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Doctor Who: Birth of a Wicca Doctor

Author: Tardis Traveler
Rating: PG
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Ace, Tara and Willow obediently followed Romana who quickly turned left and passed through another doorway. Willow had her arm around her wife's waist and was totally focused on two dazzling blue eyes! When she heard the whoosh of the door closing behind them, her eyes left Tara's and took in the fantastic sight before them. She staggered forward into the room

"Oh, my goddess," she cried out while doing a slow 360 degree turn.

Her arms dropped to her side and she stared bewildered and amazed at the enormous room. Her mouth hung open and her eyes were wide and scanning everything in sight! Her mind was rapidly approaching an overload. Three walls were filled with floor to ceiling bookshelves while a fourth wall contained rows of huge metal file cabinets. There were two marble statues by the door, several old looking clocks scattered about haphazardly and off to one side a large wooden table resting on an oriental rug.

Tara watched as her wife took in the wonders before them.

lt;I think all of my Willow is starting to return! Thank the Goddess!>

"Tara... where are we," she pleadingly asked as she turned to seek help from her love.

"This is definitely not any place I know of... where are we?"

Since Tara had spent some time in the Tardis, she had become accustomed to the surreal and unexpected world that was the Tardis. She wasn't quite as shocked as her wife! She quickly rushed closer to Willow and took her hands in hers and brought them up to her lips and kissed them softly. She gazed calmly into her wife's panicky face and smiled at her.

"It kind of takes your breath away doesn't it, Darling? We are in the Doctor's Tardis... his spaceship. Um, I guess it's your spaceship now ," she added as an afterthought

"SPACESHIP... how can... Tara, Baby, this is way too big to be a spaceship! A spaceship... do we even have... a spaceship with a library in it? This thing must be gigantic! Honey, how could it get off the ground?"

<That's my sexy genius... always a million questions. This is only the beginning, Sweetheart!>

Willow was entering full babble mode now as suddenly dozens of questions surfaced in her mind demanding answers.

"Willow, calm down," ordered Romana. That's what we are doing here... remember? We are all here to discuss what has happened and answer everyone's questions. I'm sure that you are confused and a bit bewildered. Let's all just sit down and try to relax."

Romana pointed to the chairs around the table, but she led Willow to a large wooden Victorian armchair that was nestled between two smaller end tables. Since it was a single chair, Tara wasn't pleased when Romana motioned for Willow to sit there... either was her love.

<There's no way that I am going to be separated from my wife now!> thought both of the anxious soul mates.

Tara grabbed her wife's arm and started to pull her towards a chair next to hers at the larger table. Romana placed her hand on Tara's shoulder and looked at Willow and then at Tara.

"I know that you two want to be together, but I need Willow to sit by herself for now. I have a reason... trust me... it will only be for a few minutes. I would never separate you two if it were not important."

The soul mates gazed into each other's loving eyes briefly and then Willow nodded. Tara slowly released her grip and sat down on the closest chair to her wife so that she was in direct eye contact with her love. They both felt the absence of their closeness. Even back in their days at the coven, the two always took comfort in being physically close to each other. Holding the other's hand or simply feeling their arms or shoulders brushing lightly together was as necessary to them as the air itself.

When the three anxious women were seated, Romana stood next to Willow and waited for their attention. She took a couple of seconds to collect her thoughts as well. Then she began.

"I have consulted with the Gallifrey Council and researched our regeneration records and I think that I will be able to answer your questions and concerns. There is one more person, however, that I would really like to try to talk to."

Three pairs of questioning eyes looked at her. "Who?" asked three voices.

"The Doctor," responded Romana.

"The Doctor! How the heck can you talk to the Doctor? I thought she's the Doctor now," cried Ace as she stood up and pointed a shaking finger at Willow.

Tara and Willow remained quiet. They stared intently into each other's thoughtful eyes until the meaning of Romana's request became clear to them. Willow stood and walked over to her wife. She knelt in front of her and placed her hands over Tara's cheeks and turned her head slightly so they were facing each other. Everything became a blur as Willow lost herself in those two deep blue orbs of love. She hoped that all the passion she felt for her beautiful wife was being sent to her through her own emerald eyes. The warm sensual smile that began to slowly erupt on Tara's beaming face told her that it was. They gazed at each other a minute longer, then they nodded their heads and Willow returned to her lonely armchair.

Willow glanced over at Romana, who was still talking to Ace, and in a loud steady voice said, "Okay... it's alright with Tara and me if you try to talk with the Doctor."

The comment both silenced and confused Ace. Romana just smiled. Knowing that Willow and Tara were both Wicca, she had hoped that they would understand what she meant. They had.

Ace was shaking her head and feeling extremely frustrated at the moment.

"I don't get it. How can you talk to him when he is not here?"

"He is here Ace, stated Romana. If I am correct... he is inside of Willow! His life force or essence that is... and if that is the case, I should be able to talk with him if Willow agrees."

"Yes, Tara and I give our consent for you to try. I know that we both would like to know why he did this for us and how all this is going to ...err... to work out. However, I will block your access to my essence... if I am able. That part of me belongs to Tara and no one else! I trust that you will respect that?"

"Of course I will," replied Romana. "You didn't need to have any concerns in that regard. I would never invade another mind without permission. The truth is I would not do it now except I am curious as to the Doctor's motives and thoughts. I also want to discover what role he will play in all of this. I do have some worries regarding you and hope that he can relieve my anxieties too."

These comments were meant to explain her motives, but all they did was upset Tara. She clearly did not like the idea that Romana had worries. This all had happened so quickly and unexpectantly that she and Willow hadn't had time to really absorb all of it much less think about any negative aspects. In fact, they hadn't thought about anything except being back together... kissing... touching... making love... rediscovering each other. Tara blushed a little here because up until this moment all she really had on her mind was getting back to their cozy bed and kissing Willow senseless! She glanced at her love and wondered if she felt the same way. She was sure her cheeks were a little flushed.

Before she got an answer, Romana broke her reverie. She pulled a chair up directly in front of Willow, sat down, and then moved forward until their knees were touching... an act that brought out a tinge of jealousy in Tara. Thankfully her love chose that moment to bless her with a radiate smile and a tiny wink. Tara melted and sent Willow an equally loving smile and blew her a kiss as well.

Ace rolled her eyes and sank back down into her chair. She was definitely beginning to feel like a "Peeping Tom".

<This sure isn't the Doctor that I knew!>

Willow and Romana leaned forward in their chairs and spent a couple of minutes quietly conferring. When they both felt comfortable about the procedure they sat up ready to begin.

Romana turned to Ace and Tara. She instructed them to stay in their seats and to remain silent during the entire procedure. Ace nodded her understanding... this is what she was always told to do! Tara looked over at her beloved wife. Willow slowly nodded her head while gazing deeply into her wife's sky blue eyes. She then smiled and whispered.

"I love you, Baby."

It took every ounce of Tara's strength to resist jumping up and throwing her arms around this woman who was her life. Instead, she too sent her love and whispered, "I'll be right here waiting for you my Darling."

The room fell silent. Romana and Willow sat facing each other with their eyes closed. After several minutes their breathing slowed almost to a halt and the outside world disappeared. Romana's mind carefully entered Willow's mind softly calling out for the Doctor. Within seconds, he was there in her mind saying her name. Romana felt waves of relief wash through her.

<Doctor, is that really you?>

<Of course it is Romana. I'm pleased that you were the one sent to answer their SOS.>

<Well, I'm not sure I am. Really Doctor! What have you done?>

<Romana, really... you know what I have done. I have given Willow's life force my body so that she and Tara can have a life together.>

<I understand that much. What I need to know is: was it just a whim of yours? You always did act rashly Doctor. Did you think this out or just leap into it like you usually do!>

<I always know what I am doing Romana. It may seem that I act quickly, but that is just because I am a fast thinker! And yes, I thought this all out very carefully. I brought on my regeneration. That is not uncommon... you did it yourself. Okay, I changed my gender, but that too has been done before... as I am sure you know.>

<YES, that's true, but Willow is a human and I am pretty sure that a Time Lord never absorbed another species life force in this way before! You gave your body and your lives to the care of a human. Won't this be too difficult for her to handle? Did you think of that?>

<Believe it or not, I did. Willow has many of my qualities and for a human she is highly intelligent. She is curious, tenacious, and has an aptitude for science. Her Wicca life style means that she has a respect and reverence for all living things. She has power and knows how to meditate and control her mind and her body. Besides, she may choose a totally different life than mine and that will be fine with me. She and Tara are now free to make their own destinies. >

<That's all well and good, but you have enemies Doctor. What about them... what if the Master finds out and what about the Tardis? What if she wants to use it? How could she possibly learn all your knowledge in her human life span?>

<You answered your own question... me! I'm inside her, a part of her just like all my other selves are a part of who I am. As a Time Lord, you know that that is true. She is a powerful witch. She will be able to maintain her dominance and be able to call on me when I am needed. This is what you can tell her to relieve any doubts or fears that she may have. In times of real danger I will send her my help even if unasked for... just as I did when I sent her your name. You knew that was me... that's why you came here... to be sure. Isn't it?>

<Yes, I did think that was you. You always were the only one who could say my name properly. Poor thing, I know your mischievous nature Doctor. Things will be popping into her head on a regular basis!>

<HeHeHeHe, I promise I will try to behave myself!>

<Doctor... just tell me why you did this? I would really like to understand.>

<Romana, I did it out of love... and you know I always did have an affinity for humans! Meeting and being with Tara brought back so many long forgotten memories and feelings to me. You know as unbelievable as it may seem to you I was in love once... centuries ago. I had a family that I loved dearly and children and a granddaughter. After Susan left me I buried all those family feelings and over time I had forgotten what it felt like to love someone so much that they were more important than life itself. I envy them both the love that they share and I can't begin to explain how happy I am that I could be the instrument to reunite them!>

<Thank you Doctor... I understand. You may not believe this either, but I will miss you.>

<Romana, this isn't our final good bye. Willow and Tara are humans. Their life spans are nothing compared to ours. Why, I am thinking of this as just a little holiday... a time to relax and rest up for my next future. Willow has my Time Lord body and she can be the new Doctor if she wants, but when Tara ends her mortal life, both of their life forces will unite again in their Nether World. I was assured of this by their Goddess before I did the regeneration. I would never condemn Willow to centuries of loneliness after her beloved Tara's death!>

<Well, that makes me very happy. For once it seems as though you really did think first and act secondly! I can't wait to see how your Wicca doctor will behave. Judging from what I have seen so far, the Tardis will certainly be filled with love.>

<Great! ... and Romana, take care of Ace for me. Tell her I love her and wish her a happy life.>

<I will. I can tell this has been very hard on her. She really cared about you.>

<Romana, please promise me that you will help Willow and Tara... especially if they decide to remain on the Tardis. I did lots of repairs and updating and everything should be in working order for them.>

<Don't worry, I will assist them in any way that I can... and don't worry, I will check out all those repairs of yours too! I don't want them ending up trapped in some black hole!>

<One more thing, if they decide to return to their lives, take care of my Tardis. Don't let them put the old girl in one of their stupid museums like some relic. Okay?>

<Don't fret Doctor; the old girl is safe with me... unless of course Willow does something. Maybe she will be clever enough to finally repair the chameleon circuit!>

<Very amusing Romana!>

<Well, I'd better leave you now. I am glad that I got to speak with you again... and Doctor, I think you did a really unselfish and loving act! See you soon. Bye>

<Thanks Romana, take care of yourself and my girls... oh yes, and the Tardis!>

Meanwhile, Ace was finding it difficult to remain still. She kept glancing at Tara every few seconds shrugging her shoulders at her. Tara was actually feeling restless herself. She wasn't worried about anything; she just wanted to see her Willow's smiling face again. Moments later she got her wish.

Both Willow and Romana opened their eyes and exhaled deeply. They shook their heads as they slowly returned to consciousness. Willow immediately sought out her wife's eyes and they were waiting for her. Tara rose and walked over to her wife. She rested on the arm of the chair and cradled Willow's head in her arms. She softly stroked her hair and kissed her forehead.

"You okay Sweetie? Just stay there and relax for a minute... catch your breath."

Willow relaxed into her love's soothing hands and closed her eyes. Tara gently massaged her wife's temples while whispering words of love and comfort for her ears alone.

Ace was attending to Romana who seemed to be a little exhausted from her journey. After a few minutes they both stretched and seemed to have recovered from the experience enough to talk.

Willow happily donated her chair to Romana and went to sit next to Tara. Their hands immediately found each others and their fingers naturally laced together. Willow rested her head on Tara's shoulder and Tara rested her head on top of Willow's.

<Goddess, I still can't believe that I am really here with my love! I have missed her so much and now to once again have this wonderful feeling of her being near me and touching me! Thank you, Goddess and Doctor for giving my soul mate back to me.>

These thoughts were shared by both wives as they felt love and contentment overwhelm them.

Roman spoke to them for almost an hour. She carefully explained what had happened and of her conversation with the Doctor. She gave them a brief history of the Time Lord and of his life. She didn't want there to be any misconceptions. They had choices to make regarding their futures and she wanted to be very honest and upfront with them. The three women sat quietly listening and trying to comprehend everything she had told them. When she finished, they all sat in silence for several minutes.

"So Willow really is the Doctor now," stated Ace and thus breaking the silence.

"Willow is the Doctor and a Time Lord," imputed Tara.

"I am a Time Lord and the Doctor is inside of me," cried Willow. "It makes my head hurt!"

"Oh Sweetie, this is a lot to take in... just try to calm yourself... we'll figure it all out. I love you and together we will get through this. Okay?"

Tara turned and started to run her fingers through her wife's hair gently massaging her scalp. Willow relaxed visibly under her wife's loving touches, but internally her mind was buzzing with questions. This was big!

Romana coughed loudly and regained all of their attentions.

"Ladies before we start worrying about things and asking a million questions you must first think and decide what you want to do with your future lives. Once you decide on that, then we can plan a course of action."

She paused and waited for them to nod their agreement.

"Now it seems to me you mainly have two possible choices. The obvious one is to simply return to your former lives and continue to follow their natural courses. And, yes Ace, I can return you to your home and proper time period if that is what you decide. I can even remove your memories of your time with the Doctor if that would make life easier for you. Actually Ace, that is your only choice at the moment because your second choice depends on what Willow and Tara decide to do."

Willow and Tara clasped their hands together and waited intently for Romana to continue.

She leaned forward and spoke slowly and clearly to the two soul mates.

"Your other choice would be to become time and space travelers like the Doctor was. With the Tardis you could go anywhere and to any period in time. Think carefully before you choose this life though. It takes a special person to wander through time and space exploring new places and life forms. It can be exciting and dangerous and challenging and frightening. It takes a rare person and the Doctor was that kind of a person. I don't want to discourage you; I just want you to know all the facts. "

"On my planet, Gallifrey, we harnessed the power to control time and space thousands of years ago. We discovered ways to prolong our lives and create ships capable of traveling throughout the universe. Yet, in all that time only four Time Lords have ventured out into the stars to explore the heavens... and two of them did more damage than good. The Doctor is very unique among the Time Lords and his life style is not for the faint of heart. "

"How could Tara and I possibly choose that life even if we wanted? I know the Doctor is inside of my mind and can help, but I don't know anything about how this Tardis works. How could we support ourselves and live? "

"If that is the future you select for yourselves, I will instruct you in how the Tardis works as well as how to use all of its special features. I will also give you something that will be of invaluable help to you. There are also books and references here in the library and don't forget the SOS lever!"

"Willow, the Doctor told me that he has faith in you. He thinks that you are up to the task if that is the future Tara and you choose. You two must make the choice. The Doctor will be happy with any future that you choose. He did this so you two could be together again. All he wants is for the two of you to live long happy lives together."

Romana paused and then continued.

"I think what the three of you need to do now is think it all over calmly and carefully. Put aside all your questions and concerns until you decide what future you desire. How does that sound?"

They all agreed that, that seemed like the logical next move. They would meet again in a day or two and share their choices with each other. With that decided they all sat in silence alone with their thoughts.

Romana was the first to leave followed by Ace a few minutes later. Willow and Tara continued to sit there quietly holding hands. Neither one of them knew what to say at the moment.

Finally, Willow sighed and looked at her wife.

"Baby, I could use some fresh air... how about you?"

Tara smiled and slowly rose from her chair. She reached out for Willow's hand.

"That sounds like a great idea. I think I could use some fresh air too, Sweetie."

Willow stood up and linked her arm around Tara's before lacing their fingers together.

"Lead the way my love. I have no idea where the exit to this Tardis is located. There is a way out... isn't there?" Willow snickered.

"Yes, Dear there is a way to get out," laughed Tara. Follow me... and prepare yourself for another shock!"

"What now," whined Willow as she followed her wife's lead.

"You have to see it to believe it, Darling! Just follow me!"

Tara held onto Willow's hand and led her to the Tardis door. She knew exactly how her love was going to react when they got outside. She took a long soothing breath, turned and smiled innocently at her love, and then opened the door.

Sunlight splashed on their faces and their lungs filled with fresh cool air as they stepped out into the gorgeous day. They both instantly felt revitalized. Willow filled her lungs and gazed up at the sunny blue sky that was dotted with white puffy clouds. She pulled Tara into her arms and swung her around lightheartedly.

"Oh Baby, what a wonderful day the Goddess has given us! I feel better already... don't you?"

Her voice was light and cheerful. She hugged Tara closely and then captured her soft pink lips in a tender loving kiss. Tara returned the hug and the kiss with eagerness. They both felt some of the tension from just minutes ago fade away. They stood embracing each other swaying in time with the gentle breezes that swirled around them. It was a magical moment until Willow opened her eyes and looked over her wife's shoulder.

Willow pulled away from Tara and raised her arm up and pointed to something behind Tara. Her once tranquil face was now white and contorted in shock.

"Tar... Tara! Where's the spaceship? It's gone... did they leave us here? I didn't hear any noises. Where is it? And what is this box doing there?"

Tara quickly turned around just to check... the Tardis was still there.

<Oookay Tara, this is going to be fun. Try and explain this one...> thought Tara.

Tara carefully moved behind Willow and enveloped her wife in her arms. She held her Darling tightly and turned them so they were both facing the Tardis. She kissed Willow's cheek and squeezed her once more before whispering in her ear.

"Sweetie, remember when I told you to prepare yourself for another shock? Well, this is it! This is the spaceship Darling!"

She paused and gestured toward the blue police call box.

Willow stood frozen in her love's arms while she tried to process what Tara just told her. At some other time she would have laughed and thought her wife was joking with her. However, after what had happened lately, she didn't know what to think. So many impossible things had already happened! She was pretty sure her wife was still sane! So, she continued to just stand there and ponder it all.

Tara, in the meantime, was holding her love with one arm while gently brushing her other hand through soft red hair. She was silently watching the myriad of expressions flashing across Willow's face. Experience had taught her to just wait patiently for her love to finish processing all her data... so that's what she did.

After a long moment, Willow gently released herself from Tara's loving embrace. She very slowly walked around the blue box scanning it from top to bottom. Periodically, she stopped and tapped on it or pounded on the panels. Several times she pressed her ear against the wooden side and listened carefully. She even scratched at the faded paint, but nothing chipped off.

Tara watched every move her curious wife made. She was captivated by the way her wife was intently investigating the Tardis trying to make sense of it all.

<That's my intelligent curiosity gal in action! I love watching her try to figure things out. Oh, she looks so cute... her brow is all crinkled up... oooo I can see the wheels turning inside her beautiful head! Look at those luscious full lips and the tip of her little pink tongue is peeking out! Oh, Sweetie, you are so precious when you are trying to solve a problem!>

<If I pushed you against that box and kissed you silly... would you be mad? Where did that come from? Tara, calm down and be good. This is serious. Yea, there's some serious exploring that I'd like to be doing now too!>

Her yummy thoughts were interrupted when Willow suddenly walked into the Tardis. Tara stood there not quite knowing what to do next. Before she could decide Willow came busting through the door like a wild woman.

"It's true!" She screamed. "Tara... it's true! Oh, my gosh! How... what... oh, my gosh this is absolutely incredible! If I didn't see it... I... wow!"

Tara starting laughing as she watched her crazy rambling beautiful lover! Willow repeatedly raced around the box... then raced in and out the door... waving her arms and shaking her head. After about six trips, she finally seemed satisfied with her results and returned to her wife.

They wrapped their arms around each other and Tara held her until Willow's breathing returned to normal. When her love seemed grounded again, Tara pulled away just enough to be able to gaze into Willow's deep green eyes. She flashed a brilliant smile, wagged her eyebrows and with a hint of laughter in her voice she commented.

"Well Darling, I guess you noticed that the Tardis is bigger on the inside than on the outside!"

Their glittering eyes remained locked for a second or two and then they both started laughing as they fell into each other's arms. It was a very pleasant way to break the tension.

<My poor Darling, this is so much for you to absorb... for me too!>

Snuggled safely in each other's arms the two Wicca slowly calmed down and stood enjoying the warmth and love radiating from their wife. They both felt a little lightheaded.

"Wow, this is all just too much, Baby! I think I need to sit down... okay?" Willow whispered in Tara's ear.

Tara moaned as she felt her love's warm breath on her ear. She already felt a bit weak kneed and this hadn't helped at all! She retaliated by kissing Willow's ear lobe softly and whispering her answer slowly into her wife's ear.

"That is a puur-fect suggestion. I need to sit down too... my knees are a little mushy... and it's your fault!"

She blew slowly into her wife's ear and then nuzzled into her warm inviting neck.

Tara definitely got the results she wanted. Willow groaned and hugged her tightly to her trembling body.

"Ummm, Baby, you are so wicked... and very hot... and yes it's time to sit!"

"Do you want to stay out here or go back into the Tardis," asked Tara.

"It's so lovely out here! Lets find a place outside," replied Willow.

They both hated to end the romantic moment. Keeping an arm linked around their waists, they turned and slowly walked away from the Tardis. It was then that Willow first recognized where they were.

Willow stopped abruptly and stared at the ancient monument shaking her head. Tara looked at her and then suddenly tears sprang into her eyes and she quickly turned and cupped her wife's head in her hands.

"Willow... Willow... Darling... goddess I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry. I didn't think... this place... it's where you... please forgive me!"

Tears were streaming down her cheeks now and she pressed her lips to her wife's for comfort. The comforting kiss soon escalated into a passionate expression of their love for each other. Willow pulled her lover as close as she could without crushing her. She opened her lips and welcomed her wife's warm probing tongue. Soon both women were moaning softly as their tongues slid and twirled around each other!

Unfortunately just as things were happily heating up; a loud passing voice jolted them back to reality.

"Don't mind me! My eyes are closed... just on my way back to the Tardis," shouted Ace as she rushed by the two startled lovers.

Willow clutched her heart and stared at Tara.

"Ace sure knows how to spoil a beautiful moment... doesn't she?"

The wives broke into laughter and gently brought their foreheads together.

"I love you," whispered Willow.

"I love you too Darling." Tara got serious again and added. "I really am sorry for coming here."

Willow smiled sweetly. "Honey, I wasn't feeling sad. I was just thinking how ironic it was that this was the place where we would be planning our futures!"

"Oh," smiled Tara, "I see what you mean."

"Come on Baby, let's find a nice soft rock to sit on and discuss our futures."

Willow took Tara's hand and together they found a shaded place under an ancient arch and sat down. They wrapped an arm around each other and rested their heads together losing themselves in their thoughts. They both knew the enormity of the decision they had to make.

Sometime later, Willow sighed and gave her love a squeeze.

"Well, Baby do you feel up to talking about all this. I think I got all the jumbles in my head untangled."

Tara smiled and caressed Willow's cheek. She turned slightly so she could give her love a gentle kiss.

"I think so. You're better than I am. Every time I think my head is clear new questions come up." She paused. Okay, you start."

Willow nodded and then she got up and knelt in front of Tara. She took Tara's hands in hers and brought them up to her lips. After kissing each delicate hand she placed them on her chest and gazed into her love's eyes. She looked serious, but the love she felt for her soul mate was shining through.

"Tara, my love... my wife... my best friend... my everything... promise me one thing. I know you, Baby. You always put me first. You always think of my happiness and while I truly love you for that, this time I want you to be totally honest and maybe even a teeny bit selfish! Can you do that for me?"

She paused and looked at her bemused wife. Tara lowered her gaze to hide the blush she felt forming on her cheeks. Willow squeezed her wife's hands before releasing them so she could gently place a hand under Tara's chin. Then she raised Tara's head until they were once again looking into each other's eyes.

"Baby, we both love each other so much that we always try to please the other person first... and that is a good thing, but I couldn't be truly happy if I thought that you only based your choice on what you thought would please me."

"Oh goddess, I love you so so much. You are every thing to me and as long as we are together I couldn't desire or need anything else. I also know with all my heart that you feel the same way."

Willow pulled her wife closer and covered her face with kisses. Tara embraced her love and held her tightly in her arms. Both of the soul mates let a couple of tears escape from their grateful eyes. Soon Willow's arms were wrapped around Tara's neck and they just relaxed into each other's loving arms.

"Willow Darling, I do feel that way! You are my life. To have you back again, here in my arms is miracle enough for me. How could I ask for more?"

"Please trust me Darling; I am honest with you. What makes you happy makes me happy. All I ask is to be with you... to share my life with you... to grow very old loving you. I don't care where we are or what we are doing as long as we are together. Please believe me my Dearest. I really am not this big martyr girl that you always think I am!"

Tara might have said more, but Willow had other plans for her lips just then. They remained lost in their passionate kisses and close embraces for several minutes. When they came up for needed air, their hearts were pounding and tears streamed down their flushed cheeks. Willow rested her head on her wife's shoulder and whispered in her ear.

"Oh my beautiful wife, what could I have possibly done to deserve such a goddess as you in my life... not just once, but twice! I do love you with all that I am!"

Once again the two soul mates claimed each other's hungry lips.

It took both of their combined will powers to bring them back to the task at hand. They both would have preferred ravishing their love right then and there, but they knew that they really did need to talk about their futures. So they untangled themselves and returned to their former places under the ancient arch.

At least they had agreed that their choice should be based on what they both thought would make them happy. They couldn't worry about what might be best for Ace or the Doctor or anything else. Their futures had to be their choice! With that in mind they began to discuss their future lives openly and honestly.

Time passed quickly and soon the red and orange glows of sunset filled the sky above them. Suddenly the shadows of Stonehenge dissolved in the tranquil twilight as the soft sounds of the night creatures began emerging from their hidden recesses. The exhausted lovers rested their heads together and let the peacefulness wash over them. They inhaled deeply, closed their weary eyes, and rested their backs against a cooling boulder. Tara started to softly sigh as she played with her love's fingers and listened to the matching rhythms of their restful breathing.

<If only this moment could last forever!>

It had been a long gruelling day in spite of the fact that they had shared it with the person they loved above all others. Tara did not think she had ever talked so much in her life. They both did feel satisfied that they had been open and honest with each other. Willow, being a stickler for details, thought that she had raised every possible pro and con... at least all she could think of. She liked, no needed, to feel prepared. Finally they had made their decision. Now as they quietly watched the breathtaking spectacle of the falling sun they both felt contended about where they were and what their futures would be.

When the soul mates next opened their eyes, the two were startled to find a canopy of shimmering stars shining over them in a clear night sky, An almost full moon illuminated the shrine and entertained them with it's beams that created magical illusions on the boulders that surrounded them. Tara glanced at her love and was distressed when she saw tears starting to form in Willow's soulful eyes. Willow saw her wife frown and quickly shook her head and placed her hand on Tara's cheek.

"No, my precious love... these are tears of blissful happiness and contentment. I still can't believe that I am here with you again... that we are together... and that we actually have a future! I'm just bursting inside! I can't begin to describe how I feel... how much I love you... how much I cherish every second with you. If all this is a dream then I pray to all the deities in the heavens that I never wake up!"

Willow pulled her wife onto her lap and cradled her in two strong protective arms. Tara rested her head on her wife's chest and felt herself melt into her lover's comforting arms. Tara's heart was ready to burst too, as Willow gently rocked her in the stillness of the night whispering steadfast declarations of love. Time seemed to stop, as they held onto each other listening to their beating hearts and the serenading music from the tiny creatures of the night.

Soon Willow was slowing losing her battle with slumber. She smiled when she glanced down and discovered that her adorable lover had already lost her fight. So Willow passed several contented minutes watching her wife sleep... a sight that always filled her heart with love. Tara looked like an angel when she was asleep. Well, in truth, to Willow she always looked like a beautiful cherub.

Willow decided that this was probably a good time to head for bed. She didn't think they really wanted to sleep outside all night.

<Ummm, making love here all night... under those stars! That would be nice!>

She chuckled at her lusty thoughts, but made a mental note to suggest it to her love sometime in the near future. For now she leaned down and gently kissed her wife on the top of her head. When that did not awaken her angel, she brought her hand up and caressed her face and gave her another kiss.

"Honey, Baby, let me see those deep blue eyes of yours Sweetheart... time to wake up. I'm feeling lonely Baby."

Tara smiled, but kept her eyes closed and snuggled even closer.

"Hmmm, I am soooo comfy and warm Sweetie. I was in the middle of the most wonderful dream... you are a big meanie to wake me!"

Willow laughed and gently squeezed Tara while rocking her side to side in her arms.

"Sorry my little sleepyhead, but this rock is getting a wee bit hard on my you know what! This old body needs to be in a warm softy soft bed wrapped in her beautiful wife's arms. ...oh, and I hope I was in that wonderful dream of yours, my Dear."

Tara giggled and slowly stood up and stretched. She turned and helped pull her lover up to her wobbly feet. They stood a minute holding hands and grinning at each other. The mood ended when Willow had to stifle a little yawn.

"Okay, come on old lady. I better get you to that warm bed before I have to carry you," laughed Tara.

"Ahhh, what ever happened to my beautiful seductive sweet talker? How quickly the romance fades," quipped Willow.

Tara rubbed her wife's cheeks playfully as she teasingly replied.

"We're married now Sweetie... member? You are all mine ... you do remember conjugal rights? I can just make demands now!"

They both erupted into giggles.

"Is that so? Well then I guess that means that I can make demands too," teased Willow! "And I demand that you take me to bed before you really do have to carry me!"

Willow then put her hands on her hips and flashed her wife the smuggest look she could create. Tara stared back at her until they both surrendered to their laughter again. They hugged each other and continued to laugh for several more minutes.

"Come on Sweetie. I can tell from our silliness that we definitely need some sleep." Tara stated as she grabbed Willow's hand and started to lead her away from their cozy rock.

Willow soon caught up to her wife and linked their arms together. She rested her head on Tara's shoulder and side by side they strolled back to the Tardis... back to their new home!

All was quiet when they entered the Console room. They were both secretly pleased that Ace and Romana were elsewhere. Neither one of them felt up to doing anymore talking. Revealing their future plans could wait until tomorrow. So the weary lovers gratefully headed for the haven of their room.

They slowly walked down the corridor with their arms wrapped around each other leaning into their soul mate's body for support. When they reached the Doctor's door, Willow turned to enter, but Tara stopped her.

"Not here Darling," she whispered.

"No? Then where are we going, Baby," asked her confused wife.

Tara smiled and took Willow's hand in hers and led her past the Doctor's door.

"This way my beautiful sleepyhead gal," she replied and then gave her love a quick kiss.

They walked a little farther along the corridor before Tara stopped in front of another door. She turned and smiled at her wife sweetly.

"Here we are. We made it." Tara then turned to enter.

"Honey, what room is this," asked a very groggy Willow?

"It's my room silly!" Tara's voice was lighthearted and playful now.

"You have your own room on the Tardis," asked her wife in disbelief.

Tara couldn't help but laugh as she pulled her tired lover into her arms. She kissed her soundly on her soft lips and then raised her eyebrows and winked.

"Darling, you don't really think I shared a room with the Doctor! ... Do you?"

Willow felt totally embarrassed at her silliness, but soon recovered.

"Maybe not then, my beautiful sexy blonde goddess, but you are going to be sharing the Doctor's room from now on... and her bed... and her arms... and her lips... and her life...and her..."

Willow's rambling was halted by a pair of warm lips that quickly silenced all her brain functions. After several passionate minutes the now totally exhausted lovers clung to each other for support. When their breathing returned to normal and their legs weren't so wobbly, Tara opened the door and the two of them staggered inside.

Willow spotted the bed, but didn't think her legs would make it that far. Tara was feeling the same way. They each placed an arm over their wife's shoulder and together they dragged themselves over to the bed. They both plopped onto the large soft bed in a tangled heap of intertwined arms and legs. Tara was already whispering good night and sweet dreams to her love when she heard Willow softly whining.

"What's the matter Sweetie?" she yawned into her wife's ear.

"Honey, I know we're too tired to... you know make love like we planned to," whined Willow in a very pitiful voice.

"But I don't want to sleep with our clothes on Baby! I at least want to feel your soft silky skin next to mine... do you have enough energy to take your clothes off? I'll help you."

"Um, okay Sweetie. I'd like that too. I am gonna need some help though."

After several minutes of groaning, pulling, tugging, and fighting with stubborn buttons and snaps the task was accomplished. Normally this would have led to other pleasurable pursuits! Since they both ended up wrapped snugly in each other's arms instead it was a testament to how tired they truly were. They both whispered I love you followed by a good night kiss.

Just before they surrendered themselves to their dreams, Willow felt a small tinge of insecurity. She needed a final confirmation that her wife was still pleased with their decision.

"Tara, Baby, are you still feeling good about what we decided about our future?"

"Yes Darling, I'm looking forward to our future and I can't wait to tell Romana and Ace. Now turn off that brain of yours and let me sleep. If we can't make love for real at least let me do it in my dreams!"

"Yippee," yawned an almost asleep Willow.

"I'll join you there right now Baby! Night!"

"Good night... love you," muttered Tara.

It was only a matter of seconds before the two lovers did meet in their dreams... happily awaiting the start of their new future together.

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