Return to Growth Chapter Four


Author: Willohand
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Willow, Tara, Buffy & any of the other BtVS characters that might pop up belong to Joss Whedon, 20th Century Fox and mutant Enemy, which they all became by killing off Tara and breaking up everybody's favourite wiccan couple. All original characters are the creation of my own imagination. Oh, & the university really does exist.

Friday morning, the day of the party and Tara awakes to the flashing and vibrating of her alarm clock.

'7am, right, fourteen hours left until the party. Yay. I finally get to show my Willow off to all my friends. I get to dance with her all night... hold her close in my arms, gently swaying together. And, oh god, I just know she`ll be doing things to my ears, they're gonna be so close to her mouth. Okay, breathe Maclay, breathe.'

Meanwhile, in the Rosenberg house, Willow wakes with the distinct flutter of butterflies in her stomach.

'Wow even in my sleep you affect me Ms. Maclay. Ohmygod... what time is it?' She sits bolt upright and looks at the clock. 'Shit, I only have fourteen hours until the party.' The redhead shrieks internally.

Buffy and Faith were wrapped in one another's arms talking about their best friend.

"Buffy you know that she's home on the verge of a nervous breakdown right?" Faith asks as she pulls her girlfriend closer.

"Okay, so which one of us is going over to calm her down? We don't want her to freak before work, she'd end up scaring poor Tara." Buffy winced at the thought.

The debate was settled for them a moment later when the phone rang. Both Buffy and Faith smiled, knowing that it was Willow.

Just as Faith was going to answer it Buffy got a glimpse of the brunette's ass. She grabbed Faith, pulling her back to bed. The phone continued to ring.

"Okay Will, I'm coming." Buffy said as she answers the phone to hear Willow already in full babble mode.

"Come on Buffy, put Faith down for long enough to answer the damn phone. There's only fourteen hours until the party and I have no idea what to wear and what if I start babbling in sign? All Tara's friends will think I'm insane..."

"Um Will, calm down and oh hold on a minute." Buffy gently puts Faith back down on to the bed before turning her attention back to Willow.

"Willow? WILL? WILLOW CALM DOWN!" The blonde yelled at her best friend.

Willow was sat hyperventilating. Buffy became very worried.

'This is going to take Tara talking to her. She can't really think Tara would be embarrassed by her.' Buffy thought.

"I have an idea, but I have to text message Tara right now. Oh and you can meet her too." Buffy said excitedly to Faith as she passed the phone over to her girlfriend.

Willow was still on the phone babbling like a mad woman. Faith couldn't help smile hearing her close friend.

"Willow, hey its Faith. Um... breathe. I need you to breathe so you can calm down a bit. Okay? Willow? Okay?" Faith asked, slightly amused.

"Faith what if... if umm, I embarrass her in front of all her friends? She might think I'm crazy and stop liking me..." Faith cut the redhead off.

"Wait a minute Will. What are you talking about? I haven't met her yet but from everything Buffy's told me I doubt that your making a mistake will make her like you any less. Besides from what I know, once you fall for Willow you stay fallen."

Willow starts to laugh a bit.

"Faith you always know just how to calm me down."

Buffy was on her cell texting back and fourth with Tara explaining Willow's state of mind. Tara texted that she had a plan that should calm all of Willow's fears.

I'm going to let my mother talk to her.

Buffy thought for a moment before she texted back.

Tara that's a great idea, having your mother tell Willow that she thinks she's good enough for her little girl. That's sure to settle everything in her over active mind.

And so it was settled; Tara's mom would talk to Willow and calm the redhead's fears.

It was 8:45am, as usual, when Tara's car pulled into the university parking lot.

Willow was hard at work but Tara had to make sure she was okay. After getting her things from the back seat the blonde looked around for Willow. It only took a moment to catch a glimpse of red in the distance.

Tara walked over to Willow and touched her shoulder lightly. Willow already knew it was Tara. She had sensed her from the moment she parked up. Willow turned around and hugged Tara tightly, desperately.

"What is it? What's wrong?" Tara signed.

Willow started talking and signing so fast. Tara caught most of what Willow said by reading her lips. When willow finally ran out of air Tara let her collect herself. She then grabbed Willow in a tight hug, kissing her passionately and leaving her, in a word, breathless.

The blonde pulled back and signed

"I can't wait until my friends meet you. They are going to be so jealous that I have the most kind, sweet and sexy woman in my arms. Well, I have class so, I'll see you later." She kissed Willow one more time and left.

Willow stood with a giant grin that covered her entire face. This grin would stay with her all day.

And just when Willow's tiny fears came back it was as if Tara could sense it. She sent a co-worker with a sealed note to Willow.

I've had time to think of what you were saying this morning. I want you to know, there is no way you are going to embarrass me, and as far as my friends are concerned they are going to love you. It's you and me; not you, me and my friends. Just keep in mind that I'm the one you'll be dancing with, going home with, and having coffee with in the morning. Two dates in two days... how did I get to be so lucky? Love Tara.

Willow read the note twice and her fears washed away. On the second reading something dawned on her.

'Did she say g-g-going home w-with? I-m... I-I yesssss! Gulp. I-I need to talk to Buffy. Okay, I should calm down. Pppftt... easy for you to say, you're not dating this beautiful woman. Uhhh... Hello? I'm a part of you too. Of course you are. You really need to take a few deep breaths before you blow it for us. Us? Again... Hellooo, your brain talking here! Oh right, same brain.' She thought to herself giggling.

Tara watched as the redhead seemed to be talking to herself. She saw her note in Willow's hand and smiled as she went about her business for the day.

Willow's internal debate with herself went on for a few minutes, ending only when her brain felt that she had indeed calmed down enough to think rational thoughts.

3:30pm arrived and Tara was leaving right on schedule. This time, Willow didn't bother with any excuse to be hanging around Tara's car.

Tara walked to the car to find Willow stood waiting for her. Tara's heart skipped a beat at the sight of the redhead. She was wearing dark blue overalls with an old, torn, half shirt. Her red locks were pulled back into a ponytail. But what Tara noticed first, was that half of Willow's face was covered in dirt and some kind of oil.

'God she has to be the sexiest woman on the planet. I mean, even covered in dirt she's adorable... Well I just have to clean up that face now, don't I?' She walked towards Willow smiling.

"Hey." Willow signed as Tara walked up to her.

"I see somebody was playing in dirt again. Here, want me to clean your face for you?" Tara reached out and gently started to wipe Willow's cheek clean.

Willow leaned in but instead of kissing Tara, like Tara thought she would, Willow's mouth journeyed slowly to the blonde's ears instead. Within moments Tara was at the mercy of the redhead and her body was betraying her mind.

"Mmmm... sexiest ears I've ever seen. I can't wait until tonight, and our coffee date too."

Tara didn't understanding anything Willow was signing because she was lost to the feeling. She simply shook her head yes and eased away.

"Okay, I still need to finish up here, so, I'll see you tonight right?" Willow signed to Tara.

Tara's response was a dumbfounded

"Uh huh." Tara's speechlessness made Willow's confidence grow.

Tara left on shaky legs and drove off thinking to herself

'Okay Rosenberg, two can play this game but with what I plan on wearing tonight I already know who`s going to win the war. I'll give you the battle back there, but the war, the war's all mine.' She smiled to herself.

It was at 4pm when Willow was walking to her car. She noticed another car next to hers and glanced at her watch.

'Who could be here so late? I'm usually the only one getting out of here this late.' As Willow opened her car door, the other car door opened too. The redhead looked up to find herself staring into what looked remarkably like Tara's eyes, only they seemed older and even more powerful, if that was possible.

"Ms. Rosenberg? Hi, I'm Mrs. Maclay. Tara's mother." The woman extended her hand and Willow slowly shook it.

At 6pm Tara and Lanetra were fussing about Tara's house as they decided on their outfits. Buffy and Faith were making love in Buffy's bed. And Willow...?

It was now 9:15pm and Tara and Lanetra were just arriving at Sharon's house for the party. Things were already in full swing.

Buffy and Faith arrived at 10:00pm and Willow was still nowhere to be found.

"Faith, this is Tara. Tara this is Faith, Willow's college roommate and very close friend. Umm, Willow wasn't at her place when we stopped by to pick her up." Buffy looked away as Faith asked her to point out the bitch Carly.

Tara was worried and was beginning to think that having her mother meet Willow was a bad idea.

As soon as she had she signed this very thought to Buffy, Willow appeared in the doorway of the house. The redhead was being hugged goodbye by an older version of Tara.

"Tara." Buffy signed, beaming and looking towards the door. In fact a few of Tara's friends all looked towards the door.

There was Willow with Tara's mother, hugging her. Tara's mom then looked towards her daughter and winked. Tara smiled while Buffy and Faith were cheering lowly "Go Willow. Go Willow."

"Willow, it was a pleasure meeting you. You must come back over to the house soon. I have plenty of embarrassing photos that I didn't get to show you. Now, you better get in there, It seems my baby girl is waiting for someone." And with that, Mrs. Maclay left.

Willow's eyes searched the crowd and located Lanetra, Buffy, Faith and finally, Tara smiling at her. Buffy signalled to Willow and then stepped back.

Willow finally got a full view of Tara. She took a deep breath and slowly let it out. At that moment Lanetra nudged Tara. Blue met green. They took in each others appearance appreciatively. When Willow finally got her breathing back to normal a small gulp escapes deep in the redheads throat as she took in the sight of the blonde angel.

'Eep. god. L-look at her. Where...? How...? Look at her. God, she's a Goddess.' She blinked once. Twice. 'She has breasts...? Full, round, likable, breasts. Oh God. Wait, whoa... waitwaitwait...

Hello, brain to Willow. Look at her in those white leather pants? White? Leather?

Uhm yeah, Willow to brain. We are in serious trouble.

Brain to Willow. We are so in trouble, but of the good kind. Now, just do as I tell you and we'll be... fine. Yeah, we'll be fine. Holy wow, look how hot she is.

Willow to brain. Oh, I'm dreaming, I must be dreaming... she, she, she's just so deliciously hot and sexy and gorgeous and, uhm, oh did I mention hot? She's just like a, a Greek goddess - oh yeah that's it. Or a marble statue of a Greek goddess... Absolutely perfect and flawless and a priceless work of art. Oh yeah that's it, that's definitely Tara... A perfect, priceless, Greek goddess work of art. Umm... I think I'm going to faint.

Brain to Willow. Me too.'

The work of art in question was dressed all in white. The look would have been pure and angelic, but the skin tight leather pants suggested anything but purity. Toned thighs and a firm ass were emphasized by the tight hug of the soft leather, and if that sight hadn't made Willow drool, Tara's top certainly did the job. The low cut, backless, white lycra top left little to the imagination. The clingy material cupped Tara's full, rounded breasts extremely snugly, and the cut of the neckline plunged so low that it could almost have been deemed indecent.

The outfit was accessorised to perfection with white open-toed sandals and sparkling diamonds that gracefully and subtly decorated Tara's adorable ears.

Willow took in her appearance slowly, letting her eyes roam all over this incredible body that she knew nothing about.

'Look how she's looking at me.' Tara thought to herself. 'Oh she is so loving this outfit. Oh she's mine. Willow... I can't wait until you're in my arms. I'm going to press myself up against you so tight...' Buffy tapped Tara on the shoulder, interrupting the other blonde's thoughts.

"Look at her. Look how she's staring at you." Buffy signed. "Look at her eyes Tara."

Tara looked into a pair of light green eyes that were slowly turning a dark sea green right in front of her. Tara felt Willow's wild, untamed sexual attraction towards her. Tara thought of all the possibilities. She was excited that she could get such a response from Willow. She watched as Willow's eyes followed the curves of her body from the tips of her ears to the tip of her toes. Then two words popped into her head.

'Willow. Virgin. Oh God yes. Breathe Maclay. Okay, so this sexy redhead who`s looking at you, no, staring at you. Okay not just staring but...' Then the words started to slowly stroll through her mind. 'Virgin. Willow. Oh God yeesssssssssss... Willow. Virgin. Okay I have to calm down before I can't function properly. Breathing? Ummmm...oh yeah, inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Ohmygod she is so hot. Virgin. Virgin. VIRGIN...' Tara had to finally turn away from Willow's eyes, eyes that were slowly undressing her. Eyes that were making her feel so vulnerable.

Finally, Faith walked across the room and pulled Willow inside.

"Well you know how to steal a show don't you? Having her mother drop you off? Her mother Red? You are good." She hugged Willow. "So you decided to just ditch us and hang out with the older version of Tara huh? I take it you two got along? She likes you? Well I'm not surprised. So you ready to get this party started?" Faith dragged Willow in.

Willow smiled and signed as she passed people. Most of the people she assumed were Tara's friends. They all signed back. She stopped twice to meet some of the people. She wasn't nervous at all.

'Mrs. Maclay likes me. Boy I can't believe how scared I was. Well Mrs. Maclay thinks I'm great for Tara. I'm great for her baby girl, she told me. WOOHOO! Now time to be with my baby. I just need to be touching her. Actually I have a better idea. What's that song I kept hearing driving home last week? Oh yeah 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head' by Kylie Minogue. I'll just make a quick stop at the DJ's table.' She dragged Faith with her.

"Um Red, where are we going? Tara is in the other direction." She said as she let herself be taken.

"I know, but I have a little something I need to tell Tara and the DJ is going to help. Now lets go." Willow explained pulling her close friend.

Buffy noticed and wondered what was going on. Tara on the other hand was signing with her other friends. The hot topic was the sexy redhead who was with Tara's mother. They knew it had to be the Willow. Tara was beaming at the fact that Willow took the time to sign to her friends. Most were pleasantly surprised that Willow could sign and the fact that she could sign so well caught a lot of them off guard.

Willow was asking the DJ about the song, the extended version. The DJ did indeed have the song and Willow made arrangements to cue the DJ at a certain point. Faith was smiling.

'Willow dancing? Willow dancing without having to be dragged to the dance floor kicking and screaming? Tara Maclay, you are something else.' Faith thought to herself.

Tara lost sight of Willow and Faith for a moment, then, there they both were, walking toward her. Everything seemed to slow down. Blue met green and all else was forgotten. All other people forgotten.

Soft, loose red curls framed Willow's subtly made-up face, light green eye-shadow highlighting sparkling emerald eyes. A low cut, skin tight, red velvet top accentuated the redhead's petite round breast. Fitted black hipster jeans contrasted to the soft strip of Willow's creamy white stomach. The soft denim tightly hugged the redhead's pert ass and toned thighs. Simple black ankle boots elevated the redhead, making her legs seem longer and thinner. A black choker with a red ruby heart hanging from the centre added the finishing touch.

Tara was taking in Willow's appearance, as was Lanetra and Buffy. Everybody was saying their hello's and introductions were being made.

Then she happened. Carly.

She pulled Tara away from Willow and said

"Excuse us we're going to go dance. It is a party after all."

Tara wasn't sure what was going to happen but Willow just smiled and stepped aside for them to go dance. Buffy on the other hand went to say something, but Willow stopped her.

"Hey Buff, it's okay, it's only a dance. Nothing more. Let it go." The redhead said as she started to dance with Buffy and Faith. "Tara doesn't want Carly, and dancing is as close as she'll ever get to my girl." Willow smiled as she watched Tara. Faith on the other hand...

...Carly felt herself being snatched around then she was stood face to face with a woman she didn't know.

"I'm Faith. Willow's friend." Faith then grabbed Carly by her throat and began to drag her out.

Everybody stopped to watch, even the music stopped. Within seconds Carly's feet were off the floor as Faith dragged her outside to the backyard. Once there Faith started to pound on Carly. People were now running to the nearest window or where ever they could to get a decent view.

Buffy, Willow and Tara were in the backyard trying to peel Faith off of Carly.

"Nobody messes with Red. You hear me? You made her cry. You told someone something about her that was very personal." She was throwing punches and they were all connecting with Carly's face.

There was blood on Faith's fist but she kept on hitting Carly.

Tara signed for her to please stop not knowing that Faith doesn't read sign language.

Carly was trying to defend herself, but that only fuelled Faith's rage. She kicked Carly in the stomach causing her to spit up blood.

"Come on. Now you have someone your own size to pick on. Come on, get the hell up." But there was nothing Carly could do to stop the onslaught of punches that just kept coming. "I don't like it when someone hurts my Willow." She was now punching Carly in the stomach and face. "You better stay away from Willow and stay away from her and Tara. We clear on this?" More punches.

All the while Willow and Buffy were both on Faith trying to get her off of Carly.

Faith finally and only stopped when she saw Tara's face. She let go of Carly's shirt collar and Carly's body fell limp onto the grass. Her face was covered in blood.

Faith apologized to the other party goers for her behaviour and explained that Carly was trying to come between Tara and Willow. As she spoke Tara read her lips and signed for her.

"Willow is like my kid sister." The blonde signed for Faith. "I'm not letting anyone hurt her. And this woman..." Faith pointed to Carly "...had it in her head that Tara belongs to her."

As Tara signed that she looked over to where Carly was laying.

Faith dropped her head and walked past Buffy into the house to find a bathroom.

Tara got everyone back inside. She had the DJ play some music and it only took a short time for everyone to get back into the party mood.

Once Faith was cleaned up she asked Willow to take her to Tara. She apologized to Tara who graciously accepted.

"So you're Faith? Well you have quite a temper there." Willow translated for Faith who looked at Tara and said "Only when it comes to someone hurting Red. I mean Willow."

By midnight the party was pumping. It was a mixed crowd of hearing people and the deaf, all were enjoying the party. The DJ was spinning all kinds of music.

Willow was being asked to dance by a lot of different woman. At first she signed that her dance card was already full. Of course when the first woman asked 'by who' Willow pulled out her own home made dance card. Tara's name was written in the first and only slot. Tara thought it was the cutest thing, Willow having made a dance card for her. But the other woman noticed that after Tara's name there was an entire card left blank, so she walked off to grab a pen and signed her name under Tara's. Willow was only interested in dancing with Tara but the blonde assured her it was okay to dance with others. So in between dancing with Tara, women were adding their name to her dance card. Tara watched as women danced with her sweetheart. Willow told the last woman on the dance card to let everyone know that she would be dancing with Tara for the rest of the night. As the woman read what Willow was signing she was pouting.

After the woman walked away it was just Willow and Tara. With no friends around. Finally.

They stood nervously watching one another's shoes. Finally Willow signed

"You look... I mean I never noticed you have... that is... um you're uhhh... so curvy."

Tara smiled and stepped closer to Willow.

"I can't believe you made me a dance card." Tara signed, stepping even closer to Willow.

'Curvy. She thinks I'm curvy.' Tara thought the words mere seconds before she questioned Willow about it.

"Curvy? You think I'm curvy?" Tara signed.

Taking a deep breath Willow signed

"Curvy being, ummm, curvy as in very womanly. As in very sexy and soft and firm in all the right places. And you must think I'm crazy for not seeing you before, for only noticing your sexy ears... oh look at them. I like the earrings." She leans in and softly kiss Tara's right ear. "They're diamonds right?" Tara could only nod her head in response.

Willow then kisses the left ear. By now both of Willow's hands were on Tara's waist, touching just where the top ended. They moved closer to one another.

"Tara would you please dance with me. I just want your body... I mean, I want you near me. I want you closer to me." Willow was signing, almost begging to Tara.

The blonde smiled at Willow shyly at first. But as she felt the music's vibrations she was losing all her shyness. She danced in front of Willow at first. They locked eyes. Then as the beat picked up Tara started dancing around Willow. She started to sway her hips seductively, her head thrown back as she leaned into Willow for support. Her whole body was soon lost to the feeling of being so close to Willow. Tara could sense Willow's body wanting, no needing, contact. She danced even closer until she could feel her every movement being matched by the redhead.

Lanetra was dancing with the party hostess Sharon when she glanced over and saw Tara and Willow. She gave Buffy a quick look and nodded in their direction. Buffy and Faith were dancing and looked over to see Willow's hands snaking down over Tara's hips.

There was only a whisper of space between the two women. With every move Willow was wrestling with her new found feelings of desire for Tara.

Their best friends weren't the only ones watching. They were starting to get looks from other party goers. A crowd was gathering around them.

With every move you could see her leather pants hugging to Tara's thighs and ass, which she was moving sensually against Willow. Some of the women at the party who had ever taken Tara out and thought they might have a chance with making Tara their girlfriend knew she was no longer available.

Tara suddenly turned around right into Willow. She slid her right leg between those of the redhead, her thigh resting mere inches from Willow's crotch. Green eyes opened slowly and were instantly hypnotized by the most beautiful woman she has ever known. Tara's eyes had turned to a darker shade of blue. They were clouded over with lust and she was having a hard time controlling her thoughts of making love to Willow. Those two words danced in her head.

'Virgin. Willow. She's a v-virgin...I want to be her first. I want to be the woman who'll make love to her forever.'

Willow was now wrestling with her desires towards Tara and her newly discovered body. Green eyes fluttered closed and after a few seconds those same green eyes became a darker forest green. A smile slowly appeared on her lips as the DJ started to play her requests. Taking a few deep breaths, Willow was consumed by the words as well as the beats of 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head', which Willow felt strongly was all about Tara.

The crowd was growing as more and more people began to watch the couple dance. Willow's hands gripped Tara's hips tightly, pulling the blonde into her. As the redhead tightened her grip on Tara's hips she began grinding lightly above the smooth thigh between her legs. Teasingly avoiding contact. She leaned forward, lips parted as if to capture the blonde's own, but she pulled back ever so slowly just before contact. She repeated this a few more times, the promise of kisses never quite being fulfilled. Then suddenly Willow leans in and captures Tara's right ear in her mouth. Tara's world became fuzzy. She wasn't able to think anymore. Tara's body was shivering from Willow's mouth.

'Oh God. god. Feels so gooood... Don't let her stop. God I'm getting so wet...' Then to Tara's surprise she whispered softly


Willow stopped all movement. She pulled Tara in closer.

"Tara? Oh my god Tara. Baby you said my name again." She signed.

Before Tara even answered the redhead was kissing her and crying. The kiss started off slow, soft and sensuous, but the heat, love and lust between them soon caused the kiss to become hungrier, deeper.

Words were running rampant through Willow's mind.

'Curvy...curvaceous...soft and firm. Lover - well soon I hope. Friend.' A warm, strong arm slid around Willow's waist, bringing her out of her thoughts.

Their bodies grinded together in an intimate dance.

Lanetra, Buffy and Faith stood with their mouths open.

Willow began to dance circles around Tara, grinding herself against various body parts. Willow was putting on a show, and the whole audience were enjoying it. 'Slave 4 U' was now playing and Willow once again lost herself to the words.

Tara was loving this side of Willow.

'Oh God what is she trying to do to me? I have to... need to just, oh my god her mouth was so hot. Hot in here.' The next thing Tara knew she was being pulled in for a kiss by Willow. It was a hard kiss, and she loved it.

Tara's friends and other party goers were buzzing with excitement. The heat generating from them was unmistakable. They were so into one another they forgot they were at a party in the middle of the dance floor. All Willow could see was Tara. If there was anything or anyone outside of her they were lost to Willow.

'Why didn't I see her before? All this time and she looked like this? Oh maybe she just grew over night. Okay brain to Willow; what are you talking about? GREW OVER NIGHT!? Okay let's not ahhh say anything like that out loud. Look at that body... Oh my god. And she wants to be with us. And were still a virgin? YEESSSSSS! Oh teach us beautiful one. We want to learn, to be taught. We waited so long for a woman like yourself. Like Britney is singing I'm a slave for you.

Okay Willow to brain... Stop that she's looking at us funny.'

"What?" Willow signed.

Tara didn't sign a word. Instead she kissed Willow softly, then led her out the house to the backyard where she pinned her to a wall and kissed her hard and long.

Tara signed "My ears... please..."

Before she could even finish Willow switched positions. Tara was now the one pinned with her arms above her head as Willow was making love to her ears. Back and forth she went from ear to ear. Tara was drunk with the feelings of passion and lust. Her body was crying out and Willow was answering it's call.

She was unable to sign to Willow that her legs were giving out, but without warning Willow used her strength to sit Tara on the fence right behind them. There she wrapped her legs around Willow's hips as the redhead continued to devour her ears.

As good as Tara's ears tasted Willow needed to be kissing those firm breasts and full lips.

A short time later Willow was going crazy on Tara's breasts.

Tara was in heaven.

'Oh God I think I... Willow is, oh god, a breast girl. Don't stop Will. Don't ever stop.' She thought as she pulled on red locks while Willow's mouth was trying to swallow Tara whole.

As she licked and sucked she signed how Tara tasted.

"I want you to see me." Tara signed. Then Willow was having her meal gently pulled from between her lips.

She stepped back and watched as Tara let her halter top slowly slide down the front of her body. Her nipples were rock hard from the attention Willow was giving them.

Willow stared. Her breathing was heavy and Tara felt the wetness between her legs get a little warmer.

While Willow's hands played with the blonde's breasts, her mouth was once again on Tara's ears. Tara thought she would pass out just from the attention being paid to her ears.

Tara was touching and feeling Willow's tight ass. She wrapped her legs tighter around Willow's waist. Then she felt herself being picked up again.

Willow signed "Back. I want to kiss your back. Please Tara."

She soon found herself pressed up against the wall with Willow now giving attention to her back.

'Oh okay t-t-this is new. M-my back? First ears and now my b-b-back? God I don't know what I'm going to do with this woman. Well actually I do. I'm going to love her with all my heart, with all that I am. Oh God this feels so good. She knows my body almost as good as I do. Her mouth is so hot.' Tara stopped all thoughts as Willow's mouth made its way back to her ears.

Minutes passed as Willow took Tara to heaven. Then Tara felt Willow's mouth lower. Willow had dropped to her knees and was kissing Tara's lower back.

'Oh God she's trying to make me insane.' Tara reached back and touched Willow's face.

Willow stopped kissing long enough for Tara to turn around. Willow stayed on her knees looking up at Tara who knelt down and was playing with Willow's mouth. Willow stood bringing Tara with her. She kissed each breast once more before pulling Tara's halter top back up. Breathing heavily both girls knew if they stayed there alone any longer things would go in a direction they weren't ready for.

"Tara." Willow signed.

"Sshhh... darling it's okay. I know and it's okay. Come on let's get back to the party." Tara signed as she pulled Willow in for one more kiss.

Faith noticed the two women come in the door holding hands. She smiled and greeted the two. She looked Tara in the face and asked if she wanted to dance. Tara shook her head yes.

Willow watched as the two danced together, then she found a dance partner too.

As Tara danced with Faith she got the attention of Buffy.

"Sorry to bother you. I just wanted to be able to talk to Faith." Tara signed.

Buffy just smiled and signed "No problem."

Across the room Willow had stopped dancing and was sat waiting for Faith and Tara to finish their dance.

'Look at her. God she's gorgeous. Why didn't I notice that body? Oh man that body that's going to be pressed up against me, making love to me. Holding me... White leather pants? Boy she sure is wearing those pants. God her thighs are so hard but soft at the same time. And her breasts are... they're sooo... WOW! Look at them. Rosenberg what on earth were you looking at before? How have you never noticed all that body? Well it doesn't matter, for we have seen the light, and it came dressed all in white.'

Willow's eyes continue to roam all over Tara's body.

'And just think she's mine. All mine. Okay stop staring. Stop staring. WILLOW! WHAT? Oh nothing except she`s standing right in front of you.'

Willow looked up

"Hey" she signed.

Tara gave her a kiss and wanted to know if they could go.

"I'm tired sweetie. I just want to go home and hold you close to me all night as I sleep." The blonde signed slowly.

Willow pulled Tara in to a hug and then sat her down in the chair.

"I'll be right back. Just let me go tell everyone we're leaving, okay? I'll drive if you want." As she finished Tara smiled and closed her eyes.

Five minutes later she and Tara were driving home.

It only took Willow a short time to get them to Tara's house. Once she pulled up she looked over to find Tara fast asleep. She gently stroked the blonde's face. Slowly blue eyes met green.

Willow ran around to open Tara's car door for her and Tara gave her the keys to the house. As Willow was unlocking the door Tara signed where her bedroom was. They climbed the stairs in silence. Once in the bedroom they both looked at the rather large bed and then looked shyly at one another.

"I don't want to be bad company my fist time here so I can go downstairs and sleep on the couch." Willow signed. Tara looked at her then the bed and finally back at Willow.

"It's a king size Will. I think we can both fit with no problem." She signed.

They watched one another smiling. Tara sat on the bed as Willow went to the bathroom. When she walked into the room Tara had scooted onto one side of the bed and fallen to sleep.

'God she's so gorgeous. Look at her sleeping. Eeep! She's fallen asleep in her clothes. We have to get her undressed. What?

Brain to Willow. Huh? What? We have to undress her.

Willow to brain. WHAT ARE YOU CRAZY? That means I have to touch her. Gulp. Okay we start with her top, the halter. Oh no. Oh please don't do this. Ummmm HER BREASTS ARE IN THERE.

Brain to Willow. Get a grip. We can't let her sleep in those pants. I mean really look at her. They can... what are you doing?

You said to look at her.

Well not like that. What if she wakes up and finds you drooling on her?

Oh okay Rosenberg, we can do this. Breathe in and out, breath in and out.'

With trembling hands she reaches for the front of Tara's pants and touches warm skin in the process.

'Oh god she's so soft.

Brain to Willow. Concentrate on helping Tara.

Oh yeah. Alright. Okay I'm just going to ease them down her strong, muscular...

Willow stay focused.'

It took some time but she was able to get her out of the pants. She quickly covered her up.

'Now the top and we can get some sleep our-self.

I doubt that I will be getting much sleep tonight.

Look all we have to do is close our eyes and pull that one string and it will come off.

That's what I'm afraid of. Okay I can do this. It's just one string. All I have to do is give it a pull, take it off, cover her up and run and sleep on the sofa. Okay on three. 1 2 3'

A while later Willow was laid, wide awake, on the sofa. She looked at her watch, again.

'Damn it. It must be broken, or I'm just wound so tight at seeing Tara's body. God she is incredible. I wanted so much to touch her and kiss her. But god how perverted would that have been with her sleeping? Not to mention pushy and crossing the line. I need to busy myself. God she's only 12 stairs; 45 steps; 1 sheet away. And she's naked up there.'

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