Drops of Paradise

Author: WTF
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Joss owns the characters... yada yada...
Summary: Sequel to Ocean Dreams.

"It's been too long," The brunette sighed, taking a drink of her beer.

"It has, I've missed this," The blonde slurred a little as she took interest in her surroundings. The room was crowded. People laughing, drinking, and dancing filled glossy blue eyes.

"Yeah, we just don't get to hang out as much anymore. I really miss my drinking buddy, no offense but the others just can't hold their liquor, you know?"

"I know, what wrong with em?" The blonde said right before hiccuping.

The brunette laughed. "Nevermind, I take that back, Tara doesn't seem to know how to anymore either."

"Me? Ha..I can hold mine!" Tara paused thinking about what she had said. "Well, ok, maybe not like before but who cares? We are here for fun not to see who can hold their shit better," She nodded matter of factly. "You have no room to talk anyway Faith, you have been drinking like a grandma."

"What? I have not!"

"Have to, we've been here for..." Tara held her arm up, trying to get a good look at her watch. Her inability to focus causing her to raise her arm higher and higher until her head was tilted straight up.

"Um... Tare," Faith started to warn, only to be shushed by the blonde.

"Just give me a sec, the numbers are a little blurry," She said as her body leaned further back until she fell off the stool and onto the floor.

Faith got off her stool and ran around the table to help her friend. She busted out laughing upon seeing her friend laying on the floor with her arm still in the air, trying to read her watch. "Ok, time to get you home," She said through her laughter and helping Tara off the floor.

"Home? I don't wanna go home," Tara slurred while allowing Faith to walk her to the door.

"Have anymore drinks and you will be passed out on the floor. Besides...Will's at home and I know how you get when you are drunk," Faith smirked.

"How I get?" She asked confused, then she thought of Willow and a vixeny smile played on her lips.

"Now do you wanna go home?"

"Yes, what's taking so long?" Tara asked as Faith helped her in the car.

"HA! You landed on my property," Anya said holding her hand out. "Now give me my money!" She saw the look Xander was giving her and rolled her eyes. "Please," She smiled at a now satisfied Xander.

Willow couldn't help but roll her eyes as Buffy gave Anya money. "You know Anya, it's not real money."

"I know, but it's still fun to take fake money," She grinned.

"Think their having fun?" The redhead asked, looking at her friend.

"More than we are, that's for sure," Buffy answered.

"They've been gone way too long," Willow sighed.

The front door opened and in walked Faith, beside her was a wobbly Tara. "Anybody home?" Faith called out.

Buffy and Willow were the first to jump up and rush to their lovers.

"Whoa... does this mean you missed me?" Faith asked her girlfriend, who practically pounced on her.

Willow didn't see Tara with Faith. "Where's Tara? What did you do to her?" She asked.

"Easy Red, she's... well she was right here," Faith said, she turned around and looked out the door.

"Pretty flowers," Tara slurred.

"Oh she's outside... smelling flowers," Faith laughed.

"It's 1:00 in the morning, why would she be smelling flowers?" Willow asked before heading out the door.

"Good luck Red," Faith said to herself.

"Good luck? What's going on?" Buffy asked.

"Tara is completely drunk, she's very stubborn when she gets like this," Faith said as she walked Buffy upstairs to the bedroom.

"Tara?" Willow asked from the porch, she could see the blonde at the edge of the walkway, bent over and smelling flowers.

The blonde stood up, she held out a purple flower for Willow to see. "Look baby, they smell nice," She grinned.

Willow picked up quickly that the blonde wasn't acting herself. Tara was not the type to spend time alone with flowers. "Faith," She mumbled accusingly to herself. "Yeah, they do... want to come in?" The redhead asked hopefully.

Tara gave a pouty face. "But don't you want to smell?" She asked poking out her bottom lip.

Willow smiled at how cute her girlfriend could be. "Of course I do," She said as she descended the steps.

The blonde smiled goofily as Willow reached her side, she quickly put the flower to the redheads nose.

Willow pulled her head back a bit as the flower was practically shoved up her nose. "Um...that smells great," She said trying to be patient with her love. "Sweetie, you can uh move it now," She smiled, relieved when the flower was moved from her nose.

"I'm bored, want to have sex?" Tara asked a perplexed redhead.

"Um... okay," Was all the redhead could get out. She watched as Tara took her hand and led the way inside and up the stairs. When they reached the outside of the bedroom, Tara started to pull faster. Willow grinned at her lovers inability to be patient just before slamming into the wall and falling on her butt.

The blonde turned when she noticed her girlfriend's hand was no longer in hers. Her eyes went wide as she saw the redhead on the floor, holding her nose. "Willow? What happened?" She asked, rushing to help the redhead.

"Oh... clumsy me ran into the wall," The redhead said, her hand still covering her nose. She knew how upset Tara would be if she thought it was her fault.

"Let me see," The blonde moved her girlfriends hand to get a look. She winced as she saw a small amount of blood trickling down. "Oh shit baby, you're dying!," She panicked.

Willow couldn't help but laugh, the blonde was very dramatic when intoxicated. "No, I'm fine, doesn't even hurt much."

Not even listening to what Willow had said, the blonde ran into the bathroom and came back with a washcloth. She was in the process of putting it on the redhead's nose when a hand stopped her.

"I'll do that," Willow said, taking the washcloth and wiping the blood herself. She skeptically let her girlfriend help her up and to the bed. A short while after the bleeding stopped, the redhead looked over to where Tara was playing a video game on the TV. The blonde had wanted to stay with her, but Willow thought it may be safer to keep her lover busy and told her she should do something fun. She could tell that Tara was doing better, she could actually stay on the tracts of the racing game every once in a while. "Didn't you want to do something?"

"Huh?" Tara turned around to see the redhead sprawled on the bed half naked. "Mmhmm," She swallowed and threw the controller down on the floor. The blonde crawled up the bed and on top of Willow. She went to kiss the redhead's lips, then pulled away, she smiled when she heard a whimper escape her lovers mouth. She moved to the redheads neck, kissing softly at first, gradually getting harder, and sucking. She could feel her lover pulling her tightly, hips pushing, wanting more. Tara sat up suddenly, causing a pout from Willow. "Awww... be patient," She said as she began to slowly remove her own shirt.

Willow knew this all to well. Tara loved teasing her, and she was very good at it. She wondered what being in so much control felt like, that feeling of erotic power teased her brain. She always refrained though, not knowing if Tara would accept being under another's control. There was only one way to find out, granted she had no experience with it but she did learn a lot from her lover. She saw Tara's face change, probably a reaction from the look she had on her own face. She reached up and gently rubbed the side of the blonde's face. Then she quickly grabbed her lover's waist with both hands and flipped her till she was on top. She smiled, proud of herself and from the look on the blonde's face. "Something wrong?" She asked her lover in a deep raspy voice.

"Uh..." Was all Tara could get out. What had gotten into Willow? It was gonna be me... oh who cares, this is fucking sexy! She thought as she felt herself getting wet. Before she knew what was happening, her arms were above her head and trapped. With a confused look she glanced above her head, seeing her wrists were handcuffed to the bed. What the... She looked back at a very satisfied looking Willow.

"Trust me?" The redhead asked.

"Yes," Tara responded. Her emotions confused her, she was very turned on but yet, felt a bit awkward.

Willow stood from the bed, she held up her hand as her lover was beginning to protest. She removed her clothes, then climbed on the bed, straddling Tara.

Tara couldn't help but think how inconvenient the handcuffs were becoming. Here she had a beautiful woman naked and on top of her, turning her on to her very core. She wanted so badly to touch her, but all she could do was look, it was a truly fucked up situation.

Willow slowly moved up the blonde's half naked body, brushing her breasts over the bra cladded breasts of her lover. She pulled up a bit when Tara pushed her chest up. She then kissed the blonde softly, grazing her tongue over the hungry full lips. She continued north until her nipples were lined up with said lips. She then brushed her hard pink nipples over her lovers mouth, allowing Tara to suck on them. She felt her lover bite down gently on her nipple, causing her to grind herself into the blonde's stomach. She knew she couldn't lose control so she pulled back feeling very flustered. She caught the vixeny look arise on Tara's face. Knowing that her lover was taking the control away, she had to continue and not give in. She reached behind her, and put her hand on her lover's wetness. Even though Tara still had jeans on, she could feel the heat radiating off of her. She began rubbing slowly.

Sweat started to glisten Tara's face, she was so hot, so wanting. She began moving her hips, it was not enough, she looked at the redhead pleadingly. Grateful when Willow slid off of her and started to unfasten her jeans. She lifted her hips as her lover pulled them and her panties off. The air made her wetness feel cold as it hit her. Her breath hitched as she felt a finger softly stroking her slit. "Willow! You're killing me here," She half yelled, half breathed.

Though Willow was enjoying herself, she couldn't help but feel bad for her lover so she decided to give in. She pushed her finger inside. She made deep but slow strokes. She then slipped in two more fingers, continuing the same pace. She put her thumb over Tara's clit and began to rub.

Tara meanwhile was pulling on the handcuffs, she wanted so bad to be free, to push her lover's finger in deeper, harder, and faster. She felt the thumb move from her swollen clit and whimpered. Then she felt a tongue replace it, she moaned as the redhead's tongue began to lick and suck. At the same time fingers that were inside her began to move faster and harder. With her hands on the headboard of the bed, she pushed herself down, wanting more of what the redhead was giving her. She could feel her orgasm building, almost ready to explode. She pushed and rocked herself harder, sweat was now dripping down her face.

Her body started to shake as her orgasm blew through her, but it wasn't stopping like most. Her clit was very sensitive because the orgasm was so big that the peak of it was staying there, and the redhead wasn't stopping. Tara screamed, it felt so good, it almost hurt. Reality left her, she couldn't see or think, only feel this high that seemed to have no low. All she could do was scream, and pull on the handcuffs. She finally felt the redhead stop, she continued to moan and shake. It was the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced. Her clit was pulsating, as well as her insides. Her breathing slowly went back to normal, and she could finally see and think again. "Baby, come here," She said.

Willow obliged and crawled up to her lover. She kissed the blonde lovingly.

"Um... baby," She said, looking up at the cuffs that were still on her wrists.

"Oh! Sorry," Willow said, she reached for the key on the table. Before she could reach it, the door opened.

"Hey, do you guys have any... holy shit!" Faith said, just standing wide eyed at the door, not even attempting to leave.

"Faith!" Willow yelled before running into the bathroom.

"Will!" Tara called, not believing her girlfriend left her butt naked and still in the cuffs. She glared at Faith. "Don't say anything," She warned.

Faith laughed. "Well normally I wouldn't but you are in handcuffs and can't kick my ass at the moment," She grinned. "Tara in handcuffs, and naked, are you reversing roles now? And damn...this room smells like sex, I'm out," She laughed and left the room.

Willow came out upon hearing the door close, she was fully dressed and still bright red. She couldn't look at her lover, she felt so bad about leaving her there like that. "Tara, I'm so..."

"It's fine, but before you say anything else, getting me out of these would be nice."

"Oh god," She rushed over and took the cuffs off.

"I thought you locked the door," Tara said.

"I thought you did."

"No," Tara sighed. "I'm never going to live this down. Now, for a little payback."

"What?" Willow asked, fear showing on her face.

"You heard me right, payback's a bitch," Tara said, she then jumped on top of Willow and started tickling her profusely.

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