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Doctor Who: Birth of a Wicca Doctor

Author: Tardis Traveler
Rating: PG
Disclaimers: I don't own any of the characters, nor have I profited from them... other then being entertained by them. Dr. Who and Ace are owned by the BBC and Willow and Tara are owned by Joss Weldon and Mutant Enemy.
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Coldness and a terrible feeling of aloneness dragged Willow from her peaceful slumber. Her hand frantically explored the space next to hers for her beautiful soul mate. When her search proved futile, she opened her eyes and did a visual scan which did result in finding a small folded piece of paper with her name on it. She scooped it up and quickly read it.

<My cute little sleepy redheaded wife,
I'm sorry you are reading this because that means my Darling woke up to an empty bed and that is not a good thing! I went to get some "breakfast in bed" food for my incredibly hungry wife... your growling tummy noises woke me up! I'm starving too! Did we even eat yesterday? Keep the bed warm... I'll be right back! I love you, Sweetheart.
Your loving wife, Tara.>

Willow smiled and brought the note to her lips and gently kissed it. A warm feeling flooded through her entire being and she whispered, "I love you to, Baby."

<Well, the least I can do is get ready for her.>

She puffed up the pillows and propped them against the head of the bed. Then she sat up with her back resting on her pillow and began to wait patiently for her wife's return.

As she sat there waiting it was her first opportunity to survey the room that they had spent the night in. It was an average size room with just the basic amount of furniture. The walls were empty and the overall aura of the room was one of starkness. It definitely was not Tara! This made her think that her love had most likely not spent many overnights on the Tardis.

The next thing her senses observed was the lighting. It seemed and felt like the early morning rays of the sun peeking through a window... only there was no window. Before her active mind could begin to speculate more on this oddity, the door swooshed open and instantly all her senses focused on her breathtaking wife!

Willow's beaming smile sent shivers through Tara... she almost dropped the tray she was carrying! She did however manage to take a few seconds to pause and enjoy her dazzling soul mate.

"Wow Sweetheart, with a greeting like that... I think I'll go out and come in again!"

She laughed and spun around pretending to leave. Willow immediately flung her arms out and shouted.

"Hey you get back here! I've waited long enough for my beautiful wife... I'm lonely and cold. I'm also starving... come feed me!"

She laughed and then patted the empty spot next to her on the bed.

Tara raised one eyebrow and looked at her wife. She promptly walked over to the bed and placed the tray on Willow's lap. As she walked around to her side of the bed she glanced over her shoulder at her love and sweetly announced her own plans.

"Hmmm, that wasn't what I had in mind at all Sweetie! I kinda saw you feeding me... kind of a thank you for all my thoughtful efforts! You aren't going to be ungrateful gal... are you," she added with a wink.

Willow giggled and surrendered. However she did demand that her love remove her clothes again before entering the bed. Of course Tara quickly did as she was asked and soon was snuggled on the bed next to her wife. They both let out contented sighs when their bodies slid together... skin on skin.

"Ummm, that's much better," Willow purred with a wistful sigh.

Tara leaned over and gave her a good morning kiss before agreeing.

Willow now focused on the tray of food resting on her lap. A large single plate was filled with scrambled eggs, fried potatoes and piles of bacon. The aroma from two steaming mugs of mochas was also stimulating her senses.

"Tara this looks yummy. You got mochas too, mmmm! She took a little sip and passed a mug over to Tara, before continuing. Where did this all come from, Baby?"

"Well, lucky for me, Ace was up and she made it."

"Ace can cook? I never would have thought of her as a chef! She has hidden talents."

Tara chuckled at her wife and smiled.

"Honey she didn't really cook it all herself. The Tardis has machines that make food and drinks... anything you want. I have seen them, but never used them so Ace did it for me."

Willow let out a big sigh and let her head fall forward for a moment before looking at Tara.

"Whew Baby, we have a lot to learn don't we. It's kind of scary."

Tara caressed her wife's troubled face and smiled warmly. She held her emerald eyes with her mesmerizing blue ones hoping all of her love was shining through.

"Darling, I love you and I have complete faith in you... you're my super Wicca Doctor!"

Willow groaned at that remark before joining her wife's giggles.

"Let's just relax and enjoy our lovely breakfast. Okay? Everything will work out because we are together and together we can do anything. Besides, we have Romana and Ace... and the Doctors too."

Willow placed her hand over Tara's and returned the loving look. She leaned over and gently pressed their lips together. Feeling their soft lips touching, warmed both their hearts and infused them with love and a sense of security. When their lips finally parted their eyes remained locked together. Willow smiled and whispered to her "everything".

"I love you so much... you know that? You always manage to calm me and make me feel that I can do anything with you by my side. Don't ever leave me my love... I'd crumble into a pile of nerves!"

"I feel the same way, and yes, I know how much you love me my Darling. She paused and winked at her love before adding. Ummm, but right now I'm hungry Sweetie! Could you start feeding me please?"

They both laughed and then had a delightful time feeding each other. They especially enjoyed the bacon. Willow insisted they act out the spaghetti scene from "The Lady and the Tramp". Of course, that resulted in long luscious kisses each time they both reached the middle of the bacon strip. All too soon though the plate was empty and they both remarked that they had not realized how hungry they had been. They then settled back to enjoy the last of their mochas.

When they finished Willow put the tray on the night stand and snuggled into Tara's warm arms. Neither one of them was ready to get up and leave their cozy warm bed. They lay holding each other close talking and periodically pausing to kiss or squeeze each other. It reminded them of happier times at the Coven.

They reviewed some of their conversation from the previous day and decided that they were still satisfied with their decision. Willow asked if Tara had told Ace when they had met earlier. Tara said Ace had asked, but that she hadn't committed to anything. She had wanted to wait and be sure that they weren't having any second thoughts. Once they had reconfirmed their future plans they both felt as if a huge weight had been lifted. They then fell into a comfortable silence.

Willow's head was now resting contentedly on her wife's chest, while Tara was slowly running her fingers through soft red hair.

"Mmmmm, Baby this is heavenly," Willow oozed with a sigh.

She slowly started to rub Tara's side and tummy dipping ever so closely to her thigh. This did not go unnoticed by her wife who leaned down and kissed the top of her head.

"I've been thinking Baby," cooed Willow.

Her head bounced a little as Tara chuckled. She looked up and saw her wife smiling down at her with twinkling eyes. Willow couldn't help but beam herself.

"And just what is going though that beautiful head of yours now? Although, I think I may have a glint of an idea," Tara whispered playfully.

Willow's face turned a light shade of red as she kissed her love's right breast and tickled her tummy lightly making Tara squirm a little.

"Well Honey, I know we have to get up so we can talk to Ace and Romana, but once we do I'm pretty sure it will be like yesterday. We will all talk and talk and talk some more and start making plans for everything. Then it will be late like yesterday and we'll be all tired out ... too tired to... you know... make love... and so we will come back and just flop into bed. And don't get me wrong that was really nice because just being with you is great, but making love to you is even greater... it's like the BEST... it's totally awesome!"

Tara felt a warm flame ignite inside her.

<Goddess, I love this woman so much it hurts!>

She placed her hand on her wife's overactive lips and hugged her tightly to her trembling body.

"Willow my love, you are just soooo cute. I could listen to you babble for hours, but sometimes I worry that you will hyperventilate Darling"

They both shared a giggle and then Willow scooted up until their lips crushed together in a long fiery kiss. Both lovers felt the start of their arousal, as a jolt of anticipation shot through them and sent tingles down to their toes! They wrapped their arms around each other pulling their lover as close as possible, never breaking the heated kiss. Instantly what ever Willow had wanted to say was forgotten as the two soul mates made up for their previous night.

An hour later the two thoroughly satisfied lovers relaxed in each others arms slowly returning to the earthly realm.

"I don't EVER want to be too tired to do that... never ever!" Tara declared quite emphatically.

"Me either, Baby. I only want to be tired because I have made love with my incredible wife! Wow Honey, I had almost forgotten how sexy you are... ummm, thanks for reminding me!"

"You're welcome Sweetie. You aren't so bad yourself," she chuckled.

A light tapping on the door a few minutes later completed their journey back to reality.

"Tara... Willow, are you guys in here? I've been looking for you"' stated Ace.

"Hey, her timing is better today! She waited until after we made love," joked Willow"

Willow felt her wife laugh before calling out to Ace to acknowledge that they were in the room.

"We're here Ace; we were, um, just getting up. Tara glanced at her wife who burst out in laughter. Shhhh! We will be out in a few minutes," she shouted to Ace.

"Okay, I'll be in the Console room. I'd like to talk to you. See you there!"

Willow rolled on top of Tara and started tickling her sides and stomach while continuing to laugh.

"Getting up ... is that what we were doing Baby? You are so funny!"

Tara squirmed and squealed with pleasure as she tickled her lover in return.

"Well Darling, did you really want me to tell her what the new Doctor was actually doing?"

They both froze and stared at each other before simultaneously screaming: NO! Then they both howled with laughter and Willow fell on the bed next to her wife. They quietly waited for calmness to return before they begrudgingly decided that they had better get up.

"Are you ready to face another long day Love," asked Tara.

"With a start like this I'm ready for anything," cried Willow and she gave her wife a final "good morning" hug and kiss.

They washed up and quickly dressed. Willow complained about having to wear her robe again and Tara promised that she would find her some new clothes. First they both agreed that they should speak with Ace and tell her what they had decided. They hoped that they would find her alone.

Ace was waiting for them in the Console room. She smiled as they entered and wished them a good morning. They exchanged some small talk and then she asked if they had decided what they were going to do.

Since Willow really didn't know Ace that well, she preferred to have Tara answer. Tara told Ace that they both agreed that they would like to try living in the Tardis. They both could tell that Ace was pleased with the news. Tara was quick to add though that they didn't think that they would be quite as daring as the Doctor. Fighting Cybermen and Daleks was not a number one priority... and if they found a place they really liked they might stay there for awhile.

"You know it's all so new to us. We've never thought about traveling in time and being able to go anywhere we wanted. We'll just have to try it and see what happens. Who knows we could even turn into adventure seekers after all."

"Yeah, I could be adventure woman," interjected Willow.

Tara hugged her wife and added, "...or we could just park it somewhere pretty and call it home". She nudged Willow and motioned for her to continue.

"Ace, Tara and I want you to know that what ever you decide is alright with us. I realize that I am quite different from your Doctor. Life with me probably won't be nearly as exciting... so there won't be any hard feelings if you decide to leave. However, we want to assure you that you are more than welcome to stay with us on the Tardis and share our journeys or what ever comes up. You would be a great asset to us too, but that is not a reason for you to stay. Please stay only if that is what will make you happy... and of course if you think you can put up with the two of us! "

"Thanks you two. I really appreciate what you said and I do think I could put up with you if you can do the same for me? What I mean is... I would like to stay on for awhile. See how you do and all that. So, it's okay then?"

Willow and Tara looked at each other and nodded before racing over and throwing their arms around Ace.

"Yes, it is very okay," they both shouted.

Ace was startled at first but quickly relaxed and enjoyed the attention.

"I'm going to have to get used to all this hugging," she laughed.

"You sure are!" Tara confirmed.

"Okay, then it's all settled... right? The three of us are in this together?" Willow asked seeking a final confirmation.

"Yes," shouted three excited voices!

"Alright, then let's get started on our futures," cried Willow.

Ace directed them to the Wardrobe Room when Tara mentioned Willow wanted some clothes. She also volunteered to find Romana and let her know they had all made their decisions. They agreed to meet in the Library again in about half an hour.

Willow and Tara were completely overwhelmed by the size and all the clothes that they found in the Wardrobe Room. They both felt it was like turning a child loose in a candy store! With their hands clasped together, they stood there with their jaws agape slowly turning around to survey its contents.

Along one wall there were dozens of racks filled with all sorts of period costumes. It looked similar to a Halloween costume store. Another wall housed racks of jackets, blazers, slacks, shirts, sweaters, and suits. A third wall had several racks of women's clothes. Under every rack were rows of shoes of every imaginable color and style. The fourth wall had shelves filled with accessories, a large floor length mirror, and several large machines.

Tara reached out and clasped her wife's other hand. They faced each other hand in hand feeling a little overwhelmed.

"Sweetie, I think this was a huge mistake! We'll be in here for weeks! Are you sure you can't live another day in my robe?"

"I think you're right Honey, but I can be really quick just for now. I promise! We will certainly have to explore this place when we have more time though. Wow, I'll say one thing for the Doctors; they sure liked colorful clothes!"

Willow looked at her watch. She informed Tara that they had twenty minutes to find something so they had to act fast. She told Tara to pick out a skirt and she would take care of finding a top. Tara liked the plan and set off to find a skirt.

For some reason Willow walked over to a rack of sweaters. Her eyes were immediately attracted to a beige knit sweater vest with rows of brown question marks covering it.

<Ooooo, this vest is very cool! I like it!>

She took the vest off the hanger and held it up for a closer look and a size check. It would be a little big on her, but with a blouse underneath it just might be presentable. She walked over to Tara who was admiring a dark brown full length skit.

"Hey, looks like we are on the same wavelength Baby! Look at this sweater I found. They would really look great together, don't you think?"

Tara smiled warmly at her love and admired the sweater agreeing that it was a good match. Together they did a quick search for a blouse to wear under the vest. They found a simple white blouse with long puffy sleeves and Willow quickly removed her robe and began putting on her new clothes.

Minutes later she and Tara stood in front of the mirror checking out the results. They both decided that given their limited time they were pleased with the finished product. The vest was a little large, but Willow loved it and insisted she wanted to wear it. As they turned to leave, Romana came in to check on them. She gave them a warm smile and then walked over to get a close up look at Willow's new outfit.

"Good Morning! I see that you have discovered the Wardrobe Room."

She smiled again and looked at Willow's outfit.

"Hmmm, very nice... I see a little bit of the Doctor's influence there too. That vest could be a bit smaller though. Here, give it to me and I will show you how to use the clothes alternator."

Willow removed the vest and handed it to Romana who led them over to a large devise the looked like a metal closet with a glass door. On one side were some buttons and dials and a bundle of charts clipped together hung from a hook. Romana opened the door and hung the vest on a hanger inside and then closed the door. She directed their attention to the dials on the side.

Tara looked over Willow's shoulder.

<Thank goodness they are all labeled!>

Willow must have read her mind because she reached back and squeezed Tara's hand gently as Romana gave her some quick instructions on how to use this machine. Since the size was the only change desired, all she did was set the size dial and push "Start". Almost instantly the task was completed. Romana removed the vest and handed it back to Willow.

Willow and Tara were smiling from ear to ear as Willow held the vest up between them. She promptly put it on and it was a perfect fit! Tara just shook her head and looked at Willow.

"Darling, I think I know how Dorothy must have felt when she landed over the rainbow!"

Willow laughed and pulled her wife into her arms.

"I know what you mean... and I have a feeling we have a lot more magical surprises coming our way!"

"Well, let's join Ace and find out ," said Romana.

Ace was sitting at the table in the Library waiting for them. As soon as everyone was seated at the table they looked to Willow to begin. She felt a bit uncomfortable, but none the less she did take the lead. After informing Romana of Tara and her desire to remain on the Tardis, Ace then told her that she planned to stay and help them.

They all then looked at Romana trying to guess her reactions to all this, but her face did not reveal anything. She simply repeated what they had told her... sort of confirming it... and then said they should make some plans and start preparing for their future roles.

"Okay, I think my goal then is to make you three as self sufficient as possible without spending your lifetimes doing it. So we will stick just to the basics... emphasis on the"how to"... less on theories and why it does what it does. Do you all agree?"

The three eager women agreed and waited for their instructions. Willow would be the pilot or captain and learn how to operate the Tardis. Ace and Tara would learn all the day to day life functioning operations. Dividing up the tasks would go faster and then they could teach each other if they wanted to later on. Romana opted for a short training period today since it was midday already and an earlier longer day tomorrow.

So, Romana told Ace to take Tara to the Wardrobe and Control Rooms and begin showing her how to operate every Replicator and Duplicator Terminal that she knew how to work and mark the one's she did not know how to work. She would then instruct them in how to use those. They would all meet in the Control Room for the evening meal which Tara would prepare for them.

Romana and Willow would go to the Main Control Room, which was commonly called the Console Room, and Romana would give her a brief tour of the console panel and computer.

And so, they all began the first step in preparing for their future lives. Willow and Tara gave each other good bye hugs and kisses before they left to begin their training.

Willow was eager to learn all about the Tardis. She was thrilled to be in charge of the spaceship and more than a little frightened. On earth she was considered to be a genius even though in truth she never really thought of herself as one. None the less, she did have a definite aptitude for technology... especially for computers. Her mind was a perfect problem solving machine and no challenge thus far had proven too difficult for her.

Willow was a tenacious thinker and puzzle solver. Her cognitive and deductive reasoning skills were better than excellent.

That was on earth though... this was alien technology and highly advanced technology as well. For the first time in her life she felt a little intimidated and it was unnerving her quite a bit. She had serious doubts about her ability to comprehend and master the numerous aspects of this awesome machine!

When they arrived in the Console room, Romana led her to the console itself. She smiled at Willow and told her to relax and not to worry. She then gave her a tour of each of the six panels explaining their particular function.

When they finally returned to the first panel, Willow's head was spinning and she felt like fainting.

<Goddess, how did I ever think I could do this! I'm not the Doctor... only a Doctor Wannabe! I'll get us all killed or stranded in some strange dimension in time!>

Willow was feeling totally defeated when suddenly she heard a faint voice in her head.

<Willow, YOU can do this... just relax. >

<Who's that?>

<It's the Doctor. Remember, I am here inside you. All you need to do is remain calm... don't panic... open your mind up and let me help. You can't learn it all in one afternoon you know.>

<Whew, I guess I was getting myself into panic mode. Thanks Doctor. I do feel better and I will try to stay calm; just stay with me! Thanks>

When she returned to the real world, Romana was staring at her with a grin on her face.

"You and the Doctor having a nice conversation," she inquired.

"Yes, chuckled Willow, I was feeling a bit terrified by all this. He reminded me that he was there if I needed his advice. I feel better now."

"Good, and remember to use him when you need him. I have someone else that will be a great help to you also, but before you meet him lets go over the Auxiliary Support System panel in more detail."

So for the next hour Romana identified every dial, knob, button, and gage on the panel. They opened and closed the Tardis door and porthole, scanned the outside, adjusted and readjusted the lighting and air, and located the defective Chameleon Circuit. Willow was not only exhausted she was also frustrated because she hadn't been able to take any notes. Romana finally told her to relax for a few minutes and then she retreated into her Tardis.

Left to herself, Willow slowly walked around the console. Her mind was filled with insecurities and second thoughts.

<Maybe this wasn't a good idea after all. I wonder how Tara is doing. This was a crazy idea. We are just a couple of young witches... not space travelers. What was I thinking? I hope Tara isn't feeling this stupid. This is just too much! Maybe we should just move to London... I could finish school... we could find a nice apartment. Oh, I don't know what to think. I wish Tara was here!>

Her quandary was interrupted when Romana's Tardis door opened and much to her surprise a smaller version of the spaceship rolled out the door followed by Romana.

"Willow, I would like you to meet K-9."

Willow knelt so she was closer to the robotic dog that was looking at her very intently.

"Well hello K-9, it is very nice to meet you. My name is..."

K-9 interrupted her by completing her introduction.

"Doctor... you are the Doctor! Question Mistress: How can this be the Doctor?"

"Glad to see that your sensors are working K-9! And you are correct... this is the Doctor... a new version of the Doctor. Her name is Willow. She needs to learn all about operating the Tardis; so I want you to help her. Okay?"

"Affirmative Mistress"

Romana lifted K-9 up and placed him in the center of the console. Then she turned to address Willow.

"I'm going to check on Ace and Tara. You two can get acquainted with each other. K-9 is a very sophisticated computerized robot designed by the Doctor. In fact this particular model was the last one built by the Doctor himself. K-8 knows more about the Tardis than even the Doctor, but don't tell him that! If you want, you can have him help you with any questions about panel one. He can also quiz you on the parts or assist if you want to try something out."


Willow nodded and K-9 once again said, "Affirmative Mistress".

"Let's plan to meet for our evening meal in about an hour."

"K-9 set your timer for 60 minutes. "

"Alright Willow, I'm off... that is if you feel comfortable being left with K-9? He will tell you when it is time to stop and if you will just place him on the floor before you leave, he can stay here."

"I'm cool with K-9 thanks. See you in an hour."

As soon as Romana left, K-9 started asking questions about the Doctor and Willow. She gave him the shortened version of what had taken place over the past few days. He took it all in as though she was telling him how to fetch a stick. After about thirty minutes of chatting, they turned their attentions to the panel and helping Willow master its functions. Romana was right; he was a huge help!

Willow was amazed when she heard K-9 announce that it was time to meet the others. The time had flown by so quickly. She placed him on the floor and thanked him for all his help. She had to admit that her confidence level was a bit higher thanks to him. They said their good byes and then Willow hurried to the Control Room. She was anxious to see her wife again and hear how she was doing.

<I missed you my Love! I hope everything went well for you. Ummm, I need to feel you in my arms Baby!>

Willow raced down the corridor! When she arrived, she paused in front of the door briefly to smooth down her hair and check her attire.

When Willow entered the room her heart nearly popped out of her chest! The beautiful romantic sight before her literally took her breath away. After taking in the overall view, her eyes fell on her beloved wife who was standing there bathed in candlelight and beaming at her.

Tara was dressed in a long flowing blue gown that matched the color of her eyes in the candlelight. The silky gown was gathered at her waist by a loose gold braided belt. Her hands were folded sweetly in front of her and her twinkling dark blue eyes reflected the golden glow of the flickering candles. Their eyes locked together and their deep love for one another flowed between them. Instantly Tara was standing before her encircling Willow in her arms and pulling her into a loving embrace. Willow melted into her wife's warm soothing arms.

All the tensions of her day drained from her body as she nestled her head on Tara's shoulder. Tara held her tight and kissed her cheek and whispered softly in her ear.

"Hello Sweetie, ooooooo, I missed you. Did you miss me?"

Willow had to struggle to keep her blissful tears from escaping her eyes. She kissed her wife's cheek and nuzzled her neck. Her arms hugged her wife tightly and then she released her arms and cupped Tara's face tenderly in her shaking hands. She just stood gazing into her wife's blue hypnotic orbs for the longest time before claiming her soft lips in a rather sensual kiss. When they came up for air they rested their foreheads together; Tara reminded her wife that they were not alone.

"I don't care Baby," gasped Willow. I needed to show you just how much I missed you Sweetheart. Mmmmm, you look fantastic... you smell good too! And yes, I missed you sooo much!"

They fell into each others arms again. They may have remained there for hours if Ace hadn't returned them to reality.

"Hey you two save the dessert for after we eat and when you are alone. I'm hungry."

Willow and Tara slowly broke apart softly laughing and a little embarrassed.

"Okay, okay we get the message," laughed Willow. Let's eat then."

"Oh no, Tara needs to show off her handiwork first," stated Romana.

"Yeah, come on Tara, show Willow what you did," echoed Ace.

Tara turned a deep shade of red and tried to lower her head, but was stopped by her wife. Willow smiled brightly and threw her arm around her wife's waist and gave her a gentle squeeze.

"Now is no time to be shy Baby. I can't wait to see what you have created so I can be a very proud and boasting wife! Did you make that sexy outfit?"

Tara glowed and did a little twirl to show off the gown.

"You like it," she teased?

"Ummm, I love it... and the person wearing it too! I'd love to look at the rest, but I can't tear my eyes away from my gorgeous breath taking wife!"

<I can't wait till I get to remove that beautiful gown too! Can you see how fast my heart is beating?>

Tara blushed deeply and gazed at her wife.

<Oh Darling, I wish I could just grab you and make love to you right at this very moment! You are just so sweet and adorable!>

"Okay you two, now I'm starting to blush. Willow could you please take your eyes off your wife long enough to check out the rest so we can eat," asked Romana.

It took a great deal of determination, but Willow finally tore her eyes off Tara and took in the beautiful room. Tara returned to her side and they quickly placed an arm around the other's waist.

The glowing room was lit by dozens of multi-colored candles of varying sizes and shapes that shimmered and cast playful shadows on the ceiling. In the center of the room there was a very elegant table also lighted by six long stem candles in individual silver holders. The round table was covered with a floral linen tablecloth with matching napkins held by hummingbird holders. Four china place settings were laid out with crystal wine and water glasses glistening in the candlelight. The center of the table was highlighted by a huge arrangement of red and white carnations.

At one end of the table stood a tall gold stand with an ice bucket that housed two frosted bottles of wine. Off to the side was a long serving cart that was obviously keeping their tasty meal warm. Willow was stunned... not just by how lovely everything looked, but that Tara had made all of it.

"Wow Baby, this is just too marvelous for words! Did you really make all this?"

Tara was about ready to burst by now. She was so happy that Willow liked everything.

"Yes Darling, I made it all... all by myself. Well, after Ace and Romana showed me how to use all the machines. It was so much fun! It was just like magic! I still can't believe it myself... but here it is!"

The two Wicca were gushing with joy and happiness. They were so excited and thrilled by all that was happening to them. At this moment things were definitely looking up! They were completely swept up in their thoughts and emotions and would have remained oblivious to everything if Ace and Romana hadn't each taken an arm and led them to their chairs.

"Hey you two love birds it's time to eat! Are you two always like this," asked Ace.

The two lovers blushed and lowered their heads a little embarrassed, but their hands were already clasped under the table!

"Oh Ace, I think you are going to need a good blindfold from now on," laughed Romana.

They all giggled at that and then settled down to start their meal together. Romana opened the champagne and they toasted to Tara first and then to their futures. The wine was followed by a delicious leisurely feast. Willow especially enjoyed it as Tara had prepared all of her favorite foods. They laughed and talked about their day and about what tomorrow would be like. They asked and answered each other's questions and then relaxed into a comfortable silence.

As it so often does, time flew by and suddenly it was late and time to part. Romana wanted to meet early the next morning to continue their preparations so they reluctantly said their "good nights" and returned to their rooms.

Willow and Tara stood in front of their room door with their arms linked and their heads resting together. They were both feeling a bit drained from all the excitement of the day. Willow sighed deeply and exhaled a puff of air. She slowly turned and embraced her love and kissed her gently on the lips before resting her head on Tara's shoulder. She tenderly whispered in her lover's ear.

"Thank you Sweetheart, thank you so much for once again showing me how incredibly lucky I am to have you as my wife. Everything you do makes me feel so loved and every day I fall more and more in love with you and I can't believe that is possible since I already love you more than life itself!"

She lifted her head and kissed away a tear that was falling down her love's cheek. Tara opened her mouth to reply, but Willow silenced her lips with another loving kiss.

"Shhh, just listen to me and accept for once just how wonderful you really are Baby. I had so many fears and doubts and insecurities racing in and out of my mind all day. I kept asking myself if we had made the right choice... if we would be happy here... if I was up to all the challenges. I wondered how you were doing and feeling."

Tara hugged her closer and kissed her cheek.

"Then I walked into that room and saw you and the candles and how romantic it all felt... and you had done it all... for me! You really overwhelmed me Honey! All my worries disappeared and my heart just swelled with love for you... I was so proud of you! When I saw you standing there like a goddess, I just wanted to envelope you in my arms and never let go. I think I could have died happy with that vision of you in my eyes!"

They both had tears in their eyes now and were holding on to each other for dear life. Lost in their love the two soul mates relished the tender moment neither wanting to end the contact. After several minutes they both whispered I love you in each other's ears.

Reluctantly they pulled apart when they felt their knees beginning to weaken. A few more kisses were exchanged before they entered their room where Willow discovered more surprises waiting for her.

On entering the room, Willow first noticed a delicate path of rose petals that led to their bed which was now covered with a beautiful light red satin blanket with matching pillows. Draped across the bed were two sleeveless silk nightgowns: white for Tara and forest green for Willow. There were candles everywhere which flickered to life when Tara mumbled "ignesco" under her breath. The once empty walls were now adorned with three large pictures.

One picture was of the two of them in the Coven garden standing under a blossoming cherry tree. Next to this was a painting of the Goddess that she remembered admiring in one of their spell books. It looked beautiful hanging on their wall in an antique frame that truly enhanced the painting. The third picture was of Stonehenge with the Tardis in the background and the two of them sharing a kiss under a huge archway.

For the second time that evening Willow found she was speechless. All she could do was stand there and admire all the lovely changes that Tara had made.

Tara came up and stood behind her wife and wrapped her arms around her snugly. She then rested her head on Willow's shoulder. They were silent for a few minutes, before Tara finally spoke in a soft loving voice.

"I hope you like all the changes Darling. I remembered that you felt the room was rather stark, so I thought I would start to make it a little more "us".

Willow chuckled a little, making her wife raise an eyebrow.

"You sure had a busy day Honey! I love everything and the pictures are awesome ... they look great on the wall. I still can't believe that you were able to make all of this from machines!"

"I know what you mean Darling! Even as I did it I couldn't believe it. You have to think it in your mind and then describe it to the Replicator... like you do on the computer. After I got the hang of it I really enjoyed it. The pictures were a little more challenging especially the painting. I think next time I will just make all the materials and paint in the old fashioned way!"

Tara laughed at her last comment as did Willow who turned to face her beautiful wife.

"The painting is gorgeous Honey, but then you are so artistic... that is probably why everything you made today was so well done. I think it's a great idea that you try painting again. We can't let your talents go to waste. I could design a whole room for you to hang all your paintings in and a studio for you to work in."

"Goddess Tara, do you realize how much all of this will change our lives? It thrills and excites me... and scares me too!"

"Yes my Darling, I feel the same way. We will have to pray to the Goddess that we act wisely and always remember what matters most in our lives."

She paused and they stood gazing into each others eyes absorbing all the love radiating between them. They slowly brought their foreheads together and simultaneously whispered: "YOU!"

They held each other a little longer before they slipped into their nightgowns and snuggled into their inviting bed. Once they got cozy the battle to stay awake began. It had been a long emotional day and now wrapped in the safety of their lover's arms they surrendered to the tranquility of slumber. Morning would be here all too soon.

The next five days passed in a fury of activity pretty much like the first day. Ace and Tara mastered all the life support machines and then turned to the Library to study the Doctor's journals, navigation maps and charts, and anything else they thought might help them in the future.

Ace focused on learning about all of the Doctor's antagonists and how to fight them. Her experience with the Doctor had taught her one very important thing. The Doctor may not look for trouble, but it often had a way of finding him none the less! And Ace wanted to be prepared especially since this would all be a new experience for Willow and Tara.

Romana came in every afternoon to check on them, to answer questions, and give instructions when needed. She was very pleased with their enthusiasm and progress.

Willow studied her way around the console panel learning how to program all the numerous Tardis systems. Romana stayed with her in the morning and K-9 took over in the afternoon. By the time they met for their evening meal they were all pretty exhausted physically and mentally, but that never stopped them from enjoying their time together. It was what they all looked forward to and Tara managed to top herself every night!

On the sixth evening they sat around the diner table sipping their cappuccinos and heaping compliments on Tara for another fantastic meal. Romana then announced that tomorrow would begin their testing days. At the mention of a test Willow clutched Tara's hand and started to panic. It took several hugs and reassuring words from Tara to calm her down.

Romana laughed sympathetically, and assured her they would not be written exams or tricky. She just wanted to make sure that they all knew how to use the important equipment. When she finally left them she wanted to be sure that they would be able to function safely and independently.

Day seven went well for all of them. They successfully performed their test projects with great proficiency. When they finally converged in the Control Room they were all feeling confident and upbeat... even Willow. Tomorrow would be the ultimate test... moving the Tardis.

Romana asked if they had a place they would like to go. Willow, ever practical, suggested that they go to the Coven so Tara could say good bye and collect their personal belongings. Everyone agreed that, that was a good suggestion. Romana liked it because she said moving short distances and maintaining the time was difficult and would be a good test of Willow's skills.

They spent about a half hour longer finalizing their plans before they decided to call it a night. Tomorrow would be a big day and they all needed their rest.

Back in their room Tara sat brushing her hair and watching her wife in the mirror. Willow was sitting on their bed looking extremely pensive.

<My poor Darling... she's so worried about tomorrow... she won't sleep a wink tonight. I better think of something to take her mind off it.>

She knew how much Willow loved combing her hair so she tried that first.

"Sweetie? Willow my love! Darling, wake up!"

The third time managed to get Willow's attention.

"Huh... what... did you say something Baby?"

Tara smiled warmly and looked over her shoulder at her frazzled wife.

"Yes Sweetheart... I was wondering if you would mind brushing my hair for me. My wrist hurts a little and I'm not quite finished with my one hundred strokes."

Ohmygosh... her Tara was hurt! Willow jumped from the bed and rushed over to her wife. She gently picked up her hand and started to carefully examine Tara's wrist.

"Oh you poor Baby! Where does it hurt? Is it broken... did you twist it... why didn't you say something before? I'll get some ice... no, a hot pad... should I get Romana?"

Tara's heart swelled with love watching and listening to her worried wife.

<What did I ever do to earn such a loving and caring wife? I love you so much my Darling!>

She placed her hands on the sides of Willow's face and guided her head up until they were eye to eye. Then she gave her wife the most warm and loving smile possible.

"I'm okay Sweetie... really. I would just like you to brush my hair. My hand is just a tiny bit tired. Besides I was starting to feel lonely way over here all by myself."

Willow's heart melted and she leaned forward and placed a gentle kiss on her wife's lips.

"Well I can't have my wonderful wife feeling lonely... can I? I love brushing your beautiful hair. You just sit back and relax and let your hand rest."

With that said, Willow picked up the brush and began running it through Tara's hair. Tara made a point of ooooing and sighing... of showing her contentment and soon Willow was totally absorbed in the task.

Willow counted her strokes and when she reached one hundred she put the brush down and placed her arms around her love. Tara leaned back and molded into Willow's strong loving arms and moaned contentedly. They remained there for several minutes lost in the tender moment.

Tara tilted her head slightly and Willow accepted the invitation readily. She nibbled on Tara's ear and then lavished her slender warm neck with kisses. Tara encouraged her by moaning and sighing softly. Things were beginning to heat up very nicely. Willow's hands snaked up and cupped her wife's breasts making Tara arch her back pushing her breasts further into Willow's hands. Now it was Willow's turn to moan softly into her wife's ear.

Much to Willow's dismay, Tara slowly removed her wife's hands and stood up. She turned to face Willow and pulled her up so they were facing each other. They were both breathing heavily and instinctually wrapped their arms around each other. As they stood barely an inch apart gazing at each other Tara quietly teased her wife.

"Ummmm, there's something that I'd really like to do now Sweetheart."

"What's that Baby?"

"I would just love to strip that nightgown off you and cover your gorgeous hot body with my aching naked body and have my way with you."

Tara was now blushing and her cheeks were a cute shade of pink. Even now she was still a little shy when it came to initiating their love making.

Willow would have landed on the floor if her wife hadn't been holding on to her. She could feel her entire body burning with love and desire for her gorgeous lover. In fact it took a few seconds for her to catch her breath before she could even whisper.

"Well. What are you waiting for?

That ended all rational conversation. Soon two nightgowns lay crumpled on the floor as two happy lovers had their way with each other on the bed. All thoughts of tests and insecurities vanished and were forgotten.

Early the next morning all the occupants of the Tardis were gathered around the console. A nervous Willow was making her final calculations and adjustments for their trip. She made a final check with Tara who held a map of the area and had K-9 confirm the accuracy of her settings.

It was now zero hour!

"Okay everyone this is it... show time! If I did everything correctly we should arrive at the Coven the day after you did the spell or ten days ago. Today minus ten... that could get confusing."

"Relax Darling... take a deep breath. I know you are anxious, but I'm sure all will go well."

"Yeah relax. The Doctor and I had our best adventures when the Tardis went astray," said Ace.

"Well I do not want to go astray today Ace! I need to end up right where I want to be."

No one had noticed that Romana had left until she emerged from her own Tardis. She was carrying a tray with four steaming mugs of hot chocolate. She asked Willow to open the door and then walked outside and placed the tray down about five feet from the Tardis. When she returned she gave Willow her final instructions.

"Alright, Willow here's your test. If... when we arrive at the Coven in the correct time you must return to this exact location before the hot chocolate has cooled. Think you can do that?"

"Well, I guess that's what we are all here to find out!"

Willow looked at Tara and they smiled at each other. Tara whispered," I love you," and gave her nervous wife a hug.

"Come on Sweetie... do it!"

Willow started counting down from ten and the others held up crossed fingers. When she got to "Blast Off', Willow pushed the dial and the Tardis started whooshing! There wasn't much of a moving sensation, but they could definitely feel and hear when the Tardis landed.

"We've stopped," cried Ace.

"Okay, let's see where we are," said Willow.

They all held their breath as Willow opened the porthole. It seemed to move painfully slow, but when it finally opened it was the most fantastic sight they had ever seen.

"You did it Sweetie! You really did it... it's the Coven," squealed Tara.

The three future travelers clapped their hands and jumped up and down joyfully screaming. Tara hugged Willow and Ace patted her on the back. Willow was ecstatic! Even K-9 seemed pleased.

"Ladies," shouted Romana. I hate to break up your happy party, but we also need to verify the date. Willow check the console read out for the date and time."

Willow did as she was instructed and confirmed that is was the date and time she had set. Before Romana could do it, she then asked K-9 to reconfirm her findings. This brought a smile to Romana's face and an "Affirmative" from K-9. The screams and shouts erupted once again.

When they finally settled down, Tara and Ace left to say their good byes to the sisters at the Coven and pack Tara's things. Willow stayed behind wishing to avoid having to explain her resurrection from the dead. She told them both not to hurry. They should enjoy the visit because they might not return and besides it would make her test even better.

Before she left, Tara naturally went over and gave her wife a huge hug and farewell.

"Bye Sweetie, I'm sorry you can't say your good byes too. I'll miss you."

"I'll miss you too Baby. Don't forget my things ... if you still have any of my stuff that is."

"Of course I have your things Love, but I don't want to even think about my time without you ... I'm way too happy to think about that!"

Ace's impatience forced her to begin pulling Tara towards the door.

"Hey, it's not like you are leaving forever! Come on, give her a kiss and lets get going," she laughed.

Tara followed orders and kissed Willow soundly and whispered, "I love you," in her ear before turning to join Ace.

Over her shoulder Tara shouted, "and Honey, try to stay out of trouble... and don't you dare move this thing until we get back!"

Willow just chuckled and hollered, "I love you too... have fun!"

Then the Tardis got quiet as the three remaining occupants stood watching the two women stroll towards the Coven. When they were out of sight Willow closed the Tardis door and breathed a sigh of relief.

Romana said that she was going to spend her time in her own Tardis making a list of some times and places for Willow to practice on when Ace and Tara returned. She left, leaving K-9 with Willow.

"Well K-9 it looks like it's just you and me. What say we do some exploring? I'm dying to know just how many rooms this ship has and what they hold!"

"Affirmative Doctor"

Ace and Tara didn't return until the next morning burdened with several bulky suit cases and a large trunk. A couple of sister's carried some pictures and an old rocking chair which they placed in front of the Tardis before saying their good byes for the last time.

Tara knocked on the door, but no one answered.

<Hmmm, I wonder where they are? We need to put in a doorbell!>

Ace banged again a little louder. Then Tara took a small silver object out of her pocket and held it up for Ace to see.

"It's a good thing Willow thought to give me the key. I wonder where they are."

"They probably saw all this stuff and hid," kidded Ace.

Tara opened the door and they carried all her treasures into the Tardis. Romana appeared just in time to help with the chair that turned out to be Tara's grandmother's rocker.

After she caught her breath, Tara asked where Willow was. Romana said she didn't know and added that K-9 was also missing. It was then that they noticed the note taped to the back of the Tardis door. Tara quickly retrieved it and read it while the other two women leaned over her shoulder.

<K-9 and I have gone exploring... yippee! Don't worry I won't get lost. I took plenty of stickies to mark my route. Blow on the whistle when you get back and we will come a running! It's on the console. Hope you both had a nice visit. I missed you... Ace too! Love Willow>

They quickly found the dog whistle and Ace blew in it a couple of times. Romana waited there while Ace and Tara carried the luggage down to her and Willow's room.

Soon K-9 was announcing their return and an excited Willow came bounding into the Console room. She smiled at all of them and cheerfully said "Hello". Then she grabbed Tara's arm and pulled her down the corridor until they were out of sight.

Then Willow threw her arms around the startled woman and kissed her as if they had been apart for years. Tara staggered backwards until Willow had her braced against the cool wall. They both moaned and pulled each other as close as they could. When they breathlessly parted they were both beaming and trying to stifle their arousal. Their lips met again followed by two hungry tongues.

They slowly slid downwards, but neither one wanted to stop kissing. Tara ended up on her posterior with Willow kneeing in front of her. When they came up for air they rested their foreheads together and inhaled their mingled scents. Their breathing was labored and it felt as though their hearts would burst out of their chests! Tara was the first to regain a little composure.

"Whew Sweetheart that was some welcome home! I think my toes curled! I definitely need to leave more often if that is what I'll come home to, but Sweetie I was only gone one night."

"Precisely! whole miserable lonely night all by myself... no hugs... no kisses... no warm body next to mine... no blue eyes to greet me in the morning... did I mention kisses? I never ever want to be apart from you again!"

Tara pulled her wife closer and smoothed her ruffled red hair while whispering sweetly in her ear, "Aw my poor abandoned wife".

Willow was very content to soak up her wife's sympathy. She whimpered and groaned and nuzzled into her wife's neck. She probably would have let it continue longer if it hadn't suddenly dawned on her that things seemed a little one sided.

"Hey, how come you aren't with the, "missing me"? Didn't you miss me?"

Tara had to laugh at the crestfallen pout on Willow's face. She kissed Willow on her nose and without warning tickled her sides until Willow was squealing and asking for mercy. They tumbled onto the floor laughing and trying to reach each other's tickle spots.

"Of course I missed you and your cold feet," teased Tara. I didn't sleep a wink. I wanted to sneak back into the Tardis during the night, but I thought you'd think I was being silly."

"Well if missing your soul mate is silly then I am the silliest woman on the planet," cried Willow.

Just as their lips were about to meet again, K-9 appeared asking them to return. Reluctantly they rose and followed him back to the Console room. On the way Willow shared some of her discoveries and was especially thrilled to reveal that she had even stumbled across a swimming pool!

Soon they were back in the Console room where Ace and Romana were patiently waiting. They both smiled when they saw the pair enter.

"I trust you two have had sufficient time to say "Hello" to each other," Romana snickered. I hope we can get back to our work now."

Willow looked a little flustered, but managed to look at Ace and Romana and confirm she was ready.

So, for the next several hours Willow was given locations, dates, and times to program into the Tardis. Periodically Romana set the controls and on their arrival asked Willow to determine their destination, date, and time. Tara was bursting with pride because so far Willow's accuracy was 100%.

"Alright Willow here is the last location and then you can take us home," said Romana. You are doing a great job!"

Willow beamed when she heard the compliment. Tara winked and repeated the compliment. Ace shook her hand and said she was amazed at how well Willow could control the Tardis. Willow's spirits were soaring! She glanced down at the final destination and did a little double take.

"We're going to the North Pole? Cool"

"Oh, are we going to visit Santa Claus," squealed Tara before she had a chance to censor her words!

"Santa Claus," asked Romana. Who is Santa Claus?"

"...a mythological toymaker, Mistress. He lives at the North Pole with elves that make toys and once a year on December twenty-fourth he gives them to children," stated K-9.

"Only to good children," interjected Tara, before covering her mouth with her hand. She gave them all a sheepish grin and shrugged her shoulders.

"Awww, do you want to visit Santa, Honey," cooed Willow. "Don't you remember... grownups can't see him Baby."

Willow chuckled a little then she walked over to her slightly embarrassed wife and gave her a long hug.

"You are just too cute for words, Baby. Who knows, with all the magic we've seen these past few days we just might actually see Santa Claus when we get there!"

They all laughed at that and then Willow returned to her work. She programmed in the coordinates and then asked Romana if she had a particular date. She did: April 6, 1909.

Once again the Tardis whooshed its way to another time and place. Willow opened the porthole as soon as they arrived.

"Oh, sorry love, no Santa Claus," teased Willow. However, I do see something off in the distance and it's moving... reindeer?"

"You have good eyes," said Romana. There should be something moving out there, but not a herd of reindeer. You are about to witness a historical event. Here take a pair of binoculars and follow me."

They did as they were told and followed Romana out of the Tardis. Once outside the three women screamed that it was freezing cold and windy. Romana scolded them and told them to look through their binoculars at the moving object. They would only be outside a few seconds. They all quickly focused on the object until Ace exclaimed that it looked like two men. Willow and Tara said they saw the same thing. Romana cried, "fantastic" and shuffled them all back into the Tardis.

Once inside they all shivered and wrapped their arms around themselves except for Tara and Willow who wrapped themselves around each other. Their teeth were chattering and they could still see their breath.

"Whhhhat wwas ththat all about," chattered Ace. Wwwho wwere those two mmmen?"

"YOU just witness Robert Perry and Matthew Hensen on their way to the North Pole! I always wondered if Perry had really been alone," stated Romana.

"Wow, I guess that is worth freezing to death over," replied Ace.

"Willow, I think we could all use a mug of hot chocolate about now," said Romana. Do you know where we can get some?"

A slow smile spread across Willow's lips as the meaning of Romana's words came to her.

"I sure do! Hold on everyone... hot chocolate is on the way... I hope!"

She flew to the controls and punched in all the needed data. With her hand poised over the dial, she closed her eyes and said a little prayer to the Goddess... and a "Here's to you" to the Doctor.

They all held their breaths again and waited for the whooshing of the Tardis to stop. Willow was so excited that she just opened the door and raced out. Before the others even reached the entrance they could hear Willow cheering and screaming her delight. Tara felt relieved and excited. She rushed out and found Willow dancing around the tray laughing and declaring her victory.

Tara quickly scooped her wife up into her arms and spun her around laughing and sharing in her joy. When they stopped spinning, Ace came over and joined them in a group hug.

When their celebrating died down they noticed that Romana had not joined in. They looked at her for a reason.

"I hate to be a killjoy, but has anyone had a sip? I'd like mine to be hot!"

Willow frowned and looked hopefully at her soul mate. Tara picked up a mug and took a little sip. She looked into her love's eyes for a moment and then raised the mug and yelled. "Mine's too hot to even drink!"

Willow let out the breath she was holding and glanced at Romana who winked at her and nodded her head. They each took a mug and toasted the new Doctor... after blowing a few cooling breaths over the steaming hot chocolate!

Their evening meal together was both a joyful celebration and a sad farewell. They toasted each other's triumphs and Romana's departure the next day which saddened them all. Romana praised them for all their hard work and success. She insisted that it was time for her to leave and let them be in charge of their own destinies. This brought tears to all their eyes. It was quite late when they finally hugged each other good night and agreed to spend the next day together.

Tara and Willow lay awake side by side in the quiet darkness of their room lost in their individual thoughts. The two Wicca were each thinking about their wife and wondering what the future would have in store for them. Both hoped that they had made a choice that would bring them happiness.

Tara sensed that her wife was not yet asleep either. She reached out and found Willow's hand. She squeezed her wife's warm hand and brought it to her lips and kissed each digit. Willow softly moaned and then turned on her side to look at her beloved. Soon Tara was also on her side and the two lay staring into each other's eyes their arms resting on each other's waist.

"Feeling a little scared," asked Tara.

"Yes," replied Willow in a soft frail voice.

"Me too... I guess that's normal... I'd be worried if we weren't."

Willow snickered at the comment. "Yeah, I suppose that's true."

They both reached for their lover at the same moment and wrapped around her. Snuggled safely in strong protective arms they just held each other and listened to their hearts beating as one. Just before dreams claimed them they whispered, "I love you," to their soul mate.

The four women and K-9 spent the next day enjoying each other's company. The entire day was spent sheltered beneath the secure boulders of Stonehenge. They laughed and engaged in lighthearted conversations... even some girl talk. Tara had brought a delicious picnic feast with plenty of wine for toasting.

Sometime towards the end of their merriment, Willow and Tara performed a short ceremony asking the Goddess to bless and protect them all and keep them safe until they met again.

After the final toast to Romana, Tara gave her an autographed picture of the three of them in a silver frame. On the back each of them had written a few personal thanks and comments. Romana gave them each a small device like a beeper that they could use to call her if they ever needed her help.

The biggest surprise was Romana's insistence that K-9 remain with them. It resulted in a bit of an argument which Romana eventually won through sheer logic... the best defense to use against Willow! Afterwards they cried, hugged, and said their tearful good byes... and then came the whooshing sound of the departing K-9 Tardis.

Romana was gone... they were on their own... feeling scared and insecure. Was this how the eaglet felt after mother pushed it out of its safe warm nest? But they weren't alone... they had each other and they found strength in that. All would be well.

Later the trio stood staring out of the Tardis porthole watching while the colors of Stonehenge shimmered and darkened as the cooling sun began to descend. They had their arms encircling each other and the new Doctor had her head resting on her soul mate's shoulder. They were all finally at peace and each of them faced the future with anticipation and excitement. Whatever the Goddess and life had in store for them... they felt confident they could handle it together! So they just stood there and enjoyed the spectacular sunset lost in their individual thoughts.

The serene silence was disrupted by the Doctor. She raised her head and turned to look at her wife and Ace. She smiled and let out a little laugh.

"What's going through that beautiful kissable head of yours now, Sweetie?" Tara asked.

The Doctor felt a little blush sweep over her face and rewarded her wife with a small kiss... nothing passionate... Ace was there!

"I'm not sure whose head it went through, but all of a sudden these words popped into my head. I think I may have said them before... have to get used to having these past life experiences invade my mind." She chuckled.

"Don't worry sweetheart, I'll always be here to help you... you can count on it." Tara stated. Then she turned and whispered into Willow's ear, "Some memories might be lots of fun to relive my little vixen!"

They both turned beet red and burst out laughing, as they hugged each other tightly.

Ace rolled her eyes and muttered aloud, "Gees, you two, the Doc's gonna have to add on another room in here!"

The Tardis echoed with laughter a few seconds and then they returned to the view.

"Professor... I mean Doctor... um... Willow... oh, I mean witch doctor," chuckled Ace, "what were those words you remembered?"

"I think they went something like this."

"There are worlds out there where...
The sky is burning, the seas sleep, and the rivers dream;
People made of smoke, and cities made of song!
Somewhere there's danger,
Somewhere there's injustice,
And somewhere else the tea is getting cold.
Come on, we've got work to do!"

"Hmmm, they sound familiar to me too." commented Ace.

"Well, before we go and do anything, it's obvious that we need to agree on an official name for me," declared the Wicca Doctor Who.

"I like Dr. Vixen!" whispered Tara.

"Affirmative Mistress!"

Thus the birth of a new Doctor Who was now complete!



1: These were the last words the Doctor spoke to Ace in the final broadcast of the television series. The story was "Survival" by Rona Munro, and aired November 22 through December 6, 1989. Ace's name was omitted from the last line here; it should end with: "Come on Ace, we've got work to do!"

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