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Final Fantaxy X-3

Author: Stormforce
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't own either series.

"I'm afraid you're too late." Maleficent spoke as the group entered the front part of the Castle Chapel, "Any moment now, the final Keyhole will be unsealed. This world will be plunged into darkness. It is unstoppable!" the witch laughed evilly raising her hands above her head.

"We'll stop it!" Tara shouted, beating Willow to the punch, and causing the redhead to smirk as she glared at Maleficent.

"You really think that after coming all this way that we'll just lay down and let you win?" Faith rolled her eyes as she brought up her blade, "Well, think again!"

"Yeah! There's no way we're gonna let that happen!" Buffy shouted raising her own blade.

"You poor, simple fools." Maleficent shook her head sadly, before chuckling, "You think you can defeat me? Me, the mistress of all evil?"

Willow cocked her head to the right, "We'll fight you, and we will defeat you!" she shouted racing forward, and striking the witch.

Maleficent screamed in rage as the blade tore through her black dress, ripping it open from the left side to the right, and knocking Willow back with her staff. The redhead landed on the ground, and skidded to a halt beside Tara, who was concentrating on a Holy spell; Willow rolled to the side as a Thunder spell crashed to the floor where she'd been kneeling. Buffy ran forward, throwing a Firestorm mix just before her blade was blocked by the witches' staff, and was pushed back as Tara's Holy spell exploded around the witch.

The ground where Maleficent was standing slowly rose into the air, and hovered six feet above the group as it moved toward the back of the room. Faith followed, jumped into the air, and spun around, her blade connecting with Maleficent's staff, just as a Thundaga spell hit the witch.

Taking a chance, and glancing over her shoulder; Faith saw Donald readying another spell, and back flipped away when his Fira spell exploded. With Maleficent staggering; Goofy jumped into the air and began spinning around, his shield in front of him, and hitting Maleficent seven times before she knocked him away.

Another Holy spell erupted causing Maleficent to scream in anger, and cast a Waterga spell, followed by a Thundaga spell. Willow was thrown back by the force of both spells, and convulsed as the electricity rolled over her soaked body. Buffy soon joined Willow as the Blizzaga and Firaga spells hit her head on, first freezing her, and then burning her to the point she couldn't help but scream in pain.

Tara hurriedly cast her most powerful healing spell on each girl, and sighed in relief when they fully worked, at least she knew now that her healing spells would work, and narrowed her eyes at the witch, before casting another -stronger- Holy spell.

Faith growled and waited until Tara's spell exploded, before she jumped up onto the platform Maleficent was standing on, and brought her blade down, first left, and then coming back up from the right. Maleficent was knocked off the platform and onto the ground, where Goofy attacked her once more, before she sent him flying back with a Thundaga spell. Goofy hit the wall with a sickening thud, and fell to the floor unconscious; Donald seeing the blood run down his friend's head caused the duck to turn, glow for a split second, and cast the strongest Thundaga spell he'd ever had.

Maleficent hit the wall as electricity crackled, and sparked on her body, before she fell to her knees, and glared at the group. Raising her hand, she sent a shockwave toward the group, knocking them into the wall, before a portal appeared and she slipped through, and never noticed a piece of paper flutter to the floor.

With a groan, Tara stood, and cast Curaga on the entire group, healing their wounds, and watched as Donald helped Goofy to stand. "Well, should we?" Buffy asked approaching the portal, and crouching down to pick up the paper, "Another report." she mumbled before stuffing it in her pouch.

"Yeah, we should." Willow narrowed her eyes at the black portal, "She's not gonna get away."

"Will's right," Faith nodded to the portal, "If we let her go, she'll only cause more trouble."

"Then let's go, and get this over with." Tara spoke taking Willow's hand, and stepping through the portal with the other's right behind them.

Maleficent slowly stagger to the center of the room, and stopped as she held her hand to her chest. She couldn't believe the king's creeps had beaten her. This was not how it was suppose to be, she was suppose to rule over everything, not be beaten by a bunch of lowlifes.

"Do you need some help?" Buffy's twin asked as she and Willow's twin appeared behind her.

"You!" Faith shouted, and gripped her blade.

Donald stared at the blades in the girls' hands, and gasped, "Is that--"

"Yes," Willow's twin nodded, and smirked, "A Keyblade. But unlike yours, this Keyblade holds the power to unlock people's hearts."

"Allow me to demonstrate," Buffy's twin grinned, and quickly thrust her Keyblade into Maleficent's heart, "Behold!"

"Wha-" Maleficent went wide-eyed, and gasped.

"Now, open your heart, surrender it to the darkness!" Willow's twin shouted, "Become darkness itself!"

"Have fun." Buffy's twin smirked, as she pulled the Keyblade from the witchs' heart, and disappeared with Willow's twin.

"This is it!" Maleficent shouted, "This power! Darkness... The true darkness!" she cackled madly as her form changed, and she turned into a large black dragon.

Buffy blinked, "This is not good." she said, and dodged as the dragon's tail swiped at her and the others.

"No shit." Faith shook her head, and back flipped away from the tail again, as she cast a Thundaga spell.

Goofy spun forward, hitting the dragon's right front leg, causing the beast to stumble. Beast ran forward, using his large paw to swipe at the dragon's side, and leaving four deep wounds before he was knocked back against the wall. Willow nodded toward Faith, before she leaped forward, using Faith's cupped hands to flip onto the dragon's back, and brought her blade down on it's head. The dragon reared up causing Willow to grab on to one of its' spikes to keep from falling off, and brought her sword down once more.

The dragon roared in pain as a Rolling Thunder mix, and a Winter Storm mix exploded on it's head, and rear up once more. Buffy followed her mixes up by jumping into the air, and spinning around, bringing her blade across the dragon's face, and landed a kick before she landed on the ground, and jumped back avoiding the large paw as it cracked the ground where she'd been just moments before. Tara let a Holy spell fly just as Donald cast a Thundaga spell, causing Willow to jump from the dragon's back when she felt the very powerful Holy spell coming her way.

Glancing over, Willow quirked her eyebrows, and cocking her head to the right; it looked as if Tara had zoned out, and continued to cast Holy spell after Holy spell on the giant beast. Willow wasn't sure if she should try to get Tara out of the trance like state, or not. If she tried, would she get hit with a spell? Shaking her head, the gray mage decided to leave Tara alone, to her, she could tell Tara was fine, and raced forward once more.

Beast met the redhead halfway, and scooped her up before he tossed her back onto the dragon's back, as his claws left another set of wounds on the dragon's chest. Buffy, and Faith were standing side by side with Donald, and glowed before their three Thundaga spells combind with Tara's Holy spell, and shot forward. Willow got in another two hits with her blade, and looked up, "Shit!" she shouted, and jumped from the dragon's back, just as the spells exploded, causing a shockwave that passed over the group.

The dragon roared, and reared up as green flame engulfed its' body, causing it to burn as it hit the ground. Willow hurried toward Tara, and caught the white mage before she fell to the ground, and sighed, she could tell Tara was weak, but that was all.

"How ironic." Willow's twin said as she and Buffy's twin appeared standing next to the dragons' corpse.

"She was just another puppet after all." Buffy's twin snorted, "Although it was funny to see her thinking she wasn't."

"What?" Goofy raised his shield.

"The Heartless were using Maleficent from the beginning." Willow's twin smirked, "She failed to notice the darkness in her heart eating away at her."

Buffy's twin stepped on the dragon's corpse causing it to disappear, "A fitting end for such a fool, don'tcha think?" she grinned, and both twin's disappeared.

The room began shaking, and the portal began to shrink, "Dammit! The portal!" Buffy shouted, grabbed Faith's hand and pulling her toward the closing portal. Willow picked Tara up, and followed Donald and Goofy, with Beast right behind her. The group made it through just in time to hear the portal close with a loud pop, and breathed a sigh of relief.

"Now were?" Donald asked glancing around the room, and raised his staff, "That wasn't there before."

Willow set Tara down, and slowly approached a new set of double doors, "No, it wasn't, but I'm guessing this is the way we go."

"Let's rest a few minutes first." Buffy leaned against the wall, and let her eyes settle on Tara; the white mage looked far worse than she had when they first appeared. "Tara, you alright?"

"Yeah, just- just weakened."

"It's no wonder. Damn! What the hell happened back there?" Faith asked crouching next to Tara.

Tara shook her head, "I don't was like something just took over, and allowed me to cast like it was nothing."

"That's weird..." Willow trailed off, and shrugged, "Well, nothing we can do about it now, just rest for a few minutes, and then we'll check out what's in there." she said pointing to the door. Little did she know that when they entered the next room she and Buffy would be facing the worst thing they could think of. Their test.

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