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Author: Magrat
Rating: NC-17.
Disclaimer: Not mine; I would have treated them better.
Note: Imagine if that infamous balcony scene in the Bronze had been our favourite witches?

Willow felt impatient for the night to be over and to go home. She had had to phone Tara and tell her that she would be at the Bronze and not waiting for her at her parents' house.

Xander had been all concerned about Willow staying at her parents' house without anyone else there to look out for her so he had suggested that the gang go for a night out. Although, Willow personally thought it was just an excuse he was making so that he didn't have to spent the night in with Anya being nagged about the wedding.

"Hey Will, c'mon and join us on the dance floor," said Xander.

"No, thank you. I think I'll just sit this one out," said Willow.

Willow found herself with the sudden urge to be alone, she noticed that balcony was empty so decided to go up there and watch the action and just take a minute to herself.

Tara entered The Bronze being careful to cloud her thoughts; she didn't want Willow feeling her presence. She lurked in the shadows watching her group of friends cavort on the dance floor. Her heart started to race when she saw Willow head for the upstairs; this was the chance she was waiting for. She quickly and quietly followed the redhead upwards.

Willow stood watching her friends dancing wishing she was at home, wishing she was with Tara.

"Hey, you," said Tara whispering softly into Willow's ear.

The redhead shivered surprised by the presence behind her, she could feel Tara's body pressed against her, her hot breath against her neck.

Tara had on her long red duster and quickly moved it to obscure Willow's body from view in case anyone ventured up the stairs. "Can we call this payback for the library?"

Willow's mouth went dry as she realized the implications of the blonde's words. "Tara, we shouldn't...not here..."

"Oh, we so, should," said Tara and at the same time lifting Willow's skirt and feeling the hacker's tight ass.

Willow let out a small groan, closing her eyes and pushing even further against her lover's body "Tara..."

"Shh," said Tara letting her hand moving between the smaller girl's legs, feeling the dampness that was soaking Willow's cotton panties. She pulled the offending piece of material down and starts to run one finger between the folds of Willow's labia. "Keep you eyes open, watch our friends."

Tara started to enter the hacker's quivering body and slowly started to move inside her. "Don't you love this; having me fuck you when they have absolutely no idea what we're doing. Thinking that we're both nursing broken hearts, while really all we are doing is finding secret places to make this happen." Tara moved her mouth from Willow's ear to her neck sucking on the pulse point nibbling and adding a second finger to her slow torturous rhythm.

Willow was finding it so hard to keep her face empty, showing nothing, but at the same time she could feel the throbbing of the rushing blood that was making her clit so hard it was almost painful. "Tara, please...I need more"

"Not yet my sweet" said Tara. The witch stopped and cocked her head to one side hearing someone start to mount the stairs towards them. She removed her hand and roughly turned Willow towards her, still making sure her duster covered their bodies. She kissed Willow with a passion and pushed one of her legs between the hacker's.

The redhead pushed herself wantonly against her lover, desperate to feel friction against her aching flesh. Their tongues wrestled for superiority as the forgot about the rest of the world and just let their passion for one another take over and soar.

The member of The Bronze staff who had just popped up to see if there was any glasses up on the balcony needing to be collected just shrugged his shoulder, figuring that whatever the two girls were doing had nothing to do with him.

"Vixen" said Tara as the young man disappeared. She took that moment to lift Willow's skirt once more and plunged into her with two long fingers.

"Goddess your are so wet." The blonde brought her thumb across Willow's engorged clit, loving the feel of Willow's involuntary hip movements and she settled into circular motion that was driving Willow mad by keeping her on the edge but not giving her enough direct contact to push her over edge to the release she so urgently needed.

Tara decided to move the stakes up a notch. "Maybe I should stop now. Just in case someone comes up here."

"You can't stop, god, please say you won't." Said Willow.

"But what if Buffy or Xander saw you," said Tara but her pace wasn't slowing in fact she added another finger and could feel the hacker's muscle start to contract round her fingers'. "It turns you on doesn't it; the thought of being caught. I bet if Buffy came up those stairs you would probably come straight away."

Willow was shocked, but turned on beyond belief; Tara had never been so bold. She lent her head against Tara's chest just hoping that this sweet torture would come to an end soon. "I need..."

Tara ground her thumb directly onto Willow's clit. "Is this what you need?"

The redhead just had the strength to nod as she felt the muscles tighten in her stomach and the growing heat in her groin, the orgasm building low but growing at a huge pace. She came silently biting her lip and drawing blood in an effort not to draw attention to them.

"I love you," whispered Tara before withdrawing from her. She gave Willow a big grin and sucked her three fingers into her mouth. "Just to remind me what you'll taste like when I go down on you at your folks house tonight." Tara gave another seductive smile, but then turned and ran down the stairs, leaving Willow sagging at the knees and clutching the rail for support.

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