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Wild Horses

Author: WillowFever
Rating: PG to R
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Disclaimer: I don't own Willow and Tara, if I did I would set them free...

The dishes were long forgotten and Dusty would be getting the leftovers... in the morning. Tara found herself once again pressed into the fridge... hot lips trailing across her jaw and down her neck. It seemed as though she felt Willow's hands everywhere at once... and she liked it.

"Oh God... Willow..."

Willow could hardly think. Tara's skin tasted so good and she couldn't stop herself from sucking hard against her neck.

<Ohhhhh... that's gonna leave a mark...>

"Willow... I..."

Tara let out a whimper as Willow pulled away from her.

"Too fast... .I'm going to fast aren't I?"

"No... my sweet Willow... I just need to sit down before I fall down..."

Willow felt a wave of relief wash over her. Tara liked what was happening... she wanted it to happen... The red head temporarily gained control over her raging libido and walked Tara to the couch.

Tara squeezed Willow's hand and smiled at the questioning look on Willow's face.

"Not here..."

Willow now found it difficult to stand as well. She knew Tara could feel her trembling hand, but she didn't care.


Tara ducked her head and tried hard to fight the impending blush. Slowly, she looked up and found herself looking into eyes so green... so full of emotion...


Willow led the blonde up the stairs and into her bedroom. The two girls stood in the middle of the floor just holding hands and staring at each other.

"Tara... we don't have to... if you're not ready..."

Tara softly pressed her finger against Willow's lips.

"I'm not sure where this will lead us... let's just take it slow... okay..."

Willow nodded her head... waiting to see what the blonde would do.

"We could start by you kissing me again..."

The red head smiled at the timid request. She reached out and tucked a strand of blonde hair behind Tara's ear, allowing her fingers to slide to the back of Tara's head and tenderly pull her in for a kiss.

Willow watched as Tara closed her eyes just before their lips met. It was just a small kiss at first. Lips brushing lips in slow motion... fanning the smoldering passion in both girls.

Willow felt unsure hands rest against her hips as she continued to kiss the blonde and maneuver them towards the bed. Tara was thankful for the mattress she felt against the back of her knees. She sat down, silently disappointed in the loss of Willow's lips.

The red head stood in front of the blonde desperately trying to control herself. She felt a deep desire to ravage the blonde... take her hard and fast to heights of pleasure they both had never known, but this moment wasn't about that. This was a moment of tender discoveries and slow kisses and even slower touches.

"I don't know what to do Willow..."

Willow smiled a reassuring smile to the blonde.

"What would you like to do Tara?"

Tara felt her shyness getting the better of her and she quickly ducked her head. Willow tilted the blondes face up... she needed to see her eyes...

"It's okay... we don't have..."

"I want to touch you..."

That stopped the red head mid-sentence. She held her hand out and looked deep into the blue eyes in front of her.

"Give me your hand..."

Tara reached a trembling hand out and waited to see what Willow had in mind. She watched as Willow guided her hand to her chest and laid it flat against her.

"Do you feel that... my heart pounding... ?"

Tara nodded her head.

"It beats for you... for your touch... your smile... your love... I'm yours Tara... I lost my heart to you the moment I saw you..."

Tara smiled as a happy tear rolled down her cheek. Willow wiped the tear away with her thumb and leaned down to place a soft kiss on Tara's forehead.

The blonde leaned back and pulled Willow down with her. Willow happily complied and followed Tara's lead. She smiled as Tara moved the pillows out of her way. Tara just grinned innocently.

"They're uncomfortable..."

Willow placed a hand on each side of Tara's body, letting her weight rest on her arms. Tara ran her hands up Willow's arms and across her shoulders.

"You can lay on me..."

Willow settled herself to the side of the blonde. Their legs tangled together and both girls relaxed into each other. Willow shivered as she felt Tara's fingers slide under her shirt and up her back then down to her bottom.

She leaned in and captured Tara's lips once again. She felt the blonde's tongue slip out and taste her lips and Willow momentarily wondered if somewhere beneath all the shyness and uncertainty didn't lay a very naughty Tara just waiting to be unleashed.

<Lucky me...>

As the kiss grew more heated, searching hands became bolder... two tongues lovingly caressed one another... Tara could feel Willow's hips move against her and it made her very aware of the fact that they both had way to many clothes on.

Tara tugged at the shirt Willow was wearing.


Their kissing stopped long enough for Tara to toss the t-shirt aside. She quickly reclaimed Willow's lips as her fingers trailed down the red head's back and rested just inside the waistband of Willow's jeans.

Willow moved her body so that she lay between the blonde's legs.

"Mmmmm... Willow..."

The red head trailed kisses down Tara's neck and back up to her ear. The blonde shivered as she felt a hot tongue caress her earlobe. Willow's hot breath in her ear, combined with the feel of the red head's body rocking against hers drove Tara crazy.

Willow's body was on fire... she ached for Tara's touch. She knew that if she didn't find release in Tara's arms, she would definitely be spending a little extra time in the shower later.

Tara cupped Willow's bottom trying to pull the red head closer against her. The feel of Willow between her legs was causing the blonde to lose control. She needed to feel the red head against her.


Willow could hear the hungry plea in Tara's voice. She raised herself up onto her knees and slid her hands down Tara's body. The blonde was shaking with desire. Willow took her time unbuttoning the blouse that Tara wore. One by one the buttons came undone. Loving looks conveyed all the feelings and emotions that words simply could not capture.

Finally, the last button came loose and Willow pulled the shirt open, allowing the cool cloth to rake across the blonde's body. Slowly, Tara ran her hands up the creamy skin in front of her.

<She's so warm...>

Tara could feel the muscles in Willow's body shaking. She couldn't believe she was having such an effect on the red head. She trailed her fingers over silky covered breasts and slipped one strap then the other down Willow's shoulders.

Willow swallowed hard as she allowed Tara to explore her body. Watching the blonde's face was as much a turn on as the feel of her fingers touching her skin. Tara ran her fingers along the edge of the lacy bra... over the swell of two small breasts. Moving at the speed of an afternoon eclipse, Tara unhooked the clasp in the front of the bra.

She sent a shy smile to Willow as those two beautiful breasts came into view. Willow didn't move... it was torture... but it was good torture... delicious torture...

Tara wrapped her hands around Willow and felt a flutter in her own stomach at the hardness beneath her palms. She noticed that Willow's breathing had deepened, as well as her own.

"You're beautiful Willow..."

Willow sat back on her heals and pulled Tara up to her. She ran her fingers through her hair and cupped her face.

"So are you..."

"Willow... can I..."

"Anything... you can do anything..."

The two girls smiled.

Tara leaned in and placed a soft kiss between Willow's breasts causing the red head to close her eyes in total bliss. Tara's lips were so hot. She placed little kisses all over Willow's bare chest, not quite touching her breasts. Then it happened.

Willow felt a hot tongue slide across her already swollen nipple.

"Unnghhh... .Tara..."

That seemed to be all the conformation the blonde needed to continue. She latched onto Willow's nipple as she squeezed her right breast in her hand. Willow felt a steady throb between her legs and wondered if she would be able to survive Tara's touch.

She reached down and held onto the back of Tara's head. The steady... slow... sucking and the soft moans drifting to her ears was enough to almost make Willow come right then.

Tara kissed her way across Willow's freckled chest and latched onto another hard nipple.

<Ohhhh... I could get used to this... <

"Aaahhh... Tara... that feels so good..."

The blonde continued her assault on Willow's breasts. <I could do this all night>

She couldn't believe how turned on she was getting by giving pleasure to Willow. And there was no mistaking the fact that she was giving the red head pleasure. Tara's senses were on overload... soft moans... Willow's hand holding her head in place... the way she seemed to push herself into the blonde's mouth.

Willow was lost in the feel of Tara's mouth on her... her tongue... the way the blonde would gently bite down causing Willow to moan in ecstasy.

Tara gave one last, long suck and looked up at the woman in front of her.

<Oh my god she is gorgeous...>

"Did you like that... did it feel good?"

Willow slid the blouse all the way off the blonde and unsnapped her bra. She took her time pealing the bra off and slowly pushed Tara down on the bed.

"Let me show how good that felt..."

Tara closed her eyes and arched into Willow's touch. Tara felt tingles run all down her body and settle comfortably between her legs. She looked down at the red head and found her eyes closed, latched onto her breast like a hungry kitten. She could feel Willow's breasts against her stomach.

Tara didn't know where the night would lead them, but if it went no further than this she believed she could die a happy woman. She ran her hands in Willow's hair and discovered that the red head loved it when she gently pulled her hair. The sounds she made caused the blonde to squirm.

"Ohhhh... Willow..."

The red head kissed her way down Tara's stomach giving a little extra attention to the cute little innie belly button she found. The night was young and full of uncharted discoveries. Only time would tell if that would still ring true come morning.

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