool her overheated body. But feeling the blonde snuggle closer to her extinguished that idea.

Tara buried her face into Willow's neck and let out a soft moan. Willow closed her eyes trying desperately to think of anything but the feel of Tara's warm breath against her neck or the soft breasts pressed against her own.


The red head felt fingertips drawing tiny circles on her stomach and wondered briefly if she would be able to speak. She summoned all of her inner strength, which at the moment had been transformed into a tingling energy resting comfortably between her warm thighs.


"We don't have to stop..."

Tara could feel Willow's breathing get deeper and thought it was just the cutest thing to watch the red head's nipples rise into the air.

"Tara... I don't think I can... I mean... if we keep going... just kissing... and touching like we have been... I'm not sure I'll be able to control myself..."

Tara raised up and looked Willow in the eye.

"Me either..."

Willow let out a deep breath and allowed Tara to push her back against the mattress. She watched helplessly as Tara straddled her. The blonde's hands blazed a trail down Willow's body and rested on the button of her jeans.

Tara just smiled at the red head as she unsnapped the jeans.

"It's only fair..."

<I knew there was a naughty Tara... Oh my...>

Willow could only nod as Tara lowered the zipper painfully slow. The blonde leaned forward and placed tiny kisses across Willow's color bone. The red head was in heaven. She could feel Tara's breasts sway across her stomach as the blonde moved from side to side.

"You know Willow..."

Tara started trailing kisses down Willow's body.

"You had me from hello as well..."

Willow wrapped her fingers in blonde hair and waited to see what Tara would do.

<So close... .>

Tara stopped just above the lace on Willow's white panties. She was unsure of herself but knew that she wanted to touch the woman lying beneath her. She looked questioningly at Willow and saw only love shining from those dark emerald eyes.

"Can I..."

Tara smiled a shy smile but never broke eye contact with Willow.

"Can I... take these off..."

The blonde tugged at the jeans a little and waited for an answer.

"Are you sure you're ready to do this?"

Tara nodded her head and in a voice clear and filled with love she softly spoke.

"I've never been more sure of anything in my life..."

Tara felt Willow lift her hips slightly off the bed and she began to slowly pull the jeans off of the red head. Tara took a deep breath and became instantly intoxicated with the sweet smell of Willow's excitement.

"Oh my God Willow... you smell so good..."

Tara tossed the jeans to the floor and stood at the foot of the bed. She took in the sight of her soon to be lover clad only in delicate white panties and decided that she had never seen anything so beautiful. Willow raised herself up onto the bed and moved so she was sitting on the edge.

"Come here..."

Tara stood in front of Willow feeling nervous and excited. Willow placed a warm kiss on the blonde's tummy and ran her hands along the waist of her jeans. She hooked her thumbs around the jeans and allowed her hands to caress Tara's warm legs all the way down to the floor where she deposited the Levi's and slid her hands back up the blonde's legs.

Willow scooted back onto the bed and Tara followed her. The blonde laid down beside Willow and let the red head take the lead.

"Willow... I know you know that I've never... just... be gentle with me okay?"

Willow cupped the blonde's face and placed a tender kiss on her lips.

"Tara... I love you... any time you want me to stop... just say so... promise?"

"I promise..."

Willow settled herself beside the blonde and slid a leg across Tara's leg.

"And Willow..."


"I love you too..."

Willow smiled then leaned into the blonde and placed a more passionate kiss on Tara's lips... their tongues dancing to the rhythm of love. Willow cupped a firm breast and swallowed a deep moan from Tara. She began placing tiny kisses down the blonde's neck and back up to her adorable ear.

"Willow... you make me..."

Willow slowly slid her hand against Tara's damp panties as she nibbled on the blonde's ear and whispered softly.

"So wet..."

"Unnggghhhh... .yes..."

Tara grabbed onto Willow's shoulders and squeezed as bolts of white-hot desire surged through her body. Willow held her hand in place.

"Tara... baby..."

The blonde was breathing so deep and so hard. She opened her eyes and Willow saw the hunger burning inside of the blonde.

"What... is something wrong... ?"

"No... nothing is wrong... everything is right... I just want you to do something for me..."

Tara nodded.


Willow smiled and leaned a little closer to the blonde. Their lips a breath apart.



"Spread your legs for me"

Willow never moved as she felt Tara's legs slowly open to her touch. Tara licked her suddenly dry lips and waited. Willow slowly stroked her fingers down and back up against the soaked panties. Tara gasped from the touch.

"Willow... .oh... yes..."

"Mmmmmmm... .Tara... you feel so good..."

Tara squirmed beneath Willow's touch. It felt so good... so... right... she just needed to feel more...

"Willow... please..."

Willow understood the plea and whispered softly...

"I love you so much..."

Tara started to reply but her words were cut short as she felt Willow's fingers slide beneath the top of her panties. Willow started low and slowly slid one finger up through warm wetness.

She felt Tara's leg's tremble as her finger dipped just outside her opening. She paused for only a second, making small circular motions coating her finger in the thick honey of her lover. Finally, Willow moved on up and caressed the sweet spot she longed to kiss.

"Ohhhhh... Willow..."

Tara cried out as she felt the rising tide of ecstasy preparing to engulf her. She had never felt anything like this before. She raised her hips in an effort to not lose contact with the firm hand touching her.


Willow continued to stroke the blonde. The hot, silky feel of the blonde's body felt like heaven to Willow. She wanted so badly to bring her juice-covered fingers to her mouth and taste the blonde. It amazed the red head at how Tara's body responded to her touch.

"Tara... I want to... .I... need to...taste you... please..."

"Ohhhhh... yes... Willow... yes..."

Willow covered the blonde's body with her own and kissed Tara. She felt the blonde's fingers tangle in her red locks as she began to kiss and lick her way down the smooth body beneath her.

As gently as she could, Willow pulled the wet undies off of Tara and tossed them aside. She sat up on her knees and just stared at the naked goddess waiting on her.

"Tara... you steal the words from my heart..."

"I love you..."

"I love you too..."

Willow ran her hands down Tara's thighs. Slowly she leaned forward, never taking her eyes away from the blue staring down at her. She settled herself between two creamy thighs and took one last look at the blonde.

<She's giving me the gift of her love...>

Tara closed her eyes and threw her head back as she felt Willow's tongue taste her for the first time. In that moment her innocence was gone...

Willow moaned as she pressed her tongue into warmth and wetness. One long, slow lick made a total addict out of the red head. She knew there would be moments where her hunger for the blonde would keep her from work... moments that her cravings would be so strong she would wake from a sound sleep... moments of weakness that would cause her to deny the blonde nothing.

She felt Tara writhing beneath her mouth. She could hear muffled cries of passion... she felt her hair being pulled and then the soft pressure of Tara's hands against the back of her head... pushing her ever so slightly.

"Yes... Willow... Oh God yes... ..."

Willow kissed wet lips and parted them with her tongue. Tara wrapped her legs around the red head's shoulders and Willow could feel them trembling as she latched onto the hard prize she had found.

She sucked softly... wanting this moment to last forever. The taste... the feel... the smell... Willow was forever changed. She could hear the panting of her lover and knew that Tara was close to going over the edge.

Slowly, she brought a finger up to caress Tara's opening.

"Ohhhh... Willow..."

Willow slowly entered the blonde part way. She didn't want to capture all of Tara's innocence just yet... she only wanted the blonde to be filled with all pleasure possible.

Tara's legs trembled as she arched her back and dug her fingers into the cotton sheets of the bed. Her body engulfed by waves upon waves of pleasure. She rode it out as long as she could before begging Willow to stop.

"Willow... come up here..."

Willow crawled her way up the blondes body, her cheeks damp with Tara's arousal. She saw tears streaming down the blonde's face but love shining from her blue eyes.

"That was the most incredible... amazing..."

Willow soothed her lover as best she could.

"I know baby... I know..."

She wiped the tears from Tara's cheeks and planted a soft kiss on her forehead.

"I love you Tara Maclay..."

"I love you too..."

Tara's body still trembled from the aftershock of their lovemaking. She held onto Willow as tight as she could. Her emotions were spinning out of control and she knew Willow could keep her anchored.

"Never let me go...

Willow tightened her hold around Tara's trembling body as she softly vowed.


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