Return to Growth Chapter Nine


Author: Willohand
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Willow, Tara, Buffy & any of the other BtVS characters that might pop up belong to Joss Whedon, 20th Century Fox and mutant Enemy, which they all became by killing off Tara and breaking up everybody's favourite wiccan couple. All original characters are the creation of my own imagination. Oh, & the university really does exist.

If you listened carefully you could just make it out. The soft whispers coming from underneath the covers where two souls merged.

'Oh don't you dare move from the spot you're on. You feel great. You're warm and so soft.'

Willow's body to Tara's: Are you sure I'm not hurting you? I'm not crushing you right?

Tara's body to Willows body: Such softness. And no your not crushing me. You feel really good. So soft against me. I will never let you go.

Willow's body to Tara's body: Love you... love you so much.

Tara's body to Willow's body: Hold me and never let me go.

Looking into a pair of the bluest eyes she had ever seen.

Tara's body to Willow's body: I think I've been waiting my whole life for you. With you there is no me, there is no you, there's only us.

Their bodies melt further into one another.

Tara's heart to Willow's heart: I only just started living the day we met.

Willow's heart to Tara's heart: I belong with you. I always have.

What happened next was beyond her control. Instinctively arms reached out pulling Willow into her and they kiss.

Brain to Willow: She's afraid.

Willow to Brain: What? Who is? Who? Tara? Afraid of what?

Brain to Willow: She's afraid she wont be able to please you.

Willow to brain: That's silly. She already pleases me.

Brain to Willow: On the sexual level, that's what she's worried about. This being your first time.

Willow to brain: What do I do?

Brain to Willow: I think we have just the right factor to help with her worry.

Willow's heart to Tara's heart: Don't let her even go there. It's going to be fine. I love her and I know she is the one I'm meant to spend my life with.

Tara's brain to Tara's heart: Oh I hope I can please her the way she pleases me. What if I can't, what if I don't? I mean s-she knows all my secret fantasies, what if i can't please her? I mean she is still a virgin. I, I'm going to be the first, the only woman she'll be with, I... I. Her first time should be perfect and everything she could dream of. Ohgod,ohgod,ohgod... I'm panicking. Okay just breathe. Yeah breathing good. Passing out from lack of breath is bad.

Willow could sense Tara's fear and it was in the blonde's eyes.

Willow to brain: I have to do something, she's so afraid and for no reason.

Brain to Willow: How about if we...?

Willow threw on her t-shirt, ran downstairs and grabbed the remote to the stereo. She quickly put in hers and Tara's favourite music.

This has to work. I just want my Tara. the one upstairs is only a shell of her. She's too afraid that she won't please me. Yeah like that could ever happen. Okay that's done, now back up to my baby. She's wants to make love to me. It's just getting her past that fear.

As she walked back upstairs she knew one thing, she and Tara belong together and nothing would keep them apart.

I'm going to marry this woman.

Willow stood in the doorway of Tara's bedroom watching the blonde. Tara was lost in her thoughts. She never noticed Willow walk into the room. Willow dropped to her knees in front of Tara. Tara's head shot up. There were tears in her eyes. Willow brushed away the tears. She took both of Tara's hands and pulled her to her feet. She pulled her wife close and began kissing Tara's face. Starting with her cheeks, kissing away the tears; then her nose was kissed; followed by her forehead, her eyes, then eyebrows; and of course her chin wasn't left out. Her ears were the last kissed.

Tara went to sign but Willow stopped her, first with holding Tara's hands, then she was kissing them and playing with her fingers. Finally taking Tara's hands and placing them on her chest and slowly guiding them over her body as Tara herself seemed surprised by the gesture.

Willow looked into Tara's eyes and spoke.

"I have wanted you from the second I laid eyes on you. When you looked up and our eyes met I was in love instantly. I know that sounds a bit crazy not even knowing you yet but it's been love from the start for me. I want you so much. God I can't... Just your simple touch makes me..." She takes Tara's hand and guides it down her body and into her panties. Willow was soaked through her panties. Tara felt the warm stickiness and gasped. With her free hand she pointed to herself.

"Yeah this is what you do to me when your not even trying. I want you so much Tara. Make love to me."

She pulled Tara close as they began to dance. Tara slowly pulled her hands out of Willow's wet panties, but not without brushing her finger against the wet pussy. And boy was it wet.

Ohmygod... I did that? God she's almost dripping. God she really wants me to make love to her. She's not worried about my not pleasing her. Okay Maclay if she isn't worried then why are you? Tara then licked Willow's wetness as Willow watched and blushed.

"So how about that... d-dance?" Willow barely got the words out as Tara licked her fingers that was only a few minutes ago inside Willow's panties.

Tara shook her head yes as Willow took her hand and walked them in front of the fireplace. Tara's body was slowly reacting to the music and more and more to Willow. They were moving slowly to the beat of the music as Willow was easing Tara's fears. She guided Tara hands down her sides to her waist and down to her ass. Tara's hands slowly began to move as if they had taken on life. Willow buried her face in the crook of Tara's neck as the blonde's hands start getting to really caress her bottom. Slightly pulling away Willow signed

"Oh that feels good. Don't stop. You know exactly how to touch me. Look." Taking Tara's hands again she puts one of them over her heart. Tara could feel the pace in which it was beating. She also noticed Willow's eyes changing as she touched her.

Oh god all this is her reacting to just me.

Brain to Tara: Yes, just to you. She wants you to make love to her. She needs it. And we shall give to her all that we are.

Body to Tara: She feels great doesn't she just imagine in a little while when she's under us and we are deep inside of her...

...Yeah. [Vixeny Tara has now entered the psyche]: Yeah look at her. God she is so sexy and she's ours. When you're done making love to her she's going to calling out your name in her sleep.

Tara: Gulp. In h-her s-s-sleep?

Vixeny Tara: Oh you are going to love her so good and so slow and so right...

Tara: Ummm I mean I'm uh... What if she doesn't...

Vixeny Tara: Doesn't what? Doesn't enjoy it like you did? What if you can't please her? Make her come? Such innocence... I love it. No but seriously Tara you just let me lead you and she'll be more then just satisfied. I promise. You trust me don't you?

Tara: O-of course. You're a p-p-part of me.

Vixeny Tara: That's right I am. I'm your sultry side. And I want Willow so much. So much she makes even me lose my control. But I gladly give up control so that my lovemaking was all she wished her first time to be. A virgin. A sexy redheaded sweet, caring, did I mention sexy? Well again a virgin. I'm going to be gentle until she's begging me to fuck her.

Tara: Um h-hurt her. Oh no, no, no-not hurt her.

Vixeny Tara: Don't worry we could never hurt her. I mean just... Oh you'll see and feel what I mean. God she's so cute right now with her eyes closed and enjoying our touch. Shes soft isn't she. Mmmnnn... the rest of her is probably... Mmmnn look at those cute freckles.

Willow opened her eyes slowly to a pair of light blue, turning a shade darker. She watched and felt as (unknown to Willow) vixeny Tara took control. Her eyes were, within seconds, a dark sea blue. Willow's body was feeling all the signals that vixeny Tara was sending out. Tara's touch was becoming more heated.

Vixeny Tara to Tara: That's right just relax...let me start and when your comfortable join in.

Tara to vixeny Tara: Oh o-okay. Slow right?

Vixeny Tara [looking Willow's body up and down]: Oh yeah definitely...slow.

Willow gulps as Vixeny Tara undresses her with her eyes. Vixeny Tara leans in and began to kiss Willow slowly but with lust and passion. Willow's body start to tremble against Tara. She goes to apologise by signing. "I'm sorry I'm just nervous."

Vixeny Tara grabs Willow's hands and kiss them. She then signs. "Nervous? I make you nervous? Why do I make you nervous?" She is now smiling that sexy half smile. Willow is only able to gulp.

Vixeny Tara presses herself more into Willow. They both tremble from the contact. Vixeny Tara signs "Tell me baby.... tell me what you like. How can I make you feel good tonight. I want to make you feel as good as you make me feel."

Willow just shrugs her shoulders and drops her eyes to the floor. Vixeny Tara gently lifts Willow's chin and looks into her beautiful eyes.

"It's okay. Just tell me if you like what I'm doing to you. I'll go slow, I'll go as slow as you need." Vixeny Tara signs. Willow smiles and leans in and kisses Vixeny Tara.

They sway to the slow music and continue to kiss. Now their hands become involved. Touches and light caresses start to take them to another place.

"You like my touches? You want me to keep going?" She sings to Willow.

Breathing heavily Willow shakes her head yes. Vixeny Tara's hands go slowly up Willow's sides and come to stop just below her pants zipper. With a devilish smile she signs "Lets get you out of these pants so I can really touch you." Willow's mouth falls slightly open when Vixeny Tara grabs the back of her head and kisses her deeply.

Willow's hands are in Vixeny Tara hair.

"Oh yeah baby pull it. Pull my hair. You know how much I like it don't you?" She pulls back signing before kissing Willow again. Backing her up as they dance Willow finds herself up against a wall and Tara is taking her.

Oh this feels nice. God her nipples... her nipples are rock hard. They are turning me on pressing against mine like this. God, ohmygod I'm so wet.

"I can smell you. You're so wet for me aren't you Will?" Vixeny Tara signed. Before Willow could respond, Vixeny Tara was on her. Pressing her nipples more into the redhead. Vixeny Tara begins to grind herself into Willow. Smiling she signs

"You like this don't you? You like feeling my breast rubbing against you, don't you?" Willow was lost.

Willow to Brain: Do you hear that? What's that?

Brain to Willow: That's Tara moaning.

Willow to Brain: Are you sure?

Brain to Willow: Well it's not you.

Willow to Brain: Look, look at her eyes

Brain to Willow: Gulp. I see them. Ohgod she's looking at us with lust. Okay just be casual. Be cool.

Willow to brain: [brain is getting all flustered]. Willow to brain: BRAIN! BRAIN! If you don't calm down you're going to cause me to pass out or something.

Brain to Willow: God I'm sorry, it's just that the look in her eyes is making me... Um I-I, oh boy... I think I'm going to faint.

Willow to Brain: Brain! If you faint then we're all in trouble. You control us all remember? The last time you were out I was starting to get light headed. Now calm down okay, we'll not look into her eyes for now.

Willow's eyes drifted down to Vixeny Tara lips. That in itself started more control problems.

'God look at that wide mouth... those fat juicy lips... Oh shit I want those lips in my pussy. I want to come all over that mouth. Oh now my pussy is quivering...'

Vixeny Tara knew Willow was watching her mouth so she had a little fun with it.

'Oh god. What is she... She's licking those juicy lips. Oh I should be doing that.'

Brain to Willow: Then do it already!

Willow leans forward to kiss Tara, her eyes close automatically. Vixeny Tara wasn't waiting. She grabbed Willow by the back of her head and kissed her hard. Willow's eyes sprang open, meeting up with a pair of lust filled dark blue eyes.

Brain to Willow: uh-huh...

Willow to brain: Yeah I know.

The sexual tension was slowly building. Vixeny Tara was now in charge.

Vixeny Tara to Tara: Oh she is just delicious. She is a really good kisser. Look how she's looking at our mouth. Oh she's really going to be in for some teasing with these lips. Watch and learn.

Vixeny Tara let her tongue flick out and slowly dragged it across her lips. Willow's eyes follow as she herself unconsciously licked her own lips.

Vixeny Tara to Tara: See? Do you see how she's watching? We are going to have a wonderful time. Willow is going to have the best night of her life.

Willow to Brain: Did you see that? We are going to have the best night of our life.

Brain to Willow: Uh-huh.

Vixeny Tara was making a woman out of Willow like no other woman had a chance to. She was loving every moment of it. Willow was about to say something but Vixeny Tara leaned over and stuck her tongue between Willow's parted lips. Willow accepted silently and hungrily. Pulling back Vixeny Tara signs

"Is this how you like it?" Willow tried to speak but only this came out

"Well I mean pppffttt uh. Oh god Tara..." As Willow stammered Vixeny Tara gently guided Willow to sit down on the edge of her bed. She kneels in front of Willow and slowly inches her top up and over her head, dropping it to the floor.

Vulnerable green meets passionate and lustful blue. Vixeny Tara slowly leans in and softly kisses Willow's stomach. Right away Willow's body comes to life.

Stomach to Willow: Ahhh yeahhh! Her lips are so warm oh and so full...

Vixeny Tara signs "Feels good huh?" As she watches and feels Willow's stomach muscles twitch uncontrollably.

"You are the best lover I've ever had. Will, the things you do to my body... I've never felt so free in my entire life like I do with you. God you seem to know all my hidden secrets and fears and I... I, oh god baby..."

Vixeny Tara goes back to kissing Willow's stomach only dropping a bit lower this time. Her mouth is now near the navel and slowly traveling lower. She Inhales deeply.

Vixeny Tara to Tara: I can smell her. Can you smell that.

Tara to Vixeny Tara: Um yeah I can. S-s-she smells good. R-really good... can we taste her now?

Vixeny Tara: Well listen to you.

Tara to Vixeny Tara: I think I'm getting drunk from her pussy's scent.

Vixeny Tara to Tara: I know. God I think I'm going to pass out it smells so good. God can you imagine how wet she must be.

Tara to Vixeny Tara: W-Why don't we see.

Vixeny Tara to Tara: Now you're talking.

In unison both Tara and Vixeny Tara reach out and spread Willow's thighs apart. Willow's breathing has increased. Her eyes are much darker and she's trembling.

"Oh god Will I want you so much. Just relax and let me love you. I'm going to make you feel as good as you make me feel." She signed. Willow blushed as Tara's words sunk in.

"What? God you're so sexy when you're shy. Trying to drive me mad are you with that innocent face that hides an incredible lover who knows how to use her mouth... God just the thought of your mouth on my pussy make me wet. And you do have me wet. So much in fact it's running down my thigh. See?" Vixeny Tara stands up and steps closer to Willow's face. Her pussy a mere few inches from her mouth, Willow shakes her head yes about seeing the wetness. Stepping even closer so her pussy was grazing Willow's lips Vixeny Tara signs

"Want a taste?" and she pushes her hips forward and Willow kisses the pussy presented to her.

Both breathing heavy Vixeny Tara eases away.

"Oh no. This night is about you not me. You can eat as much of my wet pussy as you want if you have the energy... later." As she pushes forward Willow lets herself fall backwards on to the bed. Vixeny Tara was only seconds behind her. She's directly on top of Willow. They kiss again. Only this time their bodies are naked and free to just...

The glow from the fireplace is also generating from the fireplace plus coming off from Willow and Tara. Vixeny Tara is grinding into Willow's thigh with her wet pussy driving Willow horny. Willow's eyes were taking in the sight of Tara in her bra.

Vixeny Tara to Tara: Oh yeah, we have a breast girl here for sure. Oh, she's going to be fed these breast of ours up close and personal.

"Suck them Will I know you like them. So eat baby. Mmnnn...that's like eating my tits don't you?" Vixeny Tara signed. But Willow was so into eating she didn't even notice.

'Oh shit sh-she's... ohmygod that mouth of hers...'

"Fuck baby, oh god you love my tits. You love them." Vixeny Tara signed. Willow was eating tits like crazy.

Willow to Tara: God they taste great. Mmnn..More. Oh god more.

Willow pulled away suddenly and Vixeny Tara looked down at her.

"What is it baby?" She signed.

Willow just smiled and fell backwards onto the bed eating more hungrily than before. Her hands came from around Vixeny Tara's waist and signed

"More! Oh god make me eat you. Shove them in my mouth baby... please..." Vixeny Tara was all too happy to give Willow all the breast she needed. She roughly pushed Willow back down and climbed all the way on her chest, pinning her.

"You want them baby? Huh? You want them? Here. Now you better suck them good." She roughly shoved them into Willow's face signing

"Eat them. Show me how much you love them." Willow was going back and fourth between both breasts while her pussy was getting wetter and wetter and Vixeny Tara could smell her. Her mouth was drooling at the thought of eating Willow's pussy soon.

Willow's hands slide down to Tara's ass and she squeezed it hard. This caused Vixeny Tara to suddenly buck wildly against her breast and chest. She could feel Vixeny Tara's wetness all over her chest.

Willow to brain: I'm going to tell her to...


Willow taped Tara to get her attention. When Tara looked at her, Willow signed "Climb up here. I want to feel your pussy on my breast. Now!"

Vixeny Tara did as she was told. Willow fixed the pillows so she was propped up and Vixeny Tara slowly made her way up Willow's body. Once there she lowered herself on to Willow's pert right breast.

"Yeah, right there! Now I want you to fuck my breast."

Again Vixeny Tara did as she was told.

She was grinding her wet pussy all over Willow's right breast.

"Now the left. It wants some of that sweet pussy too. Oh yeah, fuck my breast. That's it. God Tara don't stop. It feels so good." she was signing.

Vixeny Tara was on the verge of coming just from Willow's reaction to her.

Vixeny Tara to Tara: I think our shy little Willow has left the building. She's so... so...

Tara to Vixeny Tara: She's so butch?

Vixeny Tara to Tara: Yeah. Thats it, butch. She's total butch now. God what a fucking turn on.

Tara to Vixeny Tara: I know.

Willow was experincing some feelings she had never felt before and she was a little scared. Tara noticed.

Tara to Vixeny Tara: Wait. Look at her she looks frightened.

Vixeny Tara to Tara: What? What are you talking about.

But Vixeny Tara saw it in Willow's face too. She slowed down her grinding but Willow wouldn't let her. She wanted whatever it was she was feeling to continue.

Their eyes met and Vixeny Tara could feel Willow's body tensing up. She reached back and was touching and caressing Willow's wet pussy. Willow was sweating. They both were beginning to drip in sweat.

Willow's eyes shut tightly but Vixeny Tara wanted to see Willow's eyes so she touched her pussy heavily. Willow opened her eyes. Vixeny Tara signed "Don't... please don't close your eyes, I want to see them when you come."

Vixeny Tara was back grinding her wet pussy on to Willow's breast. After a few minutes she also slipped a finger into Willow's pussy. She gave her hand one big push and she was now inside Willow. Willow herself was wincing from the pain but as quickliy as it was there it was gone, to be replaced with such a good feeling. So good she could only scream. And she did. Then she experienced her very first orgasm.

She came on Vixeny Tara's fingers, which never stopped thrusting in and out of her. Vixeny Tara was fucking her girlfriend, but good. Then with her free hand she adjusted her pussy so that Willow's breast was inside her pussy. After a few minutes Vixeny Tara felt herself about to come all over Willow's right breast. She exploded all over it.

She quickly as she could adjusted the left breast and it was covered in the rest of Vixeny Tara's come. Only seconds after Willow had come again.

Vixeny Tara fell foward on to Willow. They held one another tightly. Willow was crying on to Vixeny Tara's stomach. Changing positions Vixeny Tara pulled Willow into her and just held her.

"Happy tears." Willow signed.

As the pair laid sweaty and tired from Willow's first orgasms, Tara understood the importance of the after.

Tara to Vixeny Tara: Look at her. God my wife is so beautiful.

Vixeny Tara to Tara: She is.

Willow to Brain: My wife feels so good holding me like this. And look at her. God she is my heaven.

Tara started to stir. This got Willow's attention. That's when Tara felt it. Willow was growling. Tara slowly opened her eyes and...

Willow gently turned her over on to her stomach and began stroking Tara's ass. This was getting Tara turned on. Tara turned to look at Willow. Blue met forest green. Tara gulped.

Willow climbed on to and crawled up Tara's back. She was straddling Tara's ass. She signed "I'm going to try and come on your ass. I mean can I, that is...?" Tara shook her head yes and started to wiggle her ass. This got Willow smiling a wicked smirk. She grabbed Tara's hips and was grinding her wet pussy all over Tara's ass.

'Oh shit...this feels... oh god... it's so fucking hot. God her ass is so round and firm and soft all at the same time. This is so good... oh I think I'm going to come again all over Tars ass. Wait should I ask first? I mean what if she doesn't want me to come on her ass. I mean it is sticky.'

Tara looked back and instantly knew Willow was thinking far too much.

Tara to Vixeny Tara: She's thinking too much. She's over thinking her actions.

Vixeny Tara to Tara: WAIT! You mean she's going to stop riding us?

Tara to Vixeny Tara: Um maybe.

Vixeny Tara to Tara: On no, we won't be having any of that.

Vixeny Tara wasn't about to deny Willow the pleasure of coming all over her ass if that's what Willow wanted but was scared to do it. So Vixeny Tara was taking over once again. Willow was pulled from her thoughts by the movement under her.

Tara was enjoying Willow ride her ass so much that she was lifting her ass to meet every motion from the screaming red head. Tara was so into it she almost lifted Willow through the air.

Tara to Vixeny Tara: Ohgod her pussy is soaked. It feels really good on my ass.


Willow was holding Vixeny Tara's hips as she was grinding her soaking wet pussy on to Vixeny Tara's ass. For Willow it didn't matter that Tara couldn't hear her. She was too lost in the moment. Her screams were so loud that Vixeny Tara could feel them.

Vixeny Tara to Tara: Do you feel that?

Tara to Vixeny Tara: Um a little. What is is?

Vixeny Tara to Tara: I-it's Willow. She's screaming... I think. Wait, concentrate on feeling it.

After a few moments it was Willow and she was definitely screaming. This was only getting Willow some more ass. But when she suddenly stopped...

She roughly turned Vixeny Tara on to her back as she crawled up between her legs. She looked directly into sparkling blue eyes waiting for permission. Vixeny Tara granted it by wrapping her thighs around Willow's waist and pulling her in. Willow and Vixeny Tara worked until they were in a position where both their pussy's would rub together.

Willow was grinding into Vixeny Tara as her mouth was back sucking the breast she loves so much. Vixeny Tara placed her hands on Willow's throat so she could feel the woman as she screamed. Willow was dripping sweat all on to Vixeny Tara's chest.

Suddenly Willow was grunting out. "Uhhhh! I'm going to come. Oh god Taraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" Willow's pussy exploded all over Vixeny Tara's pussy and thigh.

Vixeny Tara held Willow by her waist with one hand while the other was still on her throat. Reading Willow's lips and feeling her scream made Vixeny Tara come too.

Willow fell forward onto sweaty, full, round beautiful breast. Her tongue was out automatically licking. Vixeny Tara grabbed a handful of hair and yanked Willow's head back. Willow was now growling and she tried to pull away but couldn't. She turned her head and was licking the hand that held her away from her desired meal... Tara breast.

"Come on you fucking animal you want my beast so try to get them." Vixeny Tara signed.

Willow's growl became deeper and more animal like. She looked into blue eyes and then yanked her hair from the lock that was Vixeny Tara's hand. She pounced and had the hands pinned above the head of the one who denied her.

She licked the ears of her prisoner making her weak so she could take what was hers. Willow was drooling all on her meal and Vixeny Tara was loving this side of Willow. She decide to taunt her guard with the things she wanted most. She was making her breast move under the careful study of her guard whose strong grip seemed to be weakening. Willow looked in to blues and mouthed the word "Breast... Need to have breast. NOW!"

They both began to struggle and fight for the right to have Willow suck or not suck. Both used all they knew of the other to get the upper hand. Willow went straight for the ears while Vixeny Tara went to Willow's neck, her pulse point mainly.

Limbs were flying everywhere in all directions. The whole time pussies we getting soaked and bodies were trembling; breathing was becoming ragged and heavy.

The two struggled for some time.

Tara to Vixeny Tara: L-let her win. It's her night remember?

Vixeny Tara to Tara: But now I have needs and they are to feast...

Tara to Vixeny Tara: Let her win.

Vixeny Tara to Tara: Oh no. This little animal is going to lick my wet pussy dry.

Tara to Vixeny Tara: Another time, tonight is about her. Remember? Now let her win. Let her take anything she desires.

Vixeny Tara (whining): allllllllllllll right.

Vixeny Tara pretends to lose her grip on Willow and that's when Willow maneuvers into position. She was now hovering above Vixeny Tara with her wet pussy just above her mouth. She slowly lowered herself on to a warm waiting mouth.

Vixeny Tara to Tara: You're right, this is her night. So lets give her one to never forget. I want her to fuck my face. Then I'm going to make her come all in my mouth and all over my face. Mmmmm she taste so good.

Tara to Vixeny Tara: Oh god I had no idea she would taste so good. Spread her pussy further so I can go up so deep her pussy pops.

Vixeny Tara to Tara: Now you got it.

Holding on to the headboard Willow body was jerking violently as she was getting closer to having yet another orgasm, her third of the night. Her body stilled for a second as her pussy was being eaten alive. She looked down right as Vixeny Tara looked up. Seeing the love in those baby blue's she creamed all over Vixeny Tara's face. Her body slumped over part of the headboard.

Tara to Vixeny Tara: I have it from here.

Vixeny Tara to Tara: Okay I'll see you again soon.

Taking her time Tara was able to get from underneath Willow's tired body. She carefully got Willow into the bed and next to her. Willow was holding her tight and crying. Tara felt something warm and wet on Willow's face.she knew but just held her to her body as close as humanly possible. She was thinking of all the times she, no they, were flirting, all leading up to tonight.

Willow began to stir. Opening her eyes slowly she searched for her heaven and found it in Tara's eyes and smile. They kissed slowly and passionately for a few minutes. No rush. They had the rest of their life.

Willow to Brain: Now? Should I ask her now?

Brain to Willow: Ask her what? to marry you? Oh no, this is not the time or the place. We are going to go all out for her remember?

Willow to brain: But but...

Brain to Willow: No buts, we wait for a more romantic setting. Something we had to work hard on.

Willow to Brain: You're right. This is very important, now is something else.

They were kissing and signing just enjoying one another's closeness.

"Are you alright Will?" Tara signed.

Willow kissed Tara deeply and hard.signing "Oh Tara, I'm great. I had my girl making love to me all night and now I'm snuggled up close in her arms. Everything is great. And um... I-I-I want to ask you something."

Brain to Willow: What the hell do you think you're doing?

Willow to Brain: Don't worry I know what I'm doing.

Brain to Willow: Um you don't, if you're asking what I think you're asking. You can't do it now. This is not the time. Trust me on this.

Willow started to sign. Tara's eyes were filling up with water.

"Tara, will you be my girlfrirend?"

Kissing again before answering, minutes of torturing her new girlfriend. She signed, "Yes I would love to be your girlfriend."

Tara kisses Willow.

Having her girlfriend make love to her and now they were cuddling and kissing Willow was in heaven. Her body was exhausted. She closed her eyes to just rest them and fell to sleep surrounded by Tara's strong arms.

Tara felt Willow's breathing become shallow and she soon followed her girlfriend to sleep.

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