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Final Fantaxy X-3

Author: Stormforce
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't own either series.

After having gotten away from the giant whale Buffy had flipped a switch turning the auto-pilot on, and got comfortable in Faith's lap for a -hopefully long relaxing nap.

Faith wasn't far behind her lover in falling asleep, and was now quietly snoring. It had taken less time for Donald and Goofy to doze off their loud snoring, and quacking not even bothering the girls.

Willow was using Tara's shoulder as a pillow, with Tara's head resting on top of hers. Both girls had quickly fallen asleep from being so worn-out; Willow, before sleep comsumed her, thought back to their past battles, and even though those had been her first, these were just as tiring. Tara had been worring about Willow and Buffy's twins, and what the evil Buffy had said about finishing what they'd started.

I don't want to hurt them, but if they proceed to fight with us I may not have a chose. But why can't they figure out who has mine and Faith's twins' hearts? That was as far as Tara got until sleep consumed her.

Now, all was quiet on the bride except for the deep breathing, snoring, and quacking. The only thing out of place was the frowns that'd crossed Buffy and Willow's lips just moments before. Both girls were dreaming again, but this time they were both together, and both didn't like what they were seeing.


Willow had opened her eyes only to find herself on a dark landscape, she nearly jumped out of he skin when a soft hand touched her shoulder. Turning she saw a sheepishly smiling Buffy standing behind her, and gave a small smile.

"Didn't mean to startle you, Will."

"It's fine." Willow nodded and turned to peer into the darkness. "I wonder what this is? And where we are?"

Buffy shrugged, "Don't know, but I don't like it." she said and gasped as a dark light flooded the area.

"By the Fayth!" Willow exclaimed wide-eyed.

They saw a scene straight out a nightmare. There was large chunks of rock and concrete, wood and straw, and shattered window glass glittered in the light, all over the ground. This place was once a town!

The ground was broken and tattered, no grass whatsoever could be seen, only the burnt black ground. Dust swirled around as a cold burst of wind swept over the landscape, and died down just as fast. A flash of streak lightning lit up the area as it hit a dead tree and set it on fire; the girls caught a glimpse of a large dark castle loomed in the distance, like a giant monster waiting to jump out and kill the next living thing it saw.

Lightning flashed again, catching the attention of the girls, who looked to the sky, and saw swirling black clouds hovering over the castle. It was then a loud clap of thunder echoed across the darkened area startling the girls, and making them jump like scared rabbits. So much for a peaceful sleep. Buffy looked from the clouds to the castle and back again, as another flash of lightning lit up the area.

Oh, holy Bahamut! We're sitting ducks out here! If something wants to attack us, we'll never see it coming! Willow glanced from the clouds to Buffy, and then studied the area as best she could. She didn't see anything trying to sneek up on them, Yeah right! Like you can see five-foot ahead of you without the lightning! Willow didn't like this one damn bit.

People say dreams can't hurt or harm the dreamer, but then again, they would be wrong, and Willow could tell them why. As soon as the thought of what Tsuki had done to her in her dream; Willow shivered and lowered her hand, hoping to find her weapon, any weapon. Her fingers wrapped around the hilt of the sword Xander had given her, causing her to give a relieved sigh. She caught movement from the corner of her eye, and saw Buffy grabbing her daggers.

"I don't like this." Buffy whispered taking her eyes off the darkness long enough to look at Willow, before she returned to staring forward.

"Got that right, it doesn't feel rig--" Willow stopped short as the lightning flashed showing a large thirty-foot tall towering figure rise from the ground near the castle. "Did you see that?!"

"I did...what the hell was that!?!"

"That is a creature called Darkside." A soft voice said from behind the girls making them startle, and again, nearly jump out of their skin. Turning, both Willow and Buffy nearly had a stroke.

Tara was standing in a long flowing silver gown, with her hair pulled up in a braid. Standing beside her was Faith, wearing a long white gown, her hair was pulled back in a ponytail. The girls could tell this Faith and Tara were princesses, and for some unknown reason kneeled on their right knees, as they bowed their heads.

"Please, there is no need for that here." Princess Faith spoke amused voice.

"Yes, this is no time for such formalitites." Princess Tara said with a soft voice watching the girls rise.

Willow nodded, "This is weird. Now I've got princesses appearing in my dreams." she joked to Buffy, who grinned, as the two princesses frowned.

"Sorry, but Will here has had a bad time with dreams- what with them wantin' to kill her and all. Needless to say I've had one with that creature back there trying to kill me too, so I guess I'm in the same boat as she is."

The two princesses rushed forward engulfing the girls in a tight embrace, and began running their hands over the girls' bodies. "Kill you!? Why!? When did this happen? Are you alright?" Princess Tara asked franticly checking Willow for any signs of wounds.

The same was happening with Buffy, as Princess Faiths' hands roamed over her body. "Darkside didn't hurt you did he? When did you dream of him?"

"Umm..." Willow blushed as Tara's hands grazed the sides of her breasts. Tara's gonna kill me! Either that, or she'll make me regret not dreaming of her! Ooh! That felt good...Holy Fayth! Don't think that! That's it, Tara'll kill me, no doubt about it.

Holy Shiva! I can't tell Faith her twin, who is a princess, has been touching me! Oh, but she's sooo good at it...No! Don't think that, she's just checking for wounds...I hope!

"Is she hurt?" Princess Tara asked stepping back from a very flushed Willow, and smirking, Looks like I have the same effect on my lovers twin.

"No, is Will?" Princess Faith asked smirking and letting her eyes roam over Buffy, causing the girl to blush. Oh! Just like my lover, she's so cute!

"O-Okay, umm, j-just what are you doing here?"

"And why?" Buffy asked feeling the heat in her cheeks cool.

"To warn you of him." Princess Tara spoke pointing over Willow's shoulder at the creature, currently making its way toward the four young women. "As I said that is Darkside, and he is not to be taken lightly."

"What? We're gonna have to fight him?" Buffy stared at the two for a moment before glancing over her shoulder.

"Yes," Princess Faith nodded, "eventually you will have to fight the creature known as Darkside."

"Great." Willow said dully, before shaking her head, "Hey, what is this place, anyway? I've never seen it before."

Both princesses lowered their heads, and stared at the ground, anyone with eyes could see the two young women didn't want to speak of it, but knew they had to. The girls could feel the sadness flowing off the princesses in waves, and began to get a very uncomfortable feeling.

"This was once our home." Princess Tara said with a soft voice before looking back at the girls.

"What?" Willow nearly shouted and spun around taking in what she could see of the nightmare-like landscape.

"You've gotta be kiddin' me!" Buffy also whirled around and shivered as another flash lit up the area, and showed Darkside moving ever closer to the four girls.

"Yes, this was our home, our land, but then the Heartless came and destroyed everything we held close to our hearts." Faith stared over Buffy's shoulder and frowned. "And then he came."

"The people charged with protecting us all fell in battle...Xander, and Anya our mages were taken along side Commander Giles and his best fighters." Tara again lowered her head as teardrops fell to the black ground. "We saw the entire army fall into a pit of total darkness, before these little creatures appeared and attacked us."

More teardrops fell to the ground, but this time it was Faith that was silently crying. "Our Buffy, and Willow tried to protect us, but something happened. Dawn, Buffy's younger sister a low-level mage rushed into the room, she fell after casting only two spells, and disappeared into a dark portal."

"The girls especially Buffy, attacked with all their strength but only delayed the Heartless. They soon fell and we were taken. Now, we're being held and can only watch the things they do."

"I'm sorry," Willow said softly and left a light kiss on Tara's forehead. "is there something you need us to do? We've meet our twins, and they're really not a very nice couple of girls...but I can see know, with the two of you being taken and all that."

"What we need from you is simple: Stop them, do whatever it takes but please stop them. Maleficent gave them the power to control the Heartless, and in doing so, she has got a stronger hold on them. You must destroy the power from its source."

"We've also came to grant you the power to fight against them, now that they've got an even stronger power, you will need one to rival theirs." Faith spoke taking Buffy's hands in hers as a bright orange light surrounded them.

Tara took Willow's hands and let a bright bluish white light surround them. The girls could feel the power rushing into their bodies; the new strength flowed throught their veins giving them just a little more muscle. When the light died down the girls wavered a moment and were caught in the princesses arms.

For just a moment they let the feeling of their newly given strength wash over their sences, before straightening up. "Don't worry, we'll stop them, and you'll have your girls back."

"Yeah, not to mention, we're gonna kick the Heartless' ass and you'll have your home back...and everyone in it." Buffy smirked, and turned around when she heard a low growl. "Looks like we've got company." she said jutting her chin toward a very close Darkside.

"You ready, Buff?" Willow unsheathed her sword and stepped into a fighting stance.

The princesses giggled. "You won't be fighting him here. Now is not the time." Tara said just as the world around them got lighter.

"Well, that sucks. I wanted to try out this new power." Buffy flexed her arms.

"Yeah! I'm sure my spells will knock the socks off the Heartless...wait, do they wear socks? Do they even wear shoes? You know, I've never noticed."

Buffy giggled along with the princesses, "Will, we really never had time to look. We were usually too busy trying not to get sliced and diced."

The light got brighter and the landscape began to vanish leaving only their two visitors, who were slowly starting to fade. "Please, get our girls back." Tara spoke as she grew transparent.

"Make them see that they are the only ones that hold our hearts."

"And only they can wake us." Tara finished and vainshed along side her sister as the two girls woke up.

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