Return to Encounter Part Five


Author: Magrat
Rating: NC-17.
Disclaimer: Not mine; I would have treated them better.

Tara arched her back and stretched her beautiful body out with an easy air of luxury until the realization hit her that she wasn't in her own bed. Her sudden anxiety dispelled when she saw the redhead lying next to her and the memories of the night before came flooding back. She smiled and then turned on her side and she had to take a huge intake of breath.

The covers on the bed were thrown on the floor and the bed was scattered with, well apart from a beautiful woman, sex toys. She shivered as she looked at the leather harness, dildo, handcuffs and lube that were scattered around the bed. Had she really? Oh god the bronze she groaned to herself and then a smirk covered her face it had been good though.

A wicked thought crossed her mind as she looked at the dildo. She wondered how Willow would react if she strapped it...No, she thought, Will it probably. The blonde got off the bed and picked up the leather harness and started to figure out the buckles.

Willow woke to the delicious felling of Tara lips pressed against her own "Morning baby, I could get used to this."

"Morning sweetie," said Tara with an anything but sweet look on her face. "Do you want to play some more?"

Willow eyes opened wide as her gaze went to the blonde's hips and the dildo jutting from them. "Tara?"

"I want you to give yourself to me," said Tara.

Willow's breath came fast not sure if she could ever live up to a demand like that. "How...I don't know..."

Tara took a deep breath. "Do you trust me Willow?"


"I want you to do some thing for me," said Tara looking serious.

For a minute Willow felt relieved as if the witch had lifted her intensity and they could just play and she wouldn't have herself laid bare. "Sure."

"Be mine, cuff yourself for me?" asked Tara again with the serious but gentle voice.

"I ...I don't think..."

Tara watched her lover but she needed to express the way she felt "Willow everything I want from you I need you to give to me. I won't ever hurt you. Please?" said Tara.

Willow hesitated not sure if she could allow herself to be that helpless.

"Please baby, trust me," pleaded Tara.

Willow closed her eyes knowing that it could bridge the gap between them and without saying anything she cuffed herself keeping her eyes on Tara needing the reassurance that her lover was going to be there.

Tara laid on her side by Willow and slowly but surely stroked the redhead's body just gently, hardly touching. Her mouth moved by Willow's ear "Tell me what you need, what you want from me? How do you want me Willow, I want to please you."

Willow hesitated her mind in turmoil.

"Tell me what to do?" asked Tara.

Still no response from the redhead.

"Please Willow let me do this for you. Let me in; let yourself give in. Give me your heart, your soul and your body and I will always take care of you," said Tara her voice low, hoarse with passion.

"Just love me Tara," said Willow her voice barely a whisper.

"How, how should I love you?" asked Tara now kissing her way down Willow's body with soft butterfly caresses hardly touching the skin. Her finger tips also beating a fiery trail down her lover's body; hardly touching the surface but setting fires with every soft touch.

Willow closed her eyes, feeling herself burn as she gives herself over to Tara's care wondering why she had fought this for so long. Wanting, needing to give in, no longer fighting but fallen before the woman who had conquered her heart. The one who had broken down the walls she had so skilfully constructed around her soul.

Tara's voice broke her out of her revelry "Tell me Willow and I'll show you how beautiful you are. Why I long for you, why I need to touch you, taste you."

Willow shivered, her imagination and knowledge of the skill of her lover arousing her. Wanting to feel soft lips. Needing to feel them. "Please Tara make love to me. I want, you so much."

The butterfly kisses continue flowing down curves and hollows as Tara continues her journey down Willow body. She stops. "Willow open you eyes."

The redhead can't scared of what she might see, scared of what she might give away.

"Will look at me," said Tara and in that moment their eyes lock "I love you. I will never stop loving you."

Willow is lost to the moment not believing that anyone could feel this way about Willow Rosenberg lest of all the beauty who is talking to her and in the moment she finally accepts that Tara loves her, not a super witch but just Willow, no power required. She can see even in her position of total surrender the look of pure love, lust and desire held in those blue eyes. Waiting for Willow's request. "Taste me," said the redhead hardly recognising her own voice, which is so thick with passion.

Tara rubbed her face against the hacker's taught abdomen, using her chin, cheeks and nose delighting in the feel of silk against silk. She caught the scent of her lover drawing her nearer to the thing she wanted most. She reached her goal and gently ran her tongue up and down the folds of Willow's labia before just once slipping inside. "You taste so good. I love this; I can taste you, your essence and know it's all for me."

The slender redhead's body arched as between her words Tara lapped softly on her clit and with each stroke it was a fraction harder, a fraction longer. Until Tara took the whole of Willow's clit into her mouth, her tongue keeping up a tight little tap dance. Willow could feel her orgasm building but doesn't want too, not yet. "Tara stop."

Her lover looked at her surprised.

"Uncuff me?" asked Willow, she could see the disappointment in crystal blue eyes. "You don't need these to hold me, I promise. I want to give myself to you without restraints. I think it's time I worked without the net."

Tara reached for the keys and let her lover out of her bonds. She was shaking unsure what to say, finally having the one thing she craved for, Willow. "You're free. What do you want umm from me?"

"Fuck me, I'm ready for you," said Willow but hearing her words realizing it's wrong and not what she really wants. Which is so much more. Not sure she can face life like this not matter how great the pleasure. Tears well up in her eyes. She needs to know, know if Tara meant what she had said.

The blonde looks confused can see the inner turmoil on Willow's face. "Willow?"

"I can't do this any longer Tara," said Willow.

"I don't understand. I thought..."

"You've told me to trust you, that you'll do anything I want to please me, but I can't go on like this I don't want to be a secret. I want this to be real again, not like before, better. I don't want you to fuck me; I want you to love me. That's all I want." said Willow not sure she had vocalized it right that maybe this was the end.

Tara tenderly stroked Willow's face, taking in the fine lines of her fragile looking cheekbones. Almost unable to believe that this was finally the moment that she had waited for. "I am going to make love to you. I was never going to fuck you, not this morning baby, not ever... If you want me, I'm coming back for good."

"More, more than anything. I love you so much and I've missed..."

The blonde witch puts her finger to Willow's lips. "Shh. Do you still want to?"

"Yes," said Willow her body trembling with desire and lust.

Tara grabbed the lube and slicked the dildo, finding it an awkward alien thing to do.

"I'm ready for you," said Willow seeing a slight reluctance in her girlfriend's eye. "Please, Tara I want you."

Tara placed the tip of the dildo against Willow's wet lips. She doesn't enter her instead Tara starts to kiss Willow softly, but the passion starts to explode within them and the kisses deepen, Tara's tongue licking the redheads lips then entering her mouth and the movement is mirrored as they move their hips in time.

Willow groaned as she feels the penetration, she sucks on Tara's tongue and is rewarded by an answering moan from the blonde. They move together their bodies slipping and sliding, becoming fluid, becoming one. The blonde moves from the Willow's mouth and starts to kiss her outstretched neck until she finds her pulse point and starts to suck on the tender flesh. Claiming what is now hers.

The redhead can feel her pleasure rising, suddenly wishing she was still cuffed, feeling vulnerable the way she was giving herself so totally. Her hands moved to the bars of her headboard needing to hold on to something. She felt the movement of Tara's fingertips moving up her arms slowly, gently until she reached her hands. Willow released the bars. Their fingers' became entwined and the hacker felt herself explode as Tara pushed her palm into hers. Tara was everywhere in her mind, in her body. The orgasm ripped through her, but the clarity of mind stayed; not alone, not now but joined to Tara. She had felt Tara's core and all the love she held for her.

After what seemed like an age she opened her eyes to see blue eyes staring at her in wonder "Tara?"

"Did you feel it? I pressed your hands and I felt what you were feeling. How much I m-mean to you. How much you love me and god, I came so hard...I've never...I love you Willow," said Tara.

"I know," said Willow as they press their foreheads together not sure what happened but sure of the one thing; their total love and devotion for one another.

Do you need anything from me?" asked Willow not really sure if that was the correct way to frame the question. Hoping Tara would understand what she meant.

"No, it was perfect," said the blonde. "You were perfect."

"Nope, I think that was you," said Willow and kissed Tara's cheek enjoying the closeness, being held by her lover.

Eventually they move apart, loath to break the bond but knowing they had to. Tara rolled to one side and lay on her back as Willow turned to face her. "Are you sure you don't want me to make love to you?"

"Not yet and anyway. I'm hungry," said Tara giving Willow her sweet crooked smile. Her hands moving over Willow tickling her softly loving the sound of soft Willow giggles.

"Me too," agreed Willow kissing Tara on the end of her nose

Pancakes?" asked Tara returning the kiss.

Willow's laughter answered in reply.

Buffy came to front door groaning wondering who had roused her at this early hour on her day off. "Xander, you freak what do you want?"

"I'm worried about Willow I've tried to phone her parents house and no answer," said Xander.

"Maybe she's asleep," suggested Buffy not terribly amused by Xander's visit.

"I don't think so. Didn't you notice how flushed and strange she was last night?" asked Xander.

"Flushed, no I didn't. Shit you don't think she is back..."

"I feel like she is keeping something, you know, from us," said Xander.

Dawn appeared at the top of the stairs "What's up guys. Did I hear you say something about Willow."

"It's nothing Dawn, go back to bed," said Buffy.

"No," said Xander. "If Willow is back on the magic it affects her too."

"Willow's back on the magic? She wouldn't. She wants Tara back too much," said Dawn.

"I know she does," said Buffy. "But she has a problem, it's hard her for her and we have to be there to support her."

"The car's outside ladies if you want to get dressed Ill drive you to her mom and dad's house" said Xander with a determined look on his face.

"Hey sweetie do you want rounds or funny shapes?" asked Tara struggling to pull one of Willow's robes totally shut.

Willow's eyes mesmerized for a second by one of Tara's glorious orbs of flesh escaping from the gown. "Rounds I think," said Willow with a wicked smile.

"Will," said Tara and breakfast was about to be put off for a while as Willow approached and undid the belt of the of the gown to show Tara's body in all it's glory. Until the bell rang disturbing the redhead's plan to see if she could coax Tara into letting her make love to her.

"Frilly heck," said Willow. "I'll get rid of who ever that is and don't you move."

Willow opened the door and was surprised to see Xander, Buffy and Dawn standing on the doorstep. "Hey morning and why do I deserve early morning visits?"

"We were worried about you," said Xander. "We tried to phone but there was no answer."

Buffy watched her friend closely, her tussled hair, flushed face and the she noticed the hickie on Willow's neck.

"How could you Will?" asked Buffy looking furious.

"Buffy I haven't done anything," said Willow her brow furrowed not sure what had made her best friend seem so angry.

"You know how much Tara loves you. Where is she?" asked the slayer.

"Tara?" asked Willow looking confused.

"No, who ever did that to your neck," said Buffy.

Willow's hand guiltily touched the bruise on her neck. "It's not what you think..."

"What did some stray dog bite you Willow?" said Dawn. "I hate you. I thought you really wanted Tara back."

Buffy cocked her head catching a noise. "There is someone in the kitchen."

"No, Buffy don't..." said Willow trying to pull back the slayer well aware that Tara was in the kitchen semi-naked.

The slayer dodged past and was followed by Xander and Dawn.

Tara looked up from the pan as her friends whose raised voices she had caught stood at the doorway gaping at the blonde witch. "I take it we have three more for breakfast."

Buffy and Dawn raced forward and grabbed Tara in a hug. "I can't believe you two have kept this secret from us," said Dawn, she looked across at Willow. "I'm sorry for what I said."

"Forget it," said Willow smiling.

"Are you back together for good?" asked Xander.

Willow looked at Tara who nodded her head and smiled. "We are. We should never have been apart."

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