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Final Fantaxy X-2

Author: Stormforce
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't own either series.
Oh yeah, the rating will go up and down depending on a a few things. I'll rate it 'R' for language and violance, and NC-17 for the lovin'
Notes: <Anything in these are thoughts>
When the spheres are playing pay close attention to them...there's something going on with them too.

Dawn slowed the airship down on approaching the ruins and circled around them. Willow was watching from beside her, and sighed when she saw no place to land. Buffy groaned, causing Tara to giggle.

"I didn't know the rocks floated at these ruins." Tara said watching as a boulder floated in front of the airship, and moved to the side like it somehow knew they were there.

"Oh man, do we gotta climb up that?" Buffy groaned again looking out the side window to the base of Gagazet Mountain.

"Tuh'd funno, E lyh tnub oui uvv yd dra tub." (Don't worry; I can drop you off at the top.) Dawn said circling around the ruins again, and bringing the ship lower to a small archway. Willow jumped out first, followed by Buffy. Tara landed behind Buffy and looked down, her vision blurred and she fell back.

"Tara!" Willow and Buffy shouted and grabbed her hands. With her hanging in mid-air they tried to pull her up.

"What's your status?" Dawn said through the receiver.

"Disasterrific!" Buffy said almost losing her grip on Tara's hand.

"'Disasterrific' is not a word! Say 'disastrous' like the rest of Spira!" Dawn shouted through the receiver.

"I'm not listening!"

"Buffy answer me!"

"Dawn!" Willow said strained "Please, now is not the time."

"Okay on three. One... Two... Three." Buffy said as she and Willow pulled Tara up on to the arch. Willow hugged Tara to her, and sighed in relief.

"Thanks. That was a little close." Tara said standing with Willow's help.

"A little!?" Buffy shouted.

"Tara you could have fell!" Willow said and took her hand. "You're going to stay right behind me."

"Come in!" Dawn shouted worriedly.

"We're here. Don't worry Dawn, everything's fine now." Tara said and grinned when Dawn answered back.

"Tara, please keep an eye on Buffy!"

"Dawn! I'm going to tell mother!" Buffy growled into the receiver and carefully walked down the arch and on to a small ledge. Jumping across an opening they came to a broken staircase. "Well, I can tell you this: We ain't getting across this way." Turning back Tara looked into the opening, and jumped down, with the others following.

"This is a dead end." Willow sighed and leaned against the wall.

"Great! Just great!"

"Hey, do you think this platform still works." Tara said and pushed a blue glowing button, making the platform shake and descended down. "I wonder how safe this is?" she asked just as the platform stopped and began to speed down. The three girls screamed, just knowing they were falling to their deaths. The platform crashed on the bottom causing the girls to fall to their knees.

"Well at least it stopped." Willow said standing up, and helping Tara up.

"Owwie!" Buffy said rubbing her sore bottom.

"What happened? Tara? Willow? You okay?" Dawn asked.

"Things are...disasterrific." Tara rubbed her right wrist.

"Disasterrific? I am on my way!" Dawn said and cut the transmission.

"Hey! You little fiend! What about me?" Buffy asked looking into the sky at the airship, and shaking her fist.

"You know how she is Buffy. Dawn cares, but she doesn't like to show it." Willow said climbing up the right wall, with Tara behind her. Buffy followed them up to the top and on to a walkway, hearing a rock crunch behind them they turned around.

"Who's there?" Tara asked drawing her pistols.

"It's Leblanc. Remember that name well, loves!" The woman who stole Tara's grid said.

"Ah, the thief." Tara said causing Willow to laugh.

"What do you mean?" Leblanc asked sweetly, the sneered "That's what I hate about you amateurs."

"Do you think she'll go away if we ignore her?" Buffy asked turning away from her.

"You! I heard that! Just as I was saying: Amateurs! You have no concept of what it takes to be a true sphere hunter."

"Amateurs? Weren't you the one following us?" Willow asked slowly grabbing her sword.

"Me, the great Leblanc, follow you? Ha! A mere coincidence." She said as Ormi and Logos walked up behind her, breathing hard.

"You were right, Boss, as always." Ormi said grinning.

"Indeed, following them has paid off splendidly." Logos said un-holstering his guns, as Tara, Willow, and Buffy laughed.

"Laugh while you can!" Leblanc said throwing her fan at Willow. Tara shot it out of the air, as Buffy threw a Burning Soul at Logos. Willow ran at Ormi and flipped over him, bringing her sword down on his shield and leaving a jagged crack down the middle. Logos fired at Tara hitting her shoulder, Tara fired back hitting his leg. Buffy jumped into the air and performed a roundhouse kick hitting Leblanc on the head. Staggering back she glared at the three girls.

"This is the thanks I get for going easy on you?" She said and threw a smoke bomb in front of them, and ran off with Ormi and Logos right behind her.

"Hey!" Tara coughed covering her mouth.

"Who in the hell does she think she is?" Buffy waved her hand in front of her face.

"That's it! I swear the next time I see her, I'm gonna hurt her!" Willow was rubbing her watery eyes.

"Sweetie...maybe you shouldn't do that." Tara said and kissed her.

Tara cast a healing spell on her shoulder before continuing. They used a fallen pillar to walk over to the ruins and into a door. Walking down the maze like corridor Willow unsheathed her sword. Logos stepped in front of them and grinned.

"You look like you could use a break." He said as three twenty-foot long snakes rose up behind him. "Stop and catch your breath." Logos laughed and ran off.

Dodging to the right Buffy screamed about not liking snakes and sliced one of the snakes across its tail, leaving a trail of blood. Tara back-flipped aiming her guns and firing when she landed, Willow jumped back and hit the snakes head when it tried to bite her. Sidestepping the giant mouth Buffy swung her arm up imbedding her knife into its head. Tara fired another clip of rounds into the second snake killing it. Willow twisted her body to the right as the third snake tried to swallow her. Bringing her sword down, she severed its head and jumped back to avoid the spray of blood.

"Well, now that that's over let's go." Buffy said edging her way past the snakes and jumping over a dark pit. Running up a steep incline and jumping over three more pits they found a door leading outside, and a path leading around the ruins. Buffy sighed and shook her head half way around the path when Ormi blocked the path.

"Hey, guys. Show the ladies a nice, warm welcome!" He said to the two men in tight body suites at his side, as two snakes rose up behind him. "Have fun!" Ormi ran off laughing.

The girls got into a fighting stance and watched horrified as the snakes struck the two men, and swallowed them whole. After having lunch the snakes looked at the girls and slithered off. Buffy shivered and ran toward a broken stairway. Willow grabbed Tara's hand and followed Buffy's lead. Running up the stairs Buffy stopped at the top and laughed. Willow followed her gaze and shook her head smiling.

"What?" Tara asked confused.

Willow pointed across from them as her laughter joined Buffy's. Tara looked over and giggled. There hanging on to the ledge was Leblanc, hanging from her was Ormi, and hanging on to him was Logos. Spotting a chest Willow walked over and opened it ignoring Leblanc, and received a Muscle Belt.

"Will you help us!?" Leblanc shouted at Willow.

Looking down she grinned "And why should I?" she asked and walked off leaving Leblanc cursing her.

"Hey, there's some stairs here. Whatcha think?" Buffy asked pointing to the top.

"Let's go." Tara ran up the stairs and stopped at the top staring at the ceiling.

"What's wro... Oh hell!" Willow groaned.

"It figures we'd run into something like this." Buffy said looking a fifteen-foot tall black spider with gray and red markings.

"Here it comes!" Willow shouted when the spider fell from the ceiling.

Tara cast a Darkness spell blinding it, and fired her pistols. Buffy threw an Icefall mix making four giant blocks of ice to form, and fall on top of the spider. Willow dodged a long sharp leg and severed it, the spider shrieked and blindly spit a white web at Buffy. Falling to the floor Buffy rolled away from the giant fiend as it brought one of its legs down, just missing her head. Tara ran over to Buffy as Willow jumped on the spiders back and thrust her sword into its head. Using her weight Willow pushed her sword down to the hilt, the spider shrieked and shook its head throwing Willow off. She skidded ten-feet from the fiend, and watched as it exploded into souls leaving her sword lying on the floor.

Cutting the last of the web from Buffy, Tara giggled when Buffy stood and stomped her foot. "Dammit! I wanted to kill it!"

"Sorry, but that one goes on my record." Willow grinned picking up her sword, then laughed as she squeezed Tara's ass as she ran by.

"Hey!" Tara said and chased after her. Catching up with Willow she turned her around, pushing her up against the side of the door Tara leaned in capturing her lips. Willow moaned into her mouth, and slid her hands down Tara's back and cupped her ass.

Rolling her eyes Buffy sighed "By Shiva! Can't you two wait? Atleast until we get back on the airship." she said opening the door, and walking inside the room.

Tara broke the kiss, and followed Buffy inside, leaving a goofily smiling Willow behind. Waking from her trance Willow walked into the room and grinned as Tara held up a white movie sphere.

"Found it!" Tara shouted happily then frowned as Leblanc limped her way in.

"It's obvious the trained eye. That is a dud... Perfect for the Dullwings!" Leblanc said and limped out of the room.

Buffy giggled, "Youth wins again!"

"Well, I guess it's ours, since the thief didn't want it." Tara giggled as she walked back outside.

"Yo, Dawn! Mission complete!" Buffy said into the receiver.

"Dawn? You mean she isn't with you?" Mizu asked.

"What are you saying? You lost my sister!" Buffy screamed. "Come on, we gotta find her!" Running back the way they'd came. Buffy would take one corridor, Willow searched through the rooms, and Tara took another corridor. Meeting at the front of the ruins, and following their path back to where they'd started, they still didn't find Dawn. The cargo door opened allowing them to board, Buffy sprinted toward the bridge with Willow and Tara following.

"Don't worry, she's here." Shinra said pointing to Dawn who was lying on the floor moaning in pain, and holding her ribs.

"She said that you were in trouble and then she jumped ship. Then just a few minutes ago she came back in cussing up a storm, about fiends." Mizu said from her consol.

"Fiends? Fiends attacked you? What kind of fiends?" Buffy asked thinking back to the snakes.

"Chygac." (Snakes.) Dawn moaned out causing Willow and Tara to shiver and Buffy to scream.

"Dammit! Dawn you know not to take on fiends like that! You know what they can do? We watched them eat two men in front of us! I don't want to cut one open and pull you out!"

"Buffy! Calm down." Tara said and cast a healing spell on Dawn.

"Cunno. Pid E fehdat du ramb!" (Sorry. But I wanted to help!) Dawn shouted rising from the floor.

"You're too young!"

"No, I am not!"

"Yes, you are! Mother wouldn't want you to get hurt! And it's my ass on the line if you do!"

"Fine be that way!" Dawn shouted sitting down in her seat and turning the ship around.

"Can you analyze the sphere we found?" Willow asked handing the sphere to Shinra.

"Sure." He took the sphere back to his consol and began to examine it.

Buffy sat down on the stairs sighing. "Why can't she just listen too me? I don't want to see her hurt."

"She's a teenager, all teenagers are like that." Willow said sitting beside her.

"I know, but..."

Analysis complete. You wanna watch it?" Shinra asked pressing a button on the computer.

An image appeared showing Zanarkand one thousand years ago. And a man starts speaking happily.

"I can't believe I actually got a ticket! What a thrill, to be able to shake her hand like that!" He said as the image disappeared.

"You think it's worth anything?" Tara asked watching Shinra take the sphere from the consol.

"It's not very exciting." Buffy sighed.

"I've heard that voice before... I know I have." Willow said trying to place the voice she'd heard.

A red light began blinking as an alarm sounded. Turning the girls looked over to Mizu, and watched her type on her consol.

"Incoming data."

"What is it?" Buffy asked walking over.

"The treasure sphere data you've been dying for. There's at least one on Besaid Island... and the other is in... Oh hell, it's in the Zanarkand Ruins."

"What!? You've gotta be kidding me!" Willow groaned.

"Nope, looks like you girls get to go diving."

Willow glanced at Tara worriedly, "But Tara canít hold her breath that long."

"Not a problem, Will. I've got a tank of compressed air, Tara can use." Buffy smiled.

"Where to?" Dawn asked.

Tara looked to the floor, then to Willow. Giving her an encouraging smile Willow nodded. "Let's go to Besaid."

"You got it!" Dawn said and turned the ship toward Besaid.

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