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Author: Willohand
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Willow, Tara, Buffy & any of the other BtVS characters that might pop up belong to Joss Whedon, 20th Century Fox and mutant Enemy, which they all became by killing off Tara and breaking up everybody's favourite wiccan couple. All original characters are the creation of my own imagination. Oh, & the university really does exist.

It was 7:00am, Tuesday morning when Tara's alarm goes off. She had got some sleep, but she was restless due to her not being able to get a certain redhead out of her thoughts. She sits up and stretches. On the side table is Willow's note. She smiles to herself, and then she sits up in a flash thinking about how she's going to style her hair for Willow.

It was dress down day at the university, Tara rarely participated, but today she was going to make an exception.

'Okay now the baby blue fitted top with my boot cut Levis and my black blazer just in case. Yeah, now I had my hair swept up like so...' Tara played around with different styles, trying out three different ones until she found the one that she thought Willow would like.

'Oh my. What if I'm wrong about this? But I know the look she had, and I know she wasn't looking at my breasts because I was watching her eyes. They were on my face and hair the whole time. Now she is definitely a woman I can take home to momma. She was more into my face than my body.'

Willow didn't stir until almost after 7:30am, like Tara she had been restless too. She went about the start of her day as usual, with a hot cup of chocolate mocha goodness. As she's sitting on the couch looking at all the flowers she can't help but smile.

'Tara cares about me too. As more than just a friend, hee hee. Wow look at all the flowers.' She thought as she sipped her mocha.

She finished her mocha and walked upstairs to her bedroom.

'Let's see what am I wearing today? Well, I'll be up to my elbows in dirt and fertilizers, so I guess this is a jean jumper kind of day. Where's that blue t-shirt that I kinda sorta took from Buffy? Oh if she ever finds it on me I'm so dead. Since she lost it doing laundry a year ago.' Willow thought to herself smiling.

She proceeded to go about her morning smiling with each visit to or past the living room.

It was after 8:45 when Tara's car pulled into the parking lot. Willow was up to her neck in dirt, grass and fertilizers. As she was just wiping dirt off her face (or at least trying to), she looked up to see the bottom of Tara's car. She watched as the door opened and first one, then another black leather boot landed on the parking lot.

"Nice boots." Willow said to nobody in particular.

She continued to watch and saw a pair of nice fitting jeans wrapped around muscular thighs. All Willow was able to get out was a small "Eeep." Upon further looking, her eyes roamed up those muscular thighs to a round, firm, tight ass being hugged by a pair of Levi jeans. Her mind went blank; her throat went dry. More importantly her vocal skills vanished.

Her eyes travelled upwards to a small waist that was covered by the thinnest of shirts. It was blue in color and hugged Tara in all the right places. Willow's mind was lost to the wonderful sight that was Tara Maclay.

Tara, without even looking up, could feel eyes on her. She got a warm feeling that only came along with a certain redhead. She went to her trunk and pulled out her briefcase then turned directly around to locate Willow in a ditch watching her. She smiled and waved to the sexy redhead before walking over to where Willow was.

Tara could tell by the way Willow was looking at her that she loved what she was seeing. As Tara signed, Willow was only able to nod her head in response. Every time she tried to sign her mind kept seeing Tara's ears, smile and breasts. Oh god, how Willow wished she could be that shirt at that moment.

Tara noticed that Willow was only nodding at her and when the redhead did sign it was to say that she loved Tara's ears. Tara laughed to herself knowing that Willow must be nervous, she was pretty sure Willow didn't mean to sign what she had obviously been thinking.

Tara thought it cute that Willow was, at a word, speechless.

'Oh my god... look how she's looking at me. Yes! She likes what she's seeing.' Tara thought to herself.

As Willow continued to stare, Tara noticed something on Willow's cheek. She stepped closer to the ditch and signed for Willow to come to her.

Willow climbed out and stood in front of Tara. Now Tara couldn't help but realize just how close they were to one another. She reached out and gently rubbed Willow's left cheek. Willow's eyes instantly closed and she pressed herself into Tara's touch.

"God you look great. So sexy and I wish we were alone right now." She mouthed unconsciously. Tara could tell that Willow didn't even register what she had said.

After a moment Willow opened her eyes to a pair of smiling blue eyes.

"You had some dirt on your face and I was trying..." Tara was signing an explanation, but Willow stopped her.

"It's okay you don't ever have to explain why you touch me... just... touch... me." Then Willow leaned in and kissed Tara. It wasn't a long kiss but it wasn't a quick peck either.

Tara's eyes closed as contact was made, she couldn't believe it was happening, but then, all too soon, it was over. When she opened her eyes Willow was breathing heavily and her eyes had changed to a much darker forest green.

They were both feeling it. It was electric. It was powerful.

Tara was flustered and began to sign that she needed to go because her class was starting soon. She opened the briefcase and handed Willow the note. Their hands touched as Willow took the note. Tara slowly backed away smiling. She gave one last smile then turned and left.

Willow watched Tara walk all the way into the building. Tara could feel Willows eyes all over her and she was enjoying the attention, but Tara, being the professional, stopped once she was in the building, reached into her briefcase and pulled out her blazer. She took time to button it up.

Back outside Willow put the note in her pocket and went back to work.

Sitting in her car watching the whole thing was Carly.

"YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!" She yelled. "WHAT A WASTE. SHE WON'T BE ABLE TO GIVE IT TO YOU LIKE YOU NEED IT.'' She continued her tirade. She turned her attention to Willow, who was back hard at work.

For the remainder of the day Willow was on cloud nine. She kept feeling in her pocket for Tara's note, but didn't dare touch it with her dirty hands. She wanted to wait until she was in the privacy of her home to read it. Willow found herself checking her watch often.

After getting back to work finally Willow looked up to find Tara standing there smiling down at her.

"If I didn't know better I would think you put dirt on your face in order to bait me into cleaning it off for you." Tara signed. Willow laughed and climbed out of the hole.

"Well is it working?" Willow signed.

Tara stepped up and once again wiped away the dirt.

"Yup, it certainly is." Her hands cup Willow's face and pull her towards her own.

Tara looked around and saw that her car and Willow's were the only two left in the parking lot. She kissed the redhead slowly as she held her face. When she pulled away Willow was flushed. Tara walked off towards her car, she was just as flushed as Willow. If she hadn't got out of there she would just spend more endless minutes kissing her.

Then she had a wicked thought. She ran back to Willow grabbing her hands and bringing each hand up to her ears. Willow's eyes closed as she caressed Tara's ears.

'Oh... my... god.' Tara thought 'This feels so good. I-I...' She could no longer think straight. Somehow they moved within inches of one another, Willow continuing to drive Tara senseless.

When Tara was finally able to will her legs to move she was so high from the feeling. She tried to sign but her hands wouldn't function properly. They were moving slower than usual. Willow looked at Tara's hands and smiled.

'Sensitive,' Willow was thinking, then she realized that Tara's other senses are heighten too.

"Sensitive?" She signed.

Tara just shook her head yes.

"I... love... these... ears of yours." Tara smiled and backed away.

Willow watched her leave.

Tara got to her car and decided that she wanted Willow to have her cell number. She looked through her briefcase for a pen and paper. She got out of the car, jogged back over to Willow and handed her the number. They both smiled as hands brushed together as the number was passed.

Willow closed her eyes and her hands started to move as if having a mind of their own. She was signing everything she was thinking.

Tara stood flushed as she read what the sexy redhead wanted to do to her and with her. Tara realized that Willow babbled even in sign language. She thought it was the cutest thing.

She waited for Willow to realize what she was doing, but the redhead showed no hint of stopping. She lightly touched Willow's hand and Willow opened her eyes, they had changed colour and were now a much darker green. Tara was flushed and slightly aroused at knowing Willow's thoughts of her. Willow followed Tara's gaze down to her hands. Tara raised her eyebrow and smirked. Willow turned as red as her hair.

Tara looked at Willow's hands, they were still moving until Willow shoved them in her pockets.

"Is that so Ms. Rosenberg? Was that your number you were giving me? Or just random numbers?" Tara asked. "Well let me think about what you said, I will sleep on it and definitely get back to you with an answer."

Willow read as Tara signed and was at a complete loss. She had no idea what it was she had told Tara in her moment of babble.

'Oh great I even babble in sign language.' She thought as Tara walked away smiling.

Tara managed to make it back to her car okay. Her legs were weak from Willow's mini babble - sign style.

'Home quickly. Need to cool off fast.' Tara's smile never left her face.

Willow stood looking at her hand with Tara's phone number in it. She said just one word.

"WOOHOO!" Then she remembered her note from Tara... "Woooooohoooo" could be heard from all over the university grounds. Luckily for Willow no one seemed to be around.

She packed up her equipment and was on her way home. Once in the car she turned on the music, cranked up the volume and sang along to Nelly's hit song 'Hot In Here.'

As she pulled up to a red light she was so into the words of the song she didn't notice the police officer perched on her motorcycle. The officer got off her bike and walked over to Willow, signalling for her to pull over.

"Alright I need to see some I.D. please. You were playing your music a little too loud." She took off her shades and smiled as she saw the driver. The officer leaned into the drivers side and Willow was shocked.

"Anya? Ohmygod Anya is that you?" They both were surprised to see the other.

"Willow Rosenberg if you don't get out that car and give me a hug I will shoot you in your knee." Willow jumped out and they hugged.

"Anya what are you doing in DC? When did you become a police officer?" Anya was now handling her pen, twirling it in her fingers.

"Willow, that's officer Jenkins to you. We'll talk after I ticket you. Now get back in the car and wait while I check your license." Anya smiled and walked back to her bike and was giving Willow's info. After writing up Willow's ticket Anya chatted it up with her old friend.

"So what you're saying is, you stole the uniform and bike in order to get easier excess to your story?" Willow asked in disbelief. Anya gave her a look

"Well of course silly. And don't worry about the ticket you shouldn't get anything on your record because I'm not a real cop. Oh there's my story coming out that rather large white building. Okay I have to run... or ride." Anya hopped on the motorcycle and took off. Willow thought it best to hold on to the ticket just in case anything ever happened where she needs to blackmail her old friend. She puts it in one of her books, nice and neat.

As Tara walked in to her house, she was still light headed.

'S-she, I-I... Oh my god that felt so good.' She thought 'No-one has ever made me feel like that, but then again no other woman played with my ears.' She laid out on her couch and dozed off with heavenly thoughts and feelings all caused by the sexy redhead.

After settling down and rewinding from her day Willow sits with a cup of mocha goodness in one hand and Tara's note in the other. Her cell phone is on the table in front of her. She slowly sips her drink while thinking of her blonde beauty. She thought of calling Tara, but what would she say? Her mind is still reeling from their last encounter. She still cant believe that Tara placed her hands on her ears.

'Oh god, the look on her face as I played with her ears... Her ears are even more sensitive than I ever imagined.' She thought as she finished the last of her mocha.

She pulls out Tara's note and is all smiles as she reads it. Suddenly her eyes go wide and "Eep." The cup barely makes it back to the table.

"L-love Tara? Ohmygod ohmygod... She loves me too? She signed it love Tara."

Her breathing became erratic and her head starts spinning.

'I have to sit down. Oh, oh, I'm already sitting down. Good. I would hate to have to stand up only to have to sit down. She loves me? Wait, lots of people sign 'love Tara'. Well okay not love Tara. I mean if everybody signed letters love Tara then the world would be a much happier place. Need to breath. Okay Rosenberg calm down. So the most perfect woman on earth has written you a note and signed it love Tara... no need to get panicky. She's only a blonde haired, blue eyed goddess. So what if she happens to love the only virgin left on earth. BUFFY! Okay, okay, okay...just going to play it kool. I'm going to call Buffy...' She picks up Tara's note and places it on the table.

She gets up, grabs the cordless phone and hits speed-dial.

"Hey Buffy. How are you? I need to talk to you about something... okay it's Tara. She gave me a note today and signed it love Tara. Um can you stop by tonight. Umm, how about now actually? Thanks."

On the other end Buffy is sitting with a smile on her face.

"Oh hey Will. I'm fine thanks. My day? My day was good thanks for asking." She spoke to the dial tone. Willow had given her no chance to get a word in.

'Yup Tara definitely has my friend going crazy. This is just what Willow needs, a good woman making her nervous and crazy for all the right reasons.'

Tara wakes on her couch smiling. She looks over to the clock and remembers that her mother and friend Lanetra were coming over. She sets about getting her place a little neater. She puts on her cleaning music, turns it up so she can feel the vibrations of the beat. Nelly's summer hit 'Hot in here' booms through the house. Tara is dancing all around as she cleans. As usual she gets into the beat of the music and her place is clean in no time. She runs upstairs for a quick shower.

Buffy arrives at Willow's and is amused by the state in which she finds her best friend.

"In this case I think you drinking any more mocha's would be a bad thing. I'm getting you a glass of water."

Willow continues to pace the floor babbling to herself. Buffy returns from the kitchen and hands Willow the water.

"Two things Will. One is no more mocha tonight and two is breathe. Now lets see the letter."

Buffy sat reading, she smiled as she did so.

"Will I want you to understand what I'm about to say to you. I want you to hear me clearly." Buffy turned to face Willow who was full of dread that Tara signing love really meant nothing. "Willow, I'm willing to bet 'Slayer' that Tara not only loves you, but she's in love with you."

Buffy waited for it to register in her best friends head. Willow jumped up

"Wait, wait, your wiling to bet the 'Slayer' on this? But, you've had that gun since your rookie year at the academy." Buffy smiled looking at 'Slayer' in it's holster. In a small child-like voice Willow whispered.

"She's in love with me."

At the same time at Tara's, she's having a similar conversation with her closest friend and mother. In unison they both sign "You're in love with Willow Rosenberg." And a group hug takes place.

Lanetra was giddy for her best friend. They hugged and danced around as Tara's mother sat on the couch just smiling and watching her daughter. She had never seen Tara so happy. Well except for when she was seventeen and her and Lanetra got their drivers license. That seemed so long ago. Tara now twenty-six and a far cry from that shy seventeen year old. She's now a beautiful woman and in love for the first time.

Mrs. Maclay couldn't wait to meet the woman who has her daughter, in Lanetra's words, on the edge of madness.

Lanetra had done her own little 'getting to know you' with Willow and filled Tara's mother in.

Memories came flooding back to Mrs. Maclay. Tara's birth and their discovery that she was deaf. Tara at the age of four learning to sign. Tara at the age of twelve explaining to her that she likes girls and not nasty little boys. Tara at the age of nineteen bringing home her first girlfriend. And it suddenly dawned on her that Tara is no longer her little girl. She started to cry.

"Momma? Momma what's wrong?" Tara signed frantically. Her mother stopped her daughters hands and signed "It just hit me that you're no longer my baby... You're not a little girl anymore."

It was almost 11:30pm and Willow was laying awake thinking about her impending date with Tara. The blonde goddess had invaded every one of Willow's thoughts and dreams. Suddenly the high pitched beep of her cell phone pierced the night's silence. Picking up her phone Willow realised that it was a text message.

Willow, hi it's Tara. Are you up? I know you are, I can feel you, sense you. You know how they say that when you loose one sense the others become heightened? Do you believe that? I know it to be true, especially since meeting you. I know what you're lying there thinking about...

A second beep fills the silence as the continuation of the message arrived to Willow's phone. ears right? You want to know if today was just something that happened. No, I have very, very sensitive ears. You also wonder what it's like to be able to kiss them, lick them and eat my earlobes. Well Willow, all I can say is, you will more then get the chance to find out. The thought of that warm mouth of yours on my ears are making me... well...

For endless minutes Willow waited for the next part of the message.

'Surely that can't be it? There must be more, right?'

Quarter of an hour later, Willow finally realised that that had been the end of Tara's text.

Willow's mind filled with thoughts of Tara's adorable, soft ears. Thoughts of playing with the lobes between her fingers; between her teeth. She imagined running her tongue around the outside of those perfect, sensitive ears; nibbling gently at the skin...

Finally she snapped; she couldn't take it any longer. She lifted her cell and sent a text message in reply to Tara's.

Tara smiles to herself as the light on her cell flashes on and off.

That's it? You finish there? You little tease. Are you deliberately trying to drive me crazy? Oh and also... GULP! Oh my god, can you blame me for thinking about your ears? I mean... WOW! They're so cute and the way you almost melted as I was touching them. That dreamy look on your face... I almost came on the spot.

'Oh you are in so much trouble Ms Rosenberg. You wanna play dirty, I'm gonna blow your mind,' Tara thought to herself as she typed out a second text for the sexy redhead.

Willow I should warn you, playing with my ears is like opening me up to really intense feelings. As you play with my ears, may I take your face into my hands? Can I pull you in to me and kiss you hard? You're going to feel my body tingle. You're going to taste my hungry tongue. You're only going to need one hand, so can I take your other and slip it between my legs? Your hand should learn my trembling body. I want you to feel all the wetness that you and you alone will cause by playing with my very, very sensitive ears. My dear sweet Willow, my ears are yours to ravish.

"Gulp!" Willow exclaims, her eyes almost bugging out as she reads Tara's message. She was having some difficulty thinking, or even functioning properly. With shaky hands she types and sends the closest thing she can manage to a coherent reply.

I uhm, you, I... oh god... ears... soft, sensitive... gdfaigfi jhdoq yofakco yowf foyqwiyofeo.

'Mission accomplished.' Tara grinned an evil, vixen-y grin to herself as she read the redhead's response.

Buffy didn't like the actions that Carly was using to get with Tara and to get Willow out the way. As protective as she is, Buffy knew one other person who wouldn't let anything happen to Willow. She made a call to Willow's close college buddy and explained the situation in great detail. The response she got was exactly what she thought it would be. Nobody makes a weeping Willow and gets away with it.

Buffy planned it so that there would be a reunion the night of the party. She sent a text to Tara asking if she and a friend of Willow's could come to the party. Tara was more then glad to have another friend of Willow's there.

Buffy carried out a background check on Carly. What she found, she didn't like. This Carly seemed to have a record. It was only one case, but as far as Buffy was concerned, it was one too many. It was a charge of domestic abuse brought against her by an ex-girlfriend in college.

'Oh no. This Carly person is not going to hurt my friend Tara. Weird, we just met and I already feel a connection with her. She really is a nice person. Better nip this Carly thing in the bud before it even gets started and Willow or Tara get hurt...oh no not going to let anything like that happen.'

Now that she had Willow calm from the note she just had the party to worry about. With the party so close Willow was nervous about meeting some of Tara's friends. Buffy again calmed her fears.

"Will don't worry about her friends not liking you. You're going to be fine. For one you will already know how to sign so you can talk with them and not worry about just standing around wondering what's being said." Buffy reminded her.

Willow jumped up from her seat and tackled Buffy with a big hug. They both laughed as they hit the floor.

"Okay I'm out of here. I'll stop by tomorrow so we can both decide on what to wear." With that Buffy left.

Willow read Tara's note again.

"SHE LOVES ME TOO!" She yelled as she ran through her house.

Buffy drove straight to the airport to pick up Wilow's old college buddy, who had decided to get to Washington before the party. As Buffy waited she couldn't help but smile. Here she is waiting for Willow's college friend who dropped everything just because she'd been told that somebody had hurt Willow.

'Well Willow does have that effect on people. No one likes the thought of her hurt.' Buffy was brought out of her thoughts by a strong hand on her shoulder. She turned around

"Faith hi."

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