Return to Growth Chapter Six


Author: Willohand
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Willow, Tara, Buffy & any of the other BtVS characters that might pop up belong to Joss Whedon, 20th Century Fox and mutant Enemy, which they all became by killing off Tara and breaking up everybody's favourite wiccan couple. All original characters are the creation of my own imagination. Oh, & the university really does exist.

The feelings hit her like a thunderbolt and consumed her. It was too intense for Tara to express it. She would have appeared asleep to the outside observers. With a naivety of a child, there are types of happiness you lose yourself to. For Tara this was one.

Willow placed her hand over Tara's breast. Her hands were trembling.

"See what you do to me?" She signed. "Can I have your hands for a minute, please Tara?" And she took Tara hand and gently brought it up to her mouth. Then one by one she sucked each finger.

'Oh, God! What is she trying to do to me?' Tara thought to herself. 'God I'm so wet but it's early. I still have the rest of the night... the rest of the night for her hands to be on me, all over me.' Her body then relaxed further into Willow's hands and the mattress. When Willow's hands slid down Tara's body she felt herself go weak. She shuddered at the contact of Willow's warm skin against hers.

In spite of all her practicing Willow did not know where to touch next. So she laid out next to Tara and did what she had rehearsed in her head almost every night since meeting Tara. Once stretched out next to her, with her left hand she started to stroke blond hair. Then the hair that framed her blue eyes was pushed back. Tara's cheeks were flushed. Cherry red full lips came into view. Willow traced Tara's lips, tracing all the way to her cute chin, leading to a very smooth long neck.

Tara, in her own way, let Willow know there were no forbidden zones. She wanted, no needed Willow to touch her. And touch Willow did.

She let her fingers and mouth and nose and body explore Tara. With every unexpected kiss at sudden moments Tara could feel her excitement building. Her body was warm and tingly from Willow's touch. The more Willow explored the more she needed it. When Willow thought Tara couldn't take anymore, she spread Tara's legs wider. She saw wetness on Tara's inner thigh. She stopped all exploration of Tara's body to investigate a certain area. She traced the source of the wetness, but not before requesting permission.

"Tara can I touch your... I mean I promise I won't hurt you. Your just so wet... I mean god I can smell you. And I, I never..." She stopped signing and dropped her eyes back between Tara's legs. Tara answered the only way she was able to. She spread her legs further apart, giving Willow a full view of her pussy.

Willow leaned forward and inhaled deeply. Tara's pussy was throbbing and she couldn't resist it any longer, her body was trembling under Willow's gaze. Willow's face was right in her most private area and she was comfortable and relaxed. Extremely turned on, yet totally relaxed. She was sure she would come any minute but instead she grabbed Willow's hand as she was gasping signing "Wait."

Tara sat up and began to kiss Willow. As Tara's passion intensified all that existed was their touch, their kisses and the sounds Willow was making as Tara ran her nails up her back. Slowly she began to touch Willow. She pushed Willow back and spread her legs apart, then she directed her own hips between them.

"Do you feel me? Do you feel how wet I am for you?" She signed slowly with trembling hands. Willow's head was spinning.

She took Willow's hands and guided them to her body. As Willow listened to the unspoken language of Tara's body, they felt one another's emotions. Their heartbeats became as one. Their minds and bodies merged. Their sweat poured off one another down to the sheets beneath them.

There was so much more Willow needed to and wanted to know about, to explore. As they were holding one another Willow broke the embrace and began to trace Tara`s body with her tongue. The saltiness of her sweat and the sweet scent of her shampoo guided her through the unknown. She took a nipple inside her mouth and sucked gently while using her tongue. Tara signed something that Willow couldn't understand.

In ecstasy, Willow kissed and tongued her way up Tara's neck to her ears. Suddenly Tara became still. Then as Willow's tongue was tracing the outside of Tara's ear she clawed the sheets as she tried to control her wild signing.

Overcome with passion Willow grabbed Tara's thighs. A sound rose in Tara's throat, almost like a cry. Willow stopped for a moment and nervously she signed "Did I hurt you?"

Tara just kissed her with all the passion she had. There were no words for the peace Tara had found.

Willow looked up and found her baby beckoning her to hold her. They embraced. Tara rolled over and Willow curled up behind her. Wet kisses were being left all over Tara's neck and back. Tara wanted to call out Willow's name but was scared of how she may sound and Willow being disgusted.

It made her feel shy. She doesn't use her voice and she gets scared, because she's not in control and can't hear herself and she's afraid what she will sound like. She's scared that she even wants to talk at all.

'God this feels so good. I can't believe how relaxed with her I am. Why is it so different now? Why wasn't I able to be this free with other women? It's so easy now.' Then all thoughts were gone and a wave of pleasure flowed through her whole body.

It felt emotional to Tara. Like being home and safe and warm. Like with Willow is where she belongs and where she needs to be.

'I can't believe anything can feel this good. Oh shit I'm going to... NO I CANT! I have to control this. I can't let this happen. What will Willow think if I come? Just have to calm myself down. Oh there she goes with my e-ears...' Tara lost control and she turned to face Willow, breathing heavily.

"I, I, I'm too turned on and I'm going to come if you don't let me go. Please I should get up." She signed. She wouldn't look Willow in the face. Willow held Tara tighter.

"What? I, I'm doing that to you? Are you sure?"

Tara takes Willow's hand and places it between her legs but not in or on her pussy. Her thighs were coated with a warm, slippery texture. Willow's eyes went large. They stayed that way for a few seconds. Then Willow slowly started to move her hand in the direction of Tara's pussy. She simply held it in place but using pressure.

Tara grabbed Willow's hand as she came. It was a small orgasm, but it was powerful.

Willow felt a warm liquid on her hands and quickly brought that hand to her face. She then looked Tara in the eyes. Holding eye contact, Willow licked her hand clean.

Tara's eyes grew big as she witnessed her Willow taste her. She looked in Willow's loving eyes and shook her head, then she leaned over and ran her fingers through Willow`s hair. Grabbing at her hair she pulled Willow into her. Then Tara completely lost control and the room filled with her loud cries of Willow's name.

"It's okay." Willow wiped away Tara's tears looking into teary blue eyes. "I love to hear you say my name. It's beautiful, I promise. You sound..." Tara cut her off. She sat up, pulling Willow's face to hers. Tears ran down her face. She kissed her and signed "You like my voice? Promise?"

"Yes I do."

They hugged for a few minutes.

Somewhere between her cries and Willow's, their body's merged. Her taste possessed Willow. She had the uncontrollable urge to taste her again, to feel her lose control in her mouth. Tara clutched at Willow as the redhead caressed Tara with her hands and mouth. Making Tara want. Need.

"Kiss me Willow." Tara signed.

Willow kissed her with such passion. They spent the rest of the night kissing and touching.

At one point Tara put her hand on Willow's neck to feel every noise the redhead was making. At first Willow didn't understand.

"I want to be able to feel what your feeling." Tara explained

Willow's response was that of "Please..."

Switching positions Willow was on top straddling Tara. Reaching her hand up, Tara placed it lightly on Willow's neck while her other hand was stroking her cheek. The minute Tara's hand touched Willow's neck she felt a shudder just as a whimper escaped from deep in Willow's throat. Tara's other hand slid into Willow's hair as she kissed her. Tara couldn't believe the noises she was feeling from Willow.

"How does it feel? What you do to me, how does it feel?" Willow signed.

She received her answer when Tara leaned forward and kissed her lightly, at first on the cheek. Then she kissed her lips, slowly opening them with her tongue. And the second their tongues touched Tara felt such deep moans that had her hand vibrating. Her eyes closed as she deepened the kiss, eliciting more noises from Willow, who now tilted her head back so Tara could slide her hand up and down along her neck.

'Oh God I can feel everything. I can feel every breath she takes. I can feel every time she cries out my name. God she's crying and moaning out my name.'

"Say my name." Tara signed to Willow. Willow smiled as she read what Tara was signing. "I want to feel you saying my name."

"Tara oh god... Taaaaarrrrrrraaaaaa..." Willow sings out.

Willow is soaking wet from pleasure and Tara can smell it. 'Oh this is going to be a long night.' Tara thought to herself.

They were both sweaty from hours of exploration. Willow was about to suggest something when Tara read her mind. She allowed herself to be turned over and ravished by Willow who started with the back of Tara's knees this time.

'Um, I mean that feels really different.' Tara thought as she lost herself to the feelings.

For both Willow and Tara it lasted forever and ended too soon as sleep finally over took the girls.

Willow was the first to wake the following morning. Tara was wrapped around her. She gently slid from the blonde's grasp. She put on a t-shirt and left the room. A few minutes later she was back placing Tara's cell phone next to her on the pillow. Then she was off to make Tara's breakfast.

'Okay now what am I feeding her? Wow the fridge is stocked. Oh shit I have to call Mrs. Maclay. Have to find out Tara's favourites. Want to serve her in bed like the queen she is. My queen.' Willow was dancing around Tara's kitchen as she cooked for her.

Tara was woken by her strong sense of smell. She sat up and a smile was on her face as she remembered the previous night. She peeks at herself under the cover.

'I'm naked. Yay. It wasn't another dream. God, last night really happened. Mmmmnnnnn..... that was just so... so breathtaking. God she was all over me. And inside of me.' She smelled herself and picked up Willow's scent. 'God I can smell her all over me. She was looking at me last night. That had to be the sexiest and scariest thing I've ever done in my life. And the way she was looking at me. She sees right past my body and looks into my soul.' A single tear was slowly making its way down her cheek. 'She loves me. I love her too. With all that I am.'

She wiped the tear away and looked at her phone which was flashing. She flipped open her cell, 'Oh it's from Willow.' She read the message with a smile. She text messaged Willow and was just about to head downstairs when suddenly she was being tackled back into the bed.

"And where do you think your going?" Willow signed as she breathed heavily. Blue met Green. Faces moved forward until their foreheads touched. They kissed. It was magical as always.

In between kisses Willow signed, or tried to anyway.

"Baby I'm serving you in bed this morning. I'm almost done. Don't you dare get out of this bed baby, promise me." Willow pulled Tara in for more kisses.

"I promise." Tara signed.

Willow walked out talking to herself. Tara lay back with a goofy smirk. She then picked up her cell phone and texted her mother, leaving a long text message talking about the party and Willow. 'I have to call Lanetra and tell her what happened. Well not everything.' She thought to herself smiling.

Just then Willow entered with a huge tray that was covered from end to end with different foods that bombarded Tara`s senses. Her mouth began to water while her stomach rumbled. Setting down the tray Willow signed "Well I see somebody is hungry. Good because I wasn't sure what to make you, so I made it all. Here let me set this up for you." Willow eased the tray between the two of them and both ladies began to eat.

Willow started by feeding Tara. "A girl could get used to this." The blonde signed while taking a mouthful of eggs.

They took their time eating. When Willow was satisfied that her queen was full she took the tray away. She ran Tara a bath and while Tara was bathing she cleaned the kitchen.

It was Sunday and they had planned on making a weekend out of it. It was to be movies, snuggling and anything Tara wanted.

They finally dressed and left the house. They drove to Willow's to get a change of clothing and drop some off. Willow gave Tara a tour of her house. When it was time to show the bedroom Willow became very shy, but Tara helped to ease her tensions. Once inside Tara took Willow over to the bed and sparks started.

What started out as a quick trip for clothing, turned slowly into them moving on to Willow's bed, and one kiss led to another then another and yet another until Tara had straddled Willow and was kissing the redhead with such passion that Willow was unable to speak or think coherently.

Tara loved the smell of her girls bed. 'Mmnnnn... strawberry.' Tara thought.

After finally tiring themselves apart they laid holding one another.

"You're so beautiful you know that?" Willow signed.

Tara leaned in kissing Willow all over her face and neck. Pulling back she signed "So"

Willow slowly agreed with a head nod.

Tara was reluctant to climb off Willow. She made sure that her body would be missed. And the second it left Willow missed it terribly...

'No, no, NO! Don't let her go. Brain to hands: Grab her by the waist and pull her back into us. Brain to mouth: Kiss her the second she's close enough. Brain to legs: Wrap around her hips and pull her in.

Willow to brain: What the frilly heck are you doing?

Brain to Willow: Trust me.

Willow to brain: Oh no... she wants to get up. Doesn't she?

Brain to Willow: What if you're wrong? Brain to mouth, legs and hands. (in unison they all answer): Yeah let's do it.'

As Tara was pulling away suddenly she felt herself being pulled back down by a strong pair of hands. She went to sign but her couldn't as she was distracted by a pair of legs slipping around her waist. Her lips were then crushed in a kiss that was hard and deep and long. She let herself be guided back into Willow's warm body. The feeling was arousing.

'Oh my god what is this? Well it would seem that she doesn't fancy you leaving her. She's making me wet again. Mmmmmmm... aggressive Willow. I like this side of her.' Tara thought as their tongues fought for control over Willow's mouth. Hands came in to play as Willow's body enjoyed the fact that Tara's body was back. And it wasn't going to let her go so easily. Tara didn't mind a bit. She loved the fact that Willow was pulling her back and not wanting to separate.

This time it was Willow who placed Tara's hand on her throat so Tara could feel the sounds she was being driven to make. Willow spoke slowly so Tara could read her lips.

"You're making me crazy, but in a good way. I love you so much Tara Maclay."

Tara kissed Willow softly, slowly, with such love.

"We should get going 'cos I want to cuddle up with you on your couch as I pretend to watch the movie but really stare at you." Willow said.

Tara blushed and buried her head into Willow's neck.

They kissed a few more times then extracted from one another.

"I'm just going to get my...things." Willow signed.

Tara sits on the edge of the bed watching and smiling. 'God she's adorable. Look at her. Oh yeah she wants to watch me? I can give her something to watch. Movie night was never this enticing with other women. Who are you Willow Rosenberg? And where have you been all my life. Oh girl, forget all that. She's here now and, unlike your ex Karen, Willow wants to be here for you fully. You're not just some show piece to be taken out so people could see the body on her arm. You've known her for over a month and she only discovered your body thanks to you. She's a keeper.'

Tara was taken out of her thoughts by a pair of warm lips on her forehead.

"I'm ready baby. Let's go." Willow signed. They left hand in hand. As Willow was opening the door for Tara she had a thought.

"Hey you want to pop by Buffy's?"

Tara smiled. She really liked Buffy and thinks they will be good friends.

"Sure lets go pay her and Faith a visit. But a short one, because you're mine this weekend." She smiled as she signed.

Buffy and Faith were in the middle of rearranging Buffy's apartment. Willow called out as she entered using her set of keys. "Will? Oh hey we'll be right out. I hope Tara is with you."

Willow signed their conversation to Tara, who smiled at the idea that Buffy wanted her there too.

Buffy walked out carrying several trash bags.

"Will hey how are you?" She asked as she dropped the bags. Walking over she hugs Tara tightly.

"So is my best friend perfect girlfriend material?" She signed to Tara.

"BUFFY!?" Willow yelled and signed. Tara smiled and decided to share.

"As a matter of fact she is. And if I'm lucky she'll want to be my girlfriend as much as I want to be hers." Buffy smiled at Willow while hugging Tara.

"Welcome to the family Tara." Buffy signed.

Willow stood with her mouth open. Faith walked by

"Close your mouth red." She winked and walked out the living room smiling, taking Tara with her.

"Give her a minute to digest it and watch." Buffy signed as she pulled Tara to the door to watch.

Willow did a shout and a little dance as it dawned on her that Tara had indeed said she wants to be her girlfriend. Tara stood with a smirk, as did Faith and Buffy.

"Don't ever tell her I brought you to see that." Buffy signed. Tara shook her head in agreement.

Buffy cleared her throat so Willow could hear them coming, Willow stopped dancing and ran and sat down. Tara walked in and smiled at her. She joined her on the sofa, kissing Willow softly on the forehead. Willow had a giant goofy smile.

"Hey there girl with the doofus smile, care to help? Or are you going to sit there with that goofy smile all day?" Faith asked her. Willow signed to Tara she was going to help a bit then they could leave. Tara signed that that was okay.

She sat watching Willow using her muscles, wishing she was the one the redhead was picking up and carrying to the bed. 'Easy girl. She looks good but we'll have her to our self in no time. Just breathe for now. Inhale exhale, inhale exhale... Good, now just wait until we're back at the house snuggling up. We have to change into something else. Oh nothing special. Just some short shorts. Oh God, hips are you ready? No but we will be. That mouth of hers...'

Faith tapped Tara on the shoulder

"What you thinking about? Red huh?" She smiled and nudged Tara. Both women watched Willow and smiled. Faith then passed Tara a note and got up to join Willow and Buffy moving things.

Tara read the note.

Tara, hi.
I just wanted to apologize again for my behaviour at the party. But you have to understand how much Willow means to me. We went through a lot in college. She was the only one there for me when I needed a friend. See my parents were killed at a young age and I was very angry. I still managed to get a scholarship, but I was lost there. Willow befriended me when no one else did, even when I was mean to her and tried to push her away she wouldn't let me destroy myself. Then she was beaten up by some guys who attended our school after they tried to rape me. And theses guys were by no means little. Yet Willow, without even thinking about herself, went to find them. They hurt her pretty bad but nothing compared to the damage she caused them. So you see, when I heard this Carly person hurt her I just lost it. So this is my letting you know that something like that wont happen again.
I also wanted to tell you that I'm so glad she has you. You are just such a sweetheart you know that? Take care of my Willow.

Tara read the note and watched Willow and Faith interact. Faith looked up and smiled at Tara as Willow grabbed her from behind and was pulling her into a hug. She winked at Faith who smiled back.

Half an hour later Willow and Tara were entering Tara's house.

"Ummmm I'm going to go changed. Can you set the things up for the movies? And I will be right back." Tara signed.

Willow started to go through Tara's DVD collection.

In her bedroom Tara was deciding on what to wear. 'So what am I wearing for our movie night? Well since we will be in the comforts of my own home, with just the two of us...' She smiled a devilish smile as she picked the top and shorts. As she was changing she looked at herself in the mirror.

'Oh I can be so wicked can't I? Well, she said she was going to be watching me instead of the movie. I just want to give her something nice to view.' With that she walked out of her room and quickly downstairs to be with Willow.

When Willow looked up and saw the half shirt that was clinging to Tara's breast she dropped the remote. Her eyes travelled down past a tight stomach leading into a pair of tiny shorts that barely covered Tara's sweet ass. Her cheeks were peeking out and calling to Willow.

Tara bent over and picked up the dropped remote, handing it back to Willow. She added a little extra something to her walk because she knew Willow's eyes were on her.

Willow licked her lips at the sight of Tara's hips and ass. 'Gulp. What is she trying to do to me? She's naked almost. Well if not for the shorts and small top that's barely there. Oh God this is... it's really warm in here. Look at those hips. Mmnn... I can't wait to get my mouth all over her. And inside her...'

Tara saw the look on Wilow's face and patted the empty space on the couch next to her. Willow took a deep couple of breaths and walked over and sat by this incredibly sexy woman. Tara leaned in letting her breast graze Willow's hand as she reached for a movie

"So what do you want to see first?" She signed, leaving her sentence open for all kinds of thoughts which popped into Willow's mind.

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