Return to Growth Chapter Three


Author: Willohand
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Willow, Tara, Buffy & any of the other BtVS characters that might pop up belong to Joss Whedon, 20th Century Fox and mutant Enemy, which they all became by killing off Tara and breaking up everybody's favourite wiccan couple. All original characters are the creation of my own imagination. Oh, & the university really does exist.

Buffy felt a strong hand on her shoulder. she turned around

"Faith hi." Faith pulled Buffy in for a hug.

"Okay, I just have one question, whose ass am I about to kick for making Red cry?" Faith asked, looking at Buffy with coldness in her eyes.

Buffy fills Faith in as they make their way through the airport towards her car.

"Her name is Carly. Carly Williams. And before you do anything, calm down." Buffy tried to reason.

"Hey, you called me in on this Buffy. No one messes with Red. No one. I came here to talk with this Carly woman, then kick the shit out of her. We clear on that? My kicking the shit out of her?" She asked with venom in her voice.

Buffy glanced sideways

"Yeah we're clear. You kicking the shit out of one Carly Williams. Yup, crystal clear." Buffy drove off.

"So is she nice? Tara? That is her name right? She sounds nice from everything you told me. Good for red. Oh, I can't wait to surprise my little friend." There was a genuine warmth to Faith's voice now. "So we need to get me settled into a good hotel somewhere." Her voice was groggy, she was tired from the flight.

Buffy looks at Faith.

"You are not staying at a hotel, your coming home with me." She told her. Faith just shook her head in agreement.

It didn't take long for them to reach Buffy's place, but Faith had fallen to sleep during the ride. Buffy reached over and gently stroked the face of Willow's next closet friend other than herself. Faith's eyes slowly opened.

"Are we there yet?" she whined, her voice child-like, teasing her old friend. Buffy smiled as they got out of the car.

"I really missed you." They both said in unison to one another.

They stopped at Buffy's door, looking deep into one another's eyes and Faith pulled Buffy into a hug. Buffy held tight to Faith. Moments later they were inside the house with Faith pinned up against Buffy's front door, Buffy kissing her passionately. All Faith could do was moan as she enjoyed the taste and feel of Buffy pressed up against her.

"I'm going to fuck you senseless in my bed all night Faith. Are we clear on that? My fucking you senseless all night in my bed?" Buffy asked, her voice heavy with lust.

Faith tried to speak but her mouth was too busy taking in Buffy. Faith was on the verge of collapsing from all the welcome attention from the woman she had wanted since their first meeting.

"Buffy I..." Buffy cut her off.

"Sshhh... I know. I love you too baby. I do. And I'm sorry I let you walk away. But right now I need to be fucking you. I need to have your pussy in my mouth, hear you screaming out my name letting the world know you are being fucked by me."

She stopped kissing and touching Faith just long enough to drag her to her bedroom.

Once inside, Buffy was on Faith, pulling at her clothing. She was on her knees with her face buried in Faith's pussy so quickly that Faith didn't have time to get her pants off completely. They were down around her ankles.

Buffy shoved her tongue inside the sopping wet pussy and ate like it was her first meal. Faith was panting and moaning out Buffy's name.

It didn't take long before Faith was coming hard into Buffy's mouth and Buffy was catching every drop. Faith stumbled as she tried to recover. But Buffy had other plans. She shoved Faith on her bed.

"Lets get you out of these fucking pants so I can really get inside your pussy."

All Faith could do was nod.

After stripping Faith she demanded

"Assume the position."

Faith lay spread eagle on her back as Buffy mounted her, taking in the sight of the trembling woman.

"You're in for a night of being fucked like never before. You won't want men anymore when I'm done with you. I promise you that." Buffy snarled as she snatched open Faith's legs and, without warning, drove her dildo up as deep and as hard as she could inside the pussy she would claim as hers.

As Buffy was fucking she was softly telling Faith

"That's right bitch take it. You like it don't you? My fucking you... Say it. Tell me how much you like your sweet Buffy fucking you."

Just as Faith was trying to speak Buffy shoved her tongue in the brunette's mouth. All Faith could do was take it.

She was opening wider and wider and Buffy smiled to herself.

"That's it. Yeah bitch take me all the way inside you." Faith grabbed Buffy's ass and pulled her deeper inside her. "I want to be fucking you as you come. I want to know what it feels like to be inside you as you come all over my dick."

Faith began to tremble. Her pussy sucked onto the dildo and Faith held Buffy to her then exploded as Buffy fucked her coming wet pussy.

Just as Faith was recovering, Buffy flipped her over, she was now going to fuck Faith doggy style.

Faith was completely at Buffy's mercy and they both knew it.

And so it continued, throughout the night into the next morning... Buffy gave and Faith gladly, hungrily took. Faith belonged to Buffy and they both knew it.

The next morning Buffy was the first to wake up. Faith was lying on her back, close to Buffy. Close enough that Buffy could smell her scent. It was arousing her.

She got up and made a call to her partner. Having done that she gave Faith her undivided attention.

She slowly climbed up on the bed and on to Faith's chest. Her pussy was wet and the wetness woke Faith.

"Morning baby. You look like you slept well. I hope you're hungry."

Faith was just gaining her whereabouts as Buffy continued to climb the brunette's chest until she was hovering above her. Faith licked her lips as Buffy lowered herself on to Faith's face and screamed out as her pussy came in contact with a warm tongue.

Grabbing on to the headboard, Buffy rode Faith's tongue like crazy. Faith had Buffy right where she wanted her, with her pussy in her control. Buffy came twice at the mercy of Faith's tongue.

She slid down Faith's chest and was coming down from the intense orgasms.

Faith grabbed Buffy's handcuffs from the floor near her pants and handcuffed Buffy's hands above her head.

"Now I'm in charge." Buffy fought to get out. Faith was pleased with herself for taking control from the woman who is always in control. "You like it up the ass don't you? I bet you do." Having said that she roughly flipped Buffy over.

To prepare Buffy's asshole for the oncoming assault she shoved her tongue up as far as she could.

Buffy did only one thing... she wiggled her ass, happily becoming Faith's new toy.

"Well bring it on Faith. Don't be shy baby. We both know it's in you. And I'm just the woman to bring it out!" With trembling hands Faith reaches out, grabbing Buffy's ass cheeks and spreading them apart. She positions herself between Buffy's legs and nervously starts to push the dildo up Buffy's ass.

"You're going have to do a little better than that Faithy, if you're going make me come. It's okay. Really. Do it baby. GOD JUST DO ME. FUCK ME LIKE YOU KNOW YOU'VE REALLY WANTED TO ALL THIS TIME... COME ON AND SHOW ME JUST HOW MUCH YOU REALLY WANT ME!"

On hearing those words Faith closes her eyes and tries to stay in control of herself.

'Oh God. I finally have her. I finally have Buffy 'oh-so-fucking-fine' Summers wanting me. I-I just want... I mean, God look at this ass. It's... it's perfect and shit, it's mine for the taking.'

Suddenly something in Faith just snaps. Buffy can tell by the way Faith's breathing suddenly changed.

"Faaaaithy." She sang out.

"It's Faith you fucking sweet piece of ass. My sweet piece of ass." She then stopped being gentle and shoves the dildo in Buffy's ass.

"Oh I've wanted this... wanted you for so long. And now I have you and I'm going to show you... show you how much I...I...oh shit Buffy your asshole is so tight. I can feel it all on my dick. I'm going to have to hurt you. Oh hurt you so good." Faith was picking up her pace as Buffy was loving every moment of it.

She's always wanted Faith, but Faith was afraid of Buffy. Afraid of the things she made her feel. As often as Buffy would try Faith was too afraid to let Buffy near. She was always a different person when with Buffy, and that scared her. But now older, and maybe a little wiser, she finally realized who she is and what it is she wants, but thought it too late. Buffy had moved on. Hadn't she?

As Faith looks down at the wonderful sight of Buffy Summers being fucked by her, Faith knew who she was. She, at that moment, understood all her fears of so many years ago. Buffy had been right back then, Faith had wanted her but was afraid to admit to her true feelings. But at this moment, Faith is and will finally show Buffy the feelings she had ran from for all this time.

"I need you so much Buffy." She breathed out, barely able to speak

"I know F-f-faith a-a-and you have meeee..."

Faith closed her eyes and let herself travel to a place that only Buffy could take her.

At Tara's, the blonde was sat at her table debating which earrings to wear.

'Willow baby, if last night's text messages had you unable to think straight the sight of me should do something else to you. I know just what earrings she would love. The diamonds from momma. Yeah just big enough to draw attention to my ears. And the hair up like so and whalaa... Rosenberg you're in for a sight to behold. I don't believe this. If someone had told me that I'd be making such a fuss over this particular body part I would have thought them crazy. But Willow loves my ears... my ears? Oh she is definitely a keeper. What is she going to do when she realizes I have other nice, full parts?' She laughed to herself.

As always Tara arrived in the university parking lot at 8:45 am. And like clockwork Willow made sure she was in the area to see her arrive and to be seen.

However, Willow was not prepared for Tara, or the extra effort the blonde had made on this particular morning.

'Ooooohhhhh... mmmmmyyyyyyyy... GGGGGGOOOOOOOOODDDDD! I-I... look at those sexy ears.' She thought to herself. Then she slowly started to list the different parts of Tara's ears.

'Pinna. Scala. Vestibuli. Tectoria. Membrane. Reisnneis membrane. Ear Canal and oh they are so... My brain... is... freezing.' Her mouth was hanging open as Tara smiled at the look of Willow's face.

Tara's ears were burning from all the attention being paid to them.

The blonde walked in to the university with a smile.

It was almost noon, Willow was coming from her car for a piece of equipment and she saw Tara bringing her class out with their easels. Tara tucked her hair behind her ear when she saw Willow looking over. She watched as the redhead licked her lips as the hair was tucked away. They both went back to work, or at least, pretended to.

It was when Tara gave her class a break that Willow walked over to Tara offering her a small bag of fruit. Tara gladly accepted it. Willow couldn't stop herself from staring at Tara's ears.

Tara was wearing a nice fitting top with a pair of black slacks and blazer which she had now taken off.

"Willow look at me."

"Uh huh." Willow responded while studying Tara's ears.

Tara reached out and pulled Willow close to her signing to her

"Willow, what are you going to do when you realize there is more to my body then just my ears?"

Willow's eyes grew large as her eyes roamed Tara's body. One word was signed by the redhead


Tara gave Willow a questioning look.

"I don't know what you just signed but I'll take it as a compliment. God you are the sweetest woman on earth aren't you?" Tara signed.

Willow just smiled and leaned in to softly kiss both of Tara's ears before walking away.

Tara was left trembling with desire.

'Oh my god. I can't believe she j-just... her mouth... felt so good. Is this really happening? Is this beautiful woman seducing me through my ears?' Thought Tara.

It grew increasingly hot for Tara with the thought of Willow's mouth loving her ears.

As her class painted the wonderful landscape of the university Tara's mind was elsewhere.

Willow had taken off the sweatshirt she was wearing to reveal the most amazing body. As Willow fought with some shrubs Tara couldn't help but notice Willow's nicely shaped upper body.

'Look at her. God she looks so sexy. Strong too. Oh boy, l can see her controlling my every movement as she pins me to a wall and her mouth is all over my ear... tongue sliding in and out my... my... Oh boy. Breathe girl. Just breathe.' She told herself.

Willow felt Tara's eyes on her and decided to put on a show. There were three heavy plastic bags full of dirt and grass from various places Willow had worked on in the area. Willow usually waited until the end of the day when the university was empty to drag the bags to her car. But with Tara looking...

Remembering all the weight training she did with Buffy she lifted the first bag using her legs as opposed to her back. She got down low bending her knees and lifted it fairly easily.

Tara watched intently. She bit her lip as she watched Willow's show of strength.

'Oh my. She's really strong. Remember we're breathing... She's just so strong. Easy Maclay. And look at her muscles when she gets it up against her body. Okay one more bag to go. She's working up a sweat. Sweat... Willow sweating all over me as she lifts me and carries me to my bed.' Thought Tara.

By the time Willow was done she was thanking Buffy for dragging her down to the gym to be her workout partner. 'Oh man that was easier than I thought. Okay thank you Buffy for the free year membership to the gym. And thanks for the many mornings of Yoga. Boy all those sets of squats and dead lifts really work. I had no trouble lifting those bags at all. Mental note to self: thank Buffy with a night out on me.'

Buffy was still asleep as Faith was trying to get dressed as quietly as possible. After last night and early this morning she was sure that it was possibly a fluke. No way did Buffy really mean those wonderful things she said during their night of passion. In a tired voice Buffy called out to Faith when she didn't find her next to her in bed.

"You going somewhere and not saying goodbye?" She asked as she sat up in bed. Faith froze. "Where you going? I had hoped you would want to stay here with me."

Faith couldn't believe it.

"You want me to stay here? With you? I just thought last night was... um I thought..."

Buffy kissed her deeply.

"We should talk. Faith I told you I love you and I meant it when I said it last night and I mean it now... I do love you. I always wanted you, but you were the one who had to come to terms with the fact that you love me just as much. I let you go all those years ago, but I'm not making that mistake again. I am willing to fight for you. Just tell me I don't have to. Tell me you love me. Tell me and we will make this work."

Faith walked over to Buffy and dropped in front of her.

"Buffy Anne Summers I love you. I want to be with you." She kisses the blonde and lays her head on Buffy's lap and starts to cry. Soon they are both crying.

"Its okay. Just tell me... tell me how you feel. Tell me you want us to be together and I'm yours. I promise Faith."


Faith and Willow are in their dorm room waiting for Willow's best friend Buffy.

"I can't wait to meet the famous Buffy."

It was when Willow had slipped out to the bathroom, leaving Faith alone in the dorm room, that there was a knock at the door. Faith opened the door and came face to face with an incredible blonde.

"Hi, I'm Buffy. Is Willow here?" All Faith could do was nod. "And who are you? You can't be Faith. Willow didn't tell me you were so gorgeous, you seeing someone?"

Faith couldn't look Buffy in the eyes after those comments. Buffy took a step closer to Faith.

"Please tell me you're single." Buffy whined. Faith looked up smiling.

"Your smile is saying yes. That's good, I would hate to have to steal you away. I'd much rather you give yourself to me. So what does the best friend have to do to get you to go out with her?" Buffy asked.

Faith didn't know how to respond to Buffy.

By now Willow was back and was standing behind Buffy.

"Hey Buffy. I see you met my good buddy and dorm mate Faith." She stepped past Buffy.

Faith was still looking at her shoes. Buffy leaned in

"You're sexy when you're shy. So I'm wondering; if you're this shy at the things I'm saying, how would you be if I were to be touching and kissing you?" As she was asking, Buffy had moved close to Faith, then passed her into the room.

The three spent the next couple of days together before Buffy had to go back to the academy. In that time Faith became rather confused about Buffy and her feelings towards her. Buffy was very aggressive. Faith was attracted to her but that also meant that she might be gay. And that thought scared her. Being different. But there was something about Buffy that she couldn't seem to not want.

They grew close in the short time that Buffy was there.

It was Buffy's last night when the blonde kissed Faith. If not for Willow's bad timing...

As it turned out, Faith had jumped up and started putting her clothes back on hurriedly. Buffy tried to get her to come back but Faith had left. Leaving Buffy very upset.

Willow comforted her best friend who said she was falling for her good friend.

"Buffy I didn't know you were gay." Willow said in surprise.

"Oh Willow I'm not. Well I wasn't until Faith. No wait, I love men. It's just Faith... she's special. Willow what is happening to me? Just before I came here I was with this great guy and we fucked. I get here, meet Faith and I become this aggressive butch and go after her. Did you know she was so fine? God she's hot."

Buffy buried her face more into her friend's shoulder.

"To tell you the truth Buffy, I hadn't noticed 'cos, well, she's just a friend. Kind of, more of a sisterly love between us."

All of a sudden Faith had come running back in, looking terrified. She was crying and shaking.

"God Faith what is it?" Willow asked.

As it turned out, a few of the fraternity brothers had got a bit rough with her when she refused to hang out with them.

Willow went tearing out of the dorm room with hatred burning in her tearing eyes. Faith tried to stop her but Willow was too fast, and her shirt was too ripped up, exposing her breast.

Buffy calmed Faith as she explained what happened.

Willow was gone for almost an hour before she was helped back in by some other people from their dorm. She looked like she took a pretty bad beating, but according to some people who witnessed the fight Willow left the three guys far worse off. One had to be admitted to the hospital. One had some fractured ribs along with a broken nose. The third guy had a broken jaw and his left hand was broken aswell.

Willow ended up having to be admitted to the hospital herself. She was there for a week due to the blow she took to her head. Both Buffy and Faith had to practically drag her in. They kept her in just to be sure she was alright.

In that time Buffy and Faith admitted their growing feeling towards one another. But Buffy could see that Faith was having a hard time coming to terms with her feelings towards her.

She gave Faith an out. Faith took it.

*Present day*

"Buffy last night and this morning was so great. I never knew I could feel like that. The way I acted... you do things to me Buffy. I've never wanted anyone like I want you. Well I never wanted a man the way I had to have you." Faith breathed out. Buffy smiled and hugged Faith tightly.

"Come on you. We've been in bed all day. You haven't even seen Willow yet. Oh and Tara, you have to meet her. I should warn you, she is... on a pretty scale of 1-10, about a 25. And she really loves our Willow." She hugged Faith again "She's the one Faith that's why I had to call you about Carly. Willow loves Tara and we can't let this woman ruin it before they even get started."

It was evening by the time Buffy, with Faith in tow, arrived at Willow's house. Using her key, she entered calling out to let Willow know.

"Oh hey Buff, I'll be right down. You ready to pick out our things for the party tomorrow?" Willow was asking as she came down the stairs with an arm full of clothes. She stopped when she saw a familiar pair of warm brown eyes.

"Ohmygod Faith!" She jumped the last few steps with the clothes flying in all different directions. Faith caught her in a tight hug.

"Willow hi." Buffy watches the two women hug with a smile on her face.

"Oh my god what are you doing here? When did you get in? Why didn't you call, I would have picked you up from the airport instead of you having to take a cab. Okay no hotel for you, you're staying right here with me missy. And why do you let me do that? You never stop me." She looked around. "Um Faith where are your bags?"

Buffy and Faith smile at one another.

Willow looks between her two closest friends. She smiled a knowing look towards the two.

"Alrighty then. Buffy you will fill me in later." Willow grabs Faith as they giggle and walk off to pick up the scattered clothes.

Once out of Buffy's ear-shot Willow finally asked

"So Faith, what's going on with you and Buffy?" Faith smiled and hugged her close friend

"She loves me and I love her." She stated simply. Willow gave her a look.

"Well duh... I've always known that, but what's happened?"

Faith looked shyly down at her feet.

"No guys slept together? But when? You just got... here... Oh wait a minute. Did you arrive last night? Ohmygod you stayed at Buffy's last night? You were together last night. Oh Faith, that's great. You know she really does love you." Willow whispered.

"Okay, so tell me about Tara." Faith asked once the excitement of her own news had calmed down. Willow's face lit up like a Xmas tree. Faith could tell that Tara meant a lot to Willow. This was more reason for her to have a talk with this Carly woman.

'No one is hurting you ever again red. Not as long as I'm around.' She pulled Willow in for a tight hug, Willow hugged back.

"I know Faith, and I'd do it all over again. Nobody tries to hurt you without coming through me first." She whispered into Faith's hair. The brunette's thoughts echoed her redheaded friend's words.

Buffy watched from the hallway as the two most important women in her life; her best friend and ('if I'm lucky') her first and new girlfriend reunited. Clearing her throat she entered the living room and was engulfed in a group hug.

Tara was with her closest friend Lanetra re-telling what had happened with Willow at school.

"And it's just my ears..."

"Are you telling me all she's noticed is your ears?" Lanetra signed

"YES. Yes just my ears so far." Tara signed excitedly

Lanetra raised her eyebrow

"She definitely has it bad for you if your other assets aren't being noticed. So what are you wearing to the party tomorrow? I think I'm wearing my low cut light blue gap jeans and my white t strap top. Oh but I haven't decided on which sandals."

"I'm not sure yet." Tara replied. "I want to get my hair styled perfectly to show off my ears. Oh, do you like the diamond earrings with this hairstyle?" She styled her hair and put on the earrings. "What do you think?" She spun around towards her friend.

Lanetra leaned in and did a bit of styling of her own

"There that's better."

Tara looked in the mirror and smiled. This was it, they had the perfect hair style that showed off her ears.

Back at Willow's house, the redhead was telling Faith all about Tara. Faith internally swore to get Carly, and no one was going to stop her. Not Buffy, not Tara, not even Willow herself was going to stop the ass kicking Carly had coming.

As Willow relayed the story of what Carly had done, Faith held Willow close to her.

Buffy couldn't believe Faith was really here. She watched as Faith's fist grew into a tighter ball as Willow spoke. Willow noticed too. She reached down and stroked Faith's knuckles until she relaxed her hand again.

"Faith I'm fine. Please don't worry about Carly." She held Faith closer.

Kicking the shit out of Carly Williams was all Faith was thinking.

"Well I want to talk to Tara before it gets too late, so you guys give me half an hour."

Willow went into her bedroom and closed the door. Once inside she went to her jewellery box and pulled out Tara's number. Instantly she browsed through her phone messages and re-read Tara's messages from the previous night. She typed and sent a short message:

Hello beautiful, it's me Willow. I'm sitting here having thoughts of you in sweet nakedness... I know you don't wear earrings to bed, so your ears are naked right? I want so much to be able to be in bed next to you touching them, kissing them, loving them.

As Tara and Lanetra were going through Tara's closet, Tara's phone began to blink. She smiled and flipped open her cell then read Willow's text. Her ears were turning red, like her face and Lanetra knew right away who it must be. She smiled and signed that she would be in the living room watching a movie. Tara had to sit and catch her breath.

Within minutes Willow's phone beeped the chorus of Nelly's 'Hot in here'. Willow felt the tune was very accurate when it came to the blonde. She took a few deep breaths and read Tara's text, but to her surprise there were no words. Instead there were two pictures of Tara. One was of Tara staring directly into the camera with the sexiest look on her face, pushing her hair behind her ear. The other was simply a picture of Tara's ear.

Willow's breath caught in her throat. She stumbled backwards, dropping her cell phone. She knew the first photo was to be her new screen-saver. The one of Tara's ear was for private viewing only.

After getting control of her breathing she sat down on the floor, shortly after, her phone beeped once again

Hope you like the photos. I wanted you to be able to carry a part of me around with you always. I'm going to bed now so I'll see you at the university in the morning. Love Tara.

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