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Final Fantaxy X-3

Author: Stormforce
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't own either series.

When the group appeared they were under the water, and they could breath. Faith was just about to turn and tell Donald he was right, but she stopped short and stared.

For now no one seemed to notice anything strange, but then again, none of them had looked anywhere other than around the area they'd appeared in. It wasn't until Buffy began to sink closer to the bottom and let out a strangled scream, that everyone looked at themselves.

"You damn duck! What'd you do to us?!" Faith finally found her voice and screamed at Donald with a glare.

Donald looked down and let out a high-pitched quack, "I didn't mean to do this!"

"Oh my..." Willow's eyes were wide, and her jaw was somewhere near the ocean floor, as she looked over Tara.

Needless to say Tara was much the same. "We're...we have fish tails!" Tara finally shouted pointing to Willow's light blue tail, beginning at her waist.

"And not much else!" Buffy grumbled looking at the orange seashells covering her breasts. Glancing at Faith she saw purple shells covering Faith's breasts. Dark blue shells covered Willow's breasts, and white were covering Tara's.

"And just what the hell are you suppose to be?" Faith asked looking from the gray tentacles on Donald's lower half, to Goofy, who was at the moment a sea turtle. "I think you fucked up big time!"

"Hey! I cast a spell so we could breathe under water, I didn't know it'd turn us into a turtle, octopus, and mermaids!"

"Yeah, well, we can breathe, but how in the hellfire are we supposed to swim!" Buffy shouted trying to wiggle her tail to swim, and failing as she sunk just a little further toward the bottom with the others sinking with her.

The shouting came to a sudden stop when a young girl came around the corner at a high rate of speed, followed by a small yellow and blue fish, and a red crab.

"Hurry up, Sebastian!" The girl called over her shoulder.

"Ariel, wait! Slow down! Don't leave me beind for those monsters to eat!" The crab shouted back, and swam into Donald. When Sebastian saw Donald he freaked and swam to the ocean floor and hid inside of a large clamshell.

Ariel stopped and looked the group over as the fish peeked over her shoulder. "Oh, relax, Sebastian. They don't look like one of them. Right, Flounder?"

"I don't know." The fish said and sawm in front of Ariel, "There's something weird about them."

Willow nervously laughed and scratched her head, "What do you mean?"

Ariel swam around the group looking the up and down before nodding her head, "They do seem...a little different. Say, where are you guys from?"

Willow glanced at the others and gave the young mermaid a nervous smile. "Well, we...uh, we're from far away, really far away, and we're not really used to swimming in these waters." she said and giggled.

"Oh, that's no problem, Sebastian can show you how we swim around here." Ariel smiled as the crab came out of his hiding place.

"Ariel, King Triton will not like this!" Sebastian shook his little head.

"Don't worry about daddy."

"That's easy for you to say..." The crab said and turned to the group. "Okay, it's time you learn how to swim properly. Practice swimming with Flounder. Try to tag him. All right. Begin."

That's it! Just try and tag the fish!? Was the thought that went through the girls' mind before they tried swimming. Ariel cringed when Willow and Buffy collided into each other, and closed her eyes when Donald slammed into the stone wall. It took the group close to an hour to figure out how to properly swim and actually tag Flounder.

Breathing hard the group slowly sunk to the ocean bottom and glared when Sebastian spoke again, "Good job. Now let's move on to self-defense."

Ariel giggled at the looks the girl, especially Willow and Buffy were giving Sebastian before looking toward the corner she'd rounded eariler. Her eyes went wide, as three eight-foot round black and red fish appeared and began swimming toward them.


The crab looked up and grabbed onto Flounders tail as the fish swam for the clamshell. "Class is over. Good luck!" Sebastian called out just before the clam closed.

"We'll take care of this!" Faith said and swam forward to meet the Heartless fish creatures.

"Yeah, you just hide." Willow said following Faith's lead, and suddenly found herself being slammed into the stone wall by a twelve-foot tall pink Heartless jellyfish, and saw five more appear.

Faith flicked her tail and dodged to the right as one of the fish dashed toward her, and swipped at it as the creature passed. Donald cast a Thundaga spell on one of the jellyfish, stunning it long enough for Goofy to hit it several times as he spun around. The pink creature flew into the wall, narrowly missing Buffy, who'd just cast the strongest Firaga spell she could, and watched as the creature Faith had attacked popped and disappeared.

Willow felt the power the princesses gave her take hold of her body, and began casting Flare spells, hitting and killing one of the jellyfish. She smiled when the loud pop reached her ears, and cried out when a sharp burning pain raced up her leg. Willow brought her blade down severing the pink tentacle and cut two more off, as she sunk down feeling the poison course though her body. One of the fish creatures, seeing this swam forward and crushed Willow against the wall, causing her to scream.

Hearing the scream Tara turned and saw her wife between the wall, and the creature, she was about to cast a Holy spell, but was thrown forward as another fish creature hit her from behind. Glaring at the creature she cast the Holy spell killing it. When she turned her eyes were full of anger, raising her hand palm facing forward; Tara released the strongest Holy spell she could, and poured more and more energy into it, and let it fly.

The water around Willow was beginning to turn pink from the blood seeping from her wounds, and mouth, and passed out in pain. The creature pulled back a fraction and was about to move forward again when it felt the spell close around its large body.

The Heartless struggled and fought against the Holy spell as it felt its' body being pulled apart. It let out a terrible shriek just before it was destroyed. Weakened from energy loss; Tara hurried toward Willow as fast as she could, and floated down next to her.

"Sweetie, wake up. Don't you dare leave me!" Tara cried and cast a healing spell, that barely touched the wounds on Willow's body. "Damn it! Work!" she tried again only to have the spell bounce off Willow's body. "What is going on!" Tara shouted as tears sprang to her eyes.

Willow's body was slowly turning a greenish purple and her breathing was coming in short gasps. Hoping she was right, Tara cast an Esuna spell followed by a healing spell. Both spells were weak but worked nonetheless, as the poison was pushed from Willow's body, and her wounds healed just a little.

Buffy saw Faith get knocked into the wall and crushed as the creature followed. An orange glow surrounded Buffy's body as the power flowed through her veins. Donald and Goofy swam away as quickly as they could, and Tara covered Willow's body with hers, just before she lost consciousness.


Everything froze, the fish creatures, the jellyfish, and even the water seemed to freeze when Buffy's shout bounced off the ocean walls and floor. And just as suddenedly everything sped up, as the water started swirling around the Heartless.

Each creature was pulled from its current place, no matter how far the Heartless was, it was pulled toward the swirling water. Once the Heartless entered, they were nothing more than a blur as they swirled around.

Buffy cried out and grit her teeth when her eyes glowed orange, and forced more energy into her spell. What amazed Donald, when he looked, was only the Heartless was being disturbed, not even Faith's prone body moved, and she was the closest besides Buffy.

The creatures were pushed into the center of the swirling water and were crowded together, their bodies were being crushed from the force, as the water began to shrink inwards. The vortex of water continued to shrink and with one last scream from Buffy; the pop of the disappearing creatures filled the area. The orange energy surrounding Buffy slowly dimmed, and she forced herself to swim over to the unconscious Faith.

"Faith, love, wake up." Buffy's weakened voice whispered before she joined Faith in unconsciousness.

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