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Wild Horses

Author: WillowFever
Rating: PG to R
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Disclaimer: I don't own Willow and Tara, if I did I would set them free...

Tara came to a stop in front of the porch and waited for Willow to get on. The red head just looked at her.


Tara smiled.

"Have you ever rode one of these before?"

Willow just shrugged her shoulders and shook her head no.

"Don't worry... I promise safety and fun..."

Tara stood on her footrest and grinned playfully at Willow.

"Just climb on."

Willow swung her leg across the seat trying hard not to get mud on Tara's jeans. She scooted as far back as she could to give the blonde plenty of room and waited for Tara to take a seat.



Tara sat down and Willow found herself pressed against the gorgeous blonde. Her legs fit snug against Tara's and her chest would definitely be keeping the blonde's back warm.

Tara closed her eyes for a minute and gave Willow time to get situated behind her. She couldn't help it if all that squirming made her smile. Then, as Willow's arms wrapped around her from behind, Tara felt a sudden rush of electricity course through her frame.

"I'm ready..."

The red head's voice rang in Tara's ear as warm breath tickled her flesh. Willow was completely pressed against her and holding on tight. <This is going to be a great ride...>

"Let's go get our horse..."

Tara rolled to the fence and Doug came over and unlatched the gate and motioned for them to go on. He could only smile as the two girls rode out of sight. He had never seen Tara look so happy in all the years he had known her. And if the grin on Willow's face was any indication she was pretty happy herself.

"You deserve it Mac... you deserve it."

Doug made his way into the barn and put the lead rope on Frankie.

"Time for your exercise big guy..."

Tara usually went much faster across the farm, but she could tell that Willow wasn't all that comfortable going all baja in just a few seconds of her first ride.

Instead, Willow sat quietly just taking in the view and trying not to fall off. Every time they hit a bump she held just a little tighter around Tara.

<Bumps have their advantages...>

Of course Tara thought so too but for a very different reason.

Willow noticed a clearing coming up and Tara started to slow down. She pulled them over to the side and turned to look at Willow.

"See that spot over there..."


"That's where we have the bon-fire... most people camp out here. There is a small pond just over that hill... a lot of folks like to fish."

Willow took in the farm and imagined what it would be like on the night of the bon-fire. Sitting around listening to tales and watching Tara all night long.

"It's beautiful..."

Tara never took her eyes off Willow. There was such a child-like wonder in Willow's green eyes.

<She is so adorable.>

"You ready to move on?"

Willow nodded and tightened her hold on the blonde once again. She noticed that she had never let go of her while they had stopped. It just felt so good to have Tara in her arms.

<Every day should have Tara hugs...>

The blonde continued further across the farm. The cool September air felt good against her face. Willow's chin rested on her shoulder and Tara couldn't keep from smiling. The moment was perfect and she hoped she would remember this day for the rest of her life.

The trees were an array of bright autumn colors. Red, yellow... orange. It looked like a painting... a very happy painting. She lost herself in the moment. It was only when Willow pointed to their left that Tara saw a small herd of horses. She slowed down so she wouldn't scare them off and spotted her prey. Herbie was the biggest horse out there.

She stopped the four-wheeler and shut it down.

"Well... there he is."

Willow just knew he would be the big one.

"H... How are we gonna get him to come over here?"

Tara laughed and turned and placed a sweet kiss on Willow's red cheeks.

"He's not coming over here sweetie... we are going over there..."


Tara stood and climbed off the Honda ATV. Willow turned sideways but hadn't hopped off just yet and Tara took advantage of her position. She stood between Willow's legs and leaned into her. Soon the red head forgot all about being in the middle of a field about to face her death.

Tara knew Willow was feeling a little scared.

"You can stay here if you want..."

Willow found it hard to breathe in this position.

<Tara... so close... must touch...>

Willow slid her hands around Tara's waist and hooked her thumbs in the blonde's belt loops, her hands resting against the womanly hips in front of her.

"I'll do whatever you need me to do."

"At this moment... I just need one thing..."


"Yeah... kiss me."

Willow reached up and drew the blonde down for a deep kiss. The warmth of Tara's mouth caused Willow to shiver. She parted her lips and felt a warm tongue slide into her mouth. It was slow and sensual and caused the red head to tighten her grip on Tara's hips.

Tara could feel Willow tremble as she slid her tongue across the red head's lips. When Willow parted her lips, Tara felt her knees go weak as their tongues danced in slow motion. There was no need to rush... no need to hurry. Just the need to taste and be tasted.

Tara raked her fingers through Willow's red hair, slightly pulling when she felt Willow suck on her bottom lip.


Willow reluctantly pulled back from the blonde. Her eyes were dark and seemed to penetrate Tara's soul.

"Willow... is something wrong... did I do... ?"

"No... Tara... never... it's just..."

Willow let out a deep breath.

<She has no idea what she's doing to me...>

"Every thing is right... for the first time in my life... every thing is right."

The two girls stood quietly... just loving each other without words. Trading soft touches and gentle smiles, oblivious to the world around them.

Willow tried desperately to gain control of her heart and her burning desire for the blonde.

<I could make love to this woman right here... right now...>

The sexy grin Willow received did nothing to help curb her rising desire.

<Horses... think horses... .big... scary... horses...>

"So... horse... gotta get him..."

A soft giggle escaped the blonde as she stepped back from Willow.

"Yeah... I've got some grain and a lead rope under the seat."

Willow took the cue to move and gave Tara room to work. Before long, the cowgirl standing in front of Willow held a can and a rope and wore a determined look on her sweet face.

"You going with me?"

Willow just grinned.

"I'll just watch the master... gather pointers..."

"Have it your way..."

Tara headed towards the horses and Willow watched her go.

<Mmm... mm... mm... very nice...>

Willow leaned against the four-wheeler and smiled at the way the horses walked right up to Tara. <Who wouldn't want to walk right up to her...>

"Hey babies..."

The horses nickered softly and came up to welcome the blonde to their group.

"Hi Herbie... you ready to go home?"

She scratched his nose and snapped the lead rope to his halter.

"I bet you are... huh?"

She gave him a little grain and poured the rest out for the others.

"Say goodbye to your friends."

Willow watched as Tara and the four-legged beast came closer. The horse getting bigger and bigger with each step. She could feel herself trying to scoot across the seat of the 4-wheeler in an attempt to escape. She nearly lost her balance and headed backwards, but quick thinking and handlebars saved her.

"Willow... meet Herbie..."

The red head's eyes were so big Tara wondered if she would be okay.

"Willow... ?"

A small squeak escaped her lips and Willow felt the world start spinning. Things were starting to go black... Tara was blurry...

"Willow... are you okay?"

Willow shut her eyes in an attempt to stop the spinning while she held up her hand.

"Just need a minute..."

<He is so big... ... .I'm not afraid... I'm not afraid...>

Finally, Willow calmed down and was able to speak.

"He's just so big up close."

"I promise he won't hurt you... do you want to pet him?"

"No... no... I'll just take your word on it."

Willow decided the ride home would not be nearly as fun with the flesh-eating monster walking right behind her.

"Are horses vegetarian?"

Tara couldn't help but laugh out loud.

"Willow he won't bite you... tell ya what... you drive us back... I'll sit behind you and hold the lead rope... how's that?"

Willow nodded her head. She would much rather take her chances with the 4-wheeler even if it meant no Tara in her arms.

"It's an automatic so you won't have to worry bout changing gears... here's the gas... and here's the brake... ready?"

"As I'll ever be..."

Tara walked Herbie to the back of the 4-wheeler and hooked his lead rope to the rack on the back. She hopped up behind Willow and smiled as this time she would get to wrap Willow up in her arms.

As soon as her arms went around Willow, the red head swallowed hard. There were two very warm breasts pressing into her back and she hoped she could remember the difference between the accelerator and the brake.

They took out slow and headed back to the barn. The trip back would be slower and as the hit their first bump Willow decided it would also be more torture than before.

<You can do it... you can do it...>


<Oh my God...>

Bump... bump.

A wide grin spread across Willow's face and she resigned herself to be tortured all the way home.


<Oh... my...>

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