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The Game of Love

Author: Shai
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Unfortunately neither Tara nor Willow are mine. Neither's anyone else in this fic for that matter!

As the girls drew nearer, Willow took in the vision coming her way. Starting at her black Air loafers, "Which she wears with socks," Willow mentally noted, moving up to the bootcut faded blue jeans that seems to fit her so well. Willow noted the small rip at the knees, which was , meant to be a style statement. continuing her upward journey, she smiled at the blondes choice of a short... She was wearing a Real Madrid sports jersey, comeplete with the Spanish soccers teams logo on one side and the Adidas symbol on the other. Finally she reached her face, which was largely covered with a pair of blue Lumberjacks. Her hair cascaded down her shoulders, catching the early morning rays of the sun, and giving her an angelic air.

Finally the three girls reached the rest of the team, who'd come closer seeing that everyone had finally arrived.

"Hey guys!" Cordelia smiled, looking at the team. She already knew everyone, since she'd looked in on practice a couple of times before leaving for her extra classes.

Anya and Tara just stood there, waiting for her to introduce them to the five strangers there. When Cordelia didn't seem to notice, Anya nudged her and said "Hello? Cordy? Anya? Tara? Rest of the team? Introduction? Capish?"

"Oh yeah" Cordelia suddenly remembered that the substitutes didn't know Anya and Tara. "Um, Buffy Summers, Whitney Shaw, Cameron Cooper, Sharon Taylor and Tina Gray..." Cordelia acknowledged everyone she named with a nod of her head, "Meet Anya Harris, our goalkeeper, and Tara Maclay, our captain."

Just then Cordelia noticed Willow standing behind Buffy, and said "Hi, sorry, I don't know who you are...???"

"Oh yeah, I forgot. This is my friend, Willow. She's come to cheer us on!" Buffy replied before Willow had the chance to say anything.

"That's good..." everyone turned their attention to Tara as she spoke. "We can always use some cheering on." She smiled at Willow, before turning her attention to Coash Giles, who'd come up to talk to the team.

"Hmm... She's got a lovely smile" Willow thought, before listening to the team coach as he started talking to the team.

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