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Drops of Paradise

Author: WTF
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Joss owns the characters... yada yada...

The morning sun peered brightly through the house, much to the dismay of a certain blonde. Tired eyes squinted as she made her way into the kitchen. Opening the door, she wasn't surprised to see her friend already there.

"Morning," Faith said to her friend. She had arrived to the kitchen in pretty much the same state the blonde was now in. She wondered if she looked as bad as her friend.

"Hey," Came a mumbled reply. Tara went straight to the coffee pot, relieved that it had already been made. She poured herself a cup and sat down next to Faith at the Island.

"Have you looked in the mirror?" Faith asked.

"Huh? Why?" Tara was confused. It would be hard for her tired brain to understand much at the moment.

"Just hoping I don't look like you is all," Faith smirked, her morning coffee had made her feel much better than she did when she first woke up.

"Haha funny, you don't look so hot yourself," The blonde said in an almost angry voice. She then unconsciously tucked her messy hair behind her ear and straightened her night shirt. Receiving a laugh from her friend, she glared at her.

"Damn... calm down. If looks could kill I'd be dead right now," Faith acted as if hurt.

"And the bad thing about that is?" The blonde questioned.

"Ouch," Faith then put her hand to her chest like she was holding her heart.

Tara decided not to say anything else, she just rolled her eyes. She wanted to grin or laugh even, but her hangover wouldn't let her. So she just continued to sip her coffee, looking up as the kitchen door swung open. This time she couldn't help but smirk as Willow walked or kind of dragged herself into the kitchen. The redhead was so cute when she just woke up, and this morning, like the others, she didn't bother dressing before coming downstairs.

The redhead didn't even feel like making herself a cup of coffee. She just plopped down onto a stool, her head practically falling to the table, making a small thud as it connected.

Buffy was next to arrive at the kitchen. She opened the door a little, smiled, and then backed out before anyone saw her. She then ran upstairs.

"You okay baby?" Tara asked her girlfriend.

"nuh uh," The redhead answered, still face down on the counter.

"You need to drink more often," Faith told the redhead with a smile on her face.

Willow looked up at the brunette. She gave her an 'are you insane' look. "Wha..."

The door to the kitchen flew open causing everyone to look up. Buffy was standing there with a triumphant look on her face. She pulled a camera out from behind her back and quickly snapped a picture.

Tara was sitting closest to the camera, holding her cup about chest high. Her mouth was hung halfway open, and her eyes halfway closed. Her blonde hair looked like it had been caught in a hurricane.

Faith was beside Tara, her hands in her lap and her face looking as if she was trying to figure out a very complicated puzzle.

Willow was at the far end of the Island. When the flash went off she was in the process of rubbing her face. The result of the pic being her hands just below her eyes, going in a downward motion causing a pulling on her skin and the pink inside, underneath the eye exposed.

Once the picture was taken, they all just sat there trying to figure out what happened. None of them showing much reaction.

"You should see yourselves, all hung over. It was a Kodak moment, couldn't resist," Buffy laughed so hard her face turned red as she looked at the picture on the digital camera.

Faith was the first to respond. "That was so not cool."

"Yeah," Tara said, still not sure what had happened.

Willow, having the sharp brain she did, caught on much faster than the others. "Buffy Summers... you better delete that," She demanded.

"What, no way, this is a definite keeper!"

"Wait... what? Wait!," Faith stammered before getting out of her seat. "I don't think so... you will delete that. You know the rule, no pics of me unless I look good!" As faith walked toward Buffy, the blonde backed up. She then spun around and took off upstairs and into her room, locking it.

When Faith reached the door she tried to open it and was not successful. She then knocked on the door. "Buffy, what are you doing?" She asked nicely, hoping that would get her in the room faster.

"Just uploading a pic," Buffy replied just as nicely.

"Why?" Faith's voice cracked a little.

"Well I have pictures to share with my friends," Buffy said, the humor obvious in her voice.

"What pictures?" Faith said with a little more ease. Buffy surely wouldn't do that to her.

"The picture I just took of you in the kitchen, it's really good... and funny. People like funny."

Faith could no longer keep cool. "Buffy Anne Summers, open the door right now!" Faith called, she started to bang on the door.

Back in the kitchen, the two girls were still sitting at the table.

"I don't think I like that picture she took," Tara said, still looking dazed.

"Me either," Willow agreed, she then waved her hand in dismissal and put her head back on the table.

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