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Doctor Who: Birth of a Wicca Doctor

Author: Tardis Traveler
Rating: PG
Disclaimers: I don't own any of the characters, nor have I profited from them... other then being entertained by them. Dr. Who and Ace are owned by the BBC and Willow and Tara are owned by Joss Weldon and Mutant Enemy.
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It had been nearly two days now since Tara and Ace had dragged the Doctor into his room. The solid steel door to his chamber was sealed shut and they hadn't heard a sound from the Doctor in all that time! Ace was frantic and kept pacing back and forth in front of the door, periodically pounding on it and calling out the Doctor's name.

Tara was also a bundle of nerves; not only because of the Doctor, but also because Ace was driving her crazy! No matter how hard she had tried, she couldn't get Ace to stop pacing and talk with her. They had to do something other than just pace and wait. She didn't know anything about the Tardis or the Doctor's Time Lord life. She needed Ace's help! Unfortunately, her every attempt to intercept Ace had so far failed.

<Okay, this has just got to stop. It certainly isn't helping the Doctor or us. Hmmm, what to do? Well, I am a Wicca... guess it's time for a little magic.>

She calmed herself and meditated for a few minutes before positioning herself in Ace's pathway. When Ace was about five yards from her, she took a deep breath, raised both her arms, looked straight at Ace, and commanded her to: "Freeze." Instantly Ace's movement ceased! Tara knew that Ace would probably be angry, but she had to do something to get her attention. She walked up to Ace and looked directly at her. Thank goodness the spell left her unable to speak too!

"Now Ace, I know you are probably mad at me now and I am truly very sorry that I had to do this to you!" Tara stated calmly and firmly. "However, we can not just keep doing what we've been doing. We both care about the Doctor; so we need to be trying something besides pacing and waiting!"

<Wish I could figure out her reactions to this. I hope she doesn't decide to kill me!>

"Okay, I am going to unfreeze you now and I really hope that you will stay calm and help me figure out what to do," Tara sputtered.

With that said she removed the spell and quickly turned to start sprinting down the corridor. Before she could take off, Ace had already latched onto her arm and pulled her around to face her. Tara shut her eyes... ready for her punishment.

Instead she heard laughter and an amused voice.

"Relax kid, I'm not going to exterminate you," laughed Ace. "You're right we do need to come up with a plan... but you see blowing up things is what I do best!"

Tara took Ace's hand in hers and slowly led her back to the Console room. They both stood looking at the console's dials and lights in bewilderment.

"Look Ace, think! You have been traveling with the Doctor for a while now. You must know something about Time Lords and how this thing works. Certainly there are files, papers, documents, books... something around here that would help."

"Don't you think if I knew I would tell you? I don't want anything to hurt the Doctor. My job is to protect him and I have failed. Tara, I'm good at blowing things up. I know about explosives. Ask me about TNT or how long a fuse to use with Nitro-9. I don't know about books or that kind of stuff. I hated school and the whole education bit! Let's face it, I really am stupid and helpless," Ace sobbed.

Tara was impatient to discover some way to aid the Doctor, but her sensitive nature had to reach out and offer Ace some comfort. So, she put her arms around Ace and gave her a gentle hug.

"Ace, you are not stupid. I seriously doubt that anyone as brilliant as the Doctor would travel around with a dummy. You have so many skills that could never be taught in a classroom. I only wish I had more time to convince you of this, but we really do need to concentrate on the Doctor right now."

"Thanks Tara, I appreciate what you said," Ace replied in a soft voice." You are also right; we need to think of the Professor. So do you have any ideas?"

"That's just it Ace, I don't. I was rather hoping that you might! I've been going over the spell in my mind and I don't really know what could have happened. I returned safely, so...? I know he was anchoring the both of us, but since he seemed to be doing it so easily... I mean he seemed to have plenty of power and concentration. My major concern is the delay of his return. I thought he left with me, so we should have returned to our bodies at the same time. So why didn't we? I have been thinking and thinking... I don't know what happened and the Doctor is the only one that can tell us."

The two distraught women just stood quietly looking at each other for several silent moments.

"This isn't getting us anywhere," mumbled Ace.

"You're right," signed Tara.

<Please, Goddess, I have no right to ask for anything now, but please help me. The Guardian said you did not want the Doctor's death so please send me some enlightenment! I am forced to endure the loss of my beautiful wife... I can't have his death on my conscience too... not after he tried to help me.>

Seconds later the enlightenment she sought was sent to her from a loving Goddess.

"Look, Ace, if there is no way for us to help the Doctor, is there a way for us to ask for help?" Tara asked in an excited voice.

Ace looked at her rather puzzled.

"You know Ace, like a SOS signal or an alarm button to push. Think hard Ace... maybe it was some button the Doctor had told you not to touch except in an emergency?"

"YES, YES! Yes, screamed Ace, as she jumped up and down and swung Tara off her feet! You are a blooming genius! I had forgotten all about it," cried Ace.

She pulled Tara closer to the console and pointed to a lever that looked similar to the transmission lever on a car. Ace then recounted how once the Doctor had caught her playing around with some of the controls. It was then that he had admonished her to never pull that lever except in a dire life and death situation. She remembered that, that was the most serious she had ever seen him behave toward her.

"Ace, that's wonderful! Do you recall what would happen if you pulled it?" inquired Tara.

Ace could not remember that part very clearly. All she could remember was that some kind of help would come, but it had to truly be an emergency.

"Well, I would call this an emergency... wouldn't you?" asked Tara.

"I would," chimed in Ace.

"OKAY. Let's do it then."

"Which one of us should pull it," asked Ace. She sounded a little unsure of herself.

The room fell silent.

"I know what. We will both pull it! That way whatever happens... good or bad... we're in it together," said Tara.

Ace smiled and agreed with her logic. They took a few deep breaths, overlapped their hands on the lever, and pulled it down together!

There were no lights, no sirens, no bells, no buzzes... nothing! They shrugged their shoulders at each other and waited.

The stillness was broken when they heard a whooshing noise. Ace recognized the sound at once and started looking around the room. Tara started to ask her what was happening, but Ace held up a finger to her lips and silenced her.

Suddenly, in the far corner of the room a shape began to materialize. It was blurry at first, but eventually became clear and solid before their eyes. It looked like a gigantic silver metalic dog! It had "K-9" etched in bold print on its side. Red flashing lights highlighted where the eyes should be and two ears that looked like mini antennas were spinning in circles! It even had a silver tail that was wagging at the moment! The whooshing sound became a bit louder and then it was silent again. Ace and Tara stood there bewildered.

"W w, w, what is that," Tara stuttered as she grabbed onto Ace's arm. "It looks like a huge metal robot dog?"

"I think it is another Tardis," gasped Ace. "The question is whose Tardis is it? Let's just pray that the message was answered by someone friendly!"

<That's all we need... the Master showing up now!>

Just as their heart rates were returning to normal, a shrill robotic voice nearly made them leap out of their skins.

"Attention, the Mistress is coming! The Mistress is coming!"

At that exact moment, a door appeared on the dog's side and began to slowly open. Tara and Ace jumped behind the console just to put a barrier between themselves and what ever was coming out of that strange thing. To their relief, a young woman stepped out instead of some monster.

Ace breathed a loud sigh of relief. <Phew! Glad it's not the Master.>

The woman had long light brown hair which fell freely down over her shoulders. Oddly enough, she seemed to be dressed in a woman's sailor outfit! A small blue tote bag dangled from a strap hung loosely over her left wrist. She held herself very erect and walked with an air of elegance. As soon as she was out of the dog, the door quickly shut.

The woman looked around the room casually before spying Ace and Tara. She stepped closer and gave them a questioning look.

"My name is Romanadvoratrelundar. You humans, I assume you are humans, may find it easier to call me Romana. Please forgive my casual appearance. I was on holiday on the Eye of Orion and didn't take time to change."

"Well, that's just great, Romana?, but who the heck are you," cried Ace as she stepped in front of Tara to protect her from this intruder.

Romana looked at Ace and smiled. "Why are you afraid of me? You did send a distress message, didn't you?"

"Well, to be honest, we really didn't know for sure what we were doing. We just hoped that the lever we pulled would do something," explained Tara. She was peeking over Ace's shoulder.

"It did do something. It brought me here to the Tardis. I am a Time Lord... Lady if you prefer. Your distress message was sent to Gallifrey and since I have worked with the Doctor previously, I was dispatched to discover the nature of the emergency."

Romana paused a moment to study the two women before her.

<The Doctor always did have such unusual, but pretty companions. He hasn't changed.>

"Are you telling me it was pulled in error? Is there no emergency then," she inquired.

Tara stepped out from behind Ace, who was still intensely studying the new arrival.

"Oh no, we certainly do have an emergency, well the Doctor does that is! I'm very relieved you have come. We didn't know what to do or even if pulling that lever would do any good. I hope you can help us... um the Doctor that is," stated Tara.

"Oh sorry, I'm Tara by the way and this is Ace. She's the Doctor's companion, I was just..."

"Yes, I see," interrupted Romana, "I would like to learn more about you two, most definitely. However, if the Doctor needs my help perhaps we could postpone the introductions until later?"

"Yes, you're right," blushed Tara.

The three of them agreed that the Doctor was their first priority at the moment. Ace led them down the corridor while Tara gave a brief account of what had happened.

Romana listened intently and when they were outside the Doctor's door Tara finished her brief account of the story. Romana looked thoughtful for a moment.

<Never a dull moment, hey Doctor? What have you been up to this time?>

"It sounds as though the Doctor just started to regenerate. That really shouldn't be a problem," stated Romana.

"How long has he been in been in there," she asked.

"Two days now and we haven't heard one peep out of him... not one word," replied Tara.

"I've been pounding on the door and calling to him, but he doesn't answer," said Ace. The concern in her voice was obvious.

"Hmmm, that does seem like a rather long time just to regenerate," commented Romana. "Let's give him a call now and see what happens," she suggested.

So once again, Ace banged on the metal door and called out the Doctor's name and again the answer was silence.

"Did you try the door," inquired Romana.

Ace rolled her eyes in pure disgust!

"Well, of course I did! What do you think? You really believe that I'd be banging on this door for two days without trying to see if it would open? I'm not stupid," Ace shouted.

"No one said you were stupid Ace," piped up Tara.

"I'd have blown it open with a can of Nitro-9 already if it hadn't been for Tara here!"

Romana smiled and looked at them both.

"My, what a temper!" <Just like the Doctor, if memory serves me!>

"I can only imagine all the fun you and the Doctor have had jousting with each other! I remember his little temper tantrums vividly," she remarked with a hint of laughter in her voice.

"Well, thank goodness Tara was here and had some common sense. Using explosives inside the Tardis would not have been a very good idea!"

"I have common sense," Ace muttered under her breath, as she gave Romana a nasty glare.

"This isn't getting us anywhere. So, can we please just focus on helping the Doctor now?" Tara interjected.

"Ahh, the voice of reason and common sense comes to the rescue again. You're right Tara... we can continue our, um, discussion at another time," spoke Romana.

With that said Romana walked over to the door and tried it.

<That ought to spark a fire in Ace!>

She turned and smiled at Ace.

"Looks like it won't open," she very sweetly commented. Then she chuckled to herself when she saw Ace's face turn red.

"Gracious, do all Time Lords have such wicked streaks," asked Tara.

Romana smiled at her and said, "Why I have no idea what you are talking about my dear."

She abruptly turned to face the door and removed a metal cylinder shaped object from her bag. It was just a little larger than a pencil. She placed it over the lock of the door. It made a shrill buzzing sound like a drill.

"What's that," asked Tara.

"Oh, I've seen the Doctor use one of those before," shouted Ace. "It's some kind of a screwdriver."

"It's one of the Doctor's more useful creations," answered Romana.

<He does love his gadgets.>

"These little tools are especially useful for opening locked doors. Of course, this one is my own design."

After several seconds, the 'drilling noise' stopped and Romana tried the door. It swooshed open instantly!

The three women gasped at what they saw. There on the floor directly in front of the door were the Doctor's clothes. They were laid out exactly where the Doctor had fallen, but they seemed to be minus the Doctor.

Ace stood in shock. "Where's the Doctor," she screamed. "He's disappeared!"

"Nonsense," Romana said. "Calm down and look closely. There is something under there. He hasn't disappeared, but he certainly seems to have shrunk a bit," she mused.

<Doctor, what have you done now?>

She walked into the room and knelt down next to the clothes to further investigate.

Tara just stood there rigidly rather dumbfounded by the whole turn of events. She quietly watched as Romana pulled back the Doctor's collar as she tried to turn him over. The first thing Tara noticed was bright red hair. Her heart started pounding and her breath caught in her throat. She tried to ignore what her mind was thinking because she didn't want to be disappointed once again.

Romana slowly turned the figure over and stared at the person she did not recognize. Ace gasped with shock.

Tara stood frozen for a moment with her hands covering her mouth. Her system was being bombarded... it was on overload. She was crying and shaking and she was momentarily unable to speak.

"Wwwwill...Willoow! No, it can't be...Wwwillow!" Goddess, its Willow!"

As soon as she regained control of her motor skills, she rushed forward and scooped up the redhead and cradled her in her arms, while she sobbed and whispered her wife's name over and over.

Tara sat there for several minutes rocking her beloved Willow in her arms whispering words of love, before it occurred to her to check and see if Willow was even alive. She sat upright with a panicky look on her face and quickly placed her hand on Willow's neck searching for her pulse point. Her body instantly relaxed when her fingers felt life pulsating through the redhead's vein. Tara kissed her wife's forehead as tears streamed down her cheeks. She gazed lovingly at her wife's face and pulled Willow's lifeless body into her arms for a long fierce hug. The sensations coursing through her were intoxicating. It had been 607 days since she had looked at that beautiful face of her soul mate and felt her in her arms!

<Oh thank you Goddess for this miracle! Thank you Doctor? Thank you, thank you everyone!>

Romana watched on compassionately, but eventually she wanted to have some questions answered and so did Ace. She walked over to Ace and quietly motioned for her to follow her to the corner of the room.

"I take it Tara knows this young woman. Is this her dead wife," asked Romana.

Ace was almost too stunned to answer.

"I th, think so," she sputtered. I never meet her before, but she looks like how Tara described her. What I want to know is, where is the Doctor?"

Romana looked very thoughtful.

<This is slowly starting to make some sense, but can it have really happened?>

"I think the pieces are coming together Ace, but the answer to your question may be one you won't like. I think I know where the Doctor went, but I want to be very sure of myself. I need to consult with the Council on Gallifrey and check the records to confirm my suspicions. I need to be very sure of myself before I say anything. Let's take care of these two first."

Ace nodded her head and waited for Romana's next move.

The Time Lady walked over to Tara and gently placed her hand on her shoulder. When Tara did not respond, Romana gently squeezed her shoulder and waited for some sign that reason was returning.

Tara was totally incapable of conscious thought. She was on her way to a total melt down! This had taken her by complete surprise. At the moment, all that was Tara was focused on waiting for her beautiful wife to wake up. Her mind was buzzing with fear for her wife and dozens of wonderings.

After a few minutes, Tara became aware of the hand on her shoulder and looked up into Romana's calm eyes. She forced herself to relax and control her raging thoughts and emotions. After several long deep breaths, Tara felt reason slowly returning and dozens of questions as well. She was finally wondering about the Doctor too.

Tara's first question was if Willow was okay and her second was is this really her Willow.

Romana smiled down at her warmly and stated the obvious... that they all had a lot of questions they needed to find the answers to.

"Let's move her to the bed and I'll examine her to see how she's doing."

The three of them gently picked Willow up. They carried her to the Doctor's huge bed and placed her on top of the spread with her head resting on a soft pillow. Romana removed a few tools from her bag and began scanning Willow's body and checking her vital signs. She also secretly checked Willow's heart.

<Hmmm, two... two hearts and they're both beating strong! That certainly answers a great deal for me.>

Tara sat on the other side of the bed holding her wife's? hand in hers. She looked anxious and distraught.

When she was finished, Romana returned her tools to her bag and looked over at Tara and smiled.

"To answer your first question; she is very much alive and healthy." Romana paused for a moment. "The answer to your second question is more complicated and we all will have to discuss it together in detail. However, I think it is fairly safe to say that this is your Willow."

Tara felt like fainting... so did Ace.

"I know this is all new to you <and to me!> and that you have a lot of questions." <I know I do!> "I don't want to over simplify what has happened here, but at this time I just don't have specific answers. I really want to do some more research to be totally sure of my facts. I do think that I can safely tell you that it appears that the Doctor has regenerated into your Willow."

"W, w, what!" cried Tara? "What does that m, m, m, mean? H, h, he just looks like her?" Tara felt nauseated!

<Goddess not again! Don't take her away from me again... please I need her!>

She collapsed onto the floor sobbing with her arms wrapped tightly around her. Ace ran to the crying woman and knelt down to comfort her. Romana knelt in front of Tara and pulled her head up until their eyes met. She could almost feel the woman's pain herself. She placed her hands on the side of Tara's face and spoke to her calmly and clearly.

"Tara, listen to me and believe me with all your heart. The Doctor did not just change his appearance to look like your Willow... he became your Willow and she became part of him. That red headed woman over there on the bed is your Willow!"

Tara moved her lips to say something, but Romana stopped her by placing a finger on her quivering lips.

"I realize this is all new and beyond belief for you... and I know you have a lot of questions... more than I have answers for right now," she softly stated and then smiled at Tara and patted her cheeks.

"None of us are really thinking straight. Why don't we just wait for your Willow to wake up and for me to find some answers before we try to figure it all out? Doesn't that sound like a good plan? And, Willow may have some answers for us too."

The room fell silent as the three frazzled women allowed themselves to just breathe for a few moments. They then all agreed that, that was what they should do.

Romana suggested that she and Ace leave Tara with Willow. She was sure that Tara would want to be alone when Willow returned to consciousness. It would also give her time to do her research. So, Romana and Ace left the two soul mates alone to reunite in peace.

Tara was very relieved when Romana and Ace finally left her alone with Willow. She felt exhausted and welcomed the peace and quiet. All she wanted now was for her Willow to wake up so she could erase the doubts that were haunting her. She and her love would worry about the reality of all this later. Together they could face anything. Now all she wanted was to see her darling's emerald eyes looking into hers confirming that she had truly found her way back to her.

Tara sat for almost an hour caressing her love's cheek with one hand and holding onto Willow's soft hand with her other one. She kept squeezing her wife's hand and whispering, "I love you," into the stillness of the room. Some of the time she had spent talking to her love. She expressed her deep feelings for her wife, she talked about the spell, the Goddess, and the Doctor. She told her of how she had tried to find her and mostly how she wanted her to wake up.

After a while, Tara needed to be closer to her wife. She got up and lay on her side on the bed facing Willow. She rested her head on one arm while she caressed Willow's face with her free hand. Her lips were nearly touching her wife's ear and she couldn't help lavishing a few kisses on it in between whispering, "I love you."

At any other time Tara would have been in heaven just laying next to her love in a cozy bed, but not now. She was becoming impatient for Willow to wake up. Her mind was having a difficult time grasping all that Romana had told her. She needed for Willow to wake up and confirm that it was really her and not just some copy of her. That would be just too cruel of the Doctor for her to accept.

It was probably the hundredth time that she had asked Willow to wake up, before she actually felt the redhead stir! Tara's head shot up and she stared intently at Willow's face. Willow was moaning softly now and shaking her head back and forth.

Tara propped herself up on her elbows and placed her hands on Willow's warm cheeks.

"Sweetheart, it's time to wake up! I've waited 607 days to see your beautiful eyes looking at me and I can't wait much longer. Come on darling... open your lovely green eyes for me."

Slowly, Willow's eyelids began to open. When they did, she looked very confused for a moment.

"Where am I?" she whispered to herself.

Then she closed her eyes for a minute and then slowly reopened them. It was then that she saw a pair of love filled shiny blue eyes staring at her.

"Tar... Tara?... Tara! Honey, is that you?" Willow's voice was low and unsure, but excited all the same.

<YEA, she knows who I am.> thought Tara.

Tara cupped her hands gently around Willow's face and looked deep into her eyes and flashed her love a beaming smile.

"Oh yes, my darling, it's me! I have missed you so very much!"

Tears were now streaking down her cheeks. Without letting another second go by, she lowered her head and kissed her love softly on her lips. It was just a gentle kiss, meant to begin their reconnection to one another.

When she raised her head, she could see that Willow was crying too.

Willow slowly encircled her arms around Tara and pulled her into a loving embrace. Tara let her head fall gently forward onto the bed until it was next to Willow's and their cheeks were pressed together. Soon her arms found themselves wrapped tightly around her love too. They hugged each other and continued to cry. In the quiet twilight, they clung to each other sobbing and shaking. Slowly months of sorrow, frustration, and tension drained from their weary bodies. They couldn't have spoken even if they had tried. All they wanted at this moment was to lay limb in each other's arms and soak up the love they felt flowing from the other person.

Neither one knew how long they had lay there entwined in each other's arms. Willow was the first to move. She began to run her fingers through Tara's soft blond hair while sighing in her ear. Tara turned her head slightly and kissed Willow's ear then worked her way up to a pair of tender lips that eagerly awaited hers. After several loving kisses they paused and gazed into each other's eyes for what seemed like a lifetime. They were both still to overcome with emotions to even speak coherently yet.

Tara finally rested her forehead on her wife's and breathed in their mingled breaths. Willow brought her hands up and ran them slowly through her love's tangled hair stopping to trace her shapely ear lopes. She then let them rest on Tara's shoulders linked behind her warm neck. They lay there for several more minutes before Willow sighed and whispered, "I love you."

Reality was beginning to return to her and with it came an obvious question that was wrapped in tons of confusion. She once again felt overwhelmed.

"Tar... Tara... I, goddess it's so wonderful feeling you in my arms and holding you and..." Willow managed to say. "It's just... it seems so unreal! What... how can I be here? How can we be together again? Is this real... am I dreaming... are you real? Well, those kisses sure felt real and I really would like more, but is this really happening," quizzed Willow.

"Goddess Willow, if this isn't real then I never want to wake up! I know it sure seems like a dream, but it isn't. It's REAL! You and I are real and we are both alive and we are here together!" cried Tara.

"How can this be? Did the Goddess...?" asked Willow.

"Well Sweetie, I was kind of hoping that you might be able to help me out with that answer. Do you remember anything that might help explain all this?"

Willow closed her eyes and tried to think of her last memories.

"I'm not sure. I remember floating and hearing someone call me. I thought it was you... no, it was a man's voice! I think it must have been a wizard maybe because I remember feeling his power and he seemed to be very old. I think there was more than one... I'm really not sure... the Goddess was there too... at least I think so. I'm not really too sure about anything. Oh, I don't know Baby, my mind is spinning like a top at the moment It kind of hurts to think right now."

<She called me Baby...that's a good sign!>

"I think the man may have been a Time Lord called the Doctor and maybe the Goddess was there as well," explained Tara." The Doctor is this Time Lord I met and we think that he turned himself into you and so now you are here! That's maybe not coming out all clear, but I don't know all the answers yet myself," Tara sputtered. "I was hoping you maybe knew something about it," she added and then had to stop for a rest.

<I'm sounding like you my Willow!>

In her weakened state, Willow really hadn't followed all that Tara had said. Her mind wasn't truly functioning properly at this time. What she did hear was something about a Time Lord changing into her and he was now her or was it the other way around... she was him... Lord... man... doctor... man... what?!!!!!

Willow's eyes flew open. She gently pushed Tara up and raised her own head up to get a good look at herself. For the first time she noticed that she was dressed in men's clothes... clothes that men wear... a suit of clothes! Her heart rate tripled and her brain waves froze! She sat up in full panic mode.

"Oh my god!!!! Tara, am I a man now? Have I changed into a man? How did this happen...what can I do now? Oh my god! ...a man! There's nothing wrong with men, but I don't want to be one! Oh, Baby what about us... you and me? Can you still love me? Can we still be together...? I mean you don't like men that way. Can you still love me? Maybe we can do a spell and change me back or..."

<Yea, Willowbabble... and she remembers she can do magic!>

Tara stopped her love by placing several fingers firmly over her babbling lips. She was softly laughing at her panic stricken wife. If she had had any doubts about this being her beloved, they were gone now.

<Darling, do you have any idea how much I have missed my wonderful funny Willow ramblings?>

Willow was straining a bit to continue. Tara just hushed her and gave her a beaming smile. She caught Willow's gaze and slowly linked eyes with her. She beckoned her wife to follow her movements. Tara slowly moved her left hand downward and softly cupped Willow's breast in her trembling hand and winked wickedly at her wife.

"Sweetheart, I don't think men come with these," she purred sweetly and then gave Willow's breast a gentle squeeze.

"OH! ...ummm," Willow moaned. She breathed a long sigh of relief! Yeah, I guess they don't. Phew, thank the Goddess... that was a terrifying moment," she added breathlessly.

They both fell silent again as they became lost in the moment, as Tara unconsciously continued to massage Willow's breast.

"That feels so wonderful," groaned Willow. "I never thought I would ever be with you again and feel you touching me and loving me."

"Darling, I've missed you so much." Tara whispered as she continued to caress her wife's breast and gaze lovingly into her eyes.

"It has been so long since I was able to say these words to you.. I love you so very much!"

A tear rolled down Willow's face. She reached her hand up and gently brushed it across Tara's forehead and cheek. Lost in her wife's eyes, Willow whispered, "Oh Baby, I love you so very much too," as they both slowly sank back down onto the warm bed.

Tara lowered her head and nuzzled Willow's neck as she rested her head on the pillow. Her heart raced when she felt her love's arms encircle her and gently pull her closer. They lay there contented in each other's arms alone with their thoughts. They were both still in a daze. The reality of what had happened was just too much for them to deal with now. As before, just holding each other close and whispering words of love was what they both needed... and it was what they both gave to each other.

It was much later, when the tranquil mood was broken by Willow. Suddenly the scientific part of her brain decided to surface.

She went stiff in Tara's arms before whispering in her ear, "Baby, I'm sorry to interrupt this, but I just have to make sure of something. Okay love?"

Tara was barely conscious. She kissed Willow's neck and pulled her closer to her. "Huh, what did you say Sweetie? What?"

Willow chuckled and gave her wife a quick kiss before she leapt from the bed and ran to a full length mirror that stood next to a large wooden wardrobe! She needed to confirm that she was indeed a woman and had her own body.

"Sweetie, what are you doing," Tara whined as she propped herself up on an elbow to look at her love. "Honey, I'm cold and I'm lonely! What's the emergency?"

Willow mumbled something in reply as she tugged to remove her sweater. Then she became too busy to say anything else!

Her wife just watched wide eyed and bemused, as Willow continued pulling off the Doctor's clothes. At first she was going to stop her, and then she decided to just sit back and enjoy the unfolding view.

Soon Willow was fully naked, standing in front of the mirror checking her body from head to toe.

<Definitely not a man!> thought both of them.

Tara was not only enjoying the show, but she was becoming thoroughly aroused as well. Finally, her sweetie seemed to be finished checking herself out. She was standing in front of the mirror now staring at herself. Tara got up and slowly walked over and stood behind Willow and rested her head on her wife's shoulder.

"Well Sweetie, are you convinced? It sure looks like my beautiful scrumptious wife's body to me," she grrrred in Willow's ear and kissed her neck.

When she glanced up she saw a rather strange look on her wife's face.

"What's wrong Sweetie?"

Willow's face turned pink from embarrassment and she shook her head a little.

<Gees, he could have changed these breasts a little for me!>

"Oh, nothing really... just a tiny thought... not worth mentioning... really."

Tara put her arms firmly around her wife's waist and hugged her tightly to herself. "Honey, what is going through that beautiful red head of yours?"

"You'll just laugh at me. It's silly really"

"Darling, come on... I always want to know what you're thinking. I'll be good... promise!"

"Well, I was just wondering, I mean when he turned into me... well couldn't he have given me larger breasts! If he had all that power I mean... couldn't he of?"

Tara burst out laughing in spite of her promise. She hugged her love tightly and then whispered softly in her ear.

"Goddess, I love you so much. I have missed everything about you my darling and I am never letting you out of my sight again! That's a promise."

Willow leaned back into Tara's arms and absorbed all of her love.

"Well you better not! I'm holding you to that promise, Baby!"

"As for these two lovely objects," Tara whispered as she brought her hands up and caressed the warm flesh, " I think they are perfect just the way they are."

She began to softly knead them in her starving hands. Her wife arched her back and was enjoying the attention. Both women were becoming extremely aroused and weak kneed. The time they had spent holding each other had comforted their aching hearts. Now it was time for them to reconnect as soul mates on a more physical and emotional level!

"I know we have lots of unanswered questions to discuss Sweetie, but right now I just want to make slow passionate love to you... starting with these exquisite breasts of yours." Tara breathlessly said. "I don't want to think about anything now except how much I love you and need you."

Willow slowly turned to face her love and placed two trembling hands on Tara's flushed cheeks. She stood lost in her Baby's blue eyes for a brief moment, before pulling their lips together in a long fiery kiss.

"Well, what are we waiting for?" Willow asked when their lips finally parted. "ONE of us seems to be quite ready!" She winked and pulled her wife even closer to her enflamed body.

Their eager lips met again and again as hungry tongues explored and rediscovered treasures that they had been deprived of for so long. Willow slowly helped her wife remove her clothes and soon they were wrapped in each other's loving arms. All rational thoughts were quickly forgotten as the two lovers reunited with each other... several times!

Tara was the first to awake from their post love making euphoria. She lay in the stillness of the warm bed with her "life" snuggled securely in her arms. Periodically, she whispered thanks to the Doctor and to her Goddess for returning her "everything" to her. Willow's head rested on her chest and every once in a while Tara could hear her whisper, "love you Baby". This sent her spirits soaring and her heart pounding!

It was just after one of these tender moments, that Tara heard a small voice and felt lips moving against her chest again.

"It sounds like I'm sleeping on a drum," Willow whispered and then she brought her head up searching for her love's luscious lips.

It was a very short search. Like magnets, their lips pulled together in a love filled kiss. When they were forced to part lips for needed breaths, Tara smiled and softly added, "mmmm, and this drum beats just for you my darling!"

The two would have surely gone on to a fifth round of love making, if Ace hadn't interrupted them by banging on the door.

"Hey in there... are you still alive?" she shouted. "Is the Doc... I mean, is Willow awake yet?"

"Yes!" Tara replied loudly trying to hide her annoyance at being disturbed.

Willow gave her a questioning look while brushing her hand over Tara's beautiful face.

"It's Ace." She answered, as though that should explain everything to her love. When Willow failed to register comprehension, she added; "She was a friend of the Doctor."

Willow just shook her head and muttered, "Oh."

<Guess I have a lot to catch up on!>

The mood was destroyed a second time as Ace banged on the door again.

"Well, are you coming out then? It's been so long I thought you had died and go to heaven!" Ace laughed... amused by her little jest.

"We'll be right out," the two lovers shouted in unison, before they both giggled and whispered, "It sure seems like we've been in heaven!"

"Well, how about coming out soon and joining us for a little talk?"

"Okay, we'll be right out." Tara shouted.

Willow rolled over onto her back and moaned, "Oh, I am so comfortable! I'm not ready to leave your arms yet Baby."

Tara turned and gave her a passionate kiss.

"Honey," her wife snickered," if that was meant to give me an incentive to leave this bed, it most definitely failed!" Willow then returned the kiss with equal fervor.

Tara laughed and bestowed a second quicker kiss on her wife's soft sensual lips. She looked into her sparkling green eyes and winked at her.

"That was just a preview of what's waiting for you when we return," she added with a hint of laughter in her voice.

"Oh, well I was wrong then... that was a great incentive to get up and go so we can get back here pronto!"

Reluctantly they both crawled from their little cocoon and started searching around the floor for their clothes. Tara was busy with her own dressing needs and wasn't paying close attention to her Willow. She was putting on her last boot when she heard a small whimper behind her. When she turned around she broke out into howls of laughter!

"It's not funny," whined an upset wife. "Look at me."

"I am sweetie, that's why I'm laughing!"

Willow was standing before her draped in the Doctor's clothes. She looked like a small child dressed up in daddy's suit! It really was a comical sight.

"You are a big meanie! Stop laughing at me. I can't go out like this, I look like a clown... clowns are scary... I don't want to scare Ace. Besides, I'll trip and break my neck for sure," sputtered Willow.

Tara walked up and touched her forehead to her loves.

<That babble is the most beautiful music my ears have ever heard!>

She still couldn't resist laughing just one more time.

"Well, I certainly don't want anything happening to this beautiful neck... except maybe this!"

She peppered Willow's neck with tiny kisses and threw in little raspberry noises too! Willow giggled and squirmed gleefully under Tara's touch. A few seconds later, they stood enveloped in each other's arms unwilling to move. Finally, Tara told her to wait there while she got her something to wear.

She returned a short time later with the purple robe she had worn the night of the spell. They both had a great deal of fun removing Willow's oversized clothes and replacing them with the robe. When they finished, Willow took a final check of herself in the mirror.

"Thanks Baby, this is much better."

Tara swooped Willow into her arms for a quick hug and whispered in her ear.

"You're right my love... and much less to take off when we get back!" She wiggled her eyebrows at her love and tried to give her a seductive look.

"My, my, my, Honey, you really are wild today my sexy blond beauty! Must be true that absence makes the heart grow fonder," Willow giggled... in spite of the seductive look!

Tara growled, "Wait till we get back here. I'll show you just how true that is!"

"Goddess, I hope that's a promise!" Willow then threw her arm around her wife's waist and they both turned and walked out the door.

Romana and Ace were waiting for them to arrive. Ace ran to meet them and quickly identified herself to Willow. Tara walked them over to where Romana was standing and was about to make an introduction. Romana glanced at her and shook her head. Several awkward minutes passed by as Willow and Romana stared at each other. Suddenly Willow broke the silence.

"Romanadvoratrelundar, how nice to meet you," she stated and held out her hand.

Ace and Tara just stood there wide-eyed. Romana smiled and shook Willow's hand. It was Ace who recovered first.

"How did you know her name," she asked. "Did Tara tell you?"

Tara was equally dismayed. "No, I didn't tell her. Sweetie, how did you know her name?"

Willow was also stunned and stood there a moment trying to find an answer.

"I don't know. It just sort of popped into my head!"

"That's a pretty unusual name to have pop into your head," replied Ace.

Willow and Tara shook their heads in agreement.

"Ladies," Romana broke in. "Lets move into the library where we can sit and talk." "We all have questions we want answered and once they are answered you will have some serious decisions to make. The sooner you deal with them the better."

The reunited soul mates and Ace stared at the Time Lady wordlessly. Then they followed her into the other room. Ace went first, followed by Willow and Tara who had wrapped their arms around each other protectively. Little did the trio know of the choices that they would soon have to make.

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