Return to Growth Chapter Seven


Author: Willohand
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Willow, Tara, Buffy & any of the other BtVS characters that might pop up belong to Joss Whedon, 20th Century Fox and mutant Enemy, which they all became by killing off Tara and breaking up everybody's favourite wiccan couple. All original characters are the creation of my own imagination. Oh, & the university really does exist.

Her appearance made Willow go weak in the knees. Barely making it to the couch she sat next to Tara and couldn't stop her body reacting to Tara's outfit. She tried to hold herself together but when Tara leaned in and her warm breast grazed Willow's hand, the sudden warmth caused her head to spin. Her eyes widened as if opening them more could stop the walls, the floor and the room from swirling.

Tara made sure to position herself on Willow's left hand side so that she had to lean over or past Willow to reach anything.

She repeated her question from earlier: "Willow what do you want to see first?" She leaned back into the pillows as she asked.

The shirt had risen up a few inches and Willow's eyes lit up with lust. Visions of her and Tara rolling around on the couch kissing had the redhead breathing heavily with desire. Tara noticed this and decided she liked how Willow was getting all flustered. She also noticed that Willow's eyes were slowly changing from the normal light green to a darker shade as she watched her.

'Oh god her eyes... her eyes are changing color as she looks at me. That happens when... she's... really turned on. GULP!' Tara sat smiling as she waited for Willow to answer.

After a few more seconds Willow was back to the world.

"Popcorn and belly goodies are needed. Can't watch movies without munchies." She signed. Tara shook her head in agreement.

Before Tara could get up Willow started to get things in order. She picked out the DVD's and adjusted all the controls for color, sound and so forth.

They headed for the kitchen, Willow trailing behind Tara, watching her ass. Tara could feel Willow eyeing her. She was enjoying the attention. Once in the kitchen Tara was going through the refrigerator looking for seasoning for the popcorn. There was popcorn in a lower cabinet and an extra bag above the stove. The blonde decided to get the bag from above, where she had to reach on her toes.

Willow watched as Tara's shorts inched up her ass and showed more cheek.

'Okay I can't take much more of this without pouncing on her.' Willow thought to herself. Taking a deep breath she slowly walked up behind Tara and waited for her to grab the popcorn. As Tara came back down to the floor she instantly felt Willow's warm body pressed up against her. Willow hands pulled her making sure her feet were planted squarely on the floor. Then she pulled Tara into her and just held her tightly. Tara snuggled back into her girlfriend.

Willow's mouth found its way to Tara's body a bit roughly.

'OH what's this? My Willow is getting rough. Mmmmnn... I like this. More please.' As if reading Tara's mind, Willow guided Tara to the counter and made her bend over, exposing her ass. Then she started to touch and feel Tara's ass underneath the shorts.

'Oh shit. This feels gooooood.'

"Tara, oh god I'm sorry, I just need to touch you, to feel you." Willow signed. She went to move her arms from around the woman she loves and was stopped by a pair of hands, holding her in her spot.

"No. Don't move, it's okay Will. I want you here." Tara signed. So Willow held Tara even closer. They stayed that way for a few minutes.

"Um... the popcorn..." Tara signed as she stood and relaxed into Willow.

Willow continued to hold Tara close. Slowly she turned Tara around and kissed her, hungrily, needing, desperate. Tara responded, kissing her back just as hungrily. Mouths fought for control as tongues went back and fourth between mouths. They slowed down their actions long enough to regain some control.

"That was... it was um." Tara signed.

Willow signed as well as she could under the circumstance, which where beyond her control. They went about making the popcorn and drinks.

Thirty minutes later...

They entered the living room with enough food and drinks to make it through two movies. Tara once again decided to sit on the left, so no matter what, she had to reach over Willow; brush up against Willow; or walk past her and Willow was being driven crazy with all the small contact.

'Oh god this is true torture. Her breasts are peeking out her shirt, well if you want to call it a shirt, 'cos, well more holes than shirt. Mmnnn... Tara breasts...'

Out the corner of her eye Tara watched Willow.

'Oh I just know her mind is working double time with this outfit. Come on Will, just do whatever it is that mind of yours is thinking.'

Brain to Willow: We can't take much more of this. We had a meeting.

Willow to brain: What? A meeting? Without me? What the...

Brain to Willow: We have decided the best form of action is to...

Willow to brain: To what? Oh no, what are you going to do?

Brain to Willow: Look at her. God she's as sexy as anything we have ever experienced. And we're in her place, watching movies in the dark and we haven't kissed her yet. So we're going to go slow. We're going to give her our virginity. She will take such beautiful care of it. Okay, so we all agree it's Tara who we want making love to us.

The next thing that happened caught the redhead off guard.

As Tara sat watching Willow she couldn't help herself. She needed to taste Willow. Badly. And the fact that Willow was trying to control herself only fuelled Tara's need.

'Look at her, sitting there pretending to be watching this movie. I can feel her eyes on me even in the dark. God she is driving me horny... I mean nuts. She's so in control. Or at least, she's pretending to be. I wonder if she'll be in control after I do this...'

Tara reaches over into the popcorn bowl that's on Willow's lap. Grabbing a handful she made sure to drop a few pieces onto Willow's lap. She smiled and with her free hand began to grab for the few stray pieces. illow's eyes went wide as Tara fumbledwith her efforts to find the dropped popcorn. Popping into her mouth the handful she had she then had both hands free.

"I'm sorry about the mess I made all over you. It'll just take a minute to find it." She signed. Willow was reacting to the effects of Tara's hand and was unable to understand a word of it.

"Here let me try to see if I can find them." she signed.

With that Tara hands were all over Willow lap. Tara found a small wet area and she smiled a devilish smile as she kept up her search, letting her hands drift close to Willow's wet pussy until she finally found some popcorn.

Of course all the while her search was slowly killing Willow. She tried not to move too much so Tara wouldn't know that she was really turned on by the way she was feeling just for the popcorn. As Tara pulled away the piece of popcorn from between Willow's legs her hand rested on the redhead's thigh causing Willow to moan out before she was able to stop it.

Tara looked at Willow signing "Hey you okay? You looked flushed."

Willow abruptly stood up but Tara was right there close to her. So close in fact that their bodies were touching.

"Willow sit down I want to talk to you."

As they sit Tara captured Willow's hand and brought it to her mouth. She looked Willow directly in the eyes as she started to lick her fingers.

Willow's eyes slowly closed as she gave in to her feelings. She moved closer to Tara and began to push her fingers deeper into the warm mouth. Tara sucked harder on the fingers presented to her. Willow kept switching fingers for Tara to suck. Then Tara goes about licking Willow's palm and wrist. She left a warm trail as she continued her exploration of Willow's skin, all the way up her arm. Once she reached her shoulders, Tara then found the cutest area of freckles that held her attention. She bit and sucked the area leaving a big, dark mark.

"You belong to me. And Willow, I belong to you. Every single inch of me is all yours. Yours only Willow, to do with anything your heart desires." Tara signed. She then backed Willow up towards the couch. Once there Tara gently pushed Willow down and laid on top of her.

"Open your mouth so I can give you something I know you like to eat." After signing that, she then pulls her shirt up and her breasts fall forward in Willow`s face.

Willow licked her lips and sat up, grabbing a breast with her mouth. Tara moaned at the contact. She suddenly pulled back signing

"NO! Eat it as if you can't get enough of me." She grabbed Willow's neck and shoved herself into Willow's face, rubbing her breast all over it. She cried out in pleasure as Willow took a hard bite of her flesh.

"You want it like this don't you?" Willow quickly signed. Tara, after biting her lip from joy and lust shook her head yes.

"Oh god, Tara baby so good... breast... warm..." She continued to sign as she feasted on Tara's breast.

Of course by now she wasn't making much sense but Tara didn't mind, she wasn't able to think straight anyway, because of all the attention being given to her breasts. Willow went back and forth between them, licking, sucking, biting, trying to swallow Tara up. Tara's pussy was soaked. So much that Willow could feel the wetness on her stomach. Willow's hands swept around pulling Tara even more on to her stomach.

"Tara... Tara, oh god I can feel you dripping on my stomach... it feels so hot. Baby you're so wet. I want to smell you. Come up here." she signed.

Tara was shocked at first. Then it being Willow... she inched her way up Willow's chest, stopping to hover just above her face. Willow took a deep sniff and loved the way Tara smelled. Tara almost passed out when she felt Willow's nose near her pussy. Tara was balancing herself on the edge of the couch.

Tara felt Willow's hands opening the lips of her pussy. Then she felt Willow's face rubbing against her wetness. She looked down to find Willow's face in her pussy. She was rubbing her entire face in Tara's pussy, getting her entire face wet. The front of Willow's hair, her eyebrows and eyelashes, her nose and lips were now covered with Tara's wetness. The sight of Willow covered in her own juices just got Tara more wet. Willow was licking off Tara's juice from her lips and Tara watched with lustful eyes.

"I want to make love to you Willow. I want you to make love to me. God I want it so much. But if you aren't ready... if for any reason you don't feel comfortable..." Willow stopped Tara's hands

"Tara I'm ready. I want us to make love too. God I want you so much baby. I need to be with you, please Tara." Willow begged through signing.

Easing down with shaky legs Tara sat face to face with Willow and she could smell herself on Willow's face. She started to sniff and smell. They kissed one another hungrily as hands roamed soft skin.

'I can't believe she did this. She was... oh God, she was rubbing my wet pussy all against her face. God look at her. She's covered in me, my j-juices. Oh God yes...' Tara grabbed hold of Willow's face and started to lick and taste herself.

Willow to brain: Oh okay, did we just do that? Did we just do that? Did we just bury our face in her wet pussy? What the heck...

Brain to Willow: Hellloooo wet pussy. Mmmmmnnnnn... Very wet pussy being the important phrase.

Willow to brain: I don't care that we made her that... wet... Wait we made her wet? We made her that wet? WE MADE HER THAT WET! WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!

Brain to Willow: Yes we did. She's dripping and it's because of something we did and said.

Willow to brain: Well now what? What else? God look how she's looking at me. Her...eyes...are so much darker. Oh Boy you know what this means right?

Brain to Willow: Yes, it means that she`s really turned on. She really wants us. Maybe even more than we want her.

Willow to brain: Oh okay. I'm just going to faint right now.

Brain to Willow: Uh fainting is not an option.

Brain to body.

All of a sudden Willow's entire body was alive. In unison they answer the call.

Body to brain: Yes? You called us?

Brain to body: Tonight is a very important night. Change of plans. Instead of us giving our virginity to Tara there is something else we have to do first. But I promise we will give ourselves to her, but first she needs something very special from us in another way.

In unison her body asked: 'What? What does Tara need? We'll give her anything.

Brain to body: She needs us to just love her. She is so beautiful and god knows she's so special...

With that Willow pulled Tara in close and kissed her ears back and forth. Tara let herself be pulled tightly into Wilow's embrace. She felt kisses all over her face, neck, shoulders and ears.

"Oh god Willow." Tara signed.

Using all her strength Willow changed position to lay on top of Tara. Tara saw all the love and lust and passion in Willow's eyes and knew that tonight was going to be something special.

"Willow? Will, I want to show you how to love me." She signed. Willow smiled and slowly shook her head in agreement.

"But not here Tara. I want to make love to you in your bed. Please." Willow signed.

Tara smiled and nodded her head. As she was about to stand up and walk Willow stopped her.

"Tara wait." She signed. She stepped closer to her and picked her up, to Tara's surprise.

As Willow is carrying her, she's kissing her neck and signing "God Willow no other woman has ever..." Willow stopped her by kissing her.

"That's because the other woman were poo poo heads and didn't know what they had in you. But Tara I know you are a queen. My queen and I'm going to spend every day showing you if you let me." She spoke to Tara slowly.

Willow kicked open the bedroom door and laid Tara down gently. She pulled Tara's top off over her head as Tara raised her hands above her head. Willow couldn't take her eyes off of Tara's breasts. Tara felt so vulnerable, but looking into Willow's eyes she started to feel calm.

Willow then reached for Tara's shorts. She slowly pushed Tara on to her back as she pulls off the shorts. Tara's pussy was wet and her juices are all along the hairs of her pussy. Willow closed her eyes for a split second. Taking a deep breath she started to undress herself, until she looked at Tara.

"Baby can you undress me? I want to feel your hands on me please." She signed to Tara, who smiled and sat up on her knees and pull off Willow's shirt.

Willow's breathing was heavy and coming in quick short spurts. Tara knew she was getting nervous and she wanted to calm the redhead.

"I don't know how, but you somehow know my body already, so don't be too nervous. It's okay if you are. If you weren't, then I'd be nervous. Just do what your body tells you. I promise to show you how to love me. Oh baby are you okay? We don't have to do this tonight." She signed slowly to be sure Willow understood. Willow read Tara's hands.

"Come here." She said as she grabs Tara by the wrist, her voice completely different from normal. Tara noticed Willow's eyes were so dark they no longer looked green. She let Willow pull her towards her.

"I need you to do something for me, to say something." Tara's eyes got large with surprise and fear. "Just one word baby please. Tara look at me." Tara lifted her head and looked directly into Willow's eyes. "Just one word Tara. Yours. Just say to me, I'm yours. Okay that's two words, but you get what I mean." Tara shook her head yes.

Willow then took Tara's hands and placed them on the front of her jeans.

"Undress me so I can make love to my wife... I, I'm sorry. I-I meant my girlfriend. Um oh wait, we're not girlfriends yet. Oh shit, Tara I'm sorry. But to me you are my wife. I know you're probably thinking; oh hold on there Missy, wife? I don't want to be your wife..."

Tara cut the redhead off with a tender soft kiss. She looked Willow in the eyes.

"Y-y-yours. I'm yours." Tara said in a soft voice.

Willow grabbed Tara, pushing her down on her back and was happily kissing her all over her face. They both were crying and holding one another tightly. Tara rolled a shocked Willow on to her back and straddled the redhead. A little bit more confidently

"I'm yours." She said to Willow as she looked down at her. Their eyes lock.

'Oh god she talked again. She's mine. Oh she said she's mine.'

Willow was out of her pants and wearing just a thong. Tara was having difficulty breathing. The sight of Willow was more then she could take.

"Mine?" She asked as she pointed at Willow. Willow's mouth fell open in shock.

"Mine?" She asked again as she touched Willow's stomach. Willow snapped back and answered.

"Yes. I'm yours. All yours baby."

Tara closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

"Wife? Your wife?" She pointed to herself. Willow was crying now, as was Tara.

"Baby you're talking. Oh god Tara you're talking to me again. Yes wife. I'm your wife." She hugged Tara. "I'm going to make love to you tonight. I want to show you just how much I want you, how much I need you."

Flipping Tara on to her back Willow then ran her hand up and down Tara's body stopping to sign the word "wife" and "yours. I'm yours". Tara was feeling so loved and adored.

"My wife." Willow said as Tara watched her mouth.

"Kiss me Tara, my wife."

Tara kissed Willow with pure passion, it overwhelmed them both.

"Look at you. So sexy. So hot. Willow, I, I mean..." Tara signed. Willow looked Tara in the eyes.

"What is it baby? Tell me. You can tell me anything."

"Make love to me. Please."

Willow shook her head yes and hovered above Tara for a few minutes. She slowly lowered herself on to Tara's warm body.

Willow to brain: This is where we belong.

Brain to Willow: Where we shall remain.

Hovering above Tara, Willow had no idea what to do first. Tara could feel that she was nervous.

"I'm scared." Willow whispered as she turned away from Tara. "In my head I do all these things that you enjoy and want more but..."

"Show me." Tara signed. "Show me what it is you do with me in your head."

Willow looked down at Tara and closed her eyes and kissed her. But Tara needed to be with Willow completely. She touched Willow's shoulder. Willow slowly opened her eyes and looked at Tara through her tears.

"I will show you what I like. I will show you how to love me. We'll go slow. All night if that's what it takes. Willow's eyebrows shoots up."

"Why Ms. Maclay, all night just making love? Are you sure?" Willow smiled as she signed.

Tara grabbed her face and kissed her passionately. Willow smiled and licked her lips.

"Hey that tongue is supposed to be licking me, not yourself." Tara signed as she pouted. Willow started to kiss Tara everywhere. Then she concentrated on her ears. Tara was in heaven. After a few minutes of Willow licking her ears, Tara was soaked and Willow didn't seem close to stopping her attention to Tara's ears.

Tara was breathing heavily and clinging to Willow. As their bodies melted into one another, each body in unison screamed out from pleasure. No introductions were needed. Their bodies merged as naturally as could be.

Willow's mouth moved from the ears but not until Tara was gripping the sheets so tight. Just when Tara felt herself calming down Willow's mouth was sucking at the pulse point at her neck. Tara knew she was being marked and she enjoyed the idea that Willow wanted the world to know that she was hers. She did belong to Willow too. In her heart she knew from the second their eyes connected that faithful first day when Willow was being interviewed and got lost...

As her mouth was making it's home on Tara's neck Willow's hands were roaming all over Tara's body. Tara's fingers were entwined in Willow's hair, pulling it roughly. This only made Willow more turned on.

From Tara's neck, to her breasts. Tara was now squirming around beneath Willow. It was as if Willow was just learning how to eat for the first time. Her mouth was everywhere. Or at least, it felt that way to Tara. Willow feasted off Tara breast for what felt like hours to Tara, who loved every moment. Biting, licking, sucking and devouring Tara's breast had Tara on the verge of passing out. She willed herself not to pass out in order to enjoy it all. There was still so much of her for Willow to have and take.

'Oh shit. This is so good. God she's going to make me come just from sucking my breast. Wait is that even possible? Can I actually come from no contact with my... my oooooohhhhhhhhh ssssssssssshhiiiittttttt! OH GOD, I THINK I'M COMING.'

Tara grabbed hold of Willow's head and pulled a handful of hair. This made Willow stop and look up. Tara was trembling and her eyes were shut really tight. Willow gently kissed her face. Tara opened her eyes and grabbed Willow to her. Willow felt Tara's body go stiff. She was scared. Tara opened her eyes in time to see the look of panic on Willow's face.

She couldn't sign it. She had tears in her eyes from joy but Willow didn't understand it. She was afraid she had hurt Tara. Tara wasn't able to sign what was happening so she did the only thing she could. She took Willow's hand and put it between her legs. Willow felt something hot escaping from Tara's pussy. She blinked a few times as if trying to understand. After a few seconds, it made sense.

She watched Tara as she finally opened her eyes again. Willow looked up to see smiling blue eyes. Tara was drenched in sweat. Willow kissed her way back to Tara, who wanted to just hold the redhead. They kissed. Willow's hand went back down to Tara's pussy and was touching it lightly. Tara watched as Willow brought that hand to her face and licked it. She smiled as she began smelling Tara's essence.

Something happened in that moment. Tara sensed it too. Willow gave her such a look as she was tasting her. A look that Tara felt to her very soul.

"Mine." She mouthed as she touched Tara`s pussy again. Tara felt her body respond to watching Willow mouth that one word. The next thing she knew Willow was on her. She roughly opened Tara's thighs with her knee as she kissed her long and hard.

"I'm yours." Willow signed. Tara shook her head excitedly. More kissing. More touching. "Turn over." Willow signed.

Tara did as Willow asked of her. Once on her stomach she felt Willow's mouth on her ass. Light kissing that soon turned to long licks and sucking of her cheeks. Then something happened...

Tara felt her ass cheeks being separated and Willow's hot mouth was on her in that area. She was shocked and froze. She had never told Willow or any woman for that matter how she wanted to try anal sex. Willow was the only woman who had gone down there and not knowing Tara's secret fantasy about wanting anal sex. She wasn't sure how to react. But then she knew Willow was the woman she's glad discovered her want for this.

Tara's breath began to come in gasps as Willow's tongue ran over her asshole again and again. Tara was getting light headed. She could feel her clit was hardening as Willow licked her asshole. Willow was deeply taking in the scent of Tara as she was ravishing her girl. She decided Tara tasted sweet and sweaty at the same time. She grasped Tara's hand that was gripping the cover next to her.

Tara had thought of anal sex for some time now. She always knew it would feel good but she was still scared to express this desire to any of her previous partners. And now here she was with Willow's face buried up her ass.

'OH MY GOD! How... how did she know? Sh... she... this feels so good. Oh shit I'm going to... oh shit, hot mouth. Oh Willow how...?'

Tara came and she came hard. Willow kept licking as Tara's body shook from the second of many orgasms. The next thing Willow did was slide a finger inside Tara's asshole. Tara opened her legs wider in hopes that Willow would fill her up completely. And all her deepest desires were answered on this night. Slowly Willow did just that, she filled Tara's asshole with her entire hand. She fisted Tara into oblivion. And just as Tara's body was on its way to a comfortable slumber Willow turned Tara on to her back, roughly opened her thighs and ate her pussy.

Lowering her mouth Willow could feel Tara's fingers in her hair and on her back digging in deep. Willow licked Tara's clit over and over again. After a few minutes, Tara was pushing and bucking into Willow's face.

All of a sudden Tara cried out Willow's name. Tara was crying as she came. Willow ate her until she stopped moving. Willow quickly wrapped herself around her wife. She pulled Tara into her, holding her as the blonde slowly came back from her high.

"Are you alright?" Willow signed. Tara could only smile. She pulled Willow into her and held her tightly.

"God I'm a pig, I think." Willow signed. Tara gave her a questioning look. "I want you again. I have to have you again. Please Tara."

Tara read Willow's lips and turned on her side giving Willow her hip. Willow's eyes grew wide with excitement. Her mouth was on Tara's hip, kissing and biting, as her hands were gripping Tara's ass. As she bit her hip she was massaging Tara's asshole with her finger.

Tara spread her legs and helped Willow to fuck her up the ass by wetting Willow's finger herself with her own mouth. She and Willow both pushed two fingers inside her. Tara slowly raised herself up into the doggy style position giving Willow more access to her asshole. Willow started slow so not to hurt Tara, but it was Tara who, within moments was pushing herself back more on to Willow's fingers.

Willow added another, then another and finally her whole fist was in Tara's ass once again and Tara was riding Willow's hand. Tara's body was on fire. Willow was banging her harder and harder and it was feeling so good. A little painful but so good at the same time. Willow's hand was disappearing inside of Tara and she was watching it with excitement. They both were dripping in sweat. Willow felt Tara's body changing.

Brain to Willow: Tara is about to come so don't stop no matter what.

Willow to brain: Of course.

Tara looked back at Willow as she began to come. Willow kept pumping into her as she was coming. They locked eyes as Tara exploded. Her body went limp on to the bed.

Willow left her hand inside her for a little while after.

Tara was shivering so Willow covered her then jumped up and started a fire in the fire place. It took her a few minutes. By this time Tara was sleeping again. Willow curled up behind Tara pulling her in close and gently stroked the wet hair from her face. Willow kissed her a few times on her cheek and face.

"Sleep my baby. I will be right here when you wake up. I love you Tara Maclay."

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