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Final Fantaxy X-3

Author: Stormforce
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't own either series.

Willow opened her eyes and found Tara was still sleeping, gently sliding from her lap Willow turned and saw Buffy rising from Faith's lap. Willow jerked her thumb over her shoulder toward the door, and watched Buffy nod and follow her lead. The bridge door quietly opened allowing the girls to step through, and head for the dining area. Neither girl saw Tara and Faith twitch in their sleep, as a frown appeared.

Tara opened her eyes and saw the light blue sky with puffy white clouds lazily floating by, turning her head she saw Faith standing not five-foot away, and staring into the distance. Slowly raising up Tara's mouth dropped open and stared, stunned, just as Faith was doing.

Off in the distance the girls could see a large white castle with a blue roof, eight green, and red towers circled around the tall structure starting with two on either side of a large wooden bridge. A small village sat in front of the castle with different, but happy looking creatures running around, some were playing, while others worked. Tara stood and approached Faith all the while keeping her eyes on the village.

"Where are we?" Tara asked touching Faith's shoulder and felt her shrug.

"That is what I would like to know. I've never seen anything like this before, none of the animals...lions, bears, chipmonks...panthers, tigers, ducks, dogs, cats are attacking. None of them! Holy Fayth! These animals should be trying to eat the others!"

The two young women continued to stare into the village and didn't notice when four more female figures approached from behind.

"For now," A voice said startling the girls into turning, "they live in peace."

"And you are on king Mickey's world, this is now the home for those of the worlds that have been destroyed by the Heartless, well, the ones that were able to escape the destruction." The female duck said nodding toward the castle.

Tara looked from her twin to Faith's, and to the last two figures standing beside their twins. A female duck wearing a pink and white dress stood beside a female mouse wearing a white and blue dress.

"It is a pleasure to meet you, I am queen Minnie, and this is Daisy." Minnie and Daisy bowed, "And these two ladies are Princesses Tara and Faith."

"Princesses? Oh boy, wouldn't B, and Will, have a stroke!" Faith joked and saw the smirks the twins were wearing, "You've already met them haven't you?"

"Yes, and it was quite fun actually." Her twin said sweetly.

"Fun?" Faith narrowed her eyes causing her twin to giggle. By Shiva! She just giggled! Wait, why am I thinking that? What did she mean by fun!

"Very fun, Will blushes just like my lover."

"Blushes?! What the hell did you do to Will!?" Tara asked getting ready to pounce on her twin. She better not have done anything to her!

"Relax, we were just checking for wounds." Princess Tara's smirk grew, pissing Tara off.

"You touched her?"

"Wait! You touched Buffy?" Faith growled, glaring at her twin.

"Stop! Please, do not fight." Minnie spoke quietly.

"They gave your lovers a new power to rival the power their lovers now have. And to make it fair you are to recieve a stronger power also." Daisy said and stepped forward with the twins following.

Daisy took Minnie's right hand, as her right hand was taken into Faith's left. Minnie took princess Tara's right hand, as she slipped her left into Tara's right. Tara and Faith joined hands, just as Faith took her twins hand.

With the six women in a circle a pink light began glowing in the middle of the circle, and formed around Daisy. A light purple glow surrounded princess Faith, as a dark purple surrounded Faith, a green light surrounded Minnie, and two bright white glows surrounded both Taras,

All six light shot back into the center of the circle, and swirled around combinding together into a light violet color. Both Tara and Faith were lifted off the ground as the energy entered their bodies and rushed through their veins. A bright white light burst forth as the violet light disappeared into their bodies, and gently lowered the girls back to the ground.

"Whoa, what a rush." Faith said as her twin wrapped her arms around her waist, and kept Faith from falling.

"That's worse than my magics!" Tara said wrapped in her twins arms.

Minnie and Daisy stepped back and smiled, they knew these two girls weren't going to like what was about to happen, and only hoped that no one got hurt -namely the princesses.

"We have one more gift for you." Princess Faith whispered loud enough for the weakened girls to hear.

"What is it?" Faith asked and felt herself pulled tighter against her twin.

"For you to know what we know." Princess Tara said and lowered her head, her lips meeting Tara's.

Both Tara and Faith's eyes went wide, as they struggled weakly against the soft lips of their twins. But gave up when flashes appeared in their minds; the destruction of the princesses home world.

They saw Commander Giles raise his sword in the air and shouted to begin the attack; Xander and Anya both fell into a pit of darkness, both holding on to the other. Giles and the army fell just as quick. They watched as Buffy and Willow's twins attacked, how Dawn was sucked into a black pit after only casting two spells. And then nothing as the princesses were taken.

More flashes this time of their twins watching sadly as their lovers agreed to work for the Heartless, and saw them take Jasmine. Then their fight in Monstro, and afterwards when their lovers twins obtained the power over the Heartless.

Tara gasped when her twin broke the soft kiss and lowered them both to the ground, the princess saw her sister doing the same with Faith.

"We are sorry, but you had to know what happened to make them as they are now." Princess Tara said softly, and brushed her fingers across Tara's forehead.

"Now, it is time for you to wake. But remember this, your lovers have the key to destroy the darkness in our lovers hearts, and make them see the light, that only they can wake us." Princess Faith said and smiled down at her twin and watched as she vanished.

Once inside the dining room Willow approached a small silver box and pressed two red buttons, and one green. Two large cups of coffee appeared along side two plates of scrambled eggs, picking up the eggs Willow sat them on the table, and went back for the coffee. With the small breakfast setting in front of them the girls ate slowly all the while thinking of what the princesses said.

Buffy looked up and caught Willow's eyes as she sipped her coffee. "I wonder how we're supposed to get those twins of ours to understand that only they can wake their Faith and Tara?"

"You got me, I don't know. Maleficent thinks she's got the princesses under wraps, our twins think the girls have lost their hearts, and don't know that they're being used. This just keeps getting better and better, don'tcha think?"

"Better or worse, I really can't tell which! All I know is there is nothing good about this, nothing at all. Okay, so we know our twins are the only ones who can wake the princesses, right?"

"Yeah, but how? That's what I want to know. And another thing, this test thing is starting to get on my nerves. What in hellfire is that about?"

"I still don't understand that one either, Will."

"And I'm not up to fighting with Tara or Faith about not protecting us."

Buffy sighed, and put her fork down, "Question is: Do we tell the others? I mean sure, we can keep the dreams we had after crashing in Monstro secret, but do we keep this from them. Won't they see, and not to mention feel our new power?"

"Don't know about Donald and Goofy, but I sure as hell know Tara'll feel it, and I'm sure Faith will too."

"Faith will too, what?"

Willow and Buffy let out a startled scream and whipped their heads around to the door. Both Tara and Faith were standing in the doorway, both wearing the same kind of smirk; the, 'We-know-what-you're-talking-about-but-we-want-you-to-tell-us-anyway' smirk.

"Well?" Faith asked crossing her arms and cocking her head to the right.

"Sit down this may take a while." Buffy said getting up and moving over to the food machine.

Willow rubbed her eyes, and waited until Buffy returned with the coffee and eggs. Once Tara and Faith were eating she began to tell them of the dream with the princesses, leaving out how they had checked them for wounds -not wanting to see them get angry.

Neither her nor Buffy spoke of the dreams before, not wanting to get into something they really didn't understand themselves. When they finished telling of the dream, and recieving a stronger power, both Willow and Buffy waited quietly for either girl to speak.

"You don't have to worry, we met our twins, too, and they also gave us more power." Faith grinned at the stunned looks on Willow and Buffy's faces. She didn't mention the kiss, knowing well enough that it would send both Buffy and Willow over the edge, and piss them off but good!

"Now, that just leaves the problem of figuring out to get your twins to see that only they can wake our twins. So? Any ideas?" Tara asked, and saw Willow shake her head and Buffy to shrug.

"Don't know, but it's what we were talking about before you came in. What? Are they supposed to kiss them? If they've been anywhere near the bodies I would think they already tried that." Buffy rested her head on Faith's shoulder and closed her eyes.

"And if it isn't a kiss, then what is it? And how will it work?" Willow stood and began to pace around the small room. "I don't get it... I really wish the princesses would've told us how."

"Sweetie, calm down, we'll figure this out. Maybe our twins will appear in our dreams again, and tell us how."

"That's a long-shot, baby. I have come to find out, nothing is that easy."

"My twin said that you two have the key to destroying the darkness, and making them see the light...whatever that means." Faith shrugged.

The intercom crackled to life and Donald's voice could be heard quacking before he spoke into the microphone. "We've reached a new world... and I think you girls had better come and take a look. It's completely weird!"

At hearing that the girls hurried from the dining room and back up to the bridge. Buffy jumped into the pilots seat, and gaped when she saw the new world.

"Tell me I'm seeing things."

"Sorry, Buff, but if you are, then I am too." Willow said staring out the windshield at a world completely covered in water. There was no green for the land, only the light, and dark blue water.

"Well? Prepare to teleport." Donald said getting confused stares from the girls and Goofy.

"Teleport where? You fucking nutball! In the sea? We'll drown!" Faith shouted waving her hands around.

"Don't call me a nutball, you pain in the tail feathers!"

"Well you are if you think we can teleport down there!"

"Donald, she's right. If we teleport down to the new world we will drown." Tara said sweetly and watched Willow hold Faith back.

Calming down a bit Donald shook his head, "No we won't. My magic will keep us safe."

Hoping, and praying to the Fayth he was right, Buffy set the teleporter and rose from her seat. Glancing down at the duck she thumped his head, "You'd better not kill us. Cause if you do, I'll chase your feathered ass all around the Farplane, before I pluck you. Understand?"

"You girls need to take comfort in my abilities, just leave it to me, okay?"

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