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Wild Horses

Author: WillowFever
Rating: PG to R
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Disclaimer: I don't own Willow and Tara, if I did I would set them free...

Tara pulled her truck into her drive; she had smiled the whole way home. Images of Willow flashing through her mind caused the blondes insides to burst with countless emotions, hopes and dreams for the future. She shut the ignition off and just sat in her driveway.

<Is this really happening...>

She closed her eyes and let her head fall against the back of her seat. However, her body was still swaying under the moonlight, held tight by the red head who had captured her heart.

Tara let out a deep sigh and reached for her door handle. She took her time sliding out of the truck. <I'm in a Willow-haze...>

She floated to her front door and fumbled with getting her key in the lock. Once she was safely inside she shut the door behind her and managed to lock it back. She decided that a good hot bath before bedtime sounded like a great idea.

She crossed her living room floor and made her way into the kitchen. Her home was much smaller than the farmhouse that Willow lived in, but it was full of love just the same. There were plants hanging in the cutout window between the kitchen and living room and one very plump butterscotch cat curled up on the dinning table.

"Hi biscuit..."

One eye peeped open and then shut. A quick swish of a long, fluffy tail indicated the feline's joy at knowing his master had come home.

Tara made her way to her bedroom and shed her clothes. She grabbed a pair of boxers out of her dresser and a tie-dyed t-shirt from her closet. She walked into the master bath and grinned at the sunken tub.

"This is gonna feel so good..."

Strong fingers grabbed the hot and cold knobs of the tub and cranked them on. She added a few drops of her favorite vanilla bubble bath, sat her clothes down and grabbed a towel. Before losing herself in the bubbling water, Tara walked back to the kitchen making sure that Biscuit had something to eat. It was moments like this she was thankful she lived alone. She never had to worry about walking through the house naked.

She gave a quick scratch to the cat's ears and headed back to the bathroom. The mirror had already started to steam up and the blonde felt compelled to draw a smiley face. She just felt so happy.

Slowly, Tara stepped into the tub and slid her body into the hot water.

"Ooohhhhh... yeah... very nice..."

She reached over and flipped her radio on. A slow smile spread across her face as Tim McGraw's voice filled the air around her...

"Mmm... Willow..."

She's my kind of rain
Like love from a drunken sky
Confetti falling down all night
She's my kinda rain...

Willow changed into her flannel pj's and jumped in to bed. She knew it would be a while before sleep claimed her but she didn't care. That was just more time she had to think about Tara.


Willow whispered the name to her room as if the sound of her voice would seep through the walls and find's it way to the blonde. She had thought about calling Buffy, but decided against it. She really just wanted the moment to settle over her.

She folded her arms under her head and stared at the ceiling. There was nothing on earth that could wipe the smile off her face. An angel had put it there. A blonde haired, blue eyed angel.

She closed her eyes and all she could see was Tara. Her smile... her eyes... the way she walked and the gentle way in which she handled her horses. The cute way her hair would fall in her face.

Willow knew she wanted to spend as much time with Tara as she possibly could. And if that meant getting over her fear of horses... then so be it. She felt like she could face anything if it brought her closer to the blonde.

She decided that she would venture out to the barn tomorrow.

<Even if it's just for a little while... and if it just happens to be while the horses are out... well... I can't help that now can I? >

In Willow's mind it was settled. Tomorrow she would begin facing her fear. It felt good. She rolled over and wrapped her arms around an extra pillow.

"Sweet dreams Tara..."

Tara turned the heat up a little and pulled down the quilt that her grandmother had made for her. She climbed into the bed letting out a little shriek at the coldness of the sheets. A soft thump on the bed told her that Biscuit had made his way to his usual sleeping spot.

Tara just smiled and pulled the quilt up and snuggled down into her bed.

"Good night Biscuit..."

A muted meow and then a low purr were all she got. <Good enough>

Her last thoughts were of the red head she would see in the morning.

"Sweet dreams Willow..."

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