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Wild Horses

Author: WillowFever
Rating: PG to R
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Willow contacted her clients and scheduled an on-line meeting. If things went the way she expected them to she would be signing a million-dollar account to Dream Big Graphics by the end of the week, which meant a mighty big payday for her. She sent a quick e-mail to her boss and then checked her personal e-mail.

"Yay... Buffy mail."

Willow opened up the message from her friend and felt a tinge of homesickness wash over her.

Hey Wil,

How's things down on the farm? Any cute guys I should know about... speaking of guys... Xander is driving me nuts... he wants to come ride the horses... like he can't ride them here. Oh well... So any sparkage going on with the blonde??? You know you gotta tell me... Okay... I'm going... Giles is outside blowing the horn... you'd think he was impatient or something... lol... write me soon... I need my Willow-fix...

Love ya,

Willow sent a quick note and decided she'd better get dressed. It was going to be a great day today.

"I'm facing fears... I'll be seeing Tara... I might be in some serious moolaa soon... how could this day be bad?"

"Are you sure you want to pick him up today... you still have three days before... no... I understand completely..."

Tara rolled her eyes. It was going to be a long day.

"What time would you like to pick him up... that's great. We'll have him ready and waiting... you too... bye..."

The blonde closed her cell phone and shook her head. She had all ready overslept and now Mr. Davenport; one of her biggest contributors to her foundation was on his way to pick up Herbie, his prized Tennessee Walker who could be anywhere on the 300 acre farm.

"Well... it should be an interesting day to say the least. "

She threw on an old pair of jeans and an Ohio State t-shirt with a denim shirt over top. She tugged on her cowboy boots and as an added thought grabbed her hat on the way out the door. At least the temperature was going to get up to the high 70's today... that was a good thing.

She jumped in her truck, cranked the radio and headed for the farm. Regardless of how the day started, she knew it could only get better the closer she got to Willow.

<I wonder what she'll be doing today... maybe...>

Before the blonde could finish her thoughts, a deer jumped out in front of her causing her to swerve and ride the ditch for a good 20 feet. She had a death grip on the steering wheel and quickly noted that nothing was behind or in front of her. She gassed the Chevy then jerked the truck out of the ditch and slammed on the brakes.

She sat staring at the road in front of her trying to calm her racing heart. It was just a road, but at that moment it signified so many things to the young blonde who had just seen her life flash before her eyes.

At that moment, it became so much more than just dirt and gravel. It became her lifeline that led straight to the reason her heart pounded so hard. It became the course that faded into the horizon that she set sail on... the path that she chose to follow.

She heard the voice of her loved ones that had gone on telling her to follow her heart. She could hear her mother telling her life is what you make it... and that she should follow her dreams. And that is exactly what Tara chose to do.

Slowly, she put the truck in gear and with shaking hands started out down the road. With one word burning in her heart, one face filling her minds eye... <Willow>

Willow searched through her closet.

"What do you wear to the barn..."

She was ready to go into a fashion spaz when she heard Tara's truck pull up outside. She walked over to her window and waited to get a glimpse of what the blonde would be wearing.

Looking out she noticed that the whole side of the truck was covered in mud and grass. At first she thought it was just a country thing... but there was something about the look on Tara's face when she walked around the front of the truck that told Willow something wasn't right.

Suddenly, her choice of clothing didn't seem so important, making sure Tara was okay did. She pulled on some jeans and grabbed a sweatshirt and ran down her steps. She opened the front door and saw the blonde walking her way.

<Something is definitely wrong>

Tara stepped through the front door and threw her arms around the red head and the tears started to flow. Willow just wrapped her arms around the blonde. If this is what she needed, then this is what she would get.

"Tara... what is it baby? What's wrong... ?"

Tara didn't know why she had broke down. She had close calls with deer before. Why was this time different? Maybe it was the look of worry that spread across Willow's face that spoke volumes to the blonde... or maybe the bad morning just coming to an end... maybe in part the sudden flash of painful memories from her youth... more than likely it was the safety that she felt just knowing that Willow was near.

She took a deep breath and calmed her racing heart then began telling Willow everything that had happened. Willow listened intently, nodding her head and running her fingers through long blonde hair.

"It's okay... you're here now... safe and sound."

Tara felt herself sink into the emerald eyes shining at her. She couldn't have stopped herself if she wanted to. Slowly, she leaned into the red head and softly brushed her lips against Willows. It was a slow, tender kiss that caused both girls to forget about fears, time and the world in general.

Willow didn't expect such a tender kiss to ignite such a fierce passion but it did. It was funny how the blonde seemed to bring out such deep emotion from the red head in such a short amount of time.

"That was nice..."

Willow just stared into dark blue eyes. She was afraid to speak... afraid that her voice would shatter the moment.

She cupped the blonde's face and pulled her in for another kiss. Lips brushed lips, breath mingled and a brave tongue slipped out and was quickly received. The kiss deepened and every thing in the world shifted in to place.

Wild fire seemed to spread through Willow as she heard a low moan escape from the blonde. As the two women pulled apart, Willow rested her forehead against Tara's.

"That was... just... amazing."

The blonde nodded her head and rubbed her nose against Willow's.

"I've never kissed anyone like that..."

Willow felt her heart flutter.


"You're the first..."

Willow wrapped her fingers in blonde hair, closed her eyes and took a deep breath. <Tara's first real kiss... does that mean what I think it means...> Willow felt certain that she was just beginning to glimpse the depth of who Tara was.

"Thank you for sharing that with me..."

Blue met green and slowly time began again. Tara didn't want to move but she knew she had a lot to do today, and now that she had spent some time with Willow, she felt like anything was possible.

"Do you want to help me round up a horse?"

Willow swallowed hard. <You can do this... you can do this...>


Tara gave the red head a crooked grin and just nodded.

"Well... um... yeah... sure... why not?"

<Because you'll totally spaz and make a complete idiot out of yourself..that's why>

"Great! I just need to make sure we're gassed up and then we'll head out?"

Tara gave Willow a quick hug and headed for the door. Willow didn't know much about horses, but she knew without a doubt that they didn't need gas to go.

"Gassed up?"

Tara turned in the doorway and put her hat on and gave a sly wink.

"Yeah... there is 300 acres... I figure the 4-wheeler will be faster and less... scary."

"Ha... ha... very funny. Let me grab a jacket and I'll meet you out front."

Willow watched Tara walk out of sight.

<Not a horse ride, but there will definitely be arm wrap-age... oh yeah... this is a great day>

She grabbed her jacket and headed out the door. She heard the 4-wheeler before she saw it. Then from around the barn, like a hurricane on wheels Tara came in to sight and Willow felt a bolt of fear shoot through her, whether it was from the wild look in the blonde's eye or the notion of riding so close together Willow just couldn't tell. She just knew without a doubt there would be definite arm wrap-age going on.

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