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Final Fantaxy X-2

Author: Stormforce
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don"t own either series.
Oh yeah, the rating will go up and down depending on a a few things. I"ll rate it "R" for language and violance, and NC-17 for the lovin"
Notes: <Anything in these are thoughts>

Dawn sat the airship down on the Mi"ihen highroad and shut the engine down. Following the others out Buffy closed and locked the cargo door, before catching up with Willow and Tara. Heading toward the stairs leading down into Luca, a man and little boy ran up and bowed to Tara.

"Lady Tara, your concert was incredible!" He said and smiled.

"Would you sign this, please?" The boy asked holding out a blitzball.

Tara signed the ball smiling and watched the man and boy leave. "Why didn"t you tell them it wasn"t you?" Willow asked grinning. "You like the attention?"

"No, I just couldn"t bring myself to tell them it was an impostor."

"Ya know, I can"t believe that mess started with the Garment Grid." Buffy said and giggled remembering what Tara was wearing.

"Yeah, well, if we hadnít of let her steal the grid, it wouldnít have happened." Willow shook her head, and looked over to Tara.

"Yeah, and would you believe that shooting at those goons was the easy part."

"Just what did you do after we..." Willow broke down laughing, remembering Tara walking behind them in a white Moogle suite with a pink pompom on its head.

Tara sighed remembering and told them what had happened.


"Lady Tara is having a concert!" A man said running by.

"All right! Think there"re any tickets left?" Another man said.

Buffy watched as the two men ran down the stairs "Looks like your imposter"s pretty popular."

"Yeah, and I doubt anyone would believe ours is the real Tara." Willow said sighing, then giggled when the Moogle head fell back showing Tara"s red sweaty face.

"Hey! I didn"t ask to wear this!" Tara said and wiped the sweat away from her eyes. "Whew. Its hot in here."

"I bet it is."

"I think we"d better finish this before Tara passes out." Buffy said and started down the stairs.

Willow stepped over to Tara, and raised the head. "We"ll be back in two shakes." she kissed Tara and let the head fall back into place. "Be a good Moogle, okay?" Willow ran after Buffy laughing.

"I"ll get you for this, sweetie!" Tara shouted and slowly walked down the stairs. "I think I"ll get Buffy and Dawn...just for having this costume... Just why do they have this thing, anyway?" she wondered aloud as she reached the bottom of the steps.

"Finally! Hurry and get over here!" The man said running toward her, and grabbed her hand pulling her toward a balloon stand. "You"re here to promote the concert, right?"

"Me? No, there must be some mistake." Tara shook her hands in front of her face.

"Thanks! And, don"t screw anything up." The man said handing her ten balloons and leaving.

"Great." Tara said and began walking around, handing the balloons out. Upon handing out the tenth balloon, she heard the transmission from Buffy.

"Y, R, W, in position. It"s showtime, girls."

"It"s starting!" The suite muffled Taraís voice as she took off toward the stadium. "Does she really look that much like me?" she said aloud reaching the stadium entrance.

"Hold it! The concert"s sold out. You can"t go in." A guard said stepping in front of her.

"I can"t?"

"Definitely not. Now, go on, get out of here."

"Hey, we"ve got some gatecrashers." A second guard said running out of the stadium.

"Must be those sphere hunters!" The first guard said and reverted to a Leblanc goon. "Let"s move!" he said as both goons ran off.

"Oh, no!" Tara ran toward dock one. "I"ve got to get out of this." she said and turned around hearing the commotion behind her.

"Hold still!" Buffy shouted.

"It"s me!" Tara said watching her imposter run by.

Running toward the cargo on the dock Tara poked her head around, and watched Buffy and Willow run by. "Geez, looks like they"re having fun." she said and saw Logos walk by holding his guns.

He looked her way as she ducked behind the cargo, and discarded the Moogle costume. "Finally! I can breath." she said holding her pistols up. Running the way everyone had disappeared Tara heard gunshots, and sped up.

"Here comes the real Tara!" she said and fired the pistols.


"We was just about to finish "em off, but then you showed up and stole all the fun." Buffy shook her head.

"Speak for yourself! I was ready to run after Leblanc, and leave those two goons behind."

Tara laughed "All I can say is that I was so glad to get out of that thing... I guess I went a little nuts."

"That explains the dancing." Willow giggled.

"Tara dancing? Where? I don"t wanna miss it!" Dawn said through the receiver.

"No, Dawn, I"m not dancing." Tara sighed.

"Aw damn!"

"Dawn!" Buffy shouted. "Wait a minute! How are you listening? You back on the ship?"

"Yes, I brought Dawn back with..." Mizu said and broke off "Hey Iím getting sphere waves from you position."

"What? Thereís only trees and grass here." Willow said looking around.

"The waves are showing a sphere fifteen foot to your right." Willow turned and walked over to a small group of trees, and looked down.

"I donít see anything."

"Youíre right on top of it...maybe itís in the ground. It canít be far down, so dig around."

Willow brushed her foot over the loose dirt, and then kneeled down on her knees. "Here." Buffy handed her a small portable shovel.

Taking it she began to dig, a few inches down she hit something hard. Handing the shovel back to Buffy, she brushed the dirt off of a movie sphere and picked it up.

"Got it! Letís get back to the ship." Willow said taking off. Running back to the ship she handed the sphere to Shinra to examine.

"This is weird." He said as he watched the image.


An image of the Bevelle courtroom appeared. A dark blond woman was standing on the lift facing two men and one woman. Looking down the first man stepped forward.

"Lady Summoner, you have been accused of rebelling against Yevon."

"I was not rebelling! I only wanted to stop her!"

"Lady Summoner, how do you plead?" The second man asked.

"Why have you put me on trial? I have done nothing wrong!" The Summoner said.

"How do you plead?" The woman asked and gasped as Glory ran into the room.

The image ended with the lift going down, and Glory grabbing the Summoner.


"You said it was weird...that was freaking disturbing!" Buffy said stepping back.

"So, even almost a thousand years ago, Bevelle was the same." Tara said as Willowís arms wrapped around her waist.

"Seems so." Willow kissed Taraís cheek and gently squeezed her.

"Ehlusehk dnyhcsecceuh!" (Incoming transmission!) Dawn shouted as a video screen slid up showing Jenny.

"Hello, Dawn. Ah, Lady Tara, hello."

"Hi, Jenny. It"s been too long." Tara smiled sitting down near the screen.

"Hey, Jenny, how"re you?" Willow asked and sat down in Tara"s lap.

"I"m doing good. It"s good to see you, Willow."

"Whatcha selling this time?" Buffy asked leaning over Dawn.

"Entertainment. Lady Tara"s Calm has given the people of Spira time to relax and enjoy the finer things in life. So, I thought what better time for me to introduce Sphere Break. It won"t be long now before Luca will host the inaugural tournament. And I would like to personally welcome you to compete."

"Should we?" Tara asked looking from Willow to Buffy.

"Yeah!" Buffy said excitedly.

"Count us in." Tara giggled.

"Great! Ask Shinra how to play. Ihdem haqd desa." (Until next time.) Jenny smiled and cut the link.

"So, squirt? How do ya play?" Buffy asked as Shinra approached.

"It"s quite easy. You take a sphere like this." He said holding up a blue sphere with a number in the center. "This is called a Core Sphere. Now you take coins like these." he placed twelve blue and four brown coins on the table, around the sphere.

"As you can see each coin has a number on them. The four brown coins are called Entry Coins, and the blue ones are called Border Coins. You add the coin numbers together to make the number on the sphere, when you do; you"ve broken the sphere. The Core Number resets, and you start again." He said showing them how it was done.

"Each match can have anywhere from twenty to fifty rounds, with a quota of twenty to one hundred breaks. The matches are fifteen to twenty rounds; each round is one minute down to thirty seconds. Now to fill your match quota, you have to use Echoes. When in a round if you break the sphere number with two coins, and then the next round you use two more, that is an echo. You get more quota points, keep doing that until you fill your quota before the end of the match, and you win. But if you don"t fill the quota before the match is over, you lose. Understand?"

"Yeah... I think so." Buffy said crossing her eyes looking confused.

"Sounds fun!" Willow said bouncing in Tara"s lap.

"Here you can use these to practice on." Shinra handed the girls the coins and sphere. "Have fun." he said and walked back to his computer consol.

"Cool, thanks!" Buffy said pulling Willow away from Tara, and began practicing.

"Where now? You wanna hit the Zanarkand Ruins? Or check out the Youth League headquarters?" Mizu asked watching Buffy lose the practice match.

"Actually letís check out the Youth League. Maybe we can speak with this Nooj character." Willow said and laughed breaking the sphere number again.

"Got it!" Dawn said and pointed the airship toward Mushroom Rock Road.

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