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Author: Magrat
Rating: NC-17.
Disclaimer: Not mine; I would have treated them better.

Willow was relieved when she finally got rid of Xander. He had tried to insist that she came back to his and Anya's apartment, but she said told him she wanted to be on her own. He had looked like he was going to argue all night 'til Anya grabbed him and took him home.

She had felt like screaming at him. Did he not understand that all she wanted was Tara and if he didn't leave she couldn't have her.

The moment that Willow's friends had left the house she picked up the phone and punched in Tara's dorm number. She let the phone ring a few times before a knock at her front door almost made her jump out of her skin. She opened the door slightly annoyed. "Xander, I told you...Tara."

"I thought they were never going to leave," said the blonde pulling the door shut behind her.

Willow's heart was pumping with excitement; the last few days had seen such a change in her quiet girlfriend's usual demeanour that she had no idea what was about to happen next. "Tara are you sure, you want to keep doing this?"

"I'm sure," said the blonde with a little smile. "I've missed you so bad, we shouldn't be doing this, I know, but I don't want to stop. Do you?"

"Oh god, no. I just want more, more of you and all the time," said Willow moving close to Tara and instead if kissing her, she flicks her tongue gently over the Wicca's full lips. "Hmm, I can still taste me. Are you going to make good your promise to me?"

"Do I ever let you down?" said Tara panting slightly wanting her lover.

"No, but I think it is my turn now and I still have the handcuffs," said Willow teasing slightly but pleased by the open mouth reaction. "You like the idea of that?"

Tara nods, her eyes wide.

"Let's get upstairs," said Willow relishing the chance to take over control again. Much as she had enjoyed Tara's wild side she loved to be in charge.

Willow pushed Tara into the bedroom a sense of urgency starting to take over. She pulled the blonde into a hard kiss, her tongue slipping into Tara's mouth. Her hands roamed over Tara's body, trying to remove her clothes as quickly as possible.

"Hey what's the hurry?" asked Tara breaking away from the kiss.

"I didn't notice you taking your time in the Bronze. I've got an idea. Do you want to play a game?" asked Willow with a wicked smile.

"What sort of game?" asked Tara laughing gently.

"Well, you are going to have to take it serious for a start," said Willow with a dangerous gleam in her eye.

"I do," said Tara gulping loving it when Willow started to move into full domination mode.

"Do you trust me?" asked Willow drinking in Tara's dilated pupils and ragged breathing.

"Yes," said Tara her voice barely a whisper.

Willow with slow calculated movements went to her closet and pulled out the leather harness and dildo and laid them on the bed. She then took out the handcuffs and pulled up a chair, sat down and put the cuffs on her lap.

Tara's eyes followed Willow's actions, feeling her excitement rising by the second.

"I want you to undress for me," said Willow a predatory look showing on her face. "And I don't want some psuedo strip-tease, I know how sexy you are. I just want you to remove your clothes and lie on the bed."

Tara again nods and starts to remove her clothes, feeling nervous, more nervous than when she was fucking Willow in the Bronze. She wasn't sure what Willow wanted and the dildo had just heightened those feelings.

Willow waited until the blonde was completely naked before snapping out her next command "Look in my eyes" she watched as the witch complied. "God you're so beautiful. I bet there would be a line of girls and guys, who would give their right arms to be with you, but your mine. Tell me your mine."

"Always," said Tara.

"No, say you're mine," said Willow.

"I'm yours, always," said Tara.

"Say you'll come back to me," said Willow.

"I will," said Tara not thinking about the consequents of her words.

"Get yourself off," said Willow her voice sounding rough and harsh.

"Will?" asked Tara sounding nervous.

"You said you wanted to play," said Willow pouting.

The blonde to make good her words started to play with her nipples pulling them until she had made them into hard little peaks. Willows breathing increased as she watched her girlfriend's hand snake into her honey coloured pubes. Tara closed her eyes and just went for it. Imagining early on in the evening, her mind took her back to entering Willow's wet pussy.

Willow watched Tara playing with her clit, her eyes closed, her face flushed, and a bead of sweat showing on her forehead. Willow was about to tell Tara to open her eyes, when she thought she might as well take advantage of the situation. She started to disrobe and with a slight degree of difficulty pulled on the harness and dildo. She adjusted the straps until the base of the dildo fitted snug against her clit.

She turned her attention back to her lover who seemed lost in the act of pleasuring herself. She could see that Tara was close to the edge, a flush showing on her skin and her breathing fast and shallow. There was no way she was going to allow Tara to release yet. "Stop."

Tara suddenly jumped as if she was just remembering where she was. "W-what?"

"Stop, I don't want you to come yet," said Willow standing in front of her.

Tara couldn't believe what she was seeing; she didn't think that Willow would go through with the whole dildo thing. "Will I'm not sure..."

"You said that you trusted me. I won't do anything to hurt you; please Tara let me do this, if you don't like it I'll stop straight away, but I really want to fuck you," said Willow.

"O-okay," said Tara hesitantly.

Willow smiled "Put your hands out above your head."

Tara complied and was unsurprised when she felt the cuffs round her wrists, she tried to move but couldn't. She realized that Willow had looped the cuffs round the bars of her headboard. She could feel the excitement building between her legs as she watched Willow kneel on the bed.

Willow started to kiss the inside of Tara's ankle and slowly work her way up making the girl squirm as she bit gently on the witch's tender inner thigh and started to suck on the pale flesh. She ignored her girlfriend's wet pussy and started on the opposite ankle repeating the process.

"Will, stop teasing me. I've been wanting you for so long tonight. I don't need to be..."

"You deserve this, after what you did to me at the Bronze," said Willow.

"But you liked it," objected Tara.

"That really isn't the point, now be quiet and let me play. I've missed you and I want to kiss and worship every inch of your body," said Willow her eyes a deep emerald green pure lust reflecting from them.

Tara shivered and closed her eyes knowing she was in for the time of her life and thanking the goddess once more for delivering such a wonderful lover as Willow to her.

The redhead moved to the witch's neck feasting on her flesh, finding the most tender and sensitive points. She sucked hard leaving bruises on the pale delicate skin, not caring. Wanting to mark her. She moved slowly and deliberately down the other girl's body, sucking her nipples hard. Loving the sounds and feel of Tara starting to lose control beneath her. She stopped and looked into crystal blue eyes. "You like that baby?"

"Willow I want you...I want you to fuck me," said Tara pleading with her girlfriend

"Are you sure?" said Willow.

Tara nods her head.

Willow reaches down to the side of the bed for some lube. She coats the dildo slowly, making she sure she had Tara's full attention as she worked the long shaft.

Once more Tara watched intently, desire building up by the second. Her breath taken away by the pure show of sexuality.

Willow knelt between Tara's legs and gently rubbed the tip of the dildo against Tara's slick entrance, then up to her clit. Watching as the witch's body stiffened with the touch. She removed the dildo then entered the hot cauldron of her girlfriend's body with three fingers and using her thumb to just flick gently back and forth across her clit.

The blonde closed her eyes at last starting to get close to the sensations she had lusted for all night.

"Are you ready?" asked Willow

"Yes-" said Tara.

Willow stopped for a second and looked into Tara's eyes. "Baby if this hurts in any way I'll stop."

Blue eyes now darker. "Fuck me Willow, now," said Tara fiercely.

Willow puts the thick head of the dildo against Tara's wet lips, scared now that she was in this position, scared that she would hurt or not fulfil the woman she loved more than life its self.

Tara looked at her "Fuck me, I know you want too. C'mon Will show me what you've got."

Green meets blue as Willow slowly and gently eased the shaft into Tara, all the way. They stop in that position for a second. Willow's hand reaches down and brushes some hair from Tara's eyes; they drink one another in, lost, totally connected. Then Willow starts to move slowly at first, before picking up pace, driving hard into Tara.

"Willow stop," said Tara.

"Oh god, Tara have I hurt you..."

"No, untie my hands I want to be able to hold you while you fuck me," said Tara.

Willow complies with Tara's request quickly and is surprised as the blonde quickly turns her on her back. "What..."

"Shh my turn to play," said Tara putting her finger against Willow's lips. "Watch." She lowers herself on to the dildo sinking all the way down, before rocking back on it.

Willow's eyes rolled back as she felt the base rubbing against her hard clit, she can't believe the sensations a mixture of immense pleasure and pain as Tara rocked harder and harder.

"Don't close your eyes, watch me," snapped the blonde.

Willow eyes fly open and the sight almost makes her come straight away. The witch was moving quickly on the dildo, with one hand playing with her clit and the other pulling hard on one of her nipples. Willow puts her hands on Tara's hips pushing her down hard. "I'm gonna come...oh Tara baby...come with me... oh fuck"

Tara screamed Willow's name at the redhead's last savage thrust and the orgasm rocked through her body leaving her exhausted, spent and satisfied. She collapsed onto Willow's body, not wanting to lose the feeling of being totally filled. They hold one another close basking in their love and passion.

Tara sits up causing Willow to start to shudder as the base rubs against her still sensitive clit. "Sorry baby. I just wanted to..."

"I know," said Willow. "But that feeling could become quite addictive."

Tara removes herself from the dildo and lies on her side facing her lover. "Is it uncomfortable to wear?"

"No, it's just strange, but I think I want to take it off now," said Willow.

"Can I do it?" asked Tara.

"Sure" said Willow.

Tara moved slowly down Willow's body placing tiny kisses as she went. She came to the buckles and undone them, with Willow's help she removed the harness and placed a final kiss on the redhead's mound, before coming back up the bed and pulling Willow into a loving embrace.

Willow snuggled against Tara's breasts feeling happy and warm inside.

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