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Final Fantaxy X-3

Author: Stormforce
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't own either series.

Both Willow and Buffy stood frozen in place, and stared at the scene in front of them, their jaws on the floor, and eyes wide. After picking up the dark Keyblades, both girls had felt a strong magic flow over, and through their bodies, and now they were staring at something that was -to them- weird and very worriesom. Willow whirled around to look at the stairs where the others had been held back, Donald was bent over with his hands on his knees as if he had just ran a race, and was resting. Goofy had been frozen as he'd stepped forward, his right leg forward, and his left behind him, with his right hand rubbing his head. Willow quickly turned back around, and let her gaze rest in front of her.

Six figures floated a couple inches off the floor, and all six looked as if they were in a peaceful slumber. What was this? What was going on? Time had stopped outside the barrier freezing Donald and Goofy, but why weren't she and Buffy affected? Not to mention the persons floating in front of them.

"Wha-- Wasn't they... And weren't they... Huh?" Buffy blinked, "What in hellfire is going on!" she shouted running over to the figures, "Faith! Tare! Wake up!"

The Al Bhed didn't know how, or the reason why, but either way, Tara and Faith had somehow appeared inside the barrier and were now floating next to their twins, and her and Willow's twins. Why were they inside with them, and why were they asleep and floating? She didn't know, and could tell by the look at Willow's face that she didn't either, but it was giving her a bad feeling.

Willow had quickly followed, and had tried to pulled Tara into her arms, only to find that her lover wasn't moving, "Hellfire! C'mon Tare! Wake up!" she shouted in a frightened voice.

"That will not work." A voice spoke causing the girls to spin around, and face the transparent form of Mythe.

'What? Why won't they wake up?" Buffy asked relaxing as she stared into Mythe's soft blue gaze.

Willow glanced over her shoulder at her lover, before once again, letting her gaze set on Mythe, "Our test, right?"

"Yes, child, your test." Mythe gave the girls a sad smile as she stepped past them, and over to their twins, "These two are in so much pain, as are their lover's." she glanced at Tara and Faith's twins before, once more, turning her gaze to Willow and Buffy, "You must save them." she said and touched the twin's cheeks with her transparent hand, before moving over to her own daughter, and stared at her sadly as she rested her hand on Tara's cheek.

Save them? After what those two had done? Mythe was asking a lot of them, and neither girl thought it safe to allow them to roam free, even if they were able to wake the princesses, what would keep them from going back? Sure, they figured their lovers could try and stop it, but what if that weren't enough? What would happen then?

"You want us to save them? Okay, but how? And what happens if they turn back to the darkness?" Buffy asked then stared at her twin, "And you know, I'm not sure if I want that nutball twin of mine running around loose."

Willow nodded, "That goes for me, too. After all they've done, can we really trust them not to turn back to the darkness?"

Mythe turned, and fixed both girls with a hard stare, "You both would have done the same thing as they had," she said firmly, "Don't deny it, I know you would have."

Willow lowered her head, and looked to the side, "Yeah, but..." she didnt know how to finish it. Mythe was right, if something like that had happened to her Tara she would have done everything in her power to get her back, even if it meant allowing the darkness to take over her body.

Buffy, too, had her head down, but had kept her narrowed gaze on her twin, "We wouldn't have tried to kill our twins!" she shouted tightening her grip around the hilt of the blade, turning her knuckles white, "We would not have done that!" Yes, she, like Willow, would have done everything she could have to save both girls, but she hated fighting someone who was just like her.

"You would have done what needed to be done to get your girls back. Even if it meant you had to fight your twins." Mythe said causing both girls to look at her, "Now, you must do what they cannot, you must save them, and wake their lovers."

"But how?" Willow asked with a sigh, "How are we suppose to know how to save them from the darkness? We've never even seen something like that, it's almost like black magic, but worse!"

"Yeah, and what about the princesses? How do we know how to wake them? Our twins kept saying we knew how, but all they would've had to do was look inside their own hearts to find the way."

"They could not see past the darkness in their bodies, that is why they couldn't find the path to awaken their lovers. And now, it is too late for them to find it."

"What?" Willow and Buffy shouted, "What's that mean?" Willow stared at her mother-in-law.

"Just what I said, it is too late for them to find it, now."

Buffy shook her head, "Okay, whatever, but I have two questions that I think are need to know. One, how do we save our twins from the darkness? And two, how are we suppose to wake the princesses?"

"You both hold the key to waking the sleeping princesses."

"Huh? What are you talking about?" Willow didn't understand, but by the look on Buffy's face it was clear she did, "What?"

"These." Buffy raised the dark blade up causing Willow to step back and shake her head.

"No, no way!" Willow swirled toward the ex-summoner, "You want us to use these? No! It's too dangerous!"

"Those blades hold the power to open a person's heart, whether they are used for good or evil is up to the master, and as of now, you both are the new masters of those blades."

Buffy fell to her knees, her body was hurting, and standing there wasn't helping, "Great, so what, we stab the princesses?" she asked and shook her head franticly, "I won't do it! I wouldn't hurt Faith, so what makes you think I'm going to bring harm to her twin?"

"Same here, I won't hurt Tara's twin either, so you can just forget it." Mythe stopped Willow from throwing the blade to the floor.

"Look, neither of you are thinking!" Mythe near shouted, causing both girls to blink, "If they had their hearts the Keyhole leading to the darkness would be open!"

"Great, so they really don't have their hearts, so what? Who has them?"

"You must choose whose hearts you open with those Keyblades, but choose wisely, for if you pick the wrong ones, they will die." Mythe stared past Willow as if she weren't there, "This is your test." she said, and could only hope they chose the correct hearts, and could pass the final test, if not, all was lost.

"Dammit! We're still gonna have to stab someone!" Buffy growled not liking the idea one bit, "I hate this."

Willow nodded, she didn't like it either, "But how are we suppose to know?"

"I am truly sorry, but you must figure it out for yourselves."

"Great." Willow moaned, her body felt like it was burning from the inside out, and now this, "What about them? What happens when they wake up?"

Mythe glanced over her shoulder and sighed, "Again, you must figure that out for yourselves. As for what happens, I would hope they won't have any darkness in them. Remember, their dark power was given to them, they may have taken it of their own free will, but it was given nonetheless, and it can be taken away just the same."

"And you won't tell us how will you?" Buffy asked and saw Mythe shake her head, "Lovely."

"I must leave now, but know this, when you release your twins from the darkness, the barrier will fall." Mythe bowed, and vanished, allowing time to resume once again.

"Well?" Buffy glanced from the twins to her lover and Tara, and finally to Willow, "What are we gonna do?"

"Dunno, but I'm worried about stabbing someone, and it being the wrong someone." Willow stood next to her twin, and cocked her head to the right, "There's something out of place on my twin."

Buffy stepped up to her twin and nodded as she let her eyes roam over her twins body, "I know, but I don't know what it is...besides the darkness' taint on their bodies."

"Wait a minute..." Willow trailed off staring at the necklace, "I don't remember them having this," she said and touched the chain, "Whoa!" the redhead fell back.

"What?" Buffy quickly closed the small distance between her and Willow, and held her hand out to help the redhead up, "What is it?"

Willow stared at the small necklace around her twin's neck, "The necklace, it's the necklace with the power of darkness in it."

"Is that what we have to do, destroy them?"

"I think it is," Willow nodded, and once again stepped next to her twin, "But be careful, they have a powerful kick to them." she said with her hand hovering over her twin's chest where the necklace rested against her breast, and felt the darkness calling to her black magic. Willow closed her eyes, she had come too far to let it win now.

"Got it," Buffy said, and in one quick motion grabbed the chain, and pulled the necklace from her twin's neck, "Now what?" she asked feeling lightheaded, as the room began to spin. The darkness was trying to enter her body, and the Al Bhed was using what was left of her strength to fight it off.

"Drop it!" Willow said, dropping hers, and crushed the pendant with the heel of her shoe, at the same time as Buffy.

Both girls were pushed back as the darkness rose from their twin's bodies, and swirled around in a circle as it rose up to, and through the ceiling. The barrier keeping Donald and Goofy out shattered, sounding like someone had dropped a tray fulls of glasses, but ten times worse. Willow and Buffy covered their ears to block the sound out, and caught site of the guys doing the same, before they hurried over to the girls, and stared at the others.

"What is going on?" Donald blinked, he couldn't figure out how Tara and Faith had gotten inside, nor why they were floating.

"Just rest, me n' Will has something to figure out." Buffy sighed, and could feel her body getting weaker, what ever those dark blades had on them was slowly killing her, she thought.

Donald rolled his eyes, he could tell the two girls were keeping something from them, again, but knew it was most likely something he couldn't help with. Grabbing Goofy, he nodded, "All right, we'll be over here." he said and pulled Goofy toward the back of the small room, and began studying the Heartless door.

"Well..." Willow squeezed her eyes shut against the pounding in her head, "I think we need to hurry."

"Yeah," Buffy nodded, and turned to stare at her lover. If the princesses didn't have their own hearts, and their own twins had lost site of the path to find them, then how could she and Willow save their lover's twins?

Willow lowered her eyes to the floor, and glanced at Buffy, seeing the Al Bhed staring to the side, seemed like she had no idea on where to start either. Why was this their test? Why couldn't it have been fighting off the darkness? That would have been easier, but no, it had to be choosing whose hearts to open.

"Donald," Goofy whispered tapping the duck on his shoulder, "Look at them."

Donald turned from the door, and shook his head. Willow's pale skin was even paler, and she was starting to look like a ghost, even Buffy's tanned skin was just as pale as Willow's, "I know, Goofy, I know. But what can we do?"

Goofy shrugged, he didn't know what was wrong with the girls, but they really should take care of those wounds, "Can you heal them?"

"Yeah, I should have done that the first thing after the barrier came down." Donald concentrated, and cast a Cure spell on the girls.

Willow and Buffy had been lost in thought when the Cure spell washed over their bodies, causing the girls to raise their heads, close their eyes, and let the warmth cover them. The Cure spell would only heal their wounds, but if there were any posion in their bodies, it wouldn't even touch it. But either way, no matter how hot their bodies felt, the warmth still felt good. A single thought caused Buffy's eyes shoot open a moment after Willow's, turning her head quickly the Al Bhed met the redhead's gaze, and saw the same look on her face. That was it, of course why hadn't they seen it before?

Mythe had said it herself, the dark twins had lost site of the path, they couldn't find it, and now it was too late. The warmth they had felt, the double fast beating of their hearts, and even Tara going into a trance when they fought Maleficent. Her twin had helped her, and then had returned to her hiding spot, in Willow's own heart. Since they were the twins of the princesses lovers, they had decided to use them to hide from the darkness, and now that Willow and Buffy had figured it out, they could feel something telling them they were correct. And it could only be two people, Princess Tara, and Princess Faith. And now since the darkness wasn't after them at the moment, they wanted to return to their bodies, and only Willow and Buffy could help.

"Well, really, if we're wrong, we'll die." Buffy stated glancing from the blade, to the twins, to Faith, and to Willow. The redhead had done the same, and gave a small smile to Buffy.

"I know we're not wrong." she said flipping the blade into the air, and catching it as it came down, "You know what to do," Willow gripped the blunt side of the blade and saw Buffy nod.

"Yeah," Buffy grinned turning the blade around to face her chest.

Goofy had grabbed Donald's shoulder, and spun him around, causing the duck to quack angrily, his quacking came to a complete stop, and his eyes grew wide when he saw what Willow and Buffy were doing, "What are you doing?" he shouted running forward.

"Wait!" Goofy hollered, following the duck, "No!" both guys shouted as the girls thrust the dark blades into their chest, and piercing their hearts.

Willow and Buffy floated into the air as their bodies lit up, and an energy wave sent the guys flying back against the Heartless door. The form of a heart escaped from each girls' chest, and quickly flew into the princesses chest, as Willow and Buffy were lowered to the ground. The other princesses hearts glowed, and shot beams toward the door, completing the Keyhole, and allowing the door to the darkness to be opened. Only the power of their pure hearts kept the darkness at bay, and not allowing it to over run the world.

Tara and Faith opened their eyes at the same moment as the four twins, and were lowered to the ground, where they saw Willow and Buffy being pulled down into a portal of pure darkness.

"No!" Tara and Faith shouted lunging forward with their hands out, and just missed their lover's hands as they were pulled completely under. A primal scream ripped through both girls throats as the portal closed. Willow and Buffy were gone, and there was no visible way of getting them back.

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