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Wild Horses

Author: WillowFever
Rating: PG to R
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Willow closed her eyes as she rubbed her cheek against the blonde's stomach. She breathed in deeply filling her lungs with the heavenly scent that was all Tara. She felt light-headed... she was on sensory overload. The sweet sounds coming from the blonde as Willow connected tiny freckles with kisses... the soft skin beneath her fingertips... the sight of Tara's chest rising and falling as her breath deepened... the taste of her kisses that lingered on Willow's lips and the anticipation of a more intimate kiss... it sparked a hunger deep inside the red head that only Tara could fulfill.

Willow felt Tara's hand on the top of her head... finger's gently massaging her scalp. The red head slowly followed the path of kisses she had laid earlier, back up to the delicious lips she could not get enough of.

She ran her tongue across Tara's full lips as she slid her hand up to capture a firm breast. Tara parted her lips and allowed her tongue to slide against Willow's in a most erotic dance.

Willow leaned on her left arm as her right hand continued to squeeze and caress Tara's breast. The blonde's nipples were so hard, if it weren't for the tiny tremors racking her body from Tara's tongue, she would have all ready latched onto one of those hard nipples. But for now she was content.

Tara felt as if her body was floating off the bed. Willow's touch was causing the blonde's body to react with a fierce desire to feel more of Willow's touch... more of Willow's body...

"Willow... ."


The red head felt a warm hand traveling down her arm. She felt Tara's hand slide over her own hand and was surprised at how arousing it was to know that Tara's hand was urging her on... pushing her hand harder against her breast.

"Yesssss... ."

It felt so good and Tara wanted to make Willow feel this way. She slowly moved her hand back up Willow's arm... across her shoulder... then down her chest. She felt the hardness of Willow's nipple and heard the sharp intake of breath from the red head.

"Ooohhh yeah..."

She cupped Willow's breast and closed her eyes as Willow began to suck harder.

"Ahhhhh... Willow... yes..."

Willow slid her hand down Tara's stomach, noticing the tremors in her belly. She ran her thumb under the waistband of Tara's jeans.

"Willow... ... touch me..."

Willow lifted her head... she could see the hunger in the deep blue eyes staring back at her. She looked questioningly at the blonde and Tara simply nodded her head as she bit her bottom lip.

Willow never took her eyes off of the blonde. Slowly, she slid her hand down Tara's left jean-clad thigh and back up... then she painted the same feather light touch to the right. Ever so slowly, she slid her hand to where Tara wanted it most. The red head cupped the blonde and held her in her hand.

Tara felt tears well up in her eyes. She wasn't sad... or scared... or regretful... she was happy... totally and completely happy. She took a deep breath as Willow softly pressed into her.

Willow watched as Tara licked her lips.

<God... she's beautiful...>

Willow could feel Tara's excitement coating her fingers through the rough material of her jeans. It was all she could do to keep from bringing those wet fingers to her lips and tasting the blonde. Instead, she waited giving Tara time to adjust to being touched in such an intimate way.

Slowly, she began to move her hand back and forth causing Tara to moan in pleasure. She felt the blonde's hips move and took that as a sign of acceptance and permission. She didn't want to rush Tara... but it seemed as if Tara was willing and by the wetness soaking her jeans... she was definitely ready.

"Is this okay..."

Tara looked at Willow and tried to speak but all she could do was moan and nod her head. Her right hand never ceased traveling up and down Willow's back. Her short nails causing Willow to shiver.

Willow hooked her thumb underneath the button on Tara's jeans.

"Can I..."

She gently tugged on the jeans.


Willow leaned in and captured Tara's lips in a deep kiss as she continued to hold the blonde in her hand. Slowly, she pulled her lips away from the blonde and unbuttoned Tara's jeans.

Tara could hardly breath... waiting on Willow to touch her made her feel as if she would explode from the urgency of her need.

Willow unzipped the Levi's and kissed the blonde again. She settled herself on top of the blonde and groaned as Tara wrapped her legs around her. Tara could feel Willow grind her hips against her.

"Willow... .you feel so good on top of me..."

The red head continued to rock against the blonde.

"My God Tara... I want to taste you so bad..."

Willow felt Tara's leg's tremble and it only inflamed the red head further. She rocked her hips against the blonde harder and felt Tara move in perfect rhythm with her. The room listened as the sound of pleasurable moans and the squeaking of the bed filled the space around them. Their breath became more labored as a light sheen of sweat covered both of them causing their bodies to slide easily against one another. Willow could feel herself on the verge of an orgasm. She had to slow down. She wanted this to be all about Tara. She needed to focus.

Slowly, she kissed her way back down Tara's stomach. She could smell Tara's excitement and it made her mouth water. Her lips came to a stop at the top of the blue panties that Tara had on.

Willow closed her eyes and rested her head against Tara's stomach. She inhaled deeply trying to imprint Tara's scent on her as if she would somehow be marked for all the world to know that she belonged to the blonde.

"Willow... come here..."

Willow looked up to find tears falling from blue eyes. She quickly climbed the blonde's body and wrapped her arms around her.

"Tara... what's wrong sweetheart?"

Tara clung to Willow as if her life depended on it as the tears started to flow.

"Nothings wrong... it's just... I... I'm..."

Willow waited, leaning back to get a good look at the woman who held her heart. She ran her fingers through blonde hair and waited for Tara to continue.

"I just wanted you to know... before we go any further... that..."

Tara wiped the tears from her eyes and gave a weak smile to the red head.

"I don't know why I'm crying..."

"It's okay... sometimes that happens... there is nothing wrong with it... nothing."

Tara felt her heart returning to a normal rhythm and she knew that she had to lay it all on the line. It was now or never and she couldn't go on and not let her heart be known.

"Willow... I'm in love with you..."

Willow reached out and wiped away a runaway tear.

"I'm in love with you too..."

Tara felt relief at the sound of Willow's words.

"Willow... I know it's soon... but I don't want to waste a second trying to second guess... or figure this out... or that out... I simply love you... and I can only love you more each day."

"Tara remember me telling you I lost my heart to you the moment I saw you..."


"I meant that... you had me from hello..."

Tara leaned in and captured Willow's lips, pouring every once of love she had for the red head into that kiss. A light tapping on the roof interrupted the kiss and caused both girls to smile.

"It's raining..."

Tara snuggled closer to Willow.

"So it is..."

Lips found lips and time stood still. It felt as if the heavens themselves had opened up to shower the two women with love and blessing and they were going to bask in it all night long.

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