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Final Fantaxy X-3

Author: Stormforce
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't own either series.

It was nearly an hour later that Tara opened her eyes and saw Ariel lean over, looking down with a gentle smile on her face, and placing a vial to her lips. Tara swallowed the awful tasting liquid, and shot up as the energy flowed through her veins, making her feel better than she did.

Glancing to her right she saw Faith was awake and helping Buffy to drink the same orange liquid, actually, it was more like Faith was forcing Buffy to drink it -if it was an indication from the look Buffy was giving her lover.

The poor Al Bhed -turned mermaid for the time being- coughed and choked as she sat up with a look on her face that would have scared Omega off. A soft hand on her shoulder caused Tara to turn her head to the left, where she saw a smiling Willow. Wrapping her arms around Willow's waist Tara leaned in and placed a long passionate kiss on Willow's lips.

Ariel giggled watching the two women kiss and waited for them to break apart, "You two remind me of my sister and her girlfriend. Come to think of it, you both look a lot like them, not to mention your two friends over there. I'm sorry, but I never did ask your names. I'm Ariel, but I'm sure you know that from Sebastian shouting at me eariler."

"I'm Willow, and this is Tara. Those two over there are Faith and Buffy, and those guys are Donald the octopus, and Goofy the sea turtle."

"Wow, you have their names, either way, it's nice to meet you." Ariel shook Willow's then Tara's hand.

"So, what were you doing out here?" Tara asked laying her head on Willow's shoulder.

Sebastian swam up and sat on Ariel's shoulder as Flounder floated beside her, "Those creatures chased us here, we were lucky to get away." The young mermaid said and glanced around the small cave where she and Donald had moved the girls. "I don't know what they are; they just appeared and began to attack us."

"We should not have been out of the palace!" Sebastian spoke in a regal tone, causing Ariel to roll her eyes.

"You know I don't like to be kept inside, Sebastian. Geez! You're just as bad as your brother Giles!"

Willow pictured a crab-Giles and burst out laughing just as Buffy and Faith joined them. "Wait till G hears about that!"

"Don't you bring my brother in to this! He can barely keep up with your sister, and her friends!"

Flounder slowly swam in front of the crab, "Yes, but Xander is always with them, not to mention his girlfriend Anya helps also."

"That no account brother of yours is just as bad as you Flounder! Always getting the girls into trouble, and that girlfriend of his is just...just worse than him!" Sebastian glared at the little fish.

While this little conversation was going on Willow couldn't help but laugh harder, and was soon joined by Faith, and Buffy. Tara was doing a good job at keeping a straight face, but soon lost the battle when Willow was able to whisper in her ear what Giles must be like. The laughter came to a stop when Ariel suddenly shouted.

"Oh, no! What if those monsters are heading for the palace, too!"

"We'd better head back right away!" Sebastian said and began swimming toward the cave entrance.

Flounder's whole body shook, "But, wh-what i-if we run into more m-monsters?"

Ariel stopped swimming for a moment and thought about it, before turning toward the group, "I'm sorry, but we need your help. Would you please come to the palace with us?" she asked and saw the girls nod. "Thanks, just follow the trident markers on the walls, they point the way there."

Ariel sawm at a fast pace, but was slow enough for the group to keep up and not get left behind. They entered a small round dark tunnel, and followed the twisting and turning path to the end where they sawm up thirty-foot, and entered another tunnel. Golden glowing trident markers showed the way as the group entered a third tunnel and ended up near a large light blue and green palace.

The group kept their guard up as they entered a large garden five-hundred-foot away from the palace gates. Large multi-colored sea grass, and nine-foot tall mushrooms grew in the garden, allowing for a great hiding spot if anything wished to attack them. Willow and Faith kept their hands on the hilt of their blades as they swam over and in front of the mushroom and grass.

Tara would look over her shoulder every few seconds and kept her guard up; Buffy would watch the ravine near edge of the garden, and would look up to make sure nothing would attack from the top. Donald and Goofy had Sebastian and Flounder between them, seeing as they were the smallest in the group.

Everyone felt a small sence of relief once they crossed inside the palace gates, and fail to see the two young mermaids speeding toward them. Tara and Buffy were pushed back by Willow and Faith's twins -who had a rather stunned look at their faces.

"Hey, how'd you get in front of us?" Faith's twin asked, and then shrugged, "Who cares, here's your reward." she leaned in and pressed her lips to Buffy's, just as Willow's twins' lips covered Tara's.

Faith turned red and was just reaching out to grab her twin when she was turned around, and found herself no more than a few inches from Buffy's twins smiling face. "Got ya." was all the twin said before she kissed Faith.

Willow had let out a growl before she was pulled back and into a very hot kiss by Tara's twin. Ariel giggled just wondering what her sister and her friends would think when they found out it wasn't their lovers they were kissing. "This is going to be fun." she whispered to Flounder, who grinned.

Willow pulled back from the kiss, red as a beet, but had a dreamy look on her face. "Wow, who knew Tara's twin could kiss that good!" she said with glazed eyes, and looked down only to get lost in a fantasy.

The only difference from Tara and her twin was the size of the seashells covering her beasts. Well, they really weren't covering her breasts, the shells were only big enough to cover her nipples. The same went for the other twins, only their nipples were covered, leaving their breasts in full view for anyone to see.

When Tara had heard her lover speak she broke the kiss and shot a glare at Willow -who now had a silly smile on her face. Tara's twins' jaw hit the ocean floor, soon joined by Willow's twins' jaw.

"Oh, my... there's two of you!" Tara's twin said looking at her own stunned lover, and smiled, "That might be fun."

"Oh yeah!" Willow's twin nodded franticly getting lost in her own fantasy.

"Holy shit!" Faith's twin shouted when she'd pulled back from the kiss and saw herself kissing another Buffy, and smirked as her own lover looked at her. "Can we keep them?" she asked causing Buffy to swim behind Faith and peek over her shoulder.

"I want them!" Buffy's twin nodded.

"Fayth on the Farplane, help us, they're just like the twins in Alices' world! Well except for the whole whip and leash thing." Buffy quietly said into Faith's ear.

"Whips? Ooh! We've got lots and lots of whips! Wanna play?" Willow's twin clapped in glee, scaring the hell out of Willow, not to mention Buffy who squeezed Faith tighter.

"What is going on here?" A voice asked causing the girls to turn, the twins sighed and rolled their eyes, as the others were hit with a fit of giggles. The voice had been Giles', but he looked just like Sebastian, he was a small light red crab, with a dark red shell, and was wearing glasses.

"We have visitors, Giles." Sebastian spoke and watched his brother look the new group over, take off his glasses, pull a cloth from his shell and begin polishing them. "Oh my, why they look just like our resident touble makers, are they anything like them?"

"They can fight, we were chased by more of those creatures, and they fought them off." As Sebastian told his brother what had happened; the girls were inching away from their twins -who at the moment looked as if they were about to have their way with them, and possibily break out the dreaded whips.

Why do we run into twins who have whips? And want to use them on us! Willow thought backing up with her arms around Tara's waist.

Two fish swam in between the eight girls and looked back and forth, "Whoa! When did you get twins? You been holdin' out on us?" the small yellow and blue striped fish said in Xander's voice.

"By the looks on the girls' faces, I'm thinking they want to make them orgasm buddies." The second fish said in Anya's voice. She was the same size as Xander and Flounder, but she was yellow with red stripes.

"An! You shouldn't say that...but I think you're right." The fish-Xander nodded.

"Probably keep the whole damn palace up, anyway." Faith mumbled to herself glancing at a glaring Willow, and a blushing Tara.

"Ohh, they scream, just like our Will and Tara." Buffy's twin said happily. "We like hearing them scream, it turns us on."

"By the Fayth! Waaaay too much information!" Buffy shouted covering her ears.

"I'll agree to that!" Faith nodded.

"I'm with you there!" Donald shouted covering his own ears, as Goofy blushed.

Willow and Tara blushed bright red and saw their twins smirking, as they advanced forward a foot, causing them to back away. Willow's eyes went wide and she raised her hand, "Heartless!"

"Hey, we're not heartless. We just wanna have some fun." Willow's twin pouted.

"No! I mean Heartless!" Willow shouted pointing over the twin's shoulders when she saw three of the fish creatures appear. "Get outta here, well take care--" she was cut off when the twins grabbed them and swam for the palace throne room.

"What in the hellfire are you doing? We can fight them!" Faith growled and was cut off when a huge bolt of lightning destroyed the Heartless.

"That was too close." A musclar merman with a golded crown and holding gold trident in his right hand appeared. "As long as I have my trident, I will not tolerate those things inside this palace."

"Daddy!" Ariel and Willow swam forward giving the merman a hug.

Triton embraced his daughters before looking down at them, and shaking his head, "When will you girls listen? It's dangerous our there! You know there are strange creatures lurking outside the palace walls."

Sebastian cleared his throat, "Behold. You swim before the ruler of the seas: His Majesty, King Triton."

Triton looked at the group and was surprised to see doubles of one of his daughters, her lover, and her friends. "Who are they?"

"Don't worry daddy, they helped us fight off those creatures." Ariel smiled at the group, and fought off her giggles when she saw them eyeing their twins.

"Why do you look like my daughter and her friends?" Triton asked and eyed Donald and Goofy, before turning his attention to Willow.

"Well, you see, we...uh, we come from an ocean...very far away."

"Yup," Goofy nodded. "we came to find the Keyhole."

"The what?" Triton gripped his trident narrowing his eyes at the group.

"What's that?" Ariel and Willow's twin asked in unison.

"Well, it's a-" Goofy started but Triton cut in.

"There is no such thing. Certainly not here."

Ariel looked between the girls and her father, "But, daddy..."

"Not another word, Ariel!" Sebastian cut in shaking his head.

"You girls at not to leave the palace, understood? Giles, take Willow, Tara, Buffy, and Faith with you, and make them study. I do not wanting them running wild, it is too dangerous. And Ariel, show our visitors to their rooms, and stay inside the palace."

Ariel frowned but nodded. I know you're hiding something, and I'll find out what it is.

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