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Final Fantaxy X-2

Author: Stormforce
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't own either series.
Oh yeah, the rating will go up and down depending on a a few things. I'll rate it 'R' for language and violance, and NC-17 for the lovin'
Notes: <Anything in these are thoughts>

Dawn landed the airship just outside the village near the gate. Tara stepped off first holding Willow's hand; Buffy watched the door close and touched the receiver. "Don't open the door and leave it, there are fiends runnin' around here."

"Yeah, yeah." Dawn replied in a board voice.

"This must be how a runaway feels after finally coming back home." Tara said looking ahead though the open gate. "I'm a little nervous."

"Yeah, I bet. You both took off without a word to anyone." Buffy said not seeing Xander step behind them until he spoke making them jump.

"Yeah, you said it. You know the both of cause quite a fuss!"

"I'm sorry." Tara lowered her head.

"I was with her, so she was safe." Willow said squeezing Tara's hand.

"Yeah, I know. As long as you all stayed safe, ya?" He glanced at Buffy "Hey there, how ya been?"

"Great, we've been looking for spheres."

"So you are a sphere hunter now... We'd heard the rumors. But to tell the truth, I wasn't too worried 'bout ya. Gotta say, though... You seem pretty different." Xander said looking at what they were wearing, and shaking his head.

Tara giggled as Buffy lightly elbowed Xander's stomach. "You haven't changed a bit, tubby!" she giggled.

"Cut it out, ya!" Xander laughed "I'm going to be a father soon. Gotta have a little more presence, you know?"

"Oh! How much longer?" Tara asked happily.

"Any day now." He said proudly.

"Xander, a daddy!" Buffy laughed.

"To tell the truth, I sure don't feel like one. I mean, how do I know how a father's supposed to act in front of his kid?"

Willow turned and stared into the trees as Tara hugged her from behind. "Why don't you just do what your parents did?" Buffy asked kicking a rock.

"Don't remember 'em. Sin saw to that when I was still little."

"You don't have any spheres of them?" Tara asked as Willow turned in her arms.

"Nope, not a single..."

"What's wrong?" Buffy asked watching Xander closely.

"It's nothing. Anyway, go say hi to Anya. She's been worried about you." Xander said and walked off toward the prayer site on the hill.

Entering the gate the girls found the village the same as always, and headed over to Xander and Anya's hut. Anya was sitting on the sofa reading when they stepped through the door, smiling she got up and hugged Tara. "Welcome back." she said and pulled Willow, then Buffy into a hug.

"Hi, Anya." Tara grinned.

"Tell us about the baby! It's gonna be born soon, right?" Buffy asked excitedly.

Laughing Anya shook her head. "Not yet. Xander's getting a little ahead of himself."

"Aw, rats!"

"So, do you girls care for a little walk?"

"Can you?" Tara asked with a worried look on her face.

"Don't worry, I could use the exercise. Come on."

Willow and Buffy stayed on their guard watching for fiends as Tara and Anya talked. They stopped at the prayer site overlooking the village, and sat on the ground. Willow as always pulled Tara into her lap, and kissed the side of her neck.

"Tell me what was so important that you'd run off without telling us?"

"This." Tara said and showed her the sphere.

"Xander told me about... I have to say it does look like Glory... But something seems a little off."

"Faith found in on Mt. Gagazet."

"That was where we fought a battle with her. Maybe she dropped it there?" Buffy said unsure.

"Have you found anything else?"

"Nothing. But there's still a lot of places we have looked yet." Tara said and put the sphere back in her pouch.

"Promise me, that you'll be careful. I mean if that is Glory, and she's still in Spira she'll be dangerous."

"Don't worry, she won't get her hands on Tara." Willow said pulling Tara closer to her.

"Good." Anya said and looked at her round belly. "Oh!"

"What? Is something wrong?" Tara asked worriedly.

"It kicked." Anya smiled.


"I wanna feel!" Buffy said and let Anya place her hand on the side of her belly. "Cool!" she grinned feeling the baby kick. After Buffy lifted her hand Anya took Tara and Willow's hands and let them feel.

"Just you wait, you'll be feeling this when you're ready." Anya smiled at Tara as Willow and Buffy helped her to stand. They walked back down toward the village, and Buffy shouted as Water Flan slithered in front of them. Grinning Willow cast a Thundara spell, and jumped to the right as a Dingo attacked her. Buffy twisted her body, and brought her knives down stabbing the fiend in the head, and back. Tara drew her pistols and shot down two Condors flying overhead.

"You've come a long way, why don't you stay the night?" Anya asked when they reached the village, as the sun began to set.

"Sure, it would be nice to be home for a night." Tara smiled as Anya nodded and walked inside the hut. "Come on Buffy, you're staying with us."

"Thanks." Buffy said and followed Tara and Willow to their hut.

They took off their shoes and boots, before Tara showed Buffy where the second bedroom was, and joined Willow in their bedroom and smiled. After two months Willow still fought with her leather shorts. "Need some help?" she asked walking over and putting her hands on Willow's hips.

"Sure... That is, if you don't mind." Willow said kissing between Tara's breasts and working her way up to Tara's neck.

"Mmm, not at all." Tara said pushing the shorts down, and letting them fall to the floor as she ran her hands up Willow's bare stomach, and cupping her breasts.

Willow moaned licking Tara's earlobe and sucked it into her mouth, as she pushed Tara's shorts down, revealing a sheer red thong. Running her hands up Tara's bare arms Willow untied the shirt laces, and pulled it open. Tara stepped out of her shorts, and pushed Willow back on the bed straddling her waist, leaning down she kissed her lips, across her jawbone, and down her neck. Feeling Tara's wetness on her stomach, Willow closed her eyes and moaned as she gently squeezed Tara's breasts. Grinning Tara took Willow’s hands and held them above her head.

“No touching.” Tara said and silenced Willow’s objection with a kiss. Breaking the kiss Tara moved down kissing the valley between her breasts, and sucked a hard nipple into her mouth. Switching to the other breast after a few moments caused Willow to moan, and grab on to the headboard. Releasing the nipple, Tara paused kissing each rib, and stopped to lick Willow’s navel. She slid Willow’s black thong down and tossed it over her shoulder, before leaning down and inhaling her musky sent. Willow arched her back when Tara licked her sex, and gave a high-pitched scream when Tara latched on to her clit, and thrust two fingers in her warm wet opening. Keeping a slow pace she would bring Willow to the edge and stop, not letting her go over. Gripping the headboard Willow groaned in frustration.

“Ta-ra…please…ahhhh!” Willow screamed, and arched her back as Tara gently bit down on her clit, taking her over the edge. Tara licked the juices up, and straddled Willow’s waist again. Opening her eyes Willow watched as Tara sucked on her fingers, then slowly slid them out of her mouth and down her neck. With a sexy smirk she circled her left nipple, and then the right, leaving behind a trail of saliva.

Tara slid down on to Willow’s lap as she sat up grabbing her hips. “You’re a tease!” Willow said leaning her head down to take a nipple in her mouth. Tara slightly leaned back allowing more room between them. Using one hand to hold Tara up, she ran the other down her stomach and under Tara’s thong. Switching to the other nipple, she slowly pressed two fingers inside Tara. Kissing, licking, and nibbling her way up to Tara’s lips, Willow slowly pulled her fingers out. She circled Tara’s nipples before raising them to her lips, and licked them clean.

Willow sucked on her lobe and grinned, “You taste good.” She whispered, running her hand down between Tara’s breasts and back under her thong. Willow thrust her fingers inside Tara as she latched on to her right nipple, causing Tara to give a low moan. Pushing her hips down, and meeting Willow thrust for thrust, Tara leaned back on the bed pulling Willow on top of her. Willow switched nipples, and grinned pulling her fingers out, and kissing her way down. She pulled Tara’s thong off and kissed around her sex holding in her giggles as Tara groaned in frustration.

When Willow leaned down Tara saw her chance and wrapped her legs around her head locking her in place. Willow wrapped one arm around Tara’s right leg, and thrust her fingers inside her as she sucked on Tara’s hard clit. Arching her back Tara screamed as she was brought over the edge, Willow rode Tara’s orgasm out and licked up her juices. Releasing her hold on Willow, Tara reached down and pulled her up to lie on top of her.

“Now, who’s the tease?” Tara asked catching her breath, making Willow giggle.

“Turn about’s fair play.” Willow said and kissed the side of Tara’s breast.

“Yes, and pay backs a bitch.” Tara giggled.

“And what’s that supposed to mean?” Willow asked yawing.

“You’ll see.” Tara said stroking Willow’s shoulder length red hair.

“I can’t wait.” Willow said before both girls fell into a very blissful sleep.

In the other bedroom Buffy was staring at the ceiling with wide eyes. “Holy Shiva! I thought those two wasn’t going to stop.” She said to the darkened room before falling asleep and dreaming about Faith.

Willow awoke the next morning to the sound of someone moving around in the kitchen. Seeing she was still holding Tara, it had to be Buffy. Kissing Tara on her forehead she grabbed her blue robe, and quietly slipped out of the room. Walking in the kitchen she giggled when she saw Buffy with her hair sticking up all over her head. Giving her a mock glare Buffy poured two cups of coffee, and handed one to Willow.


"Yeah, no problem. I thought you would need it." Buffy laughed. "After last night."

"Huh?" Willow looked up confused.

"Nothing, nevermind." Buffy said when Tara walked in and kissed Willow, before pouring herself some coffee.

After eating breakfast, finishing their coffee, and getting dressed they walked out of the hut and up the path to the village. Anya was standing near the gate as they approached. "Good morning."

"Morning, Anya." Willow said and shook her head when Buffy felt of Anya's stomach.

"Where's Xander?" Tara asked looking out the gate.

"He left at daybreak saying something about a cave." Anya said and giggled when Buffy moved her hand.

"A cave? Now what's he up to?" Buffy said and bounced happily when she felt the baby kick.

"You want us to find out what he's up to?" Tara asked seeing the worried look on Anya's face.

"Yeah, there could be fiends." Willow said gripping her sword.

"Thank you, but I doubt that he would have any problems with a few fiends." Anya said then looked to the ground. "But I'm still worried. It's not like Xander to hide things."

"Do you know where this cave is? Because I don't remember there being one."

"It's close to the beach. That's really all I know."

"Thanks, we'll find him." Tara said taking the lead and walking through the gate.

Willow pulled Buffy away from Anya, and followed Tara. They got through the ruins with no problems, but entering the waterfall area, several fiends attacked them. Willow had dodged a lightning bolt from a Thunder Flan, as cast a Watera spell on it.

Buffy back-flipped three times avoiding an Iron Man's fifteen-foot long sword, twisting in the air she threw a Thunderblast mix, causing it to fall down a thirty-foot drop. Tara rolled to the side, drew her pistols and fire ten rounds into a Malboro. Willow finished the Malboro off with a well-aimed thrust of her sword, hitting the fiend in the forehead.

They reached where the path split into a fork, the right leading to the beach, and the left leading to the pond. Tripping over a root sticking out of the ground Buffy cursed when she hit something hard behind the bushes. Pushing them aside they found a door, pushing on it the door slid to the side revealing a cave. Willow grabbed a torch and lit it with a fire spell, before walking further into the cave.

"Something wrong?" Xander asked when they turned a corner.

"Anya was worried." Tara said and leaned against the wall.

"Is there something in here?" Buffy asked looking around the dark cave.

"Supposed to be... But who knows, maybe it's not here, ya? But I thought, 'what if...' Maybe it's for real. Then again maybe it never was. Its been so long, I'm not sure anymore."

Willow looked at him confused "You're saying there's something that might be here, and you want to know for sure, right?"

"Right. But the thing is... I wanna know, and then I sorta don't wanna know."

"Aw, man, make up your mind! What is it, anyway?" Buffy stomped her foot.

Xander sat down on the ground and picked up a rock. "I heard there was this old sphere in here." he said and watched Willow start down the cave corridor. "Hey! Where ya going?"

Willow turned around and grinned. Remember we're sphere hunters now."

"Yeah, it's as good as ours!" Buffy said and ran over to Willow with Tara following.

"Let's go." Tara said and started down the corridor.

Turning another corner they found a dark pit with small pillars as steps. Jumping from one to another they made their way across, and into another room. A white glowing sphere was sitting at the back of the room; Tara leaned down and examined it. When she picked it up, a ten-foot long red dragon crawled out of its hole.

Sighing Willow drew her sword "Find a sphere and the fiends appear." she said and rolled as the dragon breathed fire at them. Tara cast a Protect spell on them before drawing her pistols, and jumped to the side as a ball of fire raced toward her. Buffy jumped on its back and thrust her knives into its back, and was thrown off when it rolled.

Willow side-flipped over the dragon as it rolled by her, and struck the fiend on its soft stomach leaving a deep cut. Buffy hit the wall with a thud and was knocked out, as Tara aimed and fired. The fiend hit the ground when the sixth round buried itself in its brain. Tara cast a healing spell on Buffy as Willow carried her across the pit. Groaning she opened her eyes and smiled her thanks.

"Find anything?" Xander asked when he saw them approaching.

"Sure did." Tara showed him the sphere. "Let's take a look,” she said pressing the button.

An image of the Zanarkand stadium appeared with a huge crowed cheering and clapping. "She's beautiful! I can't wait to meet her!" A mans voice said as the image disappeared.

"This it?" Buffy asked as they stepped outside, and headed toward the waterfalls.

"Nah, 'fraid not."

"What sphere were you looking for?"

"Well... It's a sphere of our parents. Hikari said she found it." Xander said and lowered his head. "Sin got our parents not long after she was born. We were too young to remember their faces, you know? When we were kids, we got into a fight one time and Hikari said: 'I found a sphere with mom and dad in it, but I'm not telling you where it is.'"

"And you never asked her?" Tara asked sadly.

"I was too boneheaded to let her win. And I ended up forgetting about it, that is until yesterday. Since Hikari used to play in that cave, I thought that's where it was. But when I got there... I started thinking."

"'Bout what?" Willow asked and leaned against a bridge rail.

"Just about my parents. You see, I got this picture in my head. Strong, and kind... Whenever things got tough, those are the parents I imagined. But their real faces might be totally different, ya? That’s what I was thinking about when you showed up."

"Do you want us to look for the sphere?"

"Nah, that's all right. I'm through worrying about that stuff. It's in the past, ya? Can't let it get to me. I'm going to be a father soon. So, I gotta pull it together!"

"That's right, Dad." Buffy giggled.

"Hey you read me?" Mizu asked over the receiver. "You guys about finished down there? Dawn is starting to gripe!"

"Yeah, we'll be back soon." Tara said and giggled when she heard Dawn shout in happiness.

They walked Xander back to the village, and talked to Anya a few minutes before getting back on the airship.

Mizu turned in her seat "We have to stop in Luca, I need to pick up a few things. Okay?"

"Yeah, sure." Tara said and sat down, this time it was she that pulled Willow into her lap, as Dawn set course for Luca.

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