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Final Fantaxy X-3

Author: Stormforce
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't own either series.

After thirty minutes Tara had felt her strength return in full, and stood up with a sigh, she had a bad feeling about even looking into the next room, much less going in to it. Willow had her back turned to the group, and was staring at the floor, seemingly lost in thought. Even though Tara didn't know it; Willow also had the same feeling she did, as did Buffy, and Faith. It seemed like to Willow and Buffy they were about to step into a room that could be the death of them. To Tara and Faith, it was almost as if they knew there was nothing but heartache on the other side of those doors.

This must be it, Willow thought as she stared at the floor, This must be where Buffy and myself either die, or defeat whatever there is to. But what is it?... Dying? Ha! No way! I won't leave Tara alone in this friggin' place!

I guess Will has the same feeling as me. Whatever's on the other side of those doors could mean our death. No, don't think like that! I won't die in a place like this! I won't leave Faith!

Willow jumped, startled, when a hand softly squeezed her shoulder, turning around she saw Buffy give her a sad smile, and cock her head to the left. Glancing over she saw Tara watching her, and couldn't help but try and smile for her sake, and hopefully help her feel better, "You guys ready?" she asked softly and saw the others nod, "Okay then, stay on guard, we don't know what's behind these doors." Giving a slight nod, she and Buffy slowly pushed the doors open, and stepped inside the new room gripping their blades.

The room didn't have much to see, only four, five foot round pillars in a straight line on either side of a long blood-red carpet, and behind them on either wall was the princesses, "There's Alice!" Faith said her eyes growing wide.

"And Jasmine!" Tara said examining the tube the unconscious girls were in.

"What in hellfire is going on?!"

"Belle!" Beast roared running over to the tube with Belle, swipping his claws against the glass, and was thrown back by a powerful backlash of energy; he fell to the floor unconscious.

"Well, damn!" Buffy growled, "We can't touch the tubes and get them out!"

"Forget that, what about him." Willow shook her head and motioned to Beast.

Donald and Goofy stood on either side of the huge beast-like man, and pulled him to the side, "For now he'll be fine." Donald nodded, before his eyes went wide, "Look!" he pointed to the back of the room where the Heartless door stood.

"Come on!" Willow shouted as she and Buffy ran forward and up a small set of stairs, where they stopped in their tracks. Tara and Faith's twins were lying on the floor, unconscious, and looking for all the world like they were sleeping.

Tara and Faith ran ahead of Donald and Goofy, and both girls slammed into an invisible barrier at the top of the stairs, and fell back into the guys as they quickly approached, "What the fuck!" Faith shouted standing, and pulling Tara with her, "This can't be good." she said pounding on the invisible wall.

"Damn!" Tara cursed, causing Faith to look at her, if wasn't often that Tara cussed, but when she did, it was still a suprise, "And you're right, this isn't good." Tara began pounding on the barrier, all the while screaming as loud as she could, and still couldn't get her lover's, or Buffy's attention.

"Stand back!" Donald called, casting a Thundaga spell, and watched as the spell was absorbed into the barrier, "Now what?"

Neither Willow, or Buffy saw that the others had ran into a clear barrier, and couldn't get through, and they couldn't hear the screaming, nor the pounding the others were doing.

"Girls! Open your eyes!" Buffy kneeled next to Faith's twin and shook her, "Dammit! Open your eyes!"

"Come on, Tara, wake up!" Willow likewise was shaking Tara's twin, "Wake up!"

"It's no use, you know." Willow's twins' voice spoke as she and Buffy's twin appeared.

"Those girls have lost their hearts." Buffy's twin said sneering at Buffy, "They cannot wake."

Both girls stood and stared at their twins, and had to wonder what had happened to their apperance. Willow's twin had black streaks in her red hair, and her eyes were nothing more than pools of pitch-black. Buffy's twin was the same, her blonde hair had black streaks, but unlike Willow's twin, her eyes were iron-gray in color. How was it that their hair and eyes had changed that much since the last they'd seen them only less than an hour ago?

"What?" Buffy glanced from her twin to Faith's, and back again. Something wasn't right -and it wasn't the hair and eye color- it was a sence wrongness, and it was coming off her and Willow's twins in waves. "You..."

"You're not them!" Willow shouted having felt the same thing as Buffy, "You're not Willow, and Buffy."

"You're someone else!" Buffy unsheathed her blade, and stepped back.

The dark twins ignored Willow and Buffy's shouts and glanced at the Heartless door, "The Keyhole cannot be completed so as long as the last two princesses of heart still sleep." Willow's twin spoke as she and Buffy's twin floated in mid-air.

"And without their power, the Keyhole with remain incomplete." Buffy's twin smirked, "I do believe it's time they were awakened."

"Who the hell are you?" Willow growled stepping back and unsheathing her blade, "Let our twins go!'

Buffy nodded, "Yeah, give them back their hearts, or else!"

"Or else what, little girl?" Buffy's twin sneered as black energy surrounded her and Willow's twin, causing her eyes to go from iron-gray to purplish black in a split second, "You really think you can beat us?"

"If I let these bodies go, you must wake the princesses!" Willow's twin pointed her blade at the girls and watched as an energy wave sent them to their knees.

"Who are you?" Buffy gasped feeling the darkness cover her body.

"It is I, D'Hoffryn, the seeker of darkness!" Both dark twins shouted in unison.

"What? Both of you?" Willow stared at the twins like they were off their rockers, "Yeah, right."

"It's the truth."

"How so?" Buffy asked staring at her twin, and quirking her eyebrows.

"These fools wanted more power, the power to get their lovers hearts back, and when you defeated them, I saw my chance. They gladly took the gift I was offering, and became my vessels, my powerful vessels!" The twins once more spoke in unison, as they touched the necklace around their necks.

"I shall release the princesses!" Buffy's twin shouted rushing forward.

"Complete the Keyhole with your power!" Willow's twin shouted as she, too, rushed forward.

"Open the door, and lead us into everlasting darkness!" Both twins shouted as they brought their blades down, and were blocked when the girls brought their own up.

"Forget it!" Willow growled pushing her twin away, "There is no way you're gonna harm them!"

"I'll agree to that!" Buffy grunted pushing forward, and causing her twin to step back.

Willow's twin let out a battle cry as she lunged forward with her blade held high; Willow, seeing this, raised her blade up and met her twin's blade, causing sparks to fly as the blades met, and slid against the other. Willow pushed her twin back, bent at her knees, and spun around, knocking her twins' feet out from under her. Dark Willow, to avoid falling to the floor, side flipped, landed on her feet, and once again lunged forward with her blade in front of her.

The redhead twisted her body, and let her twin pass as she called up a Protect spell for her and Buffy. The spell covered both girls just as Buffy's twin brought her blade down, and shook as the dark Keyblade bounced off the shield. Willow smirked as her twin punched at her, and growled when her fist only met the shield.

Buffy's twin back flipped away from the Al Bhed, and giggled, "Protect won't help." she said casting a Dispel spell, and watched the Protect shields shatter like glass and disappear, before she shot forward.

Buffy blocked her twin's blade, and was thrown back when her twin's fist connected with her jaw sending her into the air. The dark twin jumped into the air, spun around, and kicked Buffy in the chest, knocking her to the floor, hard. A painful groan escaped Buffy's lips as she hit the floor with a loud thud, and hurriedly rolled to the right as her twin tried to crush her head with her foot. Growling, the Al Bhed stood, and threw a Firestorm mix, causing her twin to scream in pain as the flames licked over her body.

Willow jumped back, then side flipped as her twin brought her blade down, and then back up, before she jumped forward ready to thrust the blade through Willow's heart. Calling up another spell, Willow glowed for a moment before she let the Bio spell fly, and watched as a green slimy blob fell on to her twin, posioning her.

The twin fell back from the force of the spell, and smirked, "Not gonna help ya." she said, and flipped back, casting her own Esuna spell to cure the posion, as Willow ran forward, bringing her blade around.

Buffy's twin jumped over the flames, and hit Buffy, sending her back into the barrier, where she was quickly shocked as electricity danced over her body. The blonde let out a scream and jerked forward, bringing her blade around, and catching her twin on her upper arm. The twin bared her teeth, and brought her own blade down, cutting into Buffy's shoulder, and across her chest, before she jumped back to avoid the other girls' blade. The dark twin was taken by surprise when a vial broke at her feet, she only had time to look up at Buffy's grinning face before the Rolling Thunder mix washed over her body. The twin, once again, screamed in pain as electricity rolled over her body.

"Buffy!" Faith shouted when her lover hit the barrier and shook from the electricity, and shouted again as the twin's blade cut into Buffy's shoulder and chest, "Fuck! We gotta help them!"

"How?" Donald shouted angrily, "We can't get through the barrier!"

"Dammit!" Faith growled and went back to hitting the barrier with her blade, and could only hope she and Tara could break through.

Donald sighed, and went back to helping the girls try and break through, by casting his magic spells, but somehow he knew it wasn't going to work. Goofy held his shield out in front of him, and began to spin around, he hoped that the force of his hit would help.

Willow's twin blocked the blade from cutting her in half, but wasn't fast enough to stop Willow's fist from sending her into the air. The redhead grinned and cast a Waterga spell, and followed it up with a Thundaga spell for a stronger result. The dark twin's screams joined the dark Buffy's screames, as the electricity danced over her body, and her blade fell to the floor with a clang.

Dark Willow fell to the floor breathing hard, stood with a glare and raced forward with a burst of power. Willow had no time to block the blade as it cut through her flesh, and into her shoulder. Willow screamed, the pain from the blade burning through her body, and quickly touched her twin's stomach, as she cast Fira spell, sending her twin back with a burnt hole in her bodysuit, and her own hand feeling like it was on fire.

This can't be happening! Tara thought, franticly pounding on the barrier, and felt tears stinging her eyes when she saw Willow get stabbed, and then her hand turn to an angry red. Concentrating, the white mage called up a Curaga spell for both battling girls; Faith, Donald, and Goofy jumped when a enraged scream tore from Tara's throat when the spells bounced back.

Buffy ran forward, jumped into the air, and spun around bringing her leg out in a jumping roundhouse kick. Dark Buffy had been standing, breath coming in ragged gasps, when she saw Buffy's foot coming around. With a loud cry, the dark twin quickly raised her hand to block the foot, and staggered to the right from the force, dropping her dark Keyblade.

Spinning around, dark Buffy completed a spinning back kick, catching the side of Buffy's head, and knocking to the ground. Buffy flipped up, and could feel the blood running down the side of her face, before she growled, and lunged forward with her fists tightly closed. The twin had no time to stop the hit, and was knocked into the barrier by Tara and Faith's twins -when Buffy's fists hit her chest and stomach- where she slid to the ground, unconscious.

A Flare spell sent Willow flying back, causing her feet to slid against the floor, and stop only a few inches from the electricified barrier. Glancing up quickly; Willow hurriedly jumped to the side, avoiding a forward thrust kick from her twin, and ducked to avoid her twins' fist as she quickly spun around. Willow rose, only to be kicked in the head, and sent to the floor with blood running down her forehead, across the bridge of her nose, and under her right eye. Willow growled as she grabbed her twins' hand, and spun, throwing the twin across the floor, and into the barrier, where she screamed before she joined Buffy's twin on the floor, unconscious.

The only sound inside of the barrier was the sound of harsh breathing from Willow and Buffy, and the sound of blood dripping to the floor from their wounds. Outside the barrier was another story, both Tara and Faith were still pounding on the barrier, and screaming as loud as they could, and still couldn't catch their lover's attention. What was going on? The fighting had stopped, so shouldn't the barrier have came down?

Donald had long since became worn out from casting every spell he could think of, and still couldn't break through the invisible wall. When Goofy had tried using his shield, he had been thrown back five foot from the force of his blow, and was knocked unconscious, and was now just coming around.

"Will, the Keyhole." Buffy said softly, and fell to her knees. The pain from her wounds was finally catching up to her, and it was slowly becoming too much to handle.

Willow turned, raised her blade, and concentrated. Nothing happened, "Dammit! It won't work cause the Keyhole isn't finished!" Willow growed, and fell next to Buffy, the pain in her shoulder felt like white hot metal, and it was slowly spreading through her body, "I hurt." she whispered, and felt her stomach flip.

"Yeah, my body feels like it's on fire." Buffy said grabbing her head, "I think those dark Keyblades were posion."

Willow nodded, "What should we do with them?" she asked standing on weak legs and approaching her twin's blade.

"Well, for one, keep those two nutballs from getting them again." Buffy said standing, and reached down for her twin's dark blade.

As soon as Willow and Buffy held the dark Keyblades, they glanced around, "By the Fayth!" Willow's eyes grew wide.

"Holy Shiva..." Buffy gasped as her eyes widened, "This can't be good."

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