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The Game of Love

Author: Shai
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Unfortunately neither Tara nor Willow are mine. Neither's anyone else in this fic for that matter!

Tara led the way to an empty row of courtside seats, right near the middle of the field. The team settled down, putting their kits down. "Ok 10 minutes to go for the match to start" Anya said, scanning the referee's and officials on Court No.1 as they readied it for the opening match of the tournament. Her gaze moved over to Court No.2, which was also being readied for a match between two mens teams. "Hey, where are our UC guys?" she asked to no one in particular.

As if on cue, a tall guy came into sight, and soon after him there followed a group of guys headed their way. Tara, who hadn't noticed them, spoke to Cordelia "Isn't it getting hot???"

Cordelia grinned and said "Yeah, thats probably because of this certain guy who's coming our way," and she nodded her head towards the guys.

Willow too saw the guys, and couldn't help but notice the tall guy leading the way. As he came closer it was totally evident how drool worthy he was... Tall, muscular and an out and out jock! "Probably with a six pack underneath that basketball jersey," she thought. The guy wore his hair long, the dark brown locks streaked with a little blonde here and there. He had Hollywood good looks, and as he approached he flashed a wide grin in Tara's direction, showing off his perfect white teeth.

"How's my favourite girl today?" he asked, leaning down to kiss Tara on the cheek. "Neat glasses by the way" he added. "I'm borrowing them later" he grinned, as he exchanged high fives with Anya and Cordelia, and waved at Jessica, Samantha, Nicole and Sophie.

Tara laughed back sand answered "Zak, you're not getting these until you return my Dolce and Gabbana's! Anyway, you playing today?"

"Yeah, there's the team. Michael and the rest wanted to get a smoke, so they didn't come here with me. So is this your team?" he asked, looking at the unfamiliar faces.

"Yeah" Cordelia piped up. She introduced the new girls "That's Buffy, Whitney, Tina, Cameron and Sharon. They play soccer for us, and were kind enough to come complete the squad. Guys this is Zak," she smiled at the girls as she spoke.

"And that's Willow" Tara said, acknowledging the red head. "She's a friend of Buffy's, and she's gonna make sure we have a lotta support from the sidelines". Tara grinned at Willow, who felt suddenly shy under her gaze.

"Hey girls" Zak smiled, and Buffy all but drooled. "Anyway, we have a match in a while, so I better go be with the team. Come out with me for a smoke later?" he asked Tara.

"We'll see..." Tara left it at that, and Zak left.

"Who was that????" Buffy asked, as he walked away "And why haven't I seen him before???"

Anya laughed and replied "That's Zak, the guy every girl at UC Sunydale wants a piece of..."

"And the guy Tara let go of after dating for just a week..." Cordelia continued.

"Even though he's still pursuing her..." Cameron said.

"But she's not interested, for a reason that none of us can figure out!" Jessica finished.

Willow looked at the departing figure, and couldn't understand why Tara would say no to such a hot guy either. She turned her attention back to the blonde, who was simply rolling her eyes at the conversation.

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