Return to Growth Chapter Eight


Author: Willohand
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Willow, Tara, Buffy & any of the other BtVS characters that might pop up belong to Joss Whedon, 20th Century Fox and mutant Enemy, which they all became by killing off Tara and breaking up everybody's favourite wiccan couple. All original characters are the creation of my own imagination. Oh, & the university really does exist.

Willow laid watching Tara sleep and couldn't believe she belonged to her. She was Tara Maclay's girlfriend. She made love to Tara and it was wonderful. Sneaking a peek at her sleeping beauty she smiled to herself.

'God look at her. She's so beautiful.'

Without realizing it, she was stroking Tara's face, her fingers playing with Tara's lips.

Tara felt something soft against her face. Turning her face towards the soft object Tara was kissed soundly on her mouth.

It was Monday morning and both ladies had to be at work. Well actually only Willow because Tara had already made arrangment to have this Monday off. Willow had to be at the school by 9:45 at the latest. As the two women kissed Willow's mind wasn't on work. Oh far from it.

"Hey you... How's my sexy wife this morning?" When Willow realized what she had signed she right away went to apologize to Tara. "Oh baby... I'm sorry for calling you that. It's just that... I mean I just want you in my life always. Forever." Willow signed. Tara pulled Willow in and kissed her passionately.

"Wife? You think of me someday being your wife?" Tara signed slowly. Willow shook her head yes. "You mean I'm not already?" Willow smiled a goofy big smile.

Glancing at her clock Tara was climbing out of bed to go to the kitchen to make them breakfast when she was grabbed by the waist.

"And just where do you think you're going?" Willow looked Tara in the eyes as she spoke.

"Um, I thought I would make us breakfast as you showered and got ready for work." Willow pouted.

"Okay, I don't think it's fair that I have to leave you just to go to work." She signed. Tara pulled her to her feet and playfully dragged Willow to the bathroom.

"Just think of it this way; I will be waiting for you to come back for lunch and then after work." Tara signed. They kissed as Willow gave up and got into the shower.

Now that Tara was alone she walked back to her bedroom to get her robe, when she glanced at the bed seeing flashes of her and Willow from the night before. She saw Willow on top of herself.

'Oh god... Willow hands ...Willow mouth...'

Willow was just lathering herself up when she felt arms slide around her waist and a warm mouth near her ear. Looking down at Tara's hands which were signing

"Hungry baby? I have something for you to eat. All you have to do to is beg me a little and drop to your knees."

Willow turned around into Tara and did exactly what Tara wanted. Tara grabbed hold of Willow's shoulders and started to push her downwards towards the floor. Willow let herself be guided downward. Once there, her face was level with Tara`s pussy. She could see the blond was already wet. As Tara grabs Willow's head she signed for her to beg for it.

"I'm going to fuck your face with my wet pussy. Eat me Willow. Just take what's yours. But show me how much you want me." Tara signed. Willow dug her nails into Tara's thighs so hard... "Oh god Willow, you are going to leave a mark there you know that?" Tara signed as Willow was licking the inside of Tara's thighs.

Willow looked up at Tara, putting on her best pouty lips and begged Tara to feed her some sweet juices.

"Tara baby please... you have to give some of that sweet pussy of yours." Her words were sounding almost desperate enough for Tara, whose fingers were in Willow's hair directing her movements.

'Oh god, how can one woman, who`s a virgin, be able to use her mouth and body like this? Oh fuck I'm going to come all in her face. Mmmmnnn... god just remembering how she looked covered in my juices... Oh yeah, I'm going to make sure and wet her entire face with my pussy's come. Only this time, I'm going to be the one wetting her face, controlling her as I go crazy all over her.'

Willow was eating Tara's pussy like crazy; making the blonde lose all kinds of control. She was pulling at Willow's hair to get her attention. Willow slowed down but didn't stop as Tara signed to her.

"Willow baby, oh god I love the way you eat my pussy. I'm ready to fuck that face of yours."

"Do it. Fuck my face." Willow replied, using her fingers to open Tara's pussy so she could taste all her juices. Tara grabbed the back of Willow's head and pulls her into her pussy. She starts to push her pussy forward into Willow's face. Willow used her entire face to pleasure Tara. Hips bucked forward, slamming into Willow's face, causing Willow to bite down on her lip and splitting it open. There was a small trickle of blood on Willow's bottom lip. Neither girl noticed it; they were too far gone.

Along with her tongue, Willow slid a finger into the mix. Tara's body really came to life. It was screaming out to Willow's body, begging it to give it more. Eager hands grabbed Tara's hips tightly. Giving it what it was desperately needing and wanting.

"I'm so hungry for you Tara. God baby feed me what's mine." After reading Willow's hands, Tara first pulled her hair up and away from her face; she knew things were about to get hot. Then she opened herself up to everything Willow.

Willow's CD, which had been given to her the night of the party, was playing loudly. The beat of 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head' by Kylie Minogue was now vibrating through the house. Tara started to move for her Willow. Her mind and body gave itself over to Willow. Tara could feel the slow build up and she was aching to come all over Willow's face; to cover her in all that she is. And Willow was doing her part to make sure that her baby was feeling it all.

After what seemed like a thousand lifetimes, Tara felt herself about to come. No wait, not just simply come, but explode in a big way in Willow's face. The thought itself only helped her come stronger and harder. Tara couldn't control it. She came so hard she could swear that it was more like ejaculating in Willow's face because of the way she came.

After Tara slowly came down from her high, Willow took her to the bedroom wanting more of Tara. She ran downstairs and hit the button. On her way back, thoughts of Tara were in her head.

Oh god Tara hips... mmmmmnnnnnnn...

Body to brain: Must have Tara. Must be touching Tara's hips.

Brain to body: Whoa there. Hold on now. There will be no pouncing on Tara.

Body to brain: Need Tara. NOW!

Willow to brain: I'm with body this time. Must be touching and kissing those full hips. I mean... Hello! She's laying in bed naked waiting for us... NAKED!

Brain to Willow and Body: Gulp... Well she is dancing just for us. Those hips and my goodness look at those strong thighs... I think I'm going to faint. As the brain I'm ...I-I-I'm supposed to be the one in charge and umm I-I-I, that is... uh she really is a wonderful, beautiful and and and... Oh my I think...

It goes silent inside Willow`s head.

Willow to Brain. Willow to Brain.

Body to Brain.

Body to Willow: We think Brain fainted so what do we do?

Tara noticed the way Willow was looking at her all of a sudden, and the way her body was starting to tremble.

'Oh god... she's looking at me as if she wants to pounce on me.'

Willow signed Tara over. She then places Tara's hand on her throat. She growled a deep and long growl. Willow's eyes had turned so dark that if Tara didn't already know that Willow had green eyes she wouldn't be able to be sure just what color they are. Tara brought her other hand up to Willow's throat. Her body was buzzing from being able to feel Willow growling. Tara stroked Willow's throat very lightly. She pulled Willow off the bed and into her. They start to dance and grind. But Tara wants more and Willow can sense it. She growls a loud hunger filled growl. Tara gasps as she feels it.

'Oh fuck Willow yes, yesss take me,' she thinks to herself.

Then Willow in a deep throaty voice shouted "Hiiippppsssssssss." And she grabbed Tara by her hips and kissed her passionately.

"You're my wife." Willow told Tara as she pulled back.

Tara read her lips and kissed Willow really hard. She realized the cut on Willow's lip and tried to control herself so she didn't hurt anyone. Then Tara felt Willow's hand all over her ass.

"You're making me wet and you know that." She signed to Willow. Taking a deep breath Willow just kept eating until she made Tara come. She whispered something that Tara couldn't read.

Willow led Tara back to the bed and sat face to face wanting to say so much. But before she signed another word there was something she had to do. She started to just touch her. Tara's body let out a soft sigh of pleasure that Willow's body can more than hear.

Willow's body to Tara's body: You are so soft.

Tara's body to Willow's body: I love everything about you. You seem to know me so well, but how?

Willow's body to Tara's body: We just belong. We belong together. Are you okay?

Tara's body to Willow's: I'm sore from your fist but...

Willow's body to Tara's: Oh god I hurt you. I-I-I'm sorry. I... Please forgive me. I...what have I done?

Willow's body began to cry.

Willow started to sweat and she didn't know why but her entire body hurt too. Tara notices that Willow is in pain. She signs if she's alright. All Willow can do is try to figure out what's happening.

Willow to brain: What's going on?

Brain to Willow: It's Tara's body.

Willow to brain: What about Tara's body?

Brain doesn't answer.

Willow to brain: What about Tara's body.

Brain to Willow: She's just a bit sore.

Willow looked at Tara as tears started to roll down her face.

"Willow? Willow what's the matter? Are you crying? Why are you crying?" Tara signed as she held a trembling Willow. "Are you alright?" The redhead signed. Tara looked her directly in the eye.

"I'm a little sore that's all. But it's okay. I promise you Willow it's okay. I'm okay. You gave to me something last night that I had always wanted without me even telling you. How did you do that?" Tara signed. Willow half smiled.

"Magic." She signed in answer and hugged Tara.

They laid down and...

Willow's body to Tara's: I love you and want you so much.

Tara's body to Willow's: I love you too. You make me come alive. Nobody has ever touched me like you do. God you are so gentle and caring and mine.

Willow's body to Tara's: Yup. Yours. All yours.

Later that morning...

'What am I doing here with my wife at home all alone? This is an outrage. I should have called in sick. I'm supposed to be home with Tara making love to her and watching her sleep.'

Tara was in bed just relaxing and going over her night and morning with Willow.

'Oh god. She sees me as her wife. Tara Maclay-Rosen... berg I like that. It has a certain ring to it.'

Her phone interrupted her thoughts. The flashing pulled her out of Willow land. It was a message from Chris and Raven. They want Tara to participate in the show they put on at the end of every session with the students being the stars. This is the part that usually raises a lot of money for the arts around the Washington area. Tara text message Raven that she would be honoured to be a part of it. Raven wants to be Tara's partner but Tara has a certain redhead in mind.

Willow was hard at work at the university with thoughts of her time with Tara this morning dancing in her head.

'God I love that woman. Can't wait to make her my wife officially, with all our family and friends to witness it all.'

Willow to brain: Did I just say I'm going to marry Tara?

Brain to Willow: Yes we are going to spend the rest of our life with Tara. She is it all. The sun, the moon. She is the air we breathe.

Willow to brain: We love her.

Brain to Willow: We do. With everything that we are and all that she makes us.

Back at Maclay house...

'Yeah me married to Willow Rosenberg... Oh I just...' She plops down on the couch. 'I have to send my baby a message but what? Oh I can't do that, can I?'

A devilish look slowly formed on the blondes face. Tara picked up her phone to text message Willow.

Willow was working but she was angry that she wasn't home cuddled up with Tara. Her phone goes off. Willow was not mentally prepared for her message which was not a text from Tara but some rather racy photos of herself. Two photos that had Willow whimpering.

The first photo was of Tara in just her leather pants with her bare back to the camera. The second photo, Tara stood with her hair up wrapped in a thin sheet only and her ears...

Needless to say Willow was aching to be home covering this woman with kisses. Then she received one text.

My body just can't seem to stop wanting yours. Please get home soon. You're needed in the naughtiest of ways. Your wife.

Taking a few deep breaths, Willow softly repeated two words...

"Your wife. God yes she is already like my wife." Willow said to a bunch of shrubs. She leant against the tree and thought of her future and how Tara was a big part of it.

Brain to Willow: I know but we do.

Willow to brain: What? I didn't say...

Brain to Willow: You were about to ask if it's possible that you're in love with her so soon. And the answer is yes. Yes we are in love with Tara Maclay. And it feels great.

Willow to brain: Are we sure?

Brain to Willow. Body to Willow. Heart to Willow (all in unison): We're sure. Tara Maclay is the woman we want to spend the rest of our life with.

Heart to Willow: I'm sure she is the one. I've never been more sure. And she feels the same. I know because I spoke with her heart. I need that heart to join me. We are meant to be.

Soul to Willow: I now know that having been close to her she is the reason I breathe.

Willow looked around and to no-one said "Tara I love you and will you marry me and be with me always?" Looking around she grabbed her mouth in shock from her own statement.


Brain to Willow: That felt so good to say that. Didn't it?

Willow to brain: Yeah, yup it did. When are you going to ask her to marry us?

At that precise moment Tara sits with a far away look in her eyes.

'Mmmmnnnnnnnn...I just got the warmest feeling. What was that? I need to talk someone. I'm in love with Willow Rosenberg. I'm going to ask her to m-marry me. I need to call someone.'

She flipped open her cell phone and dialled the number and left two text messages explaining things. In a matter of minutes her phone was flashing. Answering it and spending a short time texting back and fourth she wasn't as nervous about wanting to ask Willow to marry her.

An hour later her light was flashing by the door. She opened it and was engulfed by a pair of arms. They stumbled backwards into Tara's house.

"Oops. Sorry Tara. A little excited about the news." Buffy signed. Tara grabbed Buffy's hand and is steadied.

"Um, hi Buffy." Tara signed smiling as she straightened out her clothing.

"You're going to ask Willow to marry you?" Another soft voice is heard. It was Faith.

Buffy gazes over to where the voice came from then repeats Faith's question in sign. Tara looked straight into Faith's brown eyes and signed.

"Yes I am. God I love her so much. I'm so in love with her. Are you worried it's too soon? I mean I know we've only just known one another for a little over a month but I'm so in love with that woman." Buffy interpreted for her girlfriend and at the end of Tara's speech Faith stepped forward and pulled Tara into a tight hug. Pulling back so Tara could see her mouth she slowly answered Tara's concerns,

"No I think it's great. She loves you dearly. And you're just the sweetest woman ever. Congratulations." Tara frowns a bit. Buffy right away is at Tara's side signing

"What's the matter?" Tears started to form in Tara's eyes.

"Buffy I want to ask Willow to marry me."

"I know." Buffy signs. Tara shakes her head

"No I mean I want to verbally ask not sign it. Can you help me? I don't want to ask such favors since we just..."

Buffy grabbed Tara in a hug and just held her for a few minutes. After letting go Buffy signed "Tara you're not just Willow's girlfriend. Well I hope you're my friend too. I want us to be close friends. I feel a connection to you. I already feel close to you. Am I scaring you? Like oh no crazy stalker friend of new girlfriend thing?" Tara smiled a big smile.

"No Buffy. I feel it too. There is a connection that has nothing to do with my relationship to Willow. I'm an only child and always wanted a..."

In unison they both signed "A sister." They looked at one another before breaking into laughter.

"So how can I help?" Buffy asked.

Tara is so much at ease with the best friend of her girlfriend.

"Well Willow and you mentioned that you got Willow signed up for her signing class within minutes, so I was wondering, I mean hoping, you could help me find a way to just help me say those 5 words, To say Willow will you marry me, with the help of your CIA connections. Please." Tara signed. Without another word Buffy pulled out her cell and walked into another room. Then she thinks to herself

'I can help her with this. But what if she's not comfortable with talking around anyone but Will? Only one way to find out. Okay here I go.' Buffy walks back into Tara's living room with a small smile on her face. Tara is trying to busy herself and keep her nerves in check. Faith sees she's nervous so she talks all about the redhead. Things like when she first met Willow. Tara read her lips and smiled at the idea of a younger Willow. Faith even had photos in her wallet of her and Willow from their college days.

'Oh how could no woman want her then? God she was even a hottie when she was younger. I'm so going to make love to that girl of mine when she gets back here.'

"Tara? Tara are you there? Come back from Willow land." Buffy is signing. Faith is smiling at Tara.

"So I made a few calls and I have contacts here in Washington. All we need to do is get you scheduled for an appointment to see him and it's onward from there." Buffy frowns a bit.

Tara notices and signs "What's the matter?"

"I take it Willow is not to know about this?" Tara shakes her head yes. "So this is just between you Faith and I. Got it. Um, Tara this is really big and I just wanted to know if maybe I could be the one to help you with this?" She quickly looked away. Tara couldn't believe it. She looked at Faith who was holding Buffy by the waist.

"You want to help me speak? Are you sure Buffy? I mean I can be really the brat at times. And then there's the embarrassment factor..." She signed.

Buffy was very disappointed and both Faith and Tara could see it.

Buffy pulled away from Faith and walked outside the house. Tara was right behind her. She stepped right in front of Buffy and looked her in the eyes.

"Buffy I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings. Are you sure you want to do this? I'm not so easy to be around when it involves my speaking or making any noise for that matter. I don't know what I sound like and I don't want to..."

Buffy has a serious look on her face. "You don't have to worry about all that. I promise you. I've lived and have been best friends with a babbler since second grade." They both smile at the thought of Willow.

"Okay Buffy but only if your sure. Teach me to ask your best friend to marry me." She signed.

Faith stepped outside to make sure everything was alright. They re-entered the house and sat and started to chat. Buffy's personal cell phone started to ring.

"Its Willow." She signed to Tara. "I'm going to take this outside, be right back. I can hear it in her voice this may be best friend needed talking."

Tara and Faith sat looking at photos and talking about Willow. Faith was talking as Tara read her lips.

"Hey Will. What's up best friend of mine." Buffy said into the receiver.

"Buffy I want you to know that I'm going to ask Tara to marry me. Am I doing the right thing? Is this too soon?" Willow babbled into the phone. Buffy smiled as she remembered Tara's fears compared to Willow's.

"Hey Wills, I have an idea. Why don't I stop by your place tonight after you've had some Tara time? Sound good? We'll order some Chinese and have a best friend night. Just you and me. What do you say?"

Willow thought only for a second before setting the time.

Buffy walked back in Tara's house. She was deciding on if she should tell Tara Willow's plans on asking Tara to be her wife.

"Well it would seem that you and Willow both are asking the other to marry you." Tara looked up from Buffy hands with tears in her eyes.

"Willow wants to marry me too? She wants to ask me? Well I want to ask her. Buffy you have to talk her into not asking me. It means the world to be able to say those words to her. Please Buffy." She signed frantically.

"Tara. Tara calm down. I will but I don't know what I'll be able to say to convince her it's a good idea to marry you but she shouldn't ask." Buffy spoke looking directly at Tara.

Taking a deep breath, "Tell her I want to ask her." She signed.

Buffy walked over to Tara.

"Are you sure? I thought you wanted to surprise her?" She signed. Tara bit her bottom lip.

"What else can we do? I want to be the one who asks but if she wants to too..." Tara stopped.

"Don't worry, maybe I can come up with some way. But right now we should stop bothering you for this afternoon. I really enjoyed the tackling you into the family." Buffy smiled as she signed the tackling part. They hug and Buffy and Faith leave.

'Go Willow. This is great. Willow and Tara... they are made for one another. She loves Willow and won't ever hurt her. Tara you are something else.' Buffy thought to herself as she left Tara's house.

Back at the university Willow was making her rounds of the school checking on one of her planted area's as her cell phone went off. It was Tara texting her. It read

Hi baby. It's me, Tara, your wife. When are you getting home to me? I'm here in this big old house with nothing but...

Message two: It's a photo of Tara in her short shorts from movie night.

Willow gulped and looked at her watch.

'Shit, still stuck here for another 2 hours. Oh god I'm never going to make it through the next second with that photo of her... gulp... of her sweet ass...'

Tara was at her place cooking and getting ready for Willow. She bathed and was in her favourite short shorts underneath a pair of baggy sweats with a t-shirt and sneakers.

'Okay she'll be home soon. Let's see, dinner is almost done; the place is clean; I'm a hot horny wreck who might not make it through dinner without ravishing her. Yup all is well as expected. God I miss her and she's only been gone for a short while. I'm so in love with that woman. I'm going to ask her to marry me. Okay no thinking of that or I won't be able to function. I love what she does to me. Shit I forgot to give her the extra set of keys. Damn it, now she has to ring the bell like everybody else. And she's so not like everyone else.'

There was the flashing of lights that brought Tara from her thoughts. When she opened the door there was Willow with a cute smile on her face. They hugged one another tightly.

"Hey beautiful. How's my..." Willow paused, not knowing what to call Tara, so she finished her sentence by signing, " How's my baby?"

Tara pulled her in and just held her.

"Hungry?" She signed as she pulled Willow towards the kitchen. Willow let herself be led. Once inside the kitchen she backed Tara against the table.

"God I want to eat alright but not food of this kind." She signed to a surprised Tara. Her hands slid down briefly into Tara's sweatpants before she continued. "Just so you know, I'm starving. I was being driven crazy all day by an incredibly sexy blonde with such naughty, naughty thoughts and ideas. So to answer your earlier question, yes I'm hungry but just... for... you." She leaned in and kissed Tara hard. "Now feed me." She signed as she slowly leaned back away from Tara, whose head was spinning.

Early the next morning...

Tara was leaving Buffy a text message apologizing for keeping Willow from their best friend time together. She looked down at Willow who was still sleeping. Her body was partly covered by Willow's, keeping her warm. Her mind drifted back to the night earlier and a big smile spread across her face. She started to caress Willow's face.

Tara's p.o.v of their night...

Although I've always wanted to have anal sex I'd never been able to express it with my partner. I thought I would just go on with just fantasising about it. Then along comes Willow, this sweet attentive beautiful woman who, without me having to say a word, knew my body and what it wants. It's like she has a key to all my secret wants and desires and is more then willing to open doors and help me to experience it all. God, with her I'm so free, free to let all my guards down and just be. I don't know how, being she's a virgin, she plays my mind and body with the skills of a woman who's been loving other women all her life. Last night was no different. Well actually what happened last night was very different and new and surprising.

I never thought that being spanked could provide me such a incredible sexual thrill.

I had been teasing her all day with text messages and photos of my ass. Enjoying all her responses. Not knowing I was creating a monster. God, an aggressive ass monster of my very own.

After I was able to peel myself from off the table in the kitchen, Willow had told me I was being a bad girl, a very bad girl all day with all the teasing.

So what do I do?

I step out of my sweatpants and start to tease her with my ass again. I stood up and wiggled my ass in her face signing "Well if I've been so bad why don't you just give me a good spanking?" She laughed and reached out and smacked my butt signing.

"You know you're asking and you just may get that if you don't stop teasing me."

I continued to walk around, wiggling my ass until she grabbed me. She pulled me to her smacking my ass a little harder. Without thinking I signed "More."

Her eyes grew a darker shade of green as we stared at one another.

I gulped as she looked me up and down with her eyes resting on my hips and thighs.

"Come here." She signed.

It was something in her face... it just made me wet.

I knew she was liking this little game I was playing with her, and she was right in character. I turned to walk away and she dragged my hand pulling me back to her. I was right in her face. She kissed me with such passion and kissed me hard. Then she pushed me away from her only to grab me again. Only this time she was trying to pull me to the floor. I fought not to be pulled. She wrestled me to the floor, pinning me face down. She spread my legs apart with her knee as her hands were controlling my arms.

This was getting me very excited. My sweet gentle and very shy Willow gone total butch... I was in heaven. I felt her hands all over my ass. She slipped her hands inside my shorts to squeeze my ass a bit. She then crushed me underneath her.

Then her hands were near my face signing. There was something about stripping me and ripping off my clothing to give me a better spanking.

When I saw that my mind went blank.

'Spank me? Oh God did she say spanking me? God she knows! SHE KNOWS MY SECRET! But how? It doesn't matter. All that does, is that she's about to make another fantasy come true. Oh gods Will, just do it. Spank me. Spank me good.'

She was then pulling at my shirt and ripping it. My already hard nipples were now brushing against the rug. She suddenly turned me over and leers at my breast.

"You're mine. All mine. My sweet sexy wife. You teased me all day. Then I come home to you in these shorts. You have to know what they do to me. How they make me react to seeing your beautiful strong hips peeping out the sides... I'm going to have to punish you for being a bad. You need to be spanked. Yup, a really good spanking."

She knew my fantasy of being spanked and she let me know she did.

Inside my head I was screaming, pleading and begging her to spank me.

'Oh god come on, spank my ass. I need a good spanking.'

Then out of nowhere


I lifted my ass and gyrated it in her face again. The next smack was just as hard.

I signed "Yes oh god yes... Please, spank me hard. Oh yeah you know what I want. And I've been so bad. You need to spank me really good and hard."

And she did just that.

Not sure how many spanks I was given. I was too lost after the tenth strike. I know my pussy and asshole were throbbing and dripping wet. All I know is my ass was on fire from all the strikes. My nipples were hurting from being so hard. It seemed like she never stopped spanking me. God it was amazing. I had to have come at least three times that I can remember. Her strong hands from all that landscaping...

Mmmmnn...Willow hands...

I can remember crying out but rising my ass to meet her hits. I could feel my asshole opening and closing. She was raining down steady hard blows.

At the same time I could feel her sliding one finger up my asshole. That's when I lost some control. My pussy was dripping with my juices. She was going in and out my ass at a pace that I liked. After about a few minutes of her fingering me I came. All of a sudden I'm signing

"Oh fuck baby... I'm coming. I'm coming." And I exploded on her hands and the carpet.

It took about a good ten minutes to calm down.

She held me close to her as I came. Then as I felt myself drifting off I felt her warm body press itself against me.

That was last night. Now I'm laid here watching her sleep. She looks again like the innocent, shy Willow.

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