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The Game of Love

Author: Shai
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Unfortunately neither Tara nor Willow are mine. Neither's anyone else in this fic for that matter!

"Aah, Tara, Anya and Cordelia... its so nice to see you'll made it, and just on time at that..." Coach Giles said with a hint of sarcasm in his voice. Just then Tara yawned. "Oh please tell me you got a good nights rest at least?" Coach Giles said. "We're relying on you and Anya to do most of the scoring. How's your ankle doing by the way?"

"Well I've been jogging every evening, trying to get it some exercise, and so far its held up pretty fine, so I think it should be fine for the tournament." Tara replied, shaking her foot a little as if to prove it.

"That's good then" Coach Giles smiled, and to Willow it looked like he was actually a little relieved. Willow looked down at Tara's foot to see if she could see the topic of discussion, but Tara's jeans covered the joint.

"Ok then, well, our first match is against St.Xaviers, and we all know they have a good team. There's their bus right now" he pointed to the team bus that was pulling in. "We've got a first round bye since our opponents pulled out, so we'll be playing Xaviers after they've had a break AFTER playing their first round match, so it might be a while. All of you'll can do what you like for now, as long as it isn't tiring." With that Coach Giles walked away.

"So, I'm guessing we should all stick together, since we ARE a team," Cordy said. Looking at the substitutes she said "And that includes you'll! What do you guys wanna do?"

The other girls just shrugged their shoulders and mumbled 'whatevers', so Anya suggested that they all head to the bleachers and rest "Since we all had to wake up at this inhuman hour" she said, drawing a laugh from the rest of the team. "Get to know eachother better" she added, before starting to walk towards the bleachers surrounding the playing field.

The rest of the girls started to follow her, when someone yelled out "Tara!". Everyone stopped, turning to see a girl running their way.

"Emily!" Tara smiled as the girl came up, panting. "What are you doing here?"

"I play for Xaviers you doof!" Emily smiled. Willow looked at the girl with the jet black hair as she hugged Tara, then Anya and Cordelia, and smiled at the rest of the players. She was quite pretty, with sharp features, and a nice height. In fact, almost everyone around her was taller than Willow herself was. "God, do these sportswomen HAVE to be so well built?" she thought to herself, feeling very tiny at the moment.

"No way!" Tara said. "You guys are our first match!"

"Yeah I heard, we're playing you'll second round, since we all know we're gonna kick Lincoln's butt in our first round match. And then we're gonna kick yours in the second!" Emily grinned.

"Aah! You wish!" Tara smirked. "You have seen our team haven't you? Wo else do you'll have?"

"Tare! We have Sita, Julia, Jamie and me as the main forwards, and Caroline in the goal!" Emily said, with a great deal of pride in her voice.

"Well, you see our team, and I've gotta say its better!" Cordelia challenged, " And don't you forget we've watched you guys play all our highschool lives!"

"The same goes for you guys!Of course back then we played for the SAME team!!!" Emily laughed. Willow recognised all their bragging as friendly banter.

"Anyway" Anya piped in, wheres the rest of your team?"

"They ran to get changed. Our match is due to start in 15 minutes, and I gotta go change too. Just thought I'd say hi first. The others send their greetings as well. Said they'd catch up after the match. Ok I better run. Hey I expect to see you'll at the sidelines cheering us on, you understand???" Emily said, before turning and running towards the changing rooms.

"We'll be there" Tara called out to the departing figure."Ok," she looked at the others, "I'm going to find place around the court. Gotta cheer our friends on, even if they are our next round opponents. Anyone else coming?"

Everyone nodded their heads, and followed Tara as she made her way back to Court no. 1.

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