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Author: Magrat
Rating: NC-17.
Disclaimer: Not mine; I would have treated them better.
Note: This seems to have morphed into a series. I don't believe Willow and Tara could have stayed away from one another for the length of time portrayed on the series.

Tara couldn't concentrate on class. Images of the Friday before kept flashing in front of her eyes; it had been the same all weekend. Damn you, Willow why have you made this more difficult than it already was. Although smiling to herself she would be dishonest to blame everything on Willow after all hadn't she agreed to meet her at that bar every Friday.

The lecture finished at last, Tara decided to go to the library and attempt to study, going back to her dorm wouldn't allow that. All that happened there were that the images of white flesh; breasts, thighs, arching backs overwhelmed her and she ended up in bed attempting to bring herself to the peak of pleasure that Willow had so effortless bought her to all Friday night.

As she left the lecture room she could feel Willow's presence behind her. She carried on walking to the library knowing that the redhead was behind her every step of the way. Should she challenge her? Find out exactly why she was following her or just see where the situation would lead.

The library was practically empty, but Tara decided to push onto the darkest recess of the stacks before she would turn and face her pursuer. She turned sharply but before she could say a word Willow was on her. Lips met, hands were in one another's hair, pulling closer. Who had Tara been trying to kid? She knew deep in her heart that this was the only possibility.

Willow bit Tara's lip her hands pulling at the blonde witch's skirt. "I've been going mad thinking about you all weekend. I need you."

"Willow you can't; not here" said Tara as she felt Willow's hands moving towards her panties.

"Stop Me," challenged Willow as her fingers found the waistband and pushed downwards. She slipped Tara's panties down, the blonde witch stepped out of them, and Willow grabbed them quickly and tossed them into her bag.

Tara started to protest "W-What are you doing?"

"Shh," said the hacker pressing a finger against the blonde's full lips, while her other hands once more moves to the hem off Tara's skirt. Her hand travels up the length of Tara's thigh until she reaches woman's damp curls "You can't stop me can you? I can feel you want this just as much as I do."

Willow starts to run her finger across Tara's damp flesh. She catches the witch by surprise by pushing one finger in to her slick hot entrance then removing it again. "Suck it," said the hacker "Taste yourself, find out why I am so addicted to you."

Tara takes Willow's hand in both of hers and keeps her eyes firmly focused on Willow's as she slowly draws the hacker's finger in and out of her lush mouth.

Willow felt the gush of wetness between her legs as her finger is sucked slowly into the velvety wetness of Tara's mouth. She pulls her hand away replacing it with her mouth, their tongues duelling for superiority. Her hand goes back between the blonde's legs rubbing her fingers up and down the silky smooth flesh of Tara's slick inner lips

"Do you want this baby?" asked Willow. "Or should I stop in case anyone finds us?" and to add more pressure to the blonde's decision she starts to rub her thumb in circles round the hard nub of Tara's engorged clit.

The blonde just has her head back rested against stack lost in the electric sensations the hacker is producing within her.

Receiving no answer from Tara; Willow stops and moves her hand millimetres away from Tara's aching clit. "I think I should stop," said Willow.

"No," pleads Tara.

"Do you want this?" asks Willow slowly resuming her actions.

"Yes," agreed Tara.

"How about this?" said Willow pushing one finger slowly and tantalisingly into the Blonde's wet pussy.

"More," croaks Tara, her voice heavy with passion.

"More," said Willow. "two maybe or how about three," and this time there is no teasing as she enters Tara with three fingers all the way to her knuckle and circles her clit with increasing speed and pressure.

Tara's head rests on Willow's shoulder and she starts to whisper passionately into the hacker's ear. "God that is so good, come on fuck me as hard as you can. I am going to come; I can't stop. Willow I'm coming."

They stand together their heads resting on one another, panting, shaken by the electricity and desire that had just passed between them. They spring apart as they hear some voices not too far away.

"Tara my parents have gone away to a conference. Come round tonight after class, please?" said Willow

"Okay" said Tara

"Great," said Willow and goes to walk away. She runs back and kisses Tara firmly on the lips. "I love you."

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