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Club Crimson

Author: JkMack
Rating: NC-17
Copyright: Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy created the Buffy universe, not I. The story idea and all the other stuff I did make up though.
WARNING: S&M-Gore, rough sex. Be prepared.

The next week at work seemed like the day that wouldn't end. The young technician worked hard on the data codes needed for each transaction. Buffy would stop by every day and try to entice the redhead to come out with her. Willow would kindly but sternly decline the invitations and continue on with her work.

Oddly enough, Willow kept finding herself thinking about the ravishing blonde. Her high cheek bones, the shape of her jaw line. The way her clothes hugged to curvy that form. It scared her slightly. She had barely but saw the woman for a matter of minutes and now she couldn't even get her off her mind. There was another key word; Woman. Did that mean she was gay? No, that couldn't be true. Why was she jumping to this anyway? It wasn't like she was ever going to see the girl again.

Willow sighed to herself and sadly turned back to her work. Why this sudden change, she had always been okay with just being Willow. But the realization of the matter was, she didn't have a life. Her work was her life and Oz was still part of a painful defeat.

"Will are you okay?" Buffy said quietly.

Willow jerked her head out of her thousand-mile stare. She smiled slightly and looked away. "Yeah Buff I'm great."

Buffy shook her head and went over to her best friend hugging her. "I know that look, the look that says "Willow's out to lunch be back in thirty."

They both couldn't help but laugh and hugged tighter.

"Buffy, can I ask you something?" Willow whispered.

"Of course Will! Ask anything." Buffy sat back excitedly.

"Well tonight is Friday and I was wondering if th-there was any fun like you know cool fun parties kicking?" Willow tried her best to use the lingo she had heard before. Buffy stifled a laugh and shook her head acknowledging that she understood. "Actually I was invited to an awesome, privet club by some business guys that came in today."

Willow leaned in to listen, excited to know she'd have her first outing tonight. "What kind of club?"

"What do you mean what kind of club?" Buffy replied looking a little confused.

"Well aren't there many different kind of clubs? Chess, backgammon, you know that kind of thing?" The redhead tried to make it sound like she had been to the clubs, but judging the look on her best friend's face she didn't have a damn clue.

"Will, it's a dance club, with alcohol and men and with the rubbing and you know the bump and grind."

Willow suddenly had a million images run though her head. Bodies against bodies, hands roaming everywhere. Up that wondrous thigh to that flat tummy all over that blonde's frame. Willow jerked herself out of the thought and focused back on her friend. She had totally just went to a place she had never experienced and to make it worse she now was going to her first dance club to do as Buffy put it 'bump and grind;'

"So come by my house and eight and we'll get ready, okay?" Buffy's voice rang back in.

"What? Oh eight yeah, I'll be there."

The two then departed, leaving Willow with her mind racing on what she was going to do. Most importantly now, what the hell was she going to wear?

The tiny pale hand came to tap on the cheap apartment door. There was the loud clamor of running feet and the shout of 'be right there' before the door was flew open exposing a half naked Buffy with a towel wrapped around her head and a toothbrush rumbling around her lips.

"Get in here Will!" Buffy cried out slamming the door, just shy of taking Willow's arm with it.

"Sorry I'm running beh- what on earth are you wearing!?" Buffy suddenly stopped taking the toothbrush out of her mouth and dropping her jaw.

"What?" Willow asked shocked. She glanced over her clothes. She had on a pair of light kaki pants with a pink sweater and she had on a pair of nice sketcher boots.

"You are so not wearing that." Buffy stated grabbing the tiny woman's hand and dragging her to her room. "Take that shirt off and put on this." Buffy called through her closet.

Willow looked at the tiny black shirt in her hand. It was thin strapped and the back was laced up. On the front of the breast area the word tease in a light pink. Before she could even put the shirt on a tiny black skirt hit her in the face nearly knocking her down. To her feet came a thump and a pair of black, calf boots with a killer heel lay waiting for her tiny feet to occupy them.

"You want me to wear that!?" Willow asked picking up each piece of clothing carefully.

"Will, we are going to a club not a middle school dance." Buffy replied walking briskly to the bathroom to finish getting ready.

Slowly Willow began to undress, slipping on the shirt first over her cotton bra then pulling up the revealing skirt. The slit ran all the way up to her hip bone and Willow blushed at the sight of her pale thigh. What was she doing? She moved past the bed to look in the tall mirror against the wall.

"Not bad." Willow whispered out loud in surprise running her hands up her stomach then down her hips. She actually thought she looked pretty sexy.

"Wow Willow! I had no idea you were so damn hot!" Buffy squealed from the bathroom door.

Willow jumped and looked at her friend, her cheeks burning as red as her hair. She tried to cover her legs with her hands but Buffy moved forward and held them to her sides.

"Oh no you don't! Now put on the boots and take off the white bra, it totally doesn't go with the black look." Buffy smiled and sat down on the bed.

Buffy was dressed amazing as well. She had on a pair of black leather pants that had ties all the way up. A pair of spiked heals wrapped around her narrow feet and a tight, black leather vest was the only thing that hid her upper body.

Obliging Willow took off the white bra and sat down next to her best friend slipping the thick boots on quickly. Shyly she put her knees together as Buffy jumped up again to inspect her.

Smiling to herself Buffy held out her hand to the redhead. Willow looked at the hand for a moment not sure what to do. Buffy impatiently wiggled her fingers waiting for the invite to be accepted. Slowly Willow's hand found Buffy's and she was jerked from her spot up to her feet.

"Now grab your ID Will, we are going to have a fucking blast tonight." Buffy cried out excitedly.

"Oh dear." Willow whispered and with that the two girls were already out the door and in the car.

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