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Drops of Paradise

Author: WTF
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Joss owns the characters... yada yada...

Faith and Buffy were standing outside of a small building. Some people could be seen hanging around the door, and some even along the side.

"I don't know about this," Buffy said eyeing the building.

"Oh come on babe, it's like any other club, just all girls," Faith smiled, wagging her eyebrows at her girlfriend.

"And just why do you look so happy that it's all girls?" Buffy said and crossed her arms.

"I am happy cause of one girl, not all the girls. My girl will be the sexiest," Faith smiled and gave the blonde a hug.

Buffy made a humph sound. "Fine, lets just go before I change my mind."

The two made their way into the club, Buffy feeling very uncomfortable, eyes seemed to follow her. Once they were inside, Buffy kept a tight grip on Faith's hand. She followed her to a table in the corner, grateful that it wasn't in a crowded section. "So what time are Willow and Tara coming?" She asked as she sat down.

"Last I checked Tara was getting ready, she said her and Red were just meeting here so it shouldn't be too long," Faith finished seeing the blonde nod. "Hey, I'm here you know, no reason to be scared."

"I'm not scared, just feel a little... weird," Buffy said.

"Okay, so... wanna drink?"

"Yeah, a sex on the beach is good," Buffy saw the look on her girlfriends face. "What?"

"Nothing, just not quite your style," Faith gave her a worried look.

"Just wanted to try something different," Buffy said, she saw Faith's worried expression still in place. "I'm okay, I promise."

"Okay," Faith smiled satisfied with the answer. "I'll be right back," She got up and headed for the bar. She saw Willow walking in her direction. "Hey Red," She called out and waved.

"Hey," Willow said as she got closer to Faith.

"Buffy's over there, I'm just going to get drinks, want anything?"

"No, I have one," She held up her cup, smiled, then walked towards the table.

"Hey there," Willow said as she made it to the table and sat down.

"Hey," Buffy leaned in closer to Willow. "Is this place on the freaky side or what?"

"It's not so bad... ok yeah, kinda dark and maybe even a little scary," Willow admitted. "But we'll be okay, just girls like us here," Just as she smiled a woman clad in a leather outfit with big black boots walked up to the table. "...or not," She said.

"Hey girls, you like threesomes?" The newcomer asked.

"Do you like fists?" A voice came from behind, making the woman turn.

Faith stared at the woman in pure anger.

"Oh, sorry, didn't know they were taken," The woman smirked as if she was pleased with Faith's reaction. She then walked off.

Faith looked at Buffy and Willow who seemed to still be in shock. "you guys okay?"

"Yeah, can you believe her nerve, that was just rude, she doesn't know us," Buffy said.

"Well unfortunately some women don't come here just to hang out and drink, some come to... cum" Faith grinned, she put the drinks on the table and sat next to Buffy.

"Hey guys," Tara said making everyone look up.

"Hey ba..." Willow stopped upon seeing her girlfriend. Tara was wearing black boots, black leather pants, and a tight black midrift shirt that showed off her bellybutton. "You look..."

"Damn Tare, you looking for a threesome too?" Faith laughed.

"What?" Tara asked confused.

Willow swallowed hard and tried to give talking another go. "Some woman wanted a threesome with me and Buffy," She told Tara.

"What!?" Tara said, this time in an angry voice.

"Don't worry, I took care of it," Faith assured her friend.

Tara pulled a chair close to Willow and sat down. "Do you want a threesome baby? Lots to choose from," Tara teased as she looked around the club in appreciation.

"No!" Willow said a bit to loudly.

Tara leaned closer to Willow and whispered in her ear. "How about a twosome?" She said, then licked the tip of Willow's ear before pulling back to look at the redhead's face. Her mouth lifted into a half smile as Willow's eyes looked like they were going to pop out of her head.

"You okay Red?" Faith asked, when she got no response she tried again. "Red..." She tried only to be interrupted by Tara.

"She's fine Faith, I think she needs to go to the restroom," Tara said, she took Willow's hand and lead her to the restroom.

Faith grinned as she watched the two disappear.

"What's funny about them going to the restroom?" Buffy asked.

"Isn't it obvious?" Faith said.

"Um... huh?"

"They're not going to pee you know," Faith laughed.

"Then what are they... OH... but in the restroom?" Buffy said, her mouth agape.

Willow and Tara entered the restroom, the blonde looked around and saw that it was empty. Tara pulled the redhead into a stall and closed the door.

"Um... this is kinda... small," Willow said, trying not to let her leg touch the toilet.

"You won't notice," Tara promised as she started kissing her lovers neck.

Willow put her head back and closed her eyes, enjoying the sensation the blonde was giving her. She put her hands on the back of Tara's head to pull her tighter, closer. She was still having trouble not thinking about where they were and how at anytime someone could come in and they would be caught. Suddenly she didn't care, Tara's hand was now up her shirt and cupping her breast. Everytime with Tara was bliss, she thought it might get less powerful as it did with most couples but it hadn't yet and she couldn't imagine it ever would. Everytime was like the first time.

Tara was enjoying herself to say the least. She loved making love to her girlfriend in unusual places. The thought of always doing it in a bed bored her. She wanted to live life to the fullest with Willow by her side. The adrenaline that rushed through her blood at being caught only provoked her.

Willow couldn't sit back and do nothing any longer. She reached for Tara's shirt and pulled it up just over her breasts. Then she pulled up the black bra as well, she smiled as she felt a breast pop out and onto her hand. She turned her hand to get a hold of the breast and started feeling and squeezing it. She was having a hard time doing her part as Tara unzipped her pants. She felt the blonde's hand slip down past her panties and onto her mound.

"Same time," Tara whispered into the redhead's ear.

Willow knew exactly what she meant. With a fast motion she undid Tara's pants and was surprised she didn't have panties to get through before she reached the treasure. "Bad girl," She teased before slipping a couple of fingers inside the blonde.

Tara followed suit and they both started pumping in and out of each other. Both tried to keep in their moans but it was hard and so often one would come out. The blonde put her foot on the toilet to make it easier for them both to be inside each other. It did make it easier, they started to pump each other harder and faster. Sweat started to show on foreheads and in between breasts. After a few minutes they both cummed at the same time. They leaned on each other for rest and to keep steady.

Once they got their clothes back right, they exited the stall. They stopped upon seeing a woman washing her hands, the sound of the toilet still running from being flushed reached their ears. Willow ducked back into the bathroom and slammed the door. Tara smiled and held her head high as she went and washed her hands. The woman beside her held a smirk as she looked at Tara through the mirror. The blonde smiled in return.

"Sounded good," The woman mused.

"Oh it was," Tara said, not a shy bone in her body at the moment.

The woman smiled and left the restroom.

"You can come out now," She called to Willow.

The stall door opened and the redhead peeked out before coming all the way out. "I can't believe this," She said, covering her red face with her hands. She looked up at the blonde again. "And you... you told her it was good, oh god, I can't leave this bathroom," She said covering her face again.

"Awwww baby, it's fine," Tara walked over and wrapped her arms around her lover. "You know... people make love all the time, it's natural," Tara tried to console the redhead.

"Yes but not in bathrooms, and they don't get caught," Willow argued.

"Actually, quite often in bathrooms... but true they rarely get caught."

"See? Maybe there's a window in here we can crawl out of," Willow said, she started to look around.

Tara laughed. "We don't need to sneak out. Look at me," The blonde placed her hands on Willow's shoulders until they were looking at one another. "It's ok, I promise. Lets just go out there and not worry about it, it's only one person," She said looking intently into green eyes.

"Ok," Willow gave in but kept hold of Tara's hand.

They walked back to the table without incident. Once seated the redhead finally blew out the breath she was holding in.

"That took a long time, multiples?" Faith asked. Instead of an answer she got an ice cube thrown at her.

Tara would have answered her in a heartbeat but she didn't want to upset the redhead so she just threw ice from her drink instead. The rest of the time at the club was spent talking and drinking with occasional dancing.

When they got back home they all decided it was time for bed. After five minutes of being in bed, Willow and Tara could hear moaning coming from Buffy's room. Tara banged on the wall a couple of times, she smiled when the moaning stopped. She looked at Willow who was giving her a 'I can't believe you did that' look. "What? Could you sleep with all that racket?"

"Well no but..." Willow didn't finish her sentence, she just smiled and kissed the blonde gently on the lips. "I love you."

"I love you too baby," Tara snuggled closer to the redhead and they both drifted to sleep.

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