Return to Growth Chapter Ten


Author: Willohand
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Willow, Tara, Buffy & any of the other BtVS characters that might pop up belong to Joss Whedon, 20th Century Fox and mutant Enemy, which they all became by killing off Tara and breaking up everybody's favourite wiccan couple. All original characters are the creation of my own imagination. Oh, & the university really does exist.

"So it only hurts a tiny bit now." Willow signs as Tara's hand makes its way to Willow's centre. Lightly touching her girlfriend, her eyes automatically close as her body remembers the feel of Willow.

Willow opens her legs wider to give Tara all the room she might need to comfort her.

'Oh right we're in need of some serious comforting alright.' Aggressive Willow thinks.

Tara gently parts Willow's pussy and slips a finger just inside the lips.

"Um does that hurt?" The blonde signed after exiting slowly. Willow's body is all alive with flutter. Feeling Tara's fingers inside her again is making her dizzy with lust.

"N-no. It um doesn't hurt too much." Willow signed.

"Too much? Oh baby you're in pain? I hurt you last night didn't I? Oh god I'm sorry. I didn't mean to... I just was so um..." She stopped signing and looked away. Willow takes Tara's chin in her hand.

"You were just so what Tara?" Willow signed.

"I was needing to be with you, to make love to you so badly. I couldn't think of anything but you." She signed and looked away.

Aggressive Willow pulls Tara in close while taking her hand and putting it over her body. After a short time of guiding Tara's hand over herself she pulls away and signs "I enjoyed it all. The pain didn't last long, not that I really cared when it meant having you inside me finally. Baby I promise you, I'm okay. And I can prove it."

Before Tara had time to sign anything, aggressive Willow was on her straddling her hips as she started to once again guide Tara's hands where she needed them.

"I want you to touch me. Touch me deep inside. Please Tara I need you so much." She signed.

As Tara looked up into Willow's eyes she saw a hunger that matched her own. She looked Willow in the eyes and inserted a finger inside her. All the while Willow was talking and Tara read her lips. "God yes, Tara, that's... it... oh god baby, feels so good. Show me, show me how much you want me, how much you need your wife."

Tara's eyes watered as Willow called herself Tara's wife. Instead of doing anything her fingers were still inside of Willow as they simply lost themselves in the others eyes.

'She wants to be my wife. Oh wait she already sees herself as my wife. YEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I'm never letting her go. Never.'

Tara withdrew her fingers and pulled Willow on top of her. They held one another tightly. Nothing was more important at that moment. Both Willow and Tara closed their eyes and held one another.

Willow was on top of Tara, she had fallen to sleep in the comfort of her wives arms. Tara managed to manoeuvre Willow back to her side where she simply watched the redhead sleep. She played with the strands of hair that covered Willow's forehead. As she touched her beautiful wife a feeling came over her; she knew that feeling well.

Vixeny Tara has entered the psyche.

Vixeny Tara/Tara eased over to Willow's nude body and pulled her in to her. Willow, though sleeping, followed Tara's lead and pressed herself into her wife. Tara and Willow lay cuddled up tight to one another as their minds and souls continued to merge.

Last night, as they had made love, Willow had cried during and after. She was silently given all the emotional privacy and space to commune with her feelings and thoughts. Tara was close by and encouraged Willow to deal with what she could on her own. Tara stayed close so Willow never felt like she was alone. Tara's strong arms holding her as she cried was the emotional strength and support she needed. Tara knows it doesn't matter that Willow is an adult; last night she gave part of herself that was more than of the physical. Tara also knew that Willow was not just crying; but, in a sense, growing at the same time, shedding one self for yet another.

In a time of awakening consciousness, it's exhilarating and scary and confusing, but beautiful too. For Willow, it was no longer a lonely thing to open her eyes. She was looking with fresh eyes. And the act of looking back, seeing with fresh eyes, she could understand herself a little better and will grow.

'Vixeny Tara to Tara: Oh just look at her. She's fallen to sleep. God I'm getting wet all over again just looking at her.

Tara to Vixeny Tara: Um what are you going to do? Okay keeping in mind that she's sleeping...

Vixeny Tara to Tara: Yeah she is isn't she? but I bet if I did this...

Vixeny Tara leans over Willow's sleeping form and kisses her all over her back.

Tara to Vixeny Tara: Wait. Stop. What if she feels that and wakes up?

Vixeny Tara to Tara: When she wakes up I'm going to take her in my arms and love her for another few hours. I only stopped because she was tired. If not for her needing sleep...

Tara to Vixeny Tara: Gulp. Um okay, but maybe we should let her wake up on her own first before we...

Vixeny Tara to Tara: Before we ravish her? Devour her? Make her wake up screaming?

Tara to Vixeny Tara: Uh-huh... Gulp yeah all of that.

Willow felt the warmth of full juicy lips all on her back. She opened her eyes and looked back to find her girlfriend straddling her ass which was covered in a warm wetness. Willow wasn't fully awake mentally, but her body was responding to Vixeny Tara physically.

Tara to Vixeny Tara: Um she's awake and she has that look in her eyes.

Vixeny Tara to Tara: Today is all about me getting mine.

Tara to Vixeny Tara: G-getting yours? Um you're not going to... well what are you going to do to her?

Vixeny Tara: I'm going to, to...

Tara to Vixeny Tara: T-to what?

Then Tara could see and feel her alter ego wants.

Tara to Vixeny Tara: O-o...oh my... um w-we can get in that position?

She licked the bead of sweat from her lips as she stared at her girlfriend below her.

Tara to Vixeny Tara: God look at her. She's hot. Those muscles twitching and rippling...

Vixeny Tara to Tara: Tell me about it. I couldn't wait for us to get home after seeing those photos she sent as your text message. (smirking) I didn't know she had it in her.

Tara to Vixeny Tara: M-m-me either. But she's full of sweet surprises.

Vixeny Tara to Tara: And you were surprised. Shit you damn near broke your pencil you were holding as you answered your phone.

Tara to Vixeny Tara: W-well I was s-shocked. How on earth did she get enough time to take them without someone walking in on her?

Vixeny Tara to Tara: I don't know but I'm so glad she did. And you're right about one thing, She does make dirt look sexy as hell.

Tara was brought back by the feel of Willow's hands on her breast. Willow was being rough, but Tara moaned approvingly. A thin stream of sweat dropped off from Willow's body and she smiled as it landed on Tara's breast.

Vixeny Tara to Tara: Do you see the look in her eyes? I think it's time you left.

Tara to Vixeny Tara: Gulp. W-what do you mean? Why do I have to...

Her words were cut off by Willow pulling her breast to her mouth and biting down hard.

Tara to Vixeny Tara: Okay bye.

Vixeny Tara looks directly in Willow's eyes and signs "Come on baby, show your dirty Tara just how good you are at using that mouth of yours."

Willow crushes Vixeny Tara with her body as she kisses her hard and long. After the seconds of kissing, Vixeny Tara pushes Willow off her and backwards.

"I bet you didn't know you like to play rough, did you?" she signed.

Willow's eyes went big. She panicked and started signing. "Oh god baby, I'm sorry, are you okay? I don't know what came over me. Please, I'm sorry, so sorry."

Vixeny Tara sits up and pulls Willow to her. She took her time and signed. "It's okay. I like it. A lot." Willow hugged Tara tightly as she started to sign. "You do huh? Well I can be rough when I want to be."

Vixeny Tara spoke only two words that set off a morning of pleasure and sweet pain.

"Show me." Were the last words spoken for the next few hours.

Moans and groaning, yells, screams and growling could be heard throughout the house.

Butch Willow had arrived.

At times the two personalities fought for dominance over the others body. Willow was on top. Then Vixeny Tara was on top. It went back and forth several times. And even when Willow was on top, Vixeny Tara still considered herself the winner because it was at that time that Willow gave to her the beat rimming and butt fuck of her life.

Willow would demand that Vixeny Tara help her to pull her butt cheeks apart. She then crawled in between Vixeny Tara's legs and buried her face in Vixeny Tara's ass. Vixeny Tara's reaction was what pushed Willow over the edge. She started licking all of Vixeny Tara's asshole. Her smell and reaction only heightened Willow's desire to please and make her wife come.

After minutes of licking Vixeny Tara's asshole Willow reached for the surprise she picked up. A cherry flavoured lubricant was then gently spread on to, around and inside of Vixeny Tara's ass. Willow didn't want to have a repeat of the first time she butt fucked her baby. And even though she was told by Tara it was only a soreness, she wasn't having that happen again. Vixeny Tara could feel Willow's finger pressed deeply into her, lubricating her ass. After taking care to lube Vixeny Tara's asshole she strapped on the second part of her surprise. Vixeny Tara was giddy.

Vixeny Tara to Tara: Is she doing back there what I think she is?

Tara to Vixeny Tara: Uh-huh. Gulp.

Vixeny Tara to Tara: This is going to be a great fucking morning.

Tara to Vixeny Tara: Gulp. S-sh-she's so... um controlling. Isn't she?

Vixeny Tara to Tara: Don't you love it? Look at the effect you have on this gentle creature. OHH SHITTTTTTTTT... you uh... it's time you left or feel and be qu...

Willow was slowly entering Vixeny Tara's asshole. Willow gently touched Vixeny Tara's shoulder. Vixeny/Tara turned. Willow signed

"You ready? Are you ready for me to fuck you like an animal?" Shaking her head excitedly Vixeny Tara gives Willow the answer she wanted. Grabbing a hand full of golden locks, Willow kisses her hard and roughly turns her back away from her. Seconds later Willow was inside of Vixeny Tara.

'Yeah, that's it, feel my dick all the way in you, you fucking bit...Ahhhhhhhhhh shit! God her asshole feels so good. OHMYGOD...' Willow grabs Vixeny Tara's hips and begins to fuck her at a crazy pace. And Vixeny Tara/Tara is loving it.

'Tara to Vixeny Tara: OH...MY...GOD.

Vixeny Tara to Tara: Oh FUCK ME! FUCK ME GOOD! Yes give it to me like only you can.

Tara to Vixeny Tara: I got it from here. I need to be here.

Vixeny Tara: Okay but next time she's mine. All mine.

Tara to Vixeny Tara: Okay now go. Bye and thanks.

Tara takes deep breaths in order to keep up with Willow's thrusting.

'Oh my sweet Willow... Oh yeah... right there. Oh god don't stop. Don't move from that angle. Oh shit so good ohhhhhhhh gggooddddddddd...' Tara starts to meet Willow's deep thrusts.

'That's it baby. Take me all the way up that tight hole of yours. Oh yeah you like this. God look at you. You're sweating like an animal.'

Willow lies on Tara as she's fucking her and puts herself in a position for Tara to feel her growling.


'OHMYGOD! Did I just feel...' Willow does it again. 'Oh god sh- she's growling. Oh fuck I'm so close. Oh god so close.'

It's as if Willow heard and felt Tara's body. She kept up the frantic pace until Tara's body stiffened under her. Then Tara was trembling. Seconds later she was exploding all over the covers. Willow didn't stop her assault on Tara's asshole a bit. She slowed down, but kept going in deep as Tara's asshole would allow. Tara came for a second time.

Afterwards she slumped forward with Willow still in her. Willow pulled out slowly. She then lay on top of Tara's back and held her wife closely.

Willow slipped out of the dildo and put on her t-shirt and Tara's shorts and headed down to the kitchen to make her wife breakfast.

Tara's strong senses woke her up. She looked around for her wife but was so tired she fell back in and under the covers. She felt her skin rub against the soft silk sheets and knew that Willow taking her to heaven was in fact not just one of her dreams. She looked on the night table to see the dildo and hugged herself.

'God she fucked me good. My little ass monster.'

Then Tara's senses were bombarded with delicious scents. Tara looked to the side of the bed and noticed Willow's clothing thrown all over. Hers as well. She hugged herself and laid back down.

Willow came in a few seconds after with a large tray of food.

"Will baby, it's only six-thirty in the morning." She signed smiling.

Willow kissed her on the cheek signing "I know but for some reason I'm starving. Must have been my early morning activities." She smiled a wicked smile at her wife.

They ate in silence.

"So Will... the um photos...?" Tara signed. Willow stopped eating.

"Oh yeah. I took them a while ago, after you started sending me yours. I was too shy to send them to you before." She signed and looked down at her plate.

Tara moved the plates to the side and lifted Willow's chin. She signed slowly. "Love..." She paused for a moment then. "Thank you."

Willow looked up to find Tara smiling at her. They kiss passionately. Slowly pulling back they then continue eating in silence. They both were thinking the same thing.

'Tara: I'm going to marry this woman.

Willow: And make her my queen.'

"Okay we have another hour before either of us has to be up." Willow smiled signing.

Tara reached out and pulled her in to bed, where they fell back to sleep in one another's arm.

Later that morning in school...
Tara watched as Willow was working. Willow wore a cute cut up top that Tara had bought and designed.

When receiving the top Willow looked at all the holes and gave Tara a questioning look. Tara signed "I made it myself with you in mind. I like seeing your little muscles in action." Willow had eagerly put it on.

Now Tara stood in the window as her class were doing their assignments.

'Look at her. And she's mine. All mine. Mmmnnn... Willow hands. Oh god Willow mouth. Willow breast.'

'Brain to Tara: Easy there Missy. You're still in a crowded classroom of students.

Tara to Brain: But look at her in the shirt I made.

Brain to Tara: Gulp. I see her but...we're...still... Oh god she does look good. (Clearing throat) Okay stop that. Walk away from the window.

Tara to Brain: Um yeah. It's getting a bit too hot.'

Tara walks and sits behind her desk.

'Oh god.

Brain to Tara: What's wrong now?

Tara to Brain: T-t-the desk.

Brain to Tara: What about it?'

Then images of Willow sprawled across the desk covered in paint clouded her mind. Tara banged her head on the desk.

Willow's warmth is gone. So she knows Tara is no longer in the window without even looking up. She goes back about doing her work.

'Brain to Willow: Nice shirt.

Willow to Brain: Oh shut up.'

Meanwhile Buffy had stopped off at the record shop that Tara spoke about. Right away she knew who Dreamlover and Wimpy were from Tara's rather funny description.

The taller of the two store owners spoke as if she just stepped out of the sixties. And Buffy did notice the cherry-apple red 67 Mustang parked outside. It was so shiny Buffy couldn't take her eyes off it at one point.

"Beautiful isn't it?" Dreamlover asked as she saw Buffy looking at it. Buffy shook her head yes.

"You want to take it for a spin?" Dreamlover asked. Buffy's head whipped around.

"You're a friend of Tara and Willow right?" Dreamlover asked. Buffy couldn't believe it.

"Uh yeah Willow is my best friend and Tara is her girlfriend, my new good friend. You're going to let me drive your car because I know Willow and Tara?" Buffy asked still not sure if she heard the woman right.

"Yeah that's right. I like them. I got good vibes coming from those two and Tara's aura... come on. It's not too busy here yet. I'm Dreamlover and over behind the pop section is the co-owner Wimpy."

Buffy and Dreamlover walked outside and towards the car. Dreamlover tossed Buffy the keys. Buffy hopped over the door instead of using the key.

"I always wanted to do that." she says smiling.

The moment she turned over the engine the motor simply purred. Buffy's smile was so big... They were off.

After driving around D.C. for half an hour Buffy was at a light when Faith was walking down the street. She looked up at a horn honking.

"Buffy? Hey baby, nice car." They kiss briefly before pulling away,

"Um honey this is Willow and Tara's friend from the record store. Dreamlover, Faith. Faith, Dreamlover." The ladies shook hands.

"Well Buff I'll see you back at home." Faith said before kissing Buffy on the top of the hair.

"Hey wait. You want to take a spin with us?" Faith walked back to Buffy.

"No baby it's okay. Hang out with your friend and I'll see you at home. You won't be much longer will you?"

Dreamlover smiled at the interaction between the two ladies.

"Nope I'll be right home."

Faith walked away from the car and headed back to Buffy's.

Dreamlover smiled at Buffy. Looking directly into Dreamlover's eyes. "So... about Tara's aura...?"

School was over as Willow and Tara both made their ways to their cars. Willow signed, "I'll meet you at the rehearsal hall. I'll just follow you. You know how I just love to be behind you."

Tara smiles her lopsided smile.

They arrive in minutes and is greeted by Raven and Chris. Raven whisks Tara to the dance floor as Willow pulls out her video phone and video tapes Tara.

'Oh look at my wife. She's looking hot.' During a few spins blue met green... and they were transported to another time and place.

Willow was seeing Tara and herself dancing at their wedding. While Tara was seeing her wife holding her in her arms for the start of their new life together.

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